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Nippon: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the units, nations, and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Nippon[edit]

Like a Britionia from the east, Your important troops are unlikely to run from battle. The army consists of peasants or determined line holders, plus damage dealers that are quick on thier feet. Their main damage dealers are very mobile, with a focus on skirmisher damage dealer, from the heavily armored Calvary, Longbow, and interesting flying monstrous cavalry (for now, at least). This makes Nippon good at getting into flanks, able to outmaneuver slower armies. Mobility is also paired with an average-to-good punch. The army is overall able to deliver some surgical doses of accurate S5 attacks where needed


  • You can finally play as the Weeaboo faction you always wanted to play as
  • Assassins with instakill poison.
  • This is peak Human without performance-enhancing drugs like Grail Water and Chaos.
  • Your a fan of Legend of the Five Rings and want to bring that to your wargame of choice.
  • Despite being here, your favorite Total War game was actually Shogun 2 and you want to be able to bring that to your wargaming. Seriously, the quotes for the Clan Mons in the actual pdf are straight from the various clan intros for Shogun 2.
  • Is one of the only other Factions besides Britonia and non-Dark Elves that uses Longbows as their primary ranged weapon of choice, able to outrange most other archers during turn 1.
  • units that likely to willing to die to the man than suffer the humiliation of running away from a bad roll from a stray arrow.
    • may not have the stats or gear for a human to earn a good combat score without flanking bonus but a rerollable Ld8 and the optional cold-blooded or die on break test will keep your Samuria holding to the bitter end.


  • No one in this army knows what shields are.
  • Like any elites army, don't invest too much in one unit or else they will get focused down.
  • You're playing as the Weeaboo faction and everyone will judge you for it
  • The overall human S, T, poor armor and no lances make the army a lackluster glass-cannon

Special rules[edit]

  • Way of the Warrior: Must accept all challenges, but can re-roll failed Psychology tests and treats not-samurai as Expendable.
  • Death Before Dishonor: When taking a Break test, you can risk it and roll 3d6 discard the Highest, but the whole unit will die on the spot if you fail. The chance to lose an entire unit on the spot is always risky, but sometimes you need to hold. The act of sudden disembowelment does give the enemy pause, denying them a pursue or Overrun move which may be worth sending a worn-out samurai squad on a kamikaze run to deny them ground.
  • Katana: These are the main weapon of samurai and they count as Hand weapons. Suppose to make up for the lack of shields. If on foot, a model can two-hand them and gain a 6++ Parry and will counter-attack on a Ward roll of 6. Ok but will replace it with a proper weapon when available or when used as an enchanted hand weapon.
  • Sashimono: (20pts) You can buy units extra banner that makes the unit count as a rank bigger for the purposes of combat resolution. Considered expensive for what it does.
  • Horo Cloaks: grants protection against any non-blackpowder or flaming shooting attacks(-1 Str). can't also have a Sashimono.

Clan Mon[edit]

An upgrade that you can give to your units. They affect specific units or weapons. If taking a mon, your general must take one if possible. An army can't have more than one kind of clan mon unless you take ... the SHOGUN OF NIPPON.

  • Ashiwara Clan:(Characters: 5pt, Unit: 2pt per model) The longbow faction. models count 15" as short-range when using longbows. (translates to +1 to hit). Superb for longbow build especially if many of them are on horses.
  • Uruchi clan:(Characters: 15pt, Unit: 2pt per model) The big weapon sumo faction. and models don't suffer Initiative penalties from Great weapons. For Superheavy samurai and sumo builds.
  • Shinzei Clan:(Characters: 20pt, Unit: 1pt per model) The Ninja faction. each Shinobi hero gives you a +1 on rolls to decide table sides and who deploys first. Ninjas, Kabuki Dolls, and Shinobi gain +1 attack on the first round of combat.
  • Daimtzu Clan:(Characters: 15pt, Unit: 1pt per model) The Katanas work faction. infantry using only Katanas can re-roll Parry and 1's to Hit. Make only using Katanas on foot and mounted more viable.
  • Mushagi Clan:(Units: 1pt per model) The Bretonnian faction. Ashigaru Becoming more like well-drilled Bretonnian men-at-arms, they gain +1 LD and receive Command Presence from any Samurai Character within 6".
  • Batake Clan:(War Machines: 15pt, Unit: 5pt per model) The gunpowder faction. War machines may reroll an Artillery Dice once per battle. Samurai Warriors also with the mon get a Handgun but no other equipment, Giving you a gun line with that is more accurate and durable than Ashigaru.
  • Taneka Clan:(Characters: 10pt, Unit: 2pt per model) The Calvary faction. may re-roll a single charge distance dice and re-roll 1's to wound on charge for cavalry.
  • Horumi Clan:(Character: 20pt, Unit: 2pt per model) The Religious faction. Warrior Monks become Stubborn and Shugenja and Yamabushi add +1 to their casting rolls.


