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Picking Spells[edit]

Your wizards can only pick from one or two of the lores available to them, but it's generally good practice to stick to one lore, especially for low-level wizards. However, unlike 8E, you no longer have to roll to randomly generate your spell allotment (determined by your Wizard Level). Instead, your choices are dictated by your wizard level, though a wizard with the Loremaster rule knows every spell in a particular lore.

  • Level 1: Seplls 1-3
  • Level 2: Spells 1-4
  • Level 3: Spells 1-5
  • Level 4: Spells 1-6

It should be added that so long as you know one spell from a lore, your wizard also knows the Signature Spell as well. These spells tend to be easier to cast, but are vital to a wizard's repertoire. Multiple Wizards can't take duplicates of the same spell if it's possible for them to pick other spells of the same lore, but if you've taken all spells in a lore, you can start with duplicates.

About Spells[edit]

Spells for the most part are identical, though for a refresher, here are some key terms for them:

  • Type: Pretty self-descriptive. Spells take all sorts of shapes, so you'll need to figure out what they do.
    • Direct Damage spells tend to use templates to hit, avoiding the need for any BS.
    • Magic Missile spells are like Direct Damage in that they automatically hit without needing to roll BS, but these require LoS as well as the enemy being within the Wizard's front arc. They also can't be cast while in combat.
    • Augment spells are all the boosts, heals, and buffs. They only help allies.
    • Hex spells are always targeted at enemies. These are all your debuffs and other penalties, and they need not be cast in the wizard's front arc.
    • Magical Vortex spells set up a giant storm of whatever onto the field that then move around wherever they want based on random movement.
  • Casting Value: This is the target you want to hit with your dice roll. You use die from your power pool (5+ channels for each Wizard Level in your army + 2d6 per 2000 points in your army) and add half the caster's Wizard level to the roll to beat the value.
    • Boosted spells generally have a higher Casting Value for an improved version of the spell. Not all spells include these, so make sure it's in the spell description.
    • Ultimate Power: If you roll a nat 6 on your casting roll, you win another d6 to add to your casting.
    • Miscast: If you roll a double 1 on your casting roll, bad things happen.
  • Dispelling: Of course, you need some way to stop spells, and this is how. You grab a number of dispel die from your dispel pool (6+ channels for each Wizard Level in your army+ 2d6 per 2000 points in your army on the enemy's magic phase) and then roll, adding half the dispeller's Wizard level to the roll. If you beat the result rolled for casting the spell in question, you have dispelled. Note that Ultimate Power is still used here.
  • Bound Spells: These tend to be spells attached to a special item or character. Items with Bound Spells add a d6 to the casting rolls, but you can only roll up to 3 die when casting them. While this lets even non-magical characters cast, be wary that any miscasts will break the item if this spell is bound to an item, while those bound to a character just blocks the character from casting again.

Classic Lores[edit]

Lore of Light (Wind of Hysh, White Magic)[edit]

Speed of Light and Birona's Timewarp swap Initiative Boost and ASF. Weapon Skill 10 is nowhere to be found. Speed of Light's and Shem's Burning Gaze's augmented versions casting values reduced to +12 and +14 respectively. Still, borderline auto take vs Daemons and Undead. More universally useful, especially with the +1I from charging and +2I bonus for lances. Knights re-rolling misses on the charge is always awesome. Overall slightly buffed, but now the only lore with a wholly situational lore attribute.

Lore Attribute: Focus of Will: when casting a Light spell, They can make an Ld test using only their own Ld value. If pass, +1 to casting, else, -1 to the spells casting.

