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Regiments of Renown: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the units, nations, and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Take a Regiments of Renown[edit]

They provide an array of quirky one-off units that can be included in any army and provide something they may not normally have.

Regiments of Renown rules[edit]

Each is lead by heroes that are married to their unit and usually have a full command element and all the equipment they need.

A unit's Acceptability and Rarity choice vary between factions and regiments, with Dogs of War (i.e. the Tilean Mercenary faction) being the only faction to field a good number of these units Core choices while the other armies treat all of them as allies with all the trust ratings provided in the CRB. As a quick refresher:

  • Trusted Allies: Your allies are always counted as a friendly force, though you can't necessarily benefit from the allied force's rules or items if they only benefit a certain army. You can, however, split up magic die between the forces.
    • Bound by Blood: Only given to allies that are the same faction/race. This lets both forces benefit from each other's Inspiring Presence and Hold Your Ground auras.
  • Suspicious Allies: The allied forces can't benefit from anything the other side provides. Though they can share their magic die, the allied force won't count as a friendly army in regards to what spells you can cast.
  • Desperate Allies: Similar to Suspicious allies, but both sides treat each other as Expendable. All units also need to test for Dangerous Terrain if they ever flee through an allied unit. When rolling Winds of Magic, you must split the die you generate between both sides as evenly as you can.
    • Fragile Alliance: If you take Dark Elves, Hobgoblins, or Skaven, you've got more issues. If the allies you take are better than Desperate, you need to roll a d6 on each turn after the first, with a 1-3 degrading the alliance rating by a step. This makes these forces rather hard to work Regiments into.


Mercenaries: These guys aren't part of their army, so they're more likely to bail when things go south. When a RoR unit fails their Break check, you have to roll a d6. On a 1-3, they lose 1 point of morale, on 4-5, they just flee, and on a 6, they actually pass the check.



  • Asarnil the Dragonlord: A way to give some human factions a high elf Dragon rider. Asarnil can calm enemy dragons, though it's not as good as Imrik's by virtue of needing an Ld check to work. Deathfang the dragon is your standard fare Star Dragon, with his only protection besides his re-rollable 3+ armour being a -1 to hit with missiles.
  • The Witch Hunters: A callback to the time when Witch Hunters weren't part of the Empire army list. You have two Witch Hunters. Johann has a brace of pistols that re-rolls to wound wizards, undead, and daemons, as well as a stake that doubles his strength against the undead and daemon with the added benefit of insta-killing vampires he wounds with no saves. Wilhelm can cast Prayers, has a book that gives them resistance against foul magic (Chaos, Necromancy, Dark Magic) and a staff auto-wounds Skaven, Vampires, undead, and daemons.
  • Gotrek & Felix: A more iconic duo there is not. Felix only has a blade to his name that adds 2 attacks and forces him to charge and re-roll hit and wound rolls against Dragons. Gotrek, on the other hand, has quite a bit going for him. He hates greenskins and Skaven, he always re-rolls to wound an enemy with Toughness 5 or higher, he grants both himself and Felix a 4++ ward with magic resistance 2, and his axe ignores armour, gives extra attacks per successful hit, and deals 2 wounds to enemies with a toughness higher than 5. All together, you know you want to throw them at the most expensive thing the enemy has and see Gotrek kill it.

Other units[edit]

