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Kingdoms of Ind: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. As of now: I'll be using the most current Ind Armybook he has as of mid-2018. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Kingdoms of Ind[edit]

The mysterious lands of Ind, home to a thousand Gods, where the Nobles live in luxury and take to war on the back of mighty elephants.

Put it quite simply you are a Hipster who does not want to play one of the more 'mainstream' WAP armies (Read: Any armies with official GW models) that finding models for is easy. You want to field massed Human armies backed up by Gods that actually bother to help their worshipers directly on the field of battle.


  • Your Gods actually fight for you in the form of Not!Daemons unlike those of the Not!Europe who sit about as their worshipers are killed.
  • You get some very cost effective and useful Core choices.
  • You have ELEPHANTS!!!
  • The Caste system is basically the nesting doll of the Bretonnian Vow system and gives you lots of cannon fodder options.
  • The Devas bring some cool unit variety to the army list. Do you want flying Infantry? You got it. Do you want lucky Monstrous Infantry? You got it.


  • Elephants though cool sounding will stampede if the enemy even sneezes at them.
  • Getting models for this army is going to be pretty difficult and probably expensive.
  • The Caste system limit your options for Character bunkers.
  • Low Armour saves across the board.
  • Outside Royal Elephants and Weapons of the Devas, you have no field artillery.
  • Unlike many of Eliasson's other army books this one suffers from poor wording especially in relation to Magic Items. This can lead to some disagreement with an opponent. Hopefully this will be rectified when the next mass update occurs.

Army Special Rules[edit]

  • Castes: Most units in your army belong to a Caste this effects which characters can join them. Members of the Noble Caste may only join units that are part of the Noble Caste or Warrior Caste and ignores Panic caused by units from the Warrior and Lowborn Castes. Members of the Warrior Caste ignore Panic caused by units from the Lowborn Caste.
    • This means that your Lowborn units should be treated like Bretonnian Peasants i.e. cannon fodder.
  • Deva: The rule your Not!Daemons get. It is largely the same as the Daemonic Special Rule though. You get Immune to Psychology, Fear, Magical Attacks, Ward save (5+). A renamed version of Daemonic Instability in the form of Divine Corporeality. Divine Corporeality is a special kind of break test which you take instead of the normal one, Calculate combat resolution as normal and roll 2D6. Compare the dice roll to the Devas' Leadership value, taking into account any modifiers for combat resolution. For each point, the unit fails its Corporeality test by, the unit suffers one additional wound. No saves of any kind are allowed against these wounds, including Ward saves, regeneration, etc. If characters are present in the unit, the controlling player first allocates wounds to the unit (up to their current Wounds), then divides the remaining wounds as equally as possible amongst any characters. The only new elements are Hatred (Daemons of Chaos) and that you can't use the Generals Inspiring Presence or the BSB Hold Your Ground, but may use the Leadership of any Character with the Deva special rule within 12". Deva characters may not be Generals. In addition, units of Devas may never be joined by any characters without the Deva special rule.


  • Chakram: War Frisbees, range 8", S3, Quick to Fire, Multiple Shots (2). An improved throwing weapon.
  • Pata: A weapon that requires Two Hands that can either grant an extra attack or the Parry special rule, the player deciding which at the start of every close combat phase. Think of it as a good spear that can also be used as a bad shield.
  • Urumi Whip Sword. Sadly S:U-1 but grants an extra attack for every model in base contact (be they friend or for). Weak but can give a lot of extra attacks.

Weapons of the Devas[edit]

These are the most powerful weapons of the Thousand Gods of Ind and all but the Vajra are pretty awesome for their obscene costs. Deva Lord choices can take a single one of these.