Signature: Shem’s Burning Gaze (CV 5/12) Magic Missle 24" D6 Str 4 Flaming hits, but Deals 2d6 against Daemonic, Undead or Vampiric. Overcasting boost range to 48" and Str to 6. A holy fireball which can be amplified to have a very far range and deal more damage. Not bad especially, for a signature spell. Against Undead or Daemons, it's a fast-moving middle finger that'll crush what it hits most likely. Has flaming attacks, so is kinda cool against Tomb Kings.
  1. Pha’s Protection (CV 6/12) Summons the image of some kind of diving thing to protect the wizard and the people around it. You are less likely to get hit in a fight and even by cannons, and you can spread that in a lovely 12-inch bubble of cannon freedom. This would be really great for Warriors of Chaos Knights, but that's the drawback to eating babies and raping flowers I guess.
  2. The Speed of Light (CV 8/16) Grants Always Strikes First to a unit. With the removal of any army-wide ASF this just made this lore legit as hell on High Elves. Rerolling to hit Executioners. To bad Dark Elves can't take this lore now.
  3. Light of Battle (CV 9/12) Ethereal-style happy thoughts straight from the Warp and gold-colored. Making one unit next-to-Unbreakable is not always what you want, but most times what you need. Also, it makes the target instantly rally if it's fleeing. Basically a butt-saving spell for dire circumstances.
  4. Net of Amyntok (CV 10/13+) Summon a giant sparkly magic net woven by a god. Makes the enemy unit test for S when moving, shooting, casting, going to the toilet, everything except close combat. Failing the test, the unit can't do that AND takes some damage (extra if Daemonic, Undead, or Vampiric). Neat. Cast this on a unit with Teclis and see how well he can cast with his S2 (bear in mind that the unit makes the test, not the model, so it'll probably be at S3- but still good odds). Or cast on a Necromancer and laugh as his casting attempts incinerate him with Exorcism.
  5. Banishment (CV 10/13) Shem's Burning Gaze, but cranked up to the max. It's a magic missile that deals 2d6 (3d6 against Daemonic, Undead, or Vampiric) S4 hits with an additional +1S for each spellcaster with Lore of Light nearby (yours or your enemy's). In addition, the target must re-roll all successful ward saves, so you are looking at the ultimate daemon killer - which its name of course implies.
  6. Birona’s Timewarp (CV 14/17) The top spell in Light, makes the laws of time stop applying for a short amount of time (it's magic, that isn't supposed to make sense). Makes one unit move Matrix-style. The units double in speed, get Initiative 10, and one more attack so cast this whenever you feel like it, and whenever you can muster the power dice. Cast this on Saurus Warriors and have a little skirmish with those elves.

Lore of Metal (Wind of Chamon, Gold Magic, Alchemy)[edit]

With the new lore attribute, changes to Immunity (Flaming Attacks) and the buffing of Heavens, this lore is now the lore to use if YOUR army has a high Armour save. If you just wana kill knights. Go Lore of Heaven and take Urannon's Thunderbolt. Glittering Robe and Enchanted Blade cast on a 7 on units in Heavy Armour. You can make Phoenix Guard +2 Armour, +1 to hit and Armour Piercing (1) for two cast with two/three dice each. With that being said, the signature is better than ever. And Gohenna's Hounds no longer entitles the target to a Look-Out Sir! But armour saves can be taken. Lastly, like all “pass test or die” spells, magic resistance can be taken against final transmutation.

Lore Attribute: Metalshifting: If the target of your spell has light or medium armour -1 to casting value. If the target has heavy or fullplate -2 to casting value. So much more useful than the 8e attribute.

