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Kislev: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Kislev?[edit]

Because you have been mightily pissed at how you never got a proper army instead of the meager scraps are given in 6th Edition.


  • You are the vanguard bulwark against the forces of chaos.
  • Your fur coat comrades are less likely to run than men in Pajamas.
  • Bears
  • Russians riding bears.
  • Lots of your shooty units double as melee units.
  • This song


  • You are paying more money for bravery, not protection.

Army Special Rules[edit]

Kin of the Bear God: All units re-roll panic checks, which can alleviate keeping them together. With being humans light on amour panic rolls are likely to trigger (25% casualties, a Friendly gets annihilated, someone loses on combat and breaks, or some fleeing units moves through you.)

Glorious Charge: Winged Lancers and Gryphon Legion cause fear on the charge. If they win combat on the turn they charge but fail to break the unit, they can test Ld to run away and try again.

  • Ideally, this will be done with an anvil unit so the cav is not charged later and enable flanking so you win the engagement.

Hatred (Chaos): A lot of units in this army also have Hatred (Chaos). As in every Chaos-aligned army (WoC, Daemons, and Beastmen).


The Lore of Ice[edit]

Attribute: Numbing Cold: All spells cast on an enemy robs them -1WS/BS, which can be some decent protection.

  • Signature: Shardstorm: Deals 2d6 S3 hits to one unit 24" away. Augmenting this not only boosts the range, but also ups the strength to S4.
  1. Form of the Frostfiend: Turns the witch into a flying monstrous beast with +2S +2T +3A and Terror. While this all sounds mighty impressive, do beware that all your magical items will be inactive during this form, so it's saved for a suicide witch.
  2. Ice Armour: Gives a unit +2 to armour...that gets hosed by flaming attacks. Augmenting gives this to everyone within 12".
  3. Freezing Blast: One enemy unit is now under constant dangerous terrain. This is extra useful when the unit's in water, as they're now utterly immobilized until someone melts the ice with flaming attacks.
  4. Midwinter's Kiss: Gives the witch an S5 armour-ignoring breath weapon. KICKASS.
  5. Gift of the Winter Wind: One enemy unit within 18" must test Ld on 3d6 discarding the highest, with failure followed by testing S or dying outright, ideal for wiping out screens before making the charge. Augmenting doubles the range.
  6. Invocation of the Ice Storm: You have the magical equivalent of a bombardment, misfires covering the entire screen. Anyone inside the pieplate take -2 to BS or shoot on a 4+ as well as take 2d6 S2 hits. The injury's none to hot, but at least a misfire's an actual upside for you.

Lore of Hags[edit]

Attribute: Curse: All spells cast on an enemy unit forces them to re-roll 6's to wound.

  • Signature: Curse of Misfortune: One unit fails dangerous terrain on a 1 or 2, take -1 to hit anything, and can't benefit from Character Ld. None of it's very dangerous, but it's all inconvenient enough to help break a low-Ld army even with their HQ. Augmenting doubles this range.
  1. Fortune Told: The hag and any unit she's with re-rolls to hit and gets a 6++ ward. Great for a front and gun line.
  2. Form of the Ancient Widow: Turns your hag into a monstrous beast with +3S +2T +3A, piercing 1 and terror. Your magic items won't work here either, though you'll be well off for combat, especially if it's Baba Yaga. For Baba Yaga, Form currenty don't have a mount restriction like Frostfiend,
  3. Summon Spirits: 3d6 S2 piercing 1 hits on a unit within 24". Augmenting boosts range and makes them S3.
  4. Cursed Pledge: Force an enemy unit to either move or shoot an allied unit. If they refuse to do so, every model in the unit takes an S4 hit.
  5. Curse of Sickness: A magical bombardment with d6" scatter, anyone under the small pieplate tests T or takes an unsaveable wound. Augmenting this only doubles the scatter, which is kinda...not what you want?
  6. Hag's Curse: This is a multi-turn spell that eventually robs the target of everything so it becomes useless - even after dispelling. If you get this, be sure to chuck it at the big guys you want removed, but always beware the dispel.