  • Mahakali's Bow: A one use only Magic longbow that costs 85pts and lore wise can destroy all life in the world if misused so the God Shaivi will punish anyone who tries to do so. It is a Long Bow that hits automatically causing D6+1 Wounds ( ̶U̶n̶c̶l̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶s̶a̶i̶d̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶s̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶r̶o̶l̶l̶e̶d̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ they're wounds, not hits so they don't get rolled.) that ignore armour saves. However, before using it the weilder has to pass a LD test which if failed causes them to suffer D6+1 Wounds with no Armour saves allowed. If the bearer survives failing to fire it they may try again next turn following the same procedure, so you're guaranteed that one use.
  • Sudarshana Chakram: While regular Chakram is War Frisbees, this is the Frisbee of Death costing 80pts and can only be purchased for the Vaishna and given to Karishna. It has a range of 18" and works as follows. Nominate 1 enemy model within line of sight, roll to hit as normal, if the attack hits place a 3" blast template over the model, proceed to scatter the template D6. Any model passed over suffers a S5 Magical hit with the Armour Piercing special rule. This item comes stock on Karishna. This will scythe through just about any massed infantry, best used against high armour save units as they will suffer a -3 penalty to their armour save.
  • The Brahmirastra: 75pts and can only be purchased for the Brahmir. This is a staff that unmakes the universe where it is used purging that area from existence and oh my it does just that. One use only, the Brahmirastra can be used in the close combat phase. When it is used, place the large blast template over the model carrying it. Any model bar the carrier takes an S10 hit that causes D6 Wounds. Ogres will hate you as you erase a whole unit at the drop of a hat. The prevalence of Ward saves will undermine its use against characters, but the main issue it faces is positioning the bearer in a way they can hit as many enemy models and as few of yours as possible. Note you don't have to be in combat to use it nor does it use up your close combat attacks that turn.
  • The Vajra: 70pts. The Vajra can be used in the shooting phase. It has a range of 24" and fires D6 S6 lightning bolts which you have to roll to hit for as usual. A bit anti-climactic compared to the last 3, it would be better at either a lower cost or if it hit automatically.
    • Alternate opinion: It is not described as a ranged weapon, it merely says it can be used then, this means you can use it while in combat the target just needs to be valid.
  • The Kaumodaki Mace: 60pts and can only be purchased by a Vaishna. The wielder gains S10 and for every initial attack that hits roll a D6 on a 4+, it scores another hit, potentially letting you flood the enemy in hits. A very good weapon, like very very good. The Giant Blade in the BRB gives +3S and costs ̶6̶0̶ ̶p̶o̶i̶n̶t̶s̶, 45 points in 9e, for 15 more points you get an extra point of S and the ability to generate more hits.
  • Trident of Destruction: 50pts and can only be purchased by Shaivi. It may be used as a Halberd in close combat and a Javelin in the shooting phase but its main attraction is granting its wielder the Heroic Killing Blow special rule which works well with the Shaivi's base attack number of 6.

Sacred Relics of Ind[edit]