Signature: Searing Doom (CV 10/20) Shoot little white-hot slivers of metal out of your hands. Standard 24" range magic missile causing d6 flaming hits, but does 2d6 if you augment. As a bonus, all hits ignore armour. This is the reason why solo Lords carry around a Dragonbane Gem. This spell alone will decimate heavily armored units.
  1. Plague of Rust (CV 7/10) Better than fielding a Rust Monster, this disintegrates the enemy's armor, reducing that unit's armor save FOR THE REST OF THE GAME by one point. You can CONTINUE CASTING THIS ON THE SAME MODEL to further reduce their armor on later turns. Even when the said model is in combat! Because there's nothing funnier than a naked Archaon running from a unit of Skaven Clanrats for dear life (Skaven can't take the Lore, so how would this happen? Warlord with wizard hat (he's fun, try it!)). Keep in mind, it makes the target more resistant to your own spellcasting.
  2. Enchanted Blades of Aiban (CV 9/12) Wizard magically sharpens the weapons of everyone around him. The target unit gets +1 bonus to hit with shooting or melee attacks for a turn, and they now count as magical AND Armor Piercing(1). Pretty nice spell when you're running big units or your favorite unit is meeting its equal on the battlefield.
  3. Glittering Robe (CV 9/12) Caster makes everyone who's his friend some really gaudy magic cloaks of pure metal. Gives a unit ( nerfed to no longer be a double when boosted) a serious hard scale armor (5+ natural armour). Now stacks with other natural armour so no longer useless for Lizardmen.
  4. Gehenna’s Golden Hounds (CV 9/12) Drastically changed into a Direct Damage spell, dealing d6 S5 hits on one model in a unit. That's right, one MODEL. This allows you to snipe out named lords/heroes as this circumvents Look Out Sir!, though they still have a save.
  5. Transmutation of Lead (CV 12/15) Makes the enemy's weapons and armor much heavier for a short time. It's a hex with a good range (24", doubled on augment), and target model suffers a -1 to WS, BS, and armor save for a turn. You can cripple an enemy a bit with this, but unlike Plague of Rust, it's a one-turn effect. As a trade-off, this spell also makes them hit weaker too. Good for a dangerous model already in close combat or firing at your troops. Good deal to make elite things mediocre and normal things weak.
  6. Final Transmutation (CV 15/18) Here you have it, transforming living things into gold. Choose a unit within 18". Roll a d6 for each model in it, for 1 wound mooks, they die on a 5+. For bigger goons with more than one wound, only a 6 will kill it. Turning 1/3 of an enemy unit into gold without any kind of save is not bad, and you can even kill enemy heroes with luck. Oh, and the next round every enemy unit within 12 inches of the one that was hit has to test for stupidity on the next turn to avoid running for that unit to carry some of their dead friends away to pawn. It is the most unconditional of all the kill spells, not relying on a characteristic test or anything and disallowing any saves at all. Granted not the BEST of the final spells in the lore choices, but there's just something really fun about using it. If you're really an asshole you can buy some models that you know the opponent has, dip them straight into the gold paint well, and bring them along to put on the field as casualties (unless it's a Dwarf player at which point they'll probably already have said, models).

Lore of Life (Wind of Ghyran, Jade Magic)[edit]

Still probably the lore which will get used the most, luckily magic resistance works for dwellers now so there can be something to save your Wizard. Slightly less overwhelming on a lvl 4 due to the reduced bonus to cast. With the buffs to Metal, Heavens and Shadow, combined with the removal of hordes, this lore is slightly less powerful than 8e.

Lore Attribute: Lifebloom: Whenever a spell from this lore is successfully cast, a single model within 12 inches of the wizard may regain 1 wound (doesn't raise the dead though). Incredibly awesome attribute, often making it worthy to take/keep/cast a useless spell just for some healing. It is often useful to have a level 1 Life wizard stuck in some tarpit, spamming Earth Blood just to heal nearby Dragon/Lord/Monstrous Infantry.

Signature: Earth Blood (CV 8) 6+ regeneration (5+ regeneration if on casters unit) (4+ if Throne is in play). Makes it kinda weak, but is sometimes useful on Slann (a regenerating horde of Temple Guard is something that will not die under nearly any circumstances), Damsel or Branchwraith. In any case, it is a nice cheap spell to spam for the attribute.
  1. Awakening of the Wood (CV 6) Make trees grow so fast they punch the enemy in the dick. It's crap as it requires the enemy to hide near the woods, though it is now improved by the throne. Still, it's even cheaper than signature and can be used to spam attribute heal.
  2. Flesh to Stone (CV 8) Classic "Stone Skin" spell, grants a unit a big +2 bonus to toughness (+4 if Throne is in play). Cast this on elves so that they are hard as Stone, cast this buffed up on heavy cavalry to make them as hard as diamonds, get an ally cast this on a Necrosphynx to... oh my god...
  3. Throne of Vines (CV 8) One spell to buff them all, one spell to ... oh wait wrong universe but hey, this spell gives the whole Lore its meaning by seriously buffing most of the other Life spells (except Dwellers). Oh, and you get a special 4+ save to negate any miscast effects. Less explosions so less fun but probably safer for your 500+ point Slann or the likes. Incredible spell.
  4. Shield of Thorns (CV 9) Looks really bad in this incredible lore, but not so bad on its own. Target unit deals some S3 hits to enemies in base contact. Still, has its uses, easy to cast and can be taken on your healer if he can get a friend to grant regen.
  5. Regrowth (CV 9/12) While your attribute can only heal, not resurrect, this spell does just that. The target unit regains wounds, reviving dead models. Do not forget to wear your biggest trollface when you unleash a buffed version on your nearly-dead elite unit.
  6. The Dwellers Below (CV 18) Here is your one-spell-solves-all-problems-spell. Cast it on a unit and see everything taking a strength test, and when they fail they are dead unless they have magic resistance, because little Dwarves crawl out of a hole in the ground and take them with them. Yes those badass mages, and those funny Commanders (which get +3S while attacking) are all for naught and their unit with them. Easily one of the most devastating spells.

