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Why Play Norse?[edit]

Because you wanna play vikings but don't necessarily want to sleep with daemons. Unfortunately, their weakness of having limited ranged combat still persists.

Army Rules[edit]

Counter-Charge: As a reaction to a charge to their front, the Norse can instead charge back. Before charging, the enemy must test Leadership with failure letting the Norse move up 2d3". The enemy can then roll their charge, with success letting both sides count as charging.

Berserkergang: Norse units gain Frenzy on their first turn of combat following a charge.


Lore of the Seidr[edit]

Lore Attribute: Fore-sight: A successfully cast spell lets them re-roll any 1's when casting their next spell.

  • Angvar's Fury (Signature): One friendly unit within 12" now gets Hatred and re-rolls 1's to charge. Augmenting makes it spread into anyone within 12".
  • Taldur's Law of Peace: Curse an enemy unit take a number of S3 hits equal to what they caused and vice versa. Augmenting extends the range.
  • Flight of Sylra: One friendly unit can fly 10". Augmenting doubles this movement.
  • Spite of Loki: Enemy unit must re-roll all saves. Augmenting improves the range.
  • Thunder of Thor: Draw a straight line 18" long. Anyone under that takes d6 S4 armour-negating hits. Augmenting doubles the hits to 2d6.
  • Gate of Hel: Summon a small vortex that scatters around that forces anyone in it to test WS or eat an S4 hit.
  • Eye of the Raven: One friendly unit gains ASF and enemies in close combat must re-roll all hits. Augmenting makes it cover all allies within 12".

Unit Analysis[edit]

Lords & Heroes[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

  • Erik Redaxe: Here's a guy who's almost like a Chaos Lord in stats but with Valten's inability to die. Alongside that, he has the ability to make one enemy get struck with d6 S4 armour-ignoring hits while making missiles take -1 to hit him. His axe also grants him Ignores Armour and a 4++ Ward.
  • Sturmjarl: Here's a super-wizard on steroids. On top of being a CL4 Wizard with WS5, he also an additional die to all casting checks that can cause FUN to happen on a 1 (Ld check or miscast) and Runes to re-roll a casting or dispel roll each turn.
  • Keorl Thunderhand: This guy here's your beatstick +1. Throw him at a monster, he gets HKB. His weapon gives +3S and d3 wounds, upping to wound on a 2+ with d6 wounds and giving Fear when facing a dragon. And to top off the dragonfuckery, he's immune to fire and breath weapons with a chance to bounce it back on them.
  • The Ravenswyrd: You've got a loner of a guy who can never be general. He's flocked by a pair of ravens with WS3 S2. If he's ever hurt, he can roll a d6 to reduce his S,T, or A by -1 (and this can be recovered at the top of the turn with another d6 roll) but a 1 kills a bird - killing both sees him dead. In combat he's no slouch either, with a pair of swords granting ASF, +1S in the first round and Pierce 1.
  • Drenok Johansen: This guy's claim to fame is his big-ass axe, one that deals Piercing 1 hits and adds an extra attack for each model in b2b with him. His armor's not much to speak of, being a 6+ (5+ against missiles) armour save with FNP.
  • Jora and Bjorn: A woman and a bear, teamed up not unlike Thanquol and Boneripper. They're both skirmishers with hatred against Chaos and immunity to psychology while together, but while Bjorn has regen 4+, Jora has a weapon that doubles all successful hits. Bjorn also acts as a meatshield for Jora, taking hits on a 4+. If Jora dies, Bjorn gets Frenzy and Unbreakable while Jora gets Unbreakable and Hatred towards Bjorn's killer if the big guy bites it.
  • Styrmir Rimefrost: King of the Frost Giants. While similar to his kin, he also has a weapon with HKB and heavy armour that renders him immune to ice and a 4++ ward against missiles.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Norse King: Your classic beatstick HQ. He's got a statline slightly below the Exalted Hero of Chaos and can use quite a variety of playstyles.
  • Vikti: The Wizard Lords of the Norse. Their lores are stuck to Fire, Beasts, Shadow, Heavens, Death, or Seidr.
  • Skald: A Norse Musician in the way that Wood Elves have dancers. They can become a unit's musician and can use one of three songs. Unlike the Warrior Priests, these are all single-use (+1 attack, Stubborn and Immune (Psychology), or +1 to wound rolls) per unit and are used for one round. These guys can also act as the BSB.
  • Jarl: You're going to be needing one of these mini-Kings for a BSB if you don't want a multipurpose Skald.
  • Seer: A Battle Wizard.
  • Ulfjarl: A lone werewolf with +1 S/T over his were-kin, he only keeps Frenzy and Regen (4+), but gains the ability to hide in any unit like a Skaven Assassin.