  • The Alcatani Fellowship: Cheap light armoured farmer Pikemen led by Roderigo Delmonte, champion of the downtrodden. That cheapness comes at a cost however - These peasants are all WS2, making them easy to trounce by even piddly cultists and gobbos.
  • Al Muktar's Desert Dogs: A band of Arabyan fast cavalry led by a legendary bandit. The minimum squad carries its entire command unit: Al Muktar the masterful commander, The Shiekh Shufti (with a scimitar that adds S+1 normally and adds S+2 on the charge), the musician, and Ibn the Banner Boy (whose banner adds +d3 to Combat Resolution but is otherwise useless in a fight). Altogether, their steeds have a great M9 and can subtract d3 from Leadership when rolling to break.
  • Anakonda's Amazons: Amazons that have power swords that shoot lasers. Strong in melee with a ward-save-halberd-Swords that doubles as a laspistol, and with the mobility of a Wood-elf scout. They lack armour so run interference so they can carve up people with armour.
  • Beorg Bearstruck and the Bearmen of Urslo: A large and rather pricy family Warband of men cursed to become bears. Beorg himself is a pretty decent monstrosity, having only a 4++ Ward Save and T5 to protect him while his 4 S5 attacks tear into the ranks. His men aren't much worse off and at least get light armour+shields for protection. Oerl the Young has a banner that gives the team +1 to hit in the first round of combat.
  • The Birdmen of Catrazza: FlyingCrossbowmen, they want to be mobile and stay out of enemy ranges while shooting arrows into those putzes.
  • Braganza's Besiegers: Crossbowmen in full plate and have heavy anti-missile shields, rendering them a real tough nut to crack. Set them down and let them fire undisturbed if you want, but you absolutely MUST keep their flanks protected since the shields only guard their fronts.
  • Bronzino's Galloper Guns: Provides a small Mobile S7 cannon that's led by a man on a horse. This man can help his gun re-roll artillery die. This cannon's able to flee with the unit when they flee from a charge.
  • The Cursed Company: A hypocritical undead-hating Wight leading a unit of light armor Skeletons. This unit is absolutely independent of any IP you st up, so you should definitely keep an eye on them. As the centerpiece of his army, Richter has a 4+/4++ save and has a weapon giving S+1 attacks with Killing Blow, but if he dies, the army collapses like they lost a Necromancer. Each time this unit kills an Inf or Cav, add another Skeleton. Use for Tarpits.
  • The Giants of Albion: You get a level 1 Life/Beasts Wizard with a bonus to dispel and ward save + two giants. an effective 500pt Rare choice.
  • Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres: Gives you a band of Ogres led Golgfag Maneater himself. Have nothing special except discounted paired weapons.
  • Leopold's Leopard Company: Gives a bunch of medium armour pikemen with immunity to psychology.
  • Long Drong's Slayer Pirates: A band of naked dwarfs festooned with pistols to use in close combat. While they deal -1 to hit in cc against any army that isn't undead or Nurgle-based, they have to set up away from other units.
  • Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks: A band of armored shortbow Halflings with Skirmisher, Forest Strider, and Scout. They have low Toughness but have a Great BS of 5.
  • Malakai Makaisson's Gobin-hewer: a Slayer Machine gun team, Malakai can shoot his REPEATING DWARF HANDGUN in addition to the Goblin-hewer or he can lend it his 5 BS. The Goblin-hewer fires d6 shots for each rank the unit has. Anti-skeleton, skaven, Cathay, and Goblin.
  • Captain Edvard van der Kraal and Manann's Blades: A cheap band of light armoured sword+board mercenaries. The captain has a 5+ regen and immunity to KB while able to throw one of his own after a round of combat. They also carry a banner that grants Fear and adds +1 to pursue. Core option for the Empire.
  • Marksmen of Miragliano: A unit of light armored crossbows and Maximilian is a good shot.
  • Mengil Manhide's Manflayers: A band of Dark Elf pirates with repeater crossbows and poison. Their standard deals a good bit of protection against direct fire, but not against cannons or stone-throwers. They can't pursue a foe they break in combat but will earn you 100 Victory Points, helping to swing the game more in your favor.
  • Oglah Ckan's Wolfboyz: A band of hobgoblin light cavalry with spears and bows. They can move and shoot and pursuing's no issue, but they have the same issue as any greenskin: animosity.
  • Pirazzo's Lost Legion: A mixed regiment that keep crossbows to the front and pikes to the back.
  • Ricco's republican Guard: Pikemen in full plate.
  • Ruglud's Armoured Orcs: A bunch of orcs that managed to figure out how to wear medium armour and use crossbows. The only exception is Maggot, their gobbo banna wava who adds +2 to any combat resolution. Fortunately, they count all other greenskins as expendable, which helps with their staying power. being Orks these crossbows are tough and hold up in melee.
  • Tichi-Huichi's Raiders: A Fast calvary pack of skinks with poisoned weapons riding horned ones, combining to make them devastating flankers. The pack is always able to flee unopposed.
  • Vespero's Vendetta: An edgy bunch of dual-wielding duelists with a re-rollable 6++ parry. Vespero himself has Killing Blow and the ability to rob an attack from those in b2b with him during the first round of combat (though this is subject to Psychology).
  • Voland's Venators: Heavy cavalry with lances and shields. Predictably, you'd best want these guys to crush a unit quickly before you find out how weak a lance can be in a protracted fight.