Lore of the Heavens (Wind of Azyr, Celestial Magic)[edit]

Much stronger than 8e, with a lore attribute that works for every spell and lightning/ice attacks added. This lore is the bane of armies with anything above light armour, ignoring Armour Saves when you strike. This is the lore you want to kill that Kuh-niggit with a 1+ Armour and DragonHelm.

Lore Attribute: Fate Manipulation: Much stronger attribute and not nearly as situational. When a spell from the Lore of Heavens is successfully cast, roll a D6; on a 4+, the Wizard can re-roll one dice to either change the casting result or the number of Hits inflicted by a spell when casting further spells for the remainder of this Magic phase.

Signature: Iceshard Blizzard (CV 7/10) Blinding your enemies with snowflakes, making him fail more often (includes a 50/50 chance of indirect fire weapons not firing), because he can't see. Oh and he can't see his pals so his LD is taking a little dump. Stacked on with it being an Ice Attack and thus tanking Initiative as well, and you have yourself a very nifty debuff.
  • Harmonic Convergence (CV 6/12) You know how you have these super-awesome-heavy-cavalry-rapetrain-unit? The one that only needed 2s to hit or wound and you just ended up rolling 1s? That is no problem. This spell lets you re-roll every 1 your unit rolls for a turn, so give it to your elite units and don't fear the ones.
  • Wind Blast (CV 7/14) A magic missile which pushes enemy units around and knock them into setpieces and their own mates. Ultimate when you have a Mage on flying mount to mess up the enemy movement phase, but worth it every time. Not terribly competitive though, being harmless otherwise. Use against Goblin Fanatics, commence trollface.
  • Curse of the Midnight Wind (CV 10/20) You read the Harmonic convergence? This is the other way around. The enemy unit has to re-roll all 6s it rolls, so no killing blow, or even wounding your monster with T6 while having S4. Everything is fine with this and it comes with a bubble version, though this is obscenely risky to cast.
  • Urannon’s Thunderbolt (CV 10/13) Calls down a bolt of lightning dealing d6 S6 Lightning hits, making them hilariously effective against heavy armor. Use it on enemy monsters, lone characters or very small, very elite units (e.g. Blood Knights).
  • Comet of Cassandora (CV 12/24) Perhaps the most damaging spell out there, it calls a comet at target spot, dealing somewhat random damage in somewhat random radius after somewhat random number of turns. Very unreliable and easy to dodge, but with right planning it can be utterly devastating. Useful for area denial- you see your opponent's battle line marching toward you? Drop this in their path and force your opponent to make a tough decision. Also, one of the few means to deal S10 damage in the game. Can be boosted to obscene levels.
  • Chain Lightning (CV 15) THIS is how you play Palpatine or Thor or any other kind of crazy thunderbolt thrower, potentially shooting a thunderbolt at every freaking enemy unit on the field. Perhaps you should scream "UNLIMITED POWEEEEERRRRR!". Basically, it is Thunderbolt which makes you roll a d6 after it hits - on 3+ it hits another unit, rinse-repeat until you roll less than 3 or run out of units to hit (can only hit a unit once per casting). Due to a low number of hits and high cost, it is not as powerful as it may seem, but still awesome. This is how you destroy those High Elf, Empire and Bretonnian players who took nothing but 5-10 man units of Knights in core and special.