  • Bondsmen: Essentially State Troopers. These guys will tend to be your mainline troops as they have the best balance between combat and defense with shields as stock.
  • Marauders: You've got Greatswords without any protection for troops.
  • Reavers: Marauders, but now with Ambusher.
  • Whalers: Unlike most of the army, these guys have WS3 and BS4 as well as Skirmishers, owing to their fancy harpoons. Their only means of protection are shields.
  • Thralls: Your trash unit. They're even poorer in combat than your other guys and have Expendable, so use them as the useless meatshields they are. You can also give them slings, javelins, or spears depending on how you want them to die heroically.
  • Norse Horsemen: Marauders as Fast Cavalry.
  • Giant Wolves: They don't count towards the minimum core.


  • Huscarls: Tougher Norse with I4 and S4. Besides Stubborn, they also have the ability to form a Shieldwall during the Remaining Moves sub-phase, adding +1 to their armour against missiles (+2 if they didn't move this turn) and get +1 to parry saves if they get charged.
  • Ulfwerenar: You have werewolves. These fuckers are plenty threatening with M7 S/T4 and I5, and Skirmishers. Though they lack the rules of other Norsemen, they do get Fear, Frenzy, Regen (4+) and must test Leadership when they wipe out a unit or be unable to move any further that turn.
  • Einherjar: Uber-Norse destined for death, they only get +1 WS over the Marauder, but gain Natural Armour 5+, Regen 5+, and Unbreakable, making them much stickier.
  • Berserkers: The crazy motherfuckers. They take Reavers, gain Skirmishers and Frenzy with the ability to gain Devastating Charge while frenzied. Their pitiful saves are offset by the ability to force enemies to re-roll wound rolls against them.
  • Shield Maidens: And who said women couldn't join an army? They gain +1 to parry against melee and +1 to armour against missiles as proof of how skilled they are with their shields. If you want a bit of ranged support, then grab some javelins.
  • Norse Hunters: The Empire's Huntsmen, but with +1 WS/I. These skirmishing scouts are every bit as deadly with a bow as they are with their blades. If you want them to do more combat, they can nab dual-wielding.
  • Sons of Thor: Only the most elite motherfuckers can get horses with eight legs and M10, making them a serious threat.
  • Half-Giants: Big scary Ogre-tier motherfuckers. While they lack counter-charge, they have the force to make any charge they make be deadly.


  • Valkyries: The Mythical Warrior Maidens who take the slain up to Valhalla, aka what Valkia the Bloody is without the Khorne. These winged lasses have Fly, Fear, Ethereal, Unbreakable, and Unstable. Their spears lend them +2S on a charge and flaming attacks and they can cast Regrowth as a bound spell at CL5 with a +1 to cast for each valkyrie in the unit.
  • Snow Trolls: A variant of the trolls seen in other armies,
  • War Elephant: Yeah, you got your own giant war monsters. Their hugeness gives them immunity to psychology and 5+ natural armor, while their randomized attacks give them plenty of ways to manage the opposition without drawbacks.
  • Frost Giant: These guys are nothing like the typical giants. These guys are Stubborn and immune to psychology as well as Hill Strider. On top of that , enemies in b2b with him eat -1 to hit while he has magical attacks and he can effectively be a stone thrower so long as he didn't march or charge.
  • Ice Drake: You have a dragon. Getting up close to him is a bad idea not only because of his breath weapon (forcing a Toughness test or else eat an armour-negating regen-anulling wound), but also because models in b2b with him eat -1 to Strength and Init.


Army Composition[edit]



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