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Lizardmen: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this brings Lizardmen up to date with the homebrew "9th edition" of Warhammer Fantasy that he has been creating

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. As of now: I'll be using the most current Lizardmen book he has as of mid-2017. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Lizardmen[edit]

Army Special Rules[edit]

  • Cold-Blooded: Same as 8th, when you take a Ld test, you can roll it on 3d6 and discard the highest.
  • Predatory Fighter: Models with this rule can make an extra attack when they roll a 6 to hit in melee. This is how the Saurus are as deadly as they are.
  • Aquatic: Models with this rule basically ignore marshlands and rivers, as well as gaining soft cover when within them.
  • Natural Armour: While now a USR, it should be known that across the book all Skinks lost their saves and all Saurus have dropped to a 5+ save.

The Lore of High Magic[edit]

  • Lore Attribute: Contemplations: When you cast a spell from this lore, you can choose to forget it and replace it with a spell from any of the lores that wizard has access to.
  • Signature Spell: Drain Magic: A 7+ 18" augment/hex which dispels all Remains in Play spells on a target. Overcast: 14+, becomes an 18" bubble
  • Signature Spell: Soul Quench: 8+ 18" magic missile which causes 2d6 S4 hits. Overcast: 16+, 4d6 S4 hits.
  • 1. Apotheosis: 5+ augment which allows a single model in 18" to regain a wound and gain Fear for the turn. Overcast: 10+, d3 wounds
  • 2. Hand of Glory: 5+ 18" augment which increases a unit's WS, BS, I, or M by d3 for the turn. Overcast: 10+, all four stats increased (roll 1d3 for all)
  • 3. Walk Between Worlds: 8+ 24" augment, allows an unengaged unit to gain Ethereal for the turn and immediately move 10". Overcast: 16+, 20"
  • 4. Tempest: 12+ direct damage, place a large blast within 30" and scatter it d6". Models hit suffer a S3 hit (flying models S4), and if a unit suffers unsaved wounds, it gets a -1 modifier on all to hit rolls.
  • 5. Arcane Unforging: 13+ 24" direct damage which targets a single model (can be in a unit!). They suffer a wound with no armour saves allowed on a roll equal to their unmodified armour save. Owned magic items must then be revealed - if there are any, randomly destroy one on a 2+.
  • 6. Fiery Convocation: Basically death. 19+ 24" remains in play direct damage. Every model in the unit takes a S4 flaming hit. For every magic phase after this, that unit will suffer another S4 flaming hit per model.

Magic Items[edit]

  • Blade of Realities: No armour or ward saves allowed against this weapon. Very strong, but also very expensive at 85 pts. Taking this will mean you are sacrificing survivability for your Oldblood.
  • The Piranha Blade: Gain Multiple Wounds(D3) and AP(1). Good choice for a character/monster killer.
  • Sacred Stegadon Helm of Itza: +1 armour save, +1 T, and Impact Hits (d3). With Lizardmen no longer having access to items like the Armour of Destiny, this is a solid choice.
  • Cube of Darkness: Essentially a modified dispel scroll. This is a one use only arcane item which lets you dispel a spell on a 2+, as well as ending any remains in play spells on a 2+. Be careful not to dispel your own spells with this!
  • Plaque of Dominion: Bound spell (3+, 18"). Targets all enemy Wizards, giving them Stupidity.
  • The Cloak of Feathers: Only for Skink characters on foot. Gives them Fly and Magic Resistance (1).
  • The Horn of Kygor: An interesting one use item which can be used at the start of his movement phase. Gives all Lizardmen monsters & mounts Frenzy until the next movement phase.
  • The Egg of Quango: One use only item which does a random amount of hits to an enemy unit in base contact. While interesting, you are probably better off just getting more bodies.
  • Skavenpelt Banner: Same as before, this banner gives Frenzy and Hatred(Skaven), but Skaven also gain Hatred against the bearer.
  • The Jaguar Standard: Also the same as before, this gives a unit Swiftstride. This is a nice way to make sure that you get your charges off.

Sacred Spawnings[edit]

This is a unique means to upgrade certain models (Saurus units, Skinks, Kroxigor) in a manner similar to magic items without using the budget.