Lore of Shadows (Wind of Ulgu, Grey Magic)[edit]

New lore attribute is much stronger, and combined with the new Steed of Shadows can propel your mage 24" anywhere he wants at CV 5. Mindrazor no longer effects Armour Saves, to go with the trend of nerfing every lore's 6th spell. Really with this lore, you can play turbo-trolling even harder by getting them out of rough spots the instant they get a whiff of trouble or run straight into combat if they happen to be some plated dude riding a monster(See chaos and vampires). Penumbral buffed to always be 24in, combined with the mobility increase, it is super easy to line up a shot hitting multiple units.

Lore Attribute: Smoke and Mirrors: No more swapping places crap. Now a free 12" flying move for the caster, making a perfect escape button.

Signature: Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma (CV 5/7) Signature Spells are bound to be good most of the times and this one truly is. It reduces one or all (if boosted) of the following: M,WS,BS,I of a enemy unit for d3. Incredibly useful and versatile. Even better when used in conjunction with the damage spells in this Lore. It is often worth it to take a Shadow wizard just for the sake of spamming this spell.
  • Steed of Shadows (CV 5) No ghost rider horse but a 12" ethereal move for an Infantry character. Excellent for long-range movement when combined with the attribute. If that wasn't enough, the unit is considered ethereal when shot at. So unless you're against Wood/High Elves or Dwarves you can laugh at your opponent's pitiful shooting.
  • The Enfeebling Foe (CV 10/13) Making your enemy weak. Really, really weak, with a bit of luck. This spell is so nice to reduce the danger to your units by nerfing Strength by d3 and it even remains in play, so your enemy has to waste power dice dispelling this or decide to never make a kill with this unit.
  • The Withering (DC 13/16) Other way around, making your enemy not weak but less tough until even a gnoblar can club him down. Like its counterpart, this one stays in play so your enemy will have to dispel this and maybe won't have the dice to do the same to you in his magic phase. A must-have spell for S3 units, ESPECIALLY archers with S3 bows, ESPECIALLY Wood Elf archery lists.
  • The Penumbral Pendulum (DC 13/18) Swinging a big, albeit almost invisible, pendulum into the enemy lines. First damaging spell, it hits all models in a line. NO LONGER RANDOM, always 24 inchs now massive buff (the chance of getting greater than 24 on 6 D6 is 20.58%). Pro Tip: cast the signature to reduce heavy cavs I, use the lore attribute to get on its flank, cast this down its flank, lore attribute out. You just invented the teleporting cannon. Throw in a steed of shadows if you gotta move even further.
  • Pit of Shades: Second damaging spell. Small (or large when boosted) template of DOOM!. It scatters and stuff, but against hordes of Saurus or Undead it is just brilliant. Ogres and other low I, high cost units will cry.
  • Okkam’s Mindrazor (CV 18/21) Your target unit uses Ld for wounding instead of Strength, so you can see even Dragons and Chaos Knights falling like flies before you. This doesn't affect any saves, so do be sure to at least carry some halberds to punch past that heavy plate. If you are in general's bubble, you likely have Ld 9-10 anyway! Tip: cast it on swarms. Their S2 becomes S10!!! Sadly, the Army Books generally drop Swarms to low leadership and swarms are also unaffected by the Inspiring Presence.

Lore of Death (Wind of Shyish, Amethyst Magic)[edit]

Focuses mainly on single character or monster slaying, although it has some nice support spells. Lore attribute nerfed to only giving dice on a 6.

Lore Attribute: Life Leeching: Basically, you get power from killing. For every wound caused by your spells, you have 1/6 chance to gain a bonus power die. This is especially trolltastic when you drop the Purple Sun for reasons below.