Heirlooms of Kislev[edit]

  • Holy Axe of Miska: A greatweapon without the Init penalty and d3 wounds? For 65 points, that's quite a bit to ask for.
  • Pistols of Saint Boydinov: Boyar/Hetman only. You have the ultimate pistols now, auto-hitting, magical, and re-rolling to wound.
  • Armour of Alexandr: This is a paired set of heavy plate and shield, giving a 3+/5++ save that can break magical weapons. Awesome (Although as the rules are written now no one in the Army can wear it because no generic character has the option to take Heavy Armor...).
  • Ice-Armour of Jekaterina: Ice Witch/Maiden only. This is your lone means of protecting a witch, a 1+ that can only drop to 4+ by penetration but failing it even once shatters it. You'd probably want to grab a good Ward to offer extra protection in the event this shatters.
  • Yakov's Kvas: (25p) You get to share a drink with one unit and make them suffer the Kvassnic's drunkenness for a turn (results in a 1/3 chance of Stupidity, Frenzy, or Hatred).
  • Apple of Kislev: Boyar/Hetman only. Gives you Ld 10 and the ability to re-roll any tests using this score. Impressive it is, but at 40 points, you can probably go about making him beefier instead.
  • Boots of Seven Leagues: Gives one infantry unit M10, overstepping any dangerous terrain. This is all awesome, but it also means that the guy can't realistically join anyone.
  • Crown of Kislev: (40p) Enemies must re-roll to wound the bearer.
  • Sceptre of Schoika: Adds a die to power and dispel pools, with a one-use boost of another die when casting. Kinda taking the piss for 75 points.
  • Holy Icon of Mishka: Adds +1 to hit during the first round of combat. For only 25 points, this is kinda alright (Considering it does the same thing as the Banner of Might for 35 Points less its the tits).
  • Njevski's Screeching Back Banners: Winged Lancers or Gryphon Legion only. Anyone charged by this unit must test panic at -1Ld.

Army Units[edit]

Lords and Heros[edit]

Special Characters[edit]

  • Boris Ursus: Tzar of Kislev following the Great War Against Chaos. He rides atop a great bear and grants Kossars Devastating Charge at +1 ppm (Already greate reason to take him). He's got a monster of a weapon that deals extra wounds on top of what he already does and strikes back for every attack that hits him, even if they don't wound.
  • Tzarina Katarin: The reigning ruler of Kislev and witch on top of being a low 400 points (520 for the War Sled like Miska). On top of being a Loremaster of Ice, she also gives stubborn to her unit and makes units within 12" re-roll all psychology checks. The Gryphon Legion, in particular, gets to roll 3d6 and drop the lowest when testing to break when she's with them. While she's a competent leader with a KB weapon that negates armour while having a 4++ ward that puts a -1 to hit and wound her, she's not the best at combat.
  • Tzar Saltan: Ruler of Praag with a tremendous hateboner for Chaos. He's not only immune to psychology but he always re-rolls hits against Chaos models and gains +1 to Strength when fighting them in challenges (which you'll always do since he can't refuse. Funny, those Vikings can't either...). His statline is further bolstered by his blade giving another +1S (and -1 to hit him in cc) and his heavy plate carrying +1T. All this makes Saltan a fine dualist lord.
  • Baba Yaga: Were you surprised you got a super-hag? She's unique in that she can ride her house as a steed, though this gives her a weakness to fire and a massive price jump in exchange for fear and d6 impact hits. She's a great caster with her power to re-roll all power dice, and she has a 5++ ward that can force enemies in b2b to not attack her. While on her hut and casting Form of the Ancient Widow she becomes a fearsome monster to contend with
  • Miska the Slaughterer: If you wanted a Katarina who can put up a fight, then Miska's the closest thing. Though less of a caster(bopped down to lv3), she makes up for this by having actual armour that lets her potentially double her attacks and get a bear-driven chariot. On foot, She is the best person to turn into a FROSTFIEND (Flying frenzy monster Wizard with S6, T6, A8).
  • Igor the Terrible: Igor? Ivan? What's the difference? He's a super-Chekist with double the range and can immediately wound enemies during the magic phase with one weapon. His other has a chance of keeping him alive by throwing that last wound onto the one who inflicted it, and with his 3+/4++ and Magic Resist 1, that's a bit of a feat. He is a Superb lord to hold your lines together and not so easy to kill.
  • Tordimir Lubovasyn: Captain of the Gryphon Legion who makes his boys core choices. You want him stuck with his boys, as he makes Glorious Charge auto-succeed for his unit and has a lance with piercing 1 and KB.
  • Stepan Rasin: Leader of the Ungols. He's a dangerous archer with a bow that deals d6 hits. And get 3 rerolls per game. some wone to run with your Skirmish cavalry to give them umf.
  • Ilja of Murova: Legendary hunter. He's just as unkillable as Valten and can make a mega-blow that deals d3+1 armor-negating wounds.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Hetman/Boyar: Your classic commander type with stubborn(stubborn only works if you run him solo or with another stubborn unit which makes it pointless). You practically need one for a BSB.
  • Ice Maiden/Witch: Your master wizards here are stuck with only Ice lore. The spells are a decent mix of uses with a lot of damage spell and make her a convenient means to act while inside a unit.
  • Hag Witch/Mother: Your other wizard, stuck with her lore. You'll only want them for their spells, as they can't be generals, never share their Ld score with the army, and cause -1 Ld for any units they're in. Have good debuff spells, and the buff she gives a unit will offset her creepiness. Too bad she's scared off the horses she could have ridden on.
  • High Priest of Ursun/Priest of Ursun: Your warrior priest, given an injection of BEARS. They replace the hatred they give attached units with frenzy. Thankfully, their loadouts are all melee-centric, and he can ride a bear. A must for any Deathstar.
    • Unyielding Ursun: Gives the unit stubborn.
    • Ursine Strength: Lets the unit re-roll wounds in close combat
    • Winter's Sleep: Gives a lasting aura that robs enemies in b2b with -1WS/I each turn.
  • Ranger: A Huntsmaster type character with forest strider and scout, barred from ever being general. He can ambush with a friendly infantry unit, and his bow has HKB against monsters and monstrous types. giving a unit of STRELTSI or Kossar ambush is a great Idea for assaulting war machines or surprise attack cavalry.