  • Asi, Divine Khanda: The first blade according to Indian legend that all swords are mere copies of formed from a grand sacrifice by the Gods and... it is only 50 points. Magic Weapon, gives the wielder +1 To Hit and To Wound as well as Flaming Attacks. Additionally, if it on rolls of a natural 6 To Wound, that attack is done with Multiple Wounds (D3).
  • Gauntlet of Igni: A gauntlet gifted by the fire god Igni that gives lots of fire based buffs. 45 pt Magic Weapon, it is a Pata that if used with the extra attack setting generates an additional S4 Flaming Automatic hit on the enemy, if the Parry setting is used then every attack that hits the wearer in Close Combat causes the enemy model that struck the blow to suffer an automatic S4 Flaming hit. On top of this the wearer gains Immunity against Flaming Attacks. Will do happily against light infantry.
  • Flail of Kali-Ma: A flail made of Human bone and blackened steel. It is a 45 point Flail that gives the wielder +2 Strength in the first round of combat and +1 Strength at other times. In addition, he gives Poisoned Attacks and Armour Piercing special rules. The Flail is priced fairly and during the first round of combat will shred through heavily armored infantry while being better than just an oversized CCW at any other time.
  • The Kavacha: Gives the wearer a 2+ re-rollable Armour Save that can not be improved in any way, and due to the nebulous rules, qualifies as any sort of armour. Costly but as long as you can keep the bearer protected against high strength weapons the bearer can happily shrug off an ungodly number of attacks, add in a ward save and he is going nowhere. Has good synergy with the Guardian Amulet and Amrita if you really want to tank damage.
  • Guardian Amulet: Gives a 2+= Ward Save which weakens by by 1 for every successful (presumably Ward) save you make until it becomes a 6+ at which point it stops weakening. Kind of meh, depending on who you are facing it can be alright, especially if combined with the Kavacha.
  • Holy Censer: The bearer may ignore the effects of a miscast on a D6 roll of a 4+. A dirt cheap item that can save your caster, a good item which works even better when combined with the Lore of the Devas Attribute. Pretty much an auto-take on an Eldritch Guru
  • Prayer Beads: When attempting to cast one spell, the bearer may choose to use a Prayer Bead to add +1 to the total casting value. A Guru can buy as many of these as he has points for and buying them does not stop the Guru from taking another Arcane Item . If only multiple Gurus could take them...
  • Amrita, Nectar of the Gods: The bearer may use this item at the start of any phase, if he does so he regains all lost Wounds and gains Regeneration for that one turn. It's pretty much your saving throw for a valuable Hero.
  • Mask of Ganeshan: A lucky Elephant Masque. The Wearer may re-roll failed rolls of 1 like the actual Ganeshans. Buffs everything a wearer can do, it won't make you a master in those areas by itself but useful even when not combined with other magic items. However it is Hilarious when combined with Hatred or ASF, but better used with the 4+ Ward save granted by the Talisman of Preservation.
  • Holy Standard of the Devas: The only Magic Item over 50pts, it grants all models in the unit carrying the banner Stubborn and a 5+ Ward Save. Pricey but can be worth it in a Death Star where it is a cheap way to hand out Ward saves to characters. Note that Stubborn pairs well with the Rajah considering his Unswerving Loyalty rule.

Lore of the Devas[edit]

Lore Attribute: Karma: You can replace a 1 with a 6 on the casting roll of any spell, but in doing so you need to replace the next 6 you roll when casting a spell with a 1.

  • Signature: Tantra: (5/10) Grants a unit ASF for the low casting value of 5+. Hell, even augmenting it to be spread 12" around the caster's not that terrible on a 10+.
  1. Creation of Brahmir: (6/12) Adds +1 Strength and Magical Attacks to a unit, which can make urumis the bane of mobs.
  2. Ganeshan's Blessing of Fortune: (6/12) Lets a unit re-roll d3 die that they roll, which gives you insurance policy if needed.
  3. Sacred Shield of Vaishna: (9/18) Grants a 5++ Ward Save. can be combined with a Deva rule to make a 4+ save.
  4. Bolts of Cindra: (9/16) Chucks around a couple of artillery-tier blasts with a bit of scattering. While not enough to compensate for your lack of war machines, this will give you something to do at range, and devastate units.
  5. Curse of Kali-Ma: (10/13) Straight-up Leadership on one model or d6 wounds, no saves, no psychology BS. While it sounds funny to kill a warlord in this way, you shouldn't bother unless you know you're facing crappy Leadership or plan to kill some monsters.
  6. Invocation of Shaivi: (18/21) The unit can wound on a 2+ and ignores armour. This sounds fucking nightmarish, but it's for a scary high casting value.

Army Units[edit]

Lords & Heroes[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

Unlike most other WAP armies you don't get a supreme ruler of your race or supreme wizard character. Instead, you get lots of ranged characters.