  • Blessed Mark of the Old Ones: 10 points allows one model to re-roll up to three hit, wound, or save rolls in the whole game. Make sure you throw it on your most reliable guy.
  • Blessed Spawning of Sotek: Grants Devastating Charge.
  • Blessed Spawning of Itzl: Lets mounted units re-roll stupidity and berserk charge tests, which is welcome.
  • Blessed Spawning of Quetzl: Gives 6+ Natural Armour, allowing Skinks a modicum of protection.
  • Blessed Spawning of Tlazcotl: Gives immunity to psychology, negating any vestiges of fear or terror.
  • Blessed Spawning of Chotec: Re-rolls all charge and pursuit distances. YES.
  • Blessed Spawning of Huanchi: Gives foot models Forest Strider and Ambushers.
  • Blessed Spawning of Tepok: Grants Magic Resist 6++.
  • Blessed Spawning of Tzunki: Gives foot models Aquatic (wasted on Skinks) and +2 Initiative.

Disciplines of the Old Ones[edit]

  • Higher State of Consciousness: Now 20 points cheaper.
  • Focus of Mystery: 5 points cheaper. Still gives Lore Master of High Magic.
  • Wandering Deliberations: Same as always, you now gain all the signature spells of all the CRB lores.
  • Harmonic Convergence: Same as before. Add +2 die for channeling or dispels.
  • Transcendent Healing: Same as before. Gain the ability to heal during the magic phase.
  • The Focused Rumination: 5 points less than Harmonic Convergence to add +1 die to casting attempts.
  • Soul of Stone: Same miscast mitigation as before.
  • Becalming Cogitation: Same re-roll on a dispel.
  • Reservoir of Eldritch Energy: Remains the way to turn a dispel die into a power die.
  • The Harrowing Scrutiny: Terror for 10 points cheaper than before.
  • Unfathomable Presence: Gives a d3 to give Magic Resist 4+-6+.

Army Units[edit]

Lords and Heroes[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

  • Lord Kroak: Everyone's favorite mummy-frog manages to get a panoply of things to change how things work with a 50 point increase. His new magical weapon renders all magical weapons into mundane ones when targeting him, he forces a -1 penalty on all hit rolls against his unit despite lacking WS or BS, his amulet adds an extra dispel dice for his team on top of his magic resist 3+, and he carries a standard that inflicts d6 S3 hits (S5 against undead or daemons) against models in b2b each shooting phase.
  • Kroq-Gar: This badass fared the transition quite well with his price slashed by 50 points. He's now your mandatory general if nobody beats his Ld of 8 and he can bring a pack of Cold One Riders as a Core unit to join. His Ward Save deals an instant S5 hit to anyone who punched past it in close combat to protect him and his spear doubles the wounds it inflicts for sake of combat resolution, letting him stomp over units faster.
  • Lord Mazdamundi: Arrives with an 80 point discount, but still obscenely expensive. On top of his spell allotment, he also has a unique spell that deals 2d6 S5 (3d6 if garrisoned) hits on a unit and halves their movement if the get wounded. He also has a single-use item that lets him add +d3 die to the power pool for that turn.
  • Tehenhauin: Only change here is that his Plaque no longer gives a Ward save, just a 6+ regen. On one hand, this regen allows his swarms to last longer, but now they're fucked if fire comes into play. Is this worth the massively jacked-up price he got? Hell no.
  • Chakax the Eternity Warden: While largely the same, he can no longer instantly break magic items and instead reveals all items a unit possesses with his Great Weapon that no longer has ASL - not like that matters to a model with such low initiative. Thankfully, his price drop to 210 makes him more palatable.
  • Gor-Rok: This mega-badass now had his price hiked up to 230.
  • Tetto-Eko: Has survived this edition with only a 5 point bump. Still the badass pseudo-Slann in the block.
  • Oxyotl: The legendary chameleon skink now hates Daemons of Chaos, but loses out on any saves. He is also flat-out your cheapest hero, having his price slashed in half to 90 points.
  • Nakai the Wanderer: A unique Kroxigor Lord. While extremely pricy at 400 pts, this guy causes Fear, has a 4+ regeneration, and a 3+ natural armour, in addition to his stat boosts over a normal Kroxigor (+2 WS, +1 W, +1 Ld). He comes with three re-rolls, which he can use for any d6 roll he makes. If he is killed in the melee, or he flees, he may not be overrun or pursued. He may also Ambush, although he must appear from a wood, swamp, or water feature if able to. His sword gives him +2 S and a 5+ ward save, making this beast S7 with plenty of stacked saves.
  • Inxi-Huinzi: This is a Skink riding an upgraded Cold One. He is a special Hero for 120 pts and offers poison, Fear, heavier armour than a Skink normally would have, and an array of poison darts. If he charges or is charged, he may throw a poison dart per every 4" of charge distance. These darts are Quick to Fire and wound on a 4+. His Horned One is also not vulnerable to Stupidity, and any Cold One unit he joins also loses Stupidity.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Slann Mage-Priest: Pretty much unchanged from 8th edition, this guy remains the badass caster he always was.
  • Saurus Oldblood: Got a price hike, and is no longer able to take some of the magic items that made him great. He also got his natural armour nerfed to a 5+.
  • Saurus Scar-Veteran: Also received a price increase, and can no longer be mounted on a Carnosaur.
  • Skink Chief: much cheaper than a saurus they-they have skink weapons and can be mounted of flyers, Troglodon, or Stegadon.
  • Skink Priest: your Hero level Caster and can be used by your Slann lord to extend his casting range.