  • Warhorse: The universal standard of all mounts.
  • Great Bear: Boyars and High Priests only. These bears are a bit over twice the price of a horse, and you get a slower but deadlier steed. In case you're wondering why you're at a 6+ natural armour save instead of a 5+ as bear packs, blame it on domestication.

Core Units[edit]

  • Kossars: You have a fairly flexible unit of barbarian-types that can do archery or close combat with great-weapons. With volley fire, you can place them on the flanks of your Gospodar and do shooting, providing a cover fire-support, charge detruants, and strong flankers all in one.
  • Gospodar Militia: The backbone of the Kislev army, each with halberds to open Chaos armour. If you want troops that can hold a charge and not die to arrows, you can replace it for spears and shields and be no poorer for it.
  • Druzhina: Cavalry with spears and shields. You can throw javelins on them and give a bit of shooting. Their role is to be cheap horses to flank with when your not focused on Winged Lancers. Javelins will work better than mounted archers when fighting armour.
  • Ungol Horse Archers: Your Kossars are now fast cavalry, exclusively acting as archers. Do better against swatting Mauraders and gors then Druzhina javelins.
  • Winged Lancers: Your special charge-crazy cavalry. Each of them comes with a lance, shields, and medium armour, so you can rest assured that they won't budge against the things they rush.
  • Hawks of Miska: Don't count towards the minimum core. Swarms of birds who can peck things to death and get a 6++ ward with Magic Resist 1. Decent things to Tye down the dangerous Archers.

Special Units[edit]

  • Kreml Guard: Equivalent to Empire Greatswords, your special armored goons, all with Medium armour. With Strength 4 + Great weapon, they can cleave knights with their Strength 6-5 attacks.
  • Gryphon Legion: These guys are Winged Lancers+1 with the same treatment as Inner circle knights. They're now immune to psychology
  • Streltsi: your Kossar+1. You have a unit that can use both halberds and handguns. Their guns are particularly unique in that they count anything in 12" as short-range, which is fantastic as it gives you a reliable means of blasting lines. they are a better fighter(+1 WS and fight at I3) and guns back more of a punch, but Halbrds don't back as much of an initial punch and guns need line of sight. They are meant to be shooting more than fighting.
  • Chekist: Your equivalent of a KGB on horseback. These give you a bubble of 3d6 on all panic tests and blam anyone who dares flee like a band of communist Commissars. They can provide minor petting with some BS4 pistols shots, but their main role is an MSU that keeping your units in line, hid them in the back of your anvils or run them beside your forward scout and calvary so will not disengage and get run over.
  • Brotherhood of the Bear: These are your equivalent to lightly-armored knights with strider and ambushers. This allows them to take some positions that generally aren't accessible to your horsemen, and with bows and spears, they can take whatever job you want with them.
  • Sibyrian Huntsmen: You've got a bunch of trappers and hunters, all with forest strider and skirmisher. Their unique trick is rigging d3 natural setpieces with traps. These traps all deal d6 S3 piercing 1 hits when triggered (and needing a 2+, they will) on the first enemies inside them and aren't locked to exclusively your sides. spend the rest of the game keep them away from any combat with their longbows, maybe grab throwing axes if the need is dire enough.
  • Kvassnic: Okay, this is just ridiculous. You just got an army of fucking drunk idiots in your army. These guys risk either being stupid or frenzied each turn while holding Molotov cocktails that are as effective as Naptha bombs as constant weapons.
  • Bear Pack: Finally, we get to see the bears! Well, these are a bunch of bears led around by a guy or two. They'll always be rushing towards fresh meat, so you need to make sure they can hold up to the fight. They are big and stated like an ogre Maneater or Demigryphs. Most human infinity won't stand a chance when they get clawed.