Army selection[edit]

This is about what some highlighted regiments can bring to an army list, either giving them cheeped alternative or giving them a strategy they never normally have. Alongside giving various roles, each unit also has a trust rating as if they were an Allied Force.

  • Dogs Of War: They can take a very good chunk of the regiments as Core units, and a good lot of them are either Trusted or Bound by Blood. As befits the most mercenary of countries.
  • Albion: Pretty standard fare, though they treat Ruglud's Orcs and the Manflayers as Distrusted Allies. Conversely, they're Bound By Blood with the Giants and count Gotrek and Felix as Trusted.
  • Amazons: Many armoured units are treated as rare, while they count Anakonda's Amazons as Specials and Bound by Blood. They also treat the Manflayers and Orcs as Distrusted.
  • Araby: Al Muktar's Desert Dogs are a Core unit and are Bound by Blood, which is pretty convenient.
  • Beastmen: No allies. EVER. Not like any negotiations would ever progress past the head-bashing stage anyways.
  • Bretonnia: The only regiments they can take are the Witch Hunters, and Gotrek & Felix. The Witch Hunters give you mage-busting, and G&F are your big-guy killers.
  • Cathay: Conveniently, a lot of the Regiments count as Trusted, which helps you with managing them. The only ones that aren't are all the freaky ones.
  • Chaos Daemons: NO ALLIES. After all, what sort of madman would take orders from literal daemons? I mean, people that aren't already Chaos madmen?
  • Chaos Dwarfs: They don't get the entire list available, but the fact that this will give you some quicker-moving forces is something to consider.
  • Dark Elves: The Manflayers count as Special and are Bound by Blood. The rest of the list is fairly diverse, but far from complete.
  • Dwarfs: The only units you can't buy are the Orcs, Hobgoblins and Manflayers while all Dwarfs are Bound by Blood. Long Drong's crew are Specials, Malakai's Goblin-Hewer is Rare, and Gotrek & Felix are Heroes.
  • Empire/Cult of Ulric: The runners-up in the sheer availability and good disposition. While all the non-human regiments are stuck as rare choices with typically poor ally ratings, that leaves all the "humans with fancy weapons" as special choices and Manaan's Blades are Core with Bound by Blood for you. Also in the Bound by Blood category are the Witch Hunters (fucking duh) and Gotrek & Felix.
  • Estalia: Generally similar to the Empire, though they have no forces beyond Trusted and none are core.
  • High Elves: You can't grab the Manflayers or Ruglud's team, but everything else is free game. Asarnil counts as Bound by Blood for you.
  • Hobgoblins: No stunties or heroes for you! Oglah's Wolfboyz count as Core and Bound by Blood for you, which is just as well.
  • Kingdoms of Ind: Fairly average matrix and availabilites here.
  • Kislev: Fairly average matrix and availabilites here.
  • Lizardmen: No Orcs or Dark Elves, but otherwise standard. Inchi-Huinchi's team count as Specials and Bound by Blood for you, which is pretty good since you get a pack of lightweight poisoned Cold Ones.
  • Nippon: Nothing worth noting here.
  • Norse: No Malakai or the Witch Hunters, but the Bearmen are Specials and Bound by Blood. Beorg by himself might be worth considering since he's pretty fierce.
  • Ogre Kingdoms: No Malakai or Witch Hunters, but the Maneaters are Core and Bound by Blood. Sadly, they're not quite the force to be reckoned with they once were.
  • Orcs & Goblins: You lose out on quite a few units here. Ruglud's Armoured Orcs count as Special and Bound by Blood, which give you a pretty interesting force - you have what are effectively Black Orcs with good armor and crossbows. That's so worth considering.
  • Pirates of Sartosa: No Malakai or the Witch Hunters. Most of the units here count as Suspicious, which kinda puts a hamper in taking one. The one exception is Long Drong, and he's only at Trusted and a Special choice.
  • Skaven: Apparently more sociable than most Chaos forces. Though you lack more than a few options, beware that most forces treat you at Distrusted.
  • Tomb Kings: You're only missing a few units, but the majority of the RoR are treated as Suspicious.
  • Vampire Counts: You lack quite a few units, and the majority of what you have left treat you as Distrusted.
  • Wood Elves: Missing a few units, and most are Suspicious.
  • Warriors of Chaos: About on par with the Skaven, though you can also take the Cursed Company. The Bearmen also count as Bound By Blood.

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