Equipment for the Ninja unit and character

  • Blowgun: Short range, S3, poisonous, quickfire, Multishot 2.
  • Caltrops: make a charger take a Dangerous Terrain test then they get within 4" of Ninjas as their Stand and Shoot reaction.
  • Grappling Hooks: lets you ignore penalties to climb (Not swim) across impassable terrain.
  • Smoke bombs: Ninjas can disengage without being followed on a 4+ and auto Rally.


Only equipable by the shinobi hero, act like other poison upgrades you would find on other factions Assassin

  • Fauntei Shi: (30 pts) if wounded, they must pass a Toughness test or Die. Most melee characters will have high toughness, but the chance to instant kill on a bad roll...
  • Dripping Poison:(one Use per Army) (30 pts) one Enemy character starts with one less Wound. Makes killing Tyrion one Wound easer
  • Spider Venom: (20 pts) Every enemy player turn, the wounded character must make a Toughness test of loss one wound. cheaper and more likely to happen than Fauntei Shi. Could End a hero on their last legs.
  • Snake Venom: (20 pts) if wounded, the enemy attacks last for the rest of the game.
  • Night Milk: (20 pts) poison attacks Auto wound on 4+ to hit instead of 6s. (with how poison rule changed, use an older version of the rules, or wait until the Nippon update )

The Lore of Kami[edit]

Attribute: Invocation of the Kami: Make a Leadership test at the start of a magic phase. On a pass, the Kami gives +1 to casting on double rolls, fail and the Kami decks your caster in the face.

  • (Signature) Light of the Sun Goddess: (CV 8/10+) Standard fare magic missile that has the added benefit of putting -1 on the target's WS/BS.
  1. Be The Mountain: (CV 7/10+) A rare instance of an augment adding more than just extra inches or hits. While the basic spell gives a unit stubborn, the augment adds a 5+ natural armour save on for a minor bump in casting value.
  2. Strike of the Flowing Waters:(CV 9/16+) Grants a unit ASF and forces any enemy they hit to re-roll 6s on saves. While not much against elves, this will put you well beyond most other armies.
  3. Fiery Wrath: (CV 9/15+) Burns d3 enemies within 12" of the caster. Honestly, you've got better than some random-ass spell that might hit more than one unit.
  4. Borne on the Wind: (CV 10/13+) Gives a fly move that can't be used on a charge or while engaged in combat. Most this can do is make an ideal reposition for ninjas or ensure that the Onna-Bushi are in the way of a charging unit.
  5. Void of Emptiness: (CV 11/14+) Robs the enemy of movement, but grants Immunity (Psychology). The only use this has is in cutting off a charge.
  6. Call of the War God: (CV 15/21+) All samurai within 12" gain Devastating Charge and re-roll to wound.

Vessels of the Kami[edit]

  • Dragon Claw Katana; 75pts. When in Challenges, gains KB and re-roll all rolls to failed Hit and Wounds. On top of all this, the wielder gains extra attacks
  • Heavenly Naginata: 40pts. A fire Halberd with +1 to hit and Hit rolls of 6 explode into d3 hits.
  • Armour of Imperial Rule: 40pts. Heavy armour that re-rolls enemy wounds of 6 and deals S4 hit to enemies that fail to wound.
  • Mempo of Honour: 25pts. A helm with 6+ armour that forces enemies to re-roll to hit the wearer. However, the moment that wearer ever flees, he dies immediately.
  • Bronze Token: 35pts. 4++ ward save against magic and allows a re-roll of one failed armour save each turn.
  • Candle of the Void: 20pts. Place a token within 12" of a Shugenja at the start of the game. Your shugenja can now cast from that point, which goes a good way in compensating for their pitiful mobility.
  • Fan of Command: 35pts. A special fan that gives a free reform once per game and instantly passes reform, march, pursuit, and redirects tests.
  • Dragon Pearl: 25pts. when base to base at the start of CC phase with an enemy character and while in contact the User gains a Copy of one Magic item they have. Wanna deck Karl Franz with Ghal Maraz? Wanna laugh as you kill Archaon with his own Slayer of Kings? Well howdy.
  • Imperial Standard: 65pts. All units within 18" can re-roll morale tests, which is vital for keeping Samurai innards inside. The bearer's unit also adds +d3 to combat resolution.
  • Mirumoto's Battle Standard: 50pts. Gives +1 to hit and wound during the first round of combat.

