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This is a page for sharing tactics for Warhammer fantasy battle: Warhammer Army Project. This page should contain strategies for list building, unit positioning, unit matchups, and notable rule interactions.

Commanding Group[edit]

each Group option (almost) always cost 10 points, adding great value to a unit or you could have bought some upgrade that does more for your army.

Champions: Always good value for a melee unit, has +1A (or +1BS if its a dedicated shooting unit), perform challenges, and re-roll failed rolls to march, re-direct charges, reforms, and restrain from pursuit. on strong expensive guys like Ogres, Champions can squeeze in more killing potential for the units. If your worried about an enemy character destroying the unit or tying down your character, you can use the champion as a meat shield for a battle round. If you don't need more movement control melee support like most stationary Ranged unit, it safe to skip a champion.

Musicians: let a unit win ties in melee, gives +1 to rally, and let the unit reform then move. if you need positioning but are not skirmish or Fast Cavalry.

Standard Bearers:

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