Rare Units[edit]

  • War Wagon: Unlike the Empire's box o' fun, these are more like big mobile battle-forts. At any point of your turn, you can ditch the horses and become immobile with fire-points everywhere. No matter what you do, buy some goddamn range if you plan on doing this. You lack enough men to reliably take up melee with all but the weakest of units.
  • Urgan Cannon: Your equivalent of the Organ gun. Give them line of sight and they will tear up heavy armour.
  • Droyaskas: These guys are your elite swordsmen, all with I5 to give them the edge over most infantry and KB. With a lack of armour, they need a screen but they can help your side win a fight by finishing for sixes to decapitate enemy elites.
  • Sons of Ursun: Your Inner Circle-tier knights ride bears, comparable to Demigryph Knights with less armour, but still great at Mauling things. For whatever reason, these bears have 6+ Natural Armour, but your men have plenty of armour to offset it. They are easier to kill with arrows, and not as fast, but you get a discount in point which you can invest in more killing power.
  • Armoured War Bear: Your man gave a super-bear a suit of armour, the madman. These big boys can insta-kill any infantry, cavalry, or warbeast model in one blow, which will only see use when killing a character or you know he'll hold up to the inevitable retaliation.

Building Your Army[edit]

Army Composition[edit]

Start with blocks of Gospodars(With Shields, halberds if you don't think the enemy has arrows). Kossar place behind to cover flanks and provide cover fire(no one wants to charge or counter charge archers with Greatweapns)

the question of winged Lancers or Druzhina comes down to how good is your anvil or need money for other units.

Chekist should always be included to prevent the Gospodars Anvil from breaking.



Only get two lores.

  • Ice: with so little armour, you need to be casting this on anything that could be a problem. Debuffing offensive lore that lowers the enemy's ability to hit things, cast SHARDSTORM on any threatening archers. ICE ARMOUR can let an important harder to kill.
    • have not gotten the update yet but chances are good that Ice attacks will be added to this lore, so in addition, this also lets your Greatswords strike before even elves.
  • Hag: similar to Ice but more debuffing in nature. Enemy hit gets a minor debuff to hit compared to Ice. Curses can cause serious because of enemies and mess with them. FORTUNE TOLD is also a good reason to use a Deathstar for a hag bunker as the unit can re-roll hits and gain a Ward save.

With the light of armour taking 2 heroines levels wizard with Ice and Hag can do wonders to protect your army, especially when they double team a single target.


March under the cover of winds as mentioned several times, Kislev is not the best armored, and die to arrows. One of the strongest defense is spamming magic. By hitting any problem magic unit with magic even if it is a weak magic missles, they become worse at hitting things, protecting your Russians and bears.


  • Chaos Warriors: The main faction Kislev was designed to fight. outside magic, close-range Mauraders, and expensive units, WoC really on their massive plate mail body running across the field. Against a Warrior, don't bother with getting armour unless it's 3+. Get numbers to tarpit, pore as many shots as you can, and pond them with Can openers. Winked Hasars and bears can do work when the targes are pinned.
  • Deamons of Chaos: Similar to WoC but with almost no armor, heavier magic, faster units, and Super monsters. Do the same things but guard your flanks, get many Urugan Cannon and enhanced bear for greater daemons.
  • Empire: your essentially imitating the empire but on a budget. They have a better long-range game and better-protected units. Against any nacked army vs arrow, Be aggressive, use scouts, hawks, magic, and ambushes to remove the guns then charge with your superior Russan muscles. The empire knights have plate mail but Kislev knows Swinging first hard is better than surviving.
  • Beastmen: Similar to you with little armour traded for offense and have monsters. They prefer flanking and are not as good at shooting with weaker moral. Go arrow heavy and force them to make leadership tests. Be careful of their Shamans, Wild lore can make bears kill themselves.
  • Elves: like the empire + Chaos Warriors, often better with arrows, you need a joint strategy of number + Arrow disabling + ice magic.
  • Smeebs

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