Army Units[edit]

Lords & Heros[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

  • Yoritomo Ieyasu: 400pts. Shogun of Nippon, strong combatant with an auto-wounding sword and ward saves (3++ vs mundane, 5++ against magic). His main appeal is he can allow for you to have an army of mixed mons. All this elite specialization will cost you a lot of points on top of the 350 needed to field him, so you'd best save for grand armies.
  • Empress Himiko: 315pts. Former Empress of Nippon, master Shugenja, and the closest thing Nippon gets to a Sigmar. As a high caster, she gets to channel die on a roll of 3+ and can re-roll one die during each magic phase. She renders any unit she's with unbreakable and can benefit from Look Out Sir on a 3+. However, she has the caster's lack of armor with only a talisman that grants magic resistance 2 and a -1 to hit her in b2b.
  • Hitormi Gozen: 110pts. First of the Onna Bushi and thus makes Onna Bushi core if she is your general. Her Halberd has Piercing 1 and counts as S6 on a hit roll of 6. Good in Smaller games, or want to fill the front line with Onna Bushi to counter lance chivalry and ogre armies.
  • The Red Ronin: 200pts. A terrifying renegade samurai who can never be general and can only accompany Ronin. The only thing more terrifying is his 200-point cost above even a Daimyo. He similarly carries Unbreakable and also comes with Hatred, while his armour gives a 5+/5++ save and makes him Frenzied and cause Fear. His sword, while awesome for re-rolling wounds and counter-attack for any wounds dealt with him before saving, also cripples him with stupidity.
  • Sarutori Hanzo: 200pts. Hattori Hanzo? Naaaahhhh. Alongside being a ninja, he's also got Mon of the Shinzei, can cast Steed of Shadows on himself, and carries Fauntei Shi and Night Milk. On top of his basic attacks, he also deals an instant S4 hit to anyone in b2b and robs anyone he wounds of their attacks, which can cripple a challenge. His mask makes him even more dangerous with Fear and the ability to PASS ANY CHARACTERISTIC CHECK. Vortex? Fuck that. Resolute? FUCK THAT. His price is contentious though, as he's a hero priced at well over a Lord's price.
  • O-Sayumi: 165pts. A master courtesan and poisoner. Any unit she joins can re-roll Leadership checks triggered by characters (ie stuff like Fear) as well as a single-use dosage of Unbreakable. She has a pseudo-spell that gives one unit within 12" a +1 to hit for the turn. Against characters, she's scary with re-rolls to hit and wound on top of her poisoned attacks and KB.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Daimyo/Taisho: Your basic Human heroes, competent with weapons and able to take heavy armour.
    • Daimyo with Bronze token + silvered steel + Heavenly naginata is a decent well-rounded setting
  • High Shugenja/Shugenja: Your wizards. Can take Lore of Fire, Heavens, Life, Shadows, and Kami. Can't take a mount.
  • Hatamoto: You can grab a bodyguard similar to the Tomb Heralds, down to the ability to be BSB. The issue is that the Hatamoto's charge has to survive in order to get some extra VP or else they'll commit sudoku for failing their master. Unlike the heralds, though, you can buy multiple and then have one replace the other upon death. use them to protect your wizards.
  • Kensai: A samurai duelist hero with 7 WS/I and killing blow, putting them a peg above most equivalent heroes ad a price only barely above a Daimyo. During combats, he may choose a style to gain a special perk each turn so long as it's non-consecutive (+1 to hit and wound, ASF, or d3 more attacks). They can’t take armor so putting on Ward Saves and magic weapons to add longevity to your investment.
  • Yamabushi: A warrior priest based on Warrior Monks, but all his Prayers target allied characters. Keep him close to your HeroHammer to empower them. Kensai will be your favorite customers.
    • Invigoration: Heal all wounds lost?!! HELLO PERPETUAL DUEL!
    • Protection: 4++ Ward save, your means of compensating for the lack of overall protection for your men.
    • Potency: Re-roll failed hit and wound combat attacks. Unlike the other spells, this one lasts until you say so, so this is perfect when you have multiple characters to tend to.
  • Shinobi: The dishonorable Assassin of the Common Man to your Honorable Kensai of noble Samurai. Though they can never join any samurai, they can hide in practically any other unit and grab some poisons to cripple enemy characters.


  • Warhorse: The gold standard of mounts everywhere.
  • Kirin: Kirins are a step up, with magical attacks, fly, stubborn, impale, a charge bonus, making it comparable to Imperial Pegasi crossed with Unicorns.