Signature: Spirit Leech (CV 7) Both caster and target a D6 and add their unmodified leadership values. For every point the caster wins by the target loses a wound, with no armor saves allowed. Generally not the most reliable character-sniping spell, but great against monsters and warmachines. Bye-bye Stegadon.
  • Aspect of the Dreadknight (CV4/9) Grants the target Fear (or Terror when boosted of if they alread have fear ). Incredibly cheap and can be used to make a unit ignore enemy Fear/Terror.
  • The Caress of Laniph (CV 6/9) Summoning a ghost gurl that wants to know the enemy target a bit better (winkwink), and while she's at it she steals his life force. Target suffers a number of hits equal to 2D6 minus his own strength. Hits from this spell cause a wound on a 4+ with no armor saves getting in the way. Unlike Spirit Leech, you at least know a good score more models you can reliably kill with this.
  • Soulblight (CV 10/13) Your mage slaps the shit out of the soul of the enemy making him less strong and tough. Making even Chaos Knights into mere humans (at least on S and T). Very good, but often loses to more specialized Shadow hexes. Still, not a bad substitute to Withering when dealing with high-toughness foes. This effect lasts until the caster's next magic phase.
  • Doom and Darkness (CV 10/13) Cast this on the enemy general to take the LD bubble away, specifically by giving said enemy a -3 on their Leadership. Make sure to cast on enemy and then follow up Okkam's Mindrazor and have them flip a table. Combine with Spirit Leech a turn later by rolling dice with one hand and holding out the rulebook with the other as a shield for incoming fury, as this remains in play.
  • The Fate of Bjuna (CV 13) The last sniping spell and it's the strongest as the target suffers hits equal to 2D6 minus it's Toughness. The bastard is gonna laugh until he explodes (and if it miscasts the casting player may laugh until he gets sucked into the Warp.) If target survives they get teh Stupidity for the rest of the game. Cegorach's Loec's favourite spell, I bet.
  • The Purple Sun of Xereus (CV 15) Also known as the Purple Sun of Prepare your Anus, the Purple Sun of Xereus is a big purple ball of FUCK YOU that floats around on the battlefield semi-randomly, and anything that touches it takes an Initiative Test or DIES. Period. Just like that. Very difficult to cast, but when you pull it off correctly it can murder entire armies of Lizardmen, Dwarfs or Orcs; this spell will make Ogre players (what few there are) consider quitting the game. Cast with your last few die and laugh maniacally as it refills your dice pool thanks to the lore attribute!

Lore of Fire (Wind of Aqshy, Bright Magic)[edit]

Level 3 fireball casting value reduced to 15 from 18. Otherwise, your spells are identical to 8th. With the buff to Lore of Metal and Heavens, as well as the removal of rolling for spells, this Lore lost its lofty place as the best Lore for direct damage. Additionally, with the change to bound spells the Ruby Ring of Ruin is almost always going to cast with only one dice from the pool (and the free die from bound spells). Lastly, with the nerfing of regen and fire no longer disabling it for the phase. This lore was oddly hit the hardest overall with 9th edition.

Lore Attribute: Kindleflame: All of the Lore's spells are considering "flaming" (no shit, right?). Each time a damaging Lore of Fire spell is cast on the same unit in the same phase, the spell inflicts an additional D6 hits (even if by a different wizard). Not great, but if you plan on destroying a big fat horde per turn - can be nice. This is particularly nice if you plan on getting several low-level Wizards to capitalize.

Signature: Fireball (CV 5/10/15) Your one-for-all damage spell goes from "easy to cast and not so hard to hit" to "hard as hell to cast and roasting a mammut ... herd". NEVER forget this spell, because you can use it against nearly everything. From flaming a little flanking unit to turning entire Swordmaster units to ash or softening up this big big horde of core units. When you pick Fire magic, you do so because of this spell. Ideally, keep a level 1 Fire wizard. If your Wizard Lord somehow dies, pump all your useless dice into super-fireball each turn.
  • Cascading Fire-Cloak (CV 5/8) Remains in play. A spell that now works on a unit from range, bubbuffeting enemies in base contact at end of magic phase. Now an easy-to-cast spell to deal more damage. Not really worth it to put on the caster's own unit since you don't want your mage in combat, except perhaps for Firebellies, Chaos Sorcerers, or Dragon Mages.
  • Flaming Sword of Rhuin (CV 8/11) The second best spell in this Lore, because it helps your little, weak elves/humans/anything to wound better and also ignore the regeneration of the enemy. It's especially good for all elves, but generally not a bad spell. One of the few spells to help archers overcome their S3 bow weakness.
  • The Burning Head (CV 10/13) Your Mage throws a burning and screaming head on the enemy. Mediocre damage in line and causes Panic... which is kinda weak in the current edition.
  • Piercing Bolts of Burning (CV 10/13) Fancy fireball, with a number of hits scaling off the number of the targets ranks. Basically, a spell to annihilate Goblins, Skeletons, and any other manner of Expendable or horde-like goons.
  • Fulminating Flame Cage (CV 11/14) So now you imprison your enemy in flames and if he moves, he is toast. Again, against really big units its great, against heavy cavalry its lame. But it's always funny to see a light flanking unit destroy itself in the charge because of this spell, or not flanking, so that you can win against the enemy in front. Note, this is a hex, so doesn't contribute to the casting bonus of the lore attribute. If you're a mega-douche, cast it on a unit in combat and then issue a challenge. Oh, you accept do you sir, good show! Now come closer, move into base contact with me...that's right... BAM, whole unit counts as moving! (yeah I know it's weird). Take those hits baby! Take 'em. Oh I see... wise to it now are we? Refuse the challenge then... go on... move to the back. BAM!
  • Flame Storm (CV 13/16) Yeah big plates to throw, but only S4 and not really with sniper precision, so no thanks. Still, the name is cool.