  • Darahma, the First Avatara and God-Hero of Ind: The Indian version of Sigmar, a man-made Deva who united the Kingdoms of Ind against the devils who aren't daemons. Darahma is a mix of Maharaja and Deva, having all the leading powers of the former and all the powers of the latter without drawbacks. He's at home with archers, as his special longbow fires four Exploding flaming S5 hits and has a single-use arrow that gives you a big blast.
  • Karishna, The Current Avatara: He's just as much of a leader-Deva as Darahma, but comes with the benefit of being a level 2 wizard of Light/Heavens/Devas and has the Sudarshana Chakram. He's also a bit better in melee, striking at I7 with WS7.
  • Urjana, Master of the Bow: This guy's your ultimate sniper. While no Deva, he has a magic longbow with Killing Blow and can make a decent meatshield as all melee can only hit him on a 6. Throw him on a chariot and get him stuck in for even more frustration.
  • Mhogli, the Beastmaster: Jungle Book reference, obvi. He rides upon Shere Khan and thus gets Terror while forcing enemies to re-roll all psychology tests he triggers(this will change). His spear is also pretty scary as it gives Armour Piercing (1) and d6 wounds, which can be freaking scary on the charge.
  • Parashuruma, the Holy Slayer: An absolutely deranged Kingslayer. He's only Warrior Caste, so he lacks the protection most HQs get. Not that he needs it, as he has Immune to Psychology. He's the through-and-through challenge monstrosity, having Hatred and an axe with S+2 and Killing Blow that triggers on a 5+. Additionally, he grabs 100 Victory Points for every character he murders.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Maharajah: Noble Caste. At 100 points he is your generic Lord level general you all know and love he comes with Light Armour and a Hand weapon. He has a wide array of options available to him that can make him a decent in combat without breaking the bank on Magic Items (the Morning Star stands out as a nice option at 3pts which still allows him to take a shield). He comes with the Unswerving Loyalty Special Rule which allows any unit within 12" of him with the Caste rule to detract D3 from the result of any LD test. This rule counterbalances some of the moral issues of the Caste system and can make any he is in virtually unbreakable.
  • Rajah: The Hero-tier Maharajah and your lone BSB. The fact that he loses so little compared to the Maharajah is a bit perplexing, but it also means that you can totally buy cheap heroes and then grab more bodies to protect them without feeling guilty about buying a lesser version of the Lord.
  • Eldritch Guru/Guru: Your standard Lord level caster. He may take the Lore of Fire, Heavens, Light, Life, or Devas. Note he does not have the Caste system rule and instead has the Spiritual Leader rule which means he can join any unit regardless of Caste and does still benefit from rules that apply to models with the Caste special rule. Additionally, this rule allows any unit he is in re-roll failed LD tests. His Spiritual Leader rule can grant the LD resilience your Lowborn and Warrior Caste units need but like all other human casters, he has no real combat ability so don't chuck him away.
  • Brahmir: Greater Not!Daemon of the Creator. Similar stats to a Lord of Change (still can put up a frightening fight), he is a spellcaster among Devas, knowing only Lore of Life and can be upgraded to level 4. Has an aura that resurrects Caste units(get more value when resurrecting elites). A compliment to make any unit hard to annihilate.
  • Vaishna: Greater Not!Daemon of the Preserver knows the lore of Light and has a Ward save Aura. While the Brahmir is best suited behind the front lines, the Vaishna's the Deva you want to send into combat and grant your lowborns at least have a chance of lasting a round.
  • Shaivi: Greater Not!Daemon of the Destroyer, The Melee Beast Deva and fire mage. He gives an aura of Frenzy and offers 6 S6 attacks at WS9, a real treat. Pars will with great weapons, Bengal Riders and give Shaivi his trident, then let them rampage through.
  • Beastmaster: Lowborn caste beast handler that can be accompanied by Tigers or Panthers, whom they can then set loose onto the battlefield. The tigers are stronger with WS 5 and S5, but the panthers are M9 and three attacks at I5, If you want this guy to actually keep up with those pets, buy a Bengal Tiger to ride on. They allow a re-roll to leadership test and stubborn to all nearby animals and their riders. Helpful to control elephants.
  • Vishkanya: A race of snake women with poison comparable to Skaven Assasins. She is your generic Assassin Hero with poisoned attacks, occasionally dealing a wound when injured.