Core Units[edit]

  • Samurai Warriors: A core elite unit and the selling point of this faction, having 4 in WS and initiative to beat out other humans. It has been recommended to never place all your Samurai in one basket, so taking them in MSUs is advised. They start with a Katana for parrying. you would rather grab Halberds for free makes them a useful anti-armor unit in a pinch with paying for Great Weapons for more heft, while spears can be left to the Ashigaru for cheaper. Long Bows when you want to get some shooting done before going into melee or want archer with more amour and better aim.
  • Samurai Cavalry: Samurai Warriors on Fast Cavalry horses for almost double the price. Their options are almost identical, but they lack great weapons. Do Fast Calvalry things like Vangaurding, peppers enemies and changing their squishy flanks.
  • Ashigaru:MEN-AT-ARMS, humans with 6 Leadership and them running away is not a problem for Samurai as they are considered expendable. All units have light armor but no Shields.
    • Ashigaru Spearman: Bretonnia Men-At-Arms spearmen with an option for Halberdiers is 1 point cheaper(free). take about 50 of them to tarpit problematic enemy linemen.
    • Ashigaru Bowmen: Empire longbowmen with light armour. To shoot over troops and amass arrow fire, with 30" also out ranging most other armies.
    • Matchlock Ashigaru: Empire handgunners with light armour. Your ranged Armour punching option.

Special Units[edit]

  • Warrior Monks: Samurai-likes who re-roll 1s to hit and wound with Immunity (Psychology) & magic resistance 1. They can take Bows instead of Halberds but the lack of armor compared to Samurai for the same price makes it questionable and Ashigaru Bowmen are far cheaper. They should be mixed with lines to provide more of a front line punch.
  • Sumo Warriors: Samurai doing their best Ogre impression, though their Impact Hits fall flat against anything bigger than them. They have Great weapons in addition to the +1 S/T over the basic Samurai, but lack katanas and -1I. This will mow through standard linemen they bumrush.
  • Onna Bushi: Female samurai with halberds and trade +1 armor for charge Negation and re-roll break tests. If you can set them up, they can be a good way to protect your Samurai from ogres and Knights.
  • Ozutsu Ashigaru: Ashigaru gunners with badder guns. These guns are of shorter range, but they're S5, letting them punch through a good deal more armour.
  • Kabuki Dolls: Similar to Wood Elf dancers with poisoned attacks and can either get ASF with AHW or having a Shield while forcing enemies to re-roll hit rolls against them.
  • Yabusame: Mounted archers that can move and shoot and have armour piercing 1 on their longbows. Have the same role as any Fast cavalry archers, except being able to shoot up to 30" and AP on a Longbow can make a difference as Wood elfs can potest.
  • Red Devils: These berserker samurai are your equivalent to the elite frenzy Knights of other armies. With Fear on the charge and Frenzy, they can make a very big dent on whatever they hit with number of attacks.
  • Ronin: Dishonored ex-samurai with Unbreakable and Skirmisher, but lack all the equipment of basic samurai. They're essentially samurai you can throw dual wielding on and then see how long it takes before they die for their redemption.
  • Wako Pirates: Ambush Ashigaru with katanas and can take bows. Samurai consider them Desperate Allies, Making them essential Expendables that can be hit by friendly fire. like many cheap Ambushers, use to put a distraction in the opponent's backfield.
  • Ninja: Wouldn't be a Japanese army without a few of these. They're barely armored, but they are skirmishing scouts and can throw their shurikens when charging or fleeing.
  • Oni: Hulking Unbreakable Daemon Trolls with the grace of elves, but they are expensive and fragile. You can grab great weapons to capitalize on their strength and make them splat anything like mini-ogres-Bruiser. They can hit many things hard but are easily tarpited.
  • Tengu: Bird Warriors. They and the rest of the army will ignore each other when breaking. Send the armorless birdboys over the lines to attack the backlines.

Rare Units[edit]

  • Great Guard: Heavy Samurai Cavalry on top of Kirins. They're almost equivalent to Demigryph knights in stats with less armour but they can Fly and are Stubborn. More Excellent then Demigryphs at the devastating flank because of their mobility from Fly and skirmishers.
  • Mikoshi Shrine: A Mystic Shrine that grants different blessings to units. However, if the blessed unit flees for any reason, they get shot in the back with d6 S4 hits.
    • Strength: re-roll to-wound rolls in cc.
    • Persistence: attackers suffer -1 to wound.
    • Swiftness: re-roll the distance when charging and pursuing.
  • Kitsune: Monstrous Beast that is Ethereal when out of combat. They can bring hurt in addition to lowering an enemy's WS and Initiative when in b2b, and them fleeing forces the enemy to roll a 4+ on a d6 or else restrain from pursuing. Bring them around the flanks and have them support by debuffing pesky elite alongside your can openers.
  • Mizuchi: A flightless Sun Dragon. It isn't quite Aquatic, though it has river strider and is -1 to hit while in water. It also has a bigger stomp that deals 2d6 damage.
  • Mangonel: a Fire Stone Thrower.
  • Flaming Arrow: A scary as hell fire-cannon that fires d3 S7 wounds that punch through ranks like a bolt thrower rather than bounce along the floor.

Regiments of Renown[edit]

Building Your Army[edit]

Army Building[edit]


  • Fire:
  • Heavens:
  • Life:
  • Shadows:
  • Kami:



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