  • Cold One: The classic raptor mount for Saurus heroes. Bring only when you have someone to set them up with.
  • Horned One: Requires the Blessed Spawning of Itzl. Essentially a faster Cold One without Stupidity that makes Cold Ones gain Hatred
  • Terradon: The lightweight speedy mount for Skinks.
  • Ripperdactyl: The speedy Skink mount with more bite in them.
  • Carnosaur: The big T Rex mount for Oldbloods. While no longer as expensive as a Slann, they're still about as much as almost two Vets.
  • Troglodon: 50 points cheaper and now you can have your Skink HQs ride it. Question is, is this any more worth it than before?

Core Units[edit]

  • Saurus Warriors: Remain the molasses-slow hard-hitting fuckers that your army needs to build around. What hurts is that their saves are now stuck at 4+ due to the neigh-universal save drop.
  • Skink Cohort: Their prices are now cut in half, making Skink Spam into a very affordable matter though they lose the poisoned javelins as a default deal. They also have a choice in loadouts with either buying back the javelins, getting spears, or going full-archery with poison shortbows and trading off their shields.
  • Skink Skirmishers: Keep their prices, keep their rules, but now they can net spears or poisoned shortbows for some legit range.
  • Jungle Swarms: Do not count towards minimum core cost. They remain as bizarrely expensive as before.

Special Units[edit]

  • Temple Guard: These big guys are a bit more expensive, but they now lose any option for magical weapons.
  • Cold One Riders: They got a price drop to 14 ppm and get spears as default.
  • Kroxigors: Got a 3 pt price reduction, but suffer the same save cut as all lizardmen.
  • Chameleon Skinks: Now with Skinks getting shortbows, these guys aren't as mandatory for shooting things, though their price drop makes them welcome support.
  • Terradon Riders: Slightly cheaper than before and now count as plain cavalry.
  • Ripperdactyl Riders: Same as above, 3 points cheaper and now count as cavalry.
  • Salamander/Razordon Hunting Pack: Effectively the same as before, though the Razors are 5 points cheaper than before.

Rare Units[edit]

  • Bastiladon: This thing got reamed hard. 50+ points, loss of poison in the skink spears, and it can no longer replace the Ark with a Solar Engine for free, but at a costly 40. For a cheaper 10 points, you can add a Revivification Crystal, allowing Cold-Blooded units within range to get Regen 6+ saves to reinforce the heavy troops.
  • Stegadon: The Ancient is now condensed into an upgrade that makes it 10 points cheaper than before. Everything else that made this a mainstay remains as it was.
  • Dread Saurian: The giant from Monstrous Arcana. Though it has a pitiful WS4, it's bite does d3 wounds at S7 and M7 makes it very mobile. It can be upgraded with either a 4++ ward against non-magical attacks, flaming attacks with 2d6 S3 flaming impact hits, the ability to force enemies to take -1 to hit when targeting the Saurian and making Undead and Daemons take ASF in close combat, mega-barding with Unbreakable and T7 but M5, or Ambusher and Swiftstride that forces enemies who stand and shoot to re-roll hits when it charges.
  • Coatl: A giant flying snake. It only has 4+ armour, but it gets 3+ magic resist and forces enemies shooting missiles at it to take -1 to hit. It also has a bound PL3 spell that lets you reposition d3 pieces of forest terrain by d6" - something you'd only use if you actually have forests set up that you know won't hurt you.

Regiments of Renown[edit]


Army Composition[edit]



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