  • Warhorse: Horses are horses. Yours are no different. But maybe they should be since horses don't handle tropical weather so well. Meh.
  • Throne Bearer: Like Dwarfen Shieldbearers, your Maharajah can be placed on a throne carried by elite warriors and contribute 4 models to the rank bonus of the unit.
  • Royal Elephant: A bulldozer mount and high leadership make them more controllable. Still, a chance to send your general deep into enemy territory or running back home like a sissy, though with the Maharajah's skills and a nearby Beastmaster that won't be an issue.
  • Royal Chariot: Your special chariots. lets you ride with other Royal Chariot.


  • Rajputs: Your cheap Warrior Caste units. These guys have a range of options allowing you to kit them out for any situation. Take in big blocks to keep them steadfast and tarpit your enemy. You could grab them special weapons like Patas or Greatweapons, but they're so cheap that you shouldn't want to worry if you want an effective unit. Taking chakrams are also good on charges to soften up goblins.
  • Maratha Archer: Warrior Caste Bowmen. Cheap, cheerful, your best-ranged option.
  • Urumi Swordmen: Warrior Caste glass cannons with WS4 I4 and come equipped with only Urumi Swords. There one base S2 attack can be increased to 6 easily by making sure you have a rank of troops behind you and if you angled your charge correctly two enemy models (make sure to take in at least 3 ranks). More often than not you will hit first so against smaller units you may take fewer casualties. Besides being able to take command options your only option is whether or not to become Skirmishers (Free), which option you choose depends on who you face and how you see them. Note, only try to send these against T3 (or the rare T2) lightly armored troops, use Thugee against anything better.
  • Peasant Levies: Lowborn Caste mooks that cost the same as your Rajputs but are WS and BS 2 with an LD of 5. Yet you get Spears and Shields as well as being made expendable by being Low Caste. These are your Skavenslaves. If you feel like wasting them as ranged harassment, they can get slings or javelins.
  • Pindar Cavalry: Lowborn Fast Cavalry at 11pts with shields and hand weapons. They can swap their shields for Short Bows and may take either Spears or Javelins for additional support.
  • Zamindar Horsemen: Warrior Caste Cavalry at 14pts and one of the few high Armour saves you will have access to. They have Hand Weapons, Heavy Armour, and Shields. May buy Barding (2pts), Spears (1pt), and Short Bows (1pt), as well as being able to swap their Shields for Flails (2pts).
  • Thugees: The mooks from the Temple of Doom. Lowborn Caste Skirmishers with a basic human statline and 2 Hand Weapons. Generally not as good as Urumi Swordsmen but are more consistent in their damage output.
  • Snake Swarm: Your swarm unit that doesn't count towards your minimum Core. Lowborn Caste with Poisoned Attacks that Cost 35pts and come with a free Fakir snake charmer who if killed causes the whole unit to be removed from the field. Snipers will erase these units quickly.


  • Maiden Guard: A recurring theme that Eliasson has when making armybooks for new factions is that he likes to give them an all-female unit, usually in the special slot (See: Shieldmaidens, Onna Bushi). These ladies are the closest thing you have to bodyguard infantry. Being of the Noble Caste they will not have to take Panic tests in response to most friendly units. They cost 9 points for a basic human statline with WS4, I4, and LD8 with Stubborn and equipped with Spear+board, but lack armour if you didn't buy any. Each unit of them can take a Magic Standard worth up to 50pts.
    • Their other options are that they can swap their Hand Weapon and Shield for either dual weapons or halberds. If you go with the latter, take the Razor Standard for extra Armour Piercing.
  • Holy Warriors: Warrior Caste, Immune to Psychology, Magic Resistance (2), and Great Weapons. Their stat line is WS4, S4, and LD8 Each unit of them may take a Magic Standard worth 25pts. You take these guys over Rajput Great Weapons for use against Monsters and other things with Terror or spells, but against everything else go with Rajputs.
  • Royal Chariots: Noble Caste, at 70pts each you get some elite Chariots. Unique with Ind's chariots is the ability to pack more horses on them in the event that you actually use them to attack. you will spend the time softening targest with arrows before going in for the devastating charge.
  • Camel Gunners: Lowborn Fast Calvary with S6 Heavy rifles. You've got yourself a pack of anti-elites who can cow a horseback unit that attempts to bumrush your ass.
  • Bengal Riders: Lowborns riding on top of scary-ass tigers. These tigers are scarier than any horse, walk right through forests, and have Devastating Charge to complement their three S5 attacks and impact hit.
  • War Elephants: Warrior Caste. a brute Chariot like Monstrous Cavalry, being about to take up to 3 Spear/Javelin/bow Riders. They can also take a number of upgrades. Mahout Expert is a must-have + BeastMaster + high Leadership, as every time an elephant takes a ranged attack wound and fails a Leadership test, it moves in a random new direction like its some kind of Colossal squig, running over anything in its path.
  • Vanaras: Monkey-men scouts with poison blowpipes. If you intend to make them into a wall, then you'd be inclined to buy the paired weapons so they can make another attack.
  • Rakshasas: Chaotic neutral Beastmen who will sometimes fight with the armies of Ind, they are one of the few confirmed canon units. As strong as Bestgors, they're pretty fast for infantry and pretty fierce as ambushers.
  • Kalaratri: a Naked Deva with dual weapons and a lot of attacks. Sadly, that wards all they got for protection, and their stats are only about as good as a Maiden Guard.
  • Maruts: Not-demons in heavy armor for those wanting a Dorf-Ironbreaker-Tough unit. throw them in the center and they will endure for a while.
  • Garudas: Winged Deva Hawk-men. They're the more glass cannons while the Kalatri are better considered the glass machineguns. The backline hunter.


  • Ganeshans: Elephant Deva ogres. They are especially more effective than ogres because of being able to reroll their hit, wounds Armour and Ward save rolls of 1.
  • Nagas: A Swift all-rounder elite Deva with poison on everything. the opponent will sweat when you disintegrate a Greatsword flank. They can also take Heavy longbows that they must Stand and Shoot with (their already too expensive to pay more and not move).
  • Royal Elephants: Noble Caste and an Improved Elephant and Riders. A point Less likely to Stampede and can also take a Bolt thrower or a smaller cannon.
    • Another possible use for the elephants is to be your war machines. Your options are either a bolt thrower or a small cannon, and neither of them are as strong as the big static pieces.
  • Basilisk: Lowborn Caste handling a Danger Noodle. In combat, The snake slowly kills every model that is in the same combat with Armor and regen negating wounds that get better for every round the basilisk is in. Also has a Shooting Gaze that could single out a Character and either reduce Initiative, deal an Armour-ignoring wound, or outright kill Archaon in front of his groupies.

Regiments of Renown[edit]

Building Your Army[edit]

Army Composition[edit]

the building is about organizing your tiers of expendables. using most Lowborns as chaff and vanguarding, and Warriors to do the killing. Devas will be your elites as they do hit hard, so protect them with casts before they get into position. having a couple of Rajahs around the board is also a useful thing so units can more likely bass LD test.


  • Fire: all your fire-throwing needs, and a fire buff on your swords and arrows.
  • Heavens: mixing reroll debuffs and buff at hero levels and lightning attacks at lord lv.
  • Light:
  • Life: something to keep everything alive, putting regen on your blobs and Regrowth on your dead devas.
  • Devas: A lot of good things rolled into one, heroes give out ASF, Rerolls, and a Ward and Bolt of Cindra can make up a little for not having proper war machines.



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