Lore of Beasts (Wind of Ghur, Amber Magic)[edit]

Flock increased to 3d6 hits for only one more casting value. Transformation of Kadon's casting value lowered by 3 but can only turn into a nondescript monster with Fly and a S4 Breath Weapon (BS 0, I3, A5, LD8 everything else 6). Wounds don't carry over anymore either. Other spells are unchanged. Still the undisputed king of making your characters win challenges with that 3 extra A,S & T. But, with buffed lore of Metal may have a challenge when it comes to making units more killy/tougher.

Lore Attribute: Wildheart: Basically, your spells are a smidge easier to cast at cavalry, warbeasts or Beastmen. Can be nice if you are playing Beastmen (duh), Bretonnia or run a cavalry High or Wood Elf list. But still pretty sub-par otherwise.

Signature: Wyssan's Wildform (CV 10/13) The signature spell and WHAT a spell this is! It will make your measly humans go and win against other units and it will make your Bestigors or Minotaurs go rapetrain against nearly everything for one round. Another spell it is worth taking level 1 wizards for.

  • The Flock of Doom (CV 6/9) Yeah doom sounds nice, but it's only doom if your enemy is afraid of birds. It is like a new episode of Hitchcock's "the Birds" with a few crows pecking on the enemy unit; good enough to make those stupid harpies go away but there are way better options for killing. It's one of the cheaper spells in the game, and has a decent range (and range is boostable) if you don't mind just mildly inconveniencing them.
  • Pann's Impenetrable Pelt (CV 8/11) Make one or more heroes harder to wound. It won't save your unit, but if your hero is currently challenging a monster this spell will make his chance to survive go over the 0%.
  • The Amber Spear (CV 9/15) Magic, auto-hitting bolt thrower with pretty good damage, making it the choice spell for Beasts Wizards who wanna kill. Can be boosted to start with S10 doing D6 wounds. Awesome? Yes. Use in any situation you would normally use a bolt thrower (monsters, elite units, etc).
  • The Curse of Anraheir (CV 9/12) Making your enemy stumble over roots and die, is one funny thing to do, especially against those dumbass goatmen. Also it makes your people harder to hit, what more do you want? Awesome spell.
  • The Savage Beast of Horrors (CV 10/13) Yeah now we're talking. Giving one hero way more strength and attacks and he will rip entire units in two.
  • Transformation of Kadon (CV 13) What was that about more strength and attacks? Forget it, this will turn your mage into a fucking MONSTER. Just one statline, but this statline also includes Fly and an S4 flaming breath weapon. You can't use any channeling, casting or items but wounds DO NOT carry over once you've had your fun. Also now can't be Dispelled.


Wizard Levels[edit]

  • With the changes to Wizard Levels you should only upgrade to level 4 if you really want the spell in the 6th slot. Level 3/4 both get a +2 to cast. On that same token, with all wizards getting signature spells for free, it is often better to take two level 1s than one level 3. For example, in an Empire Army, you could take a two level 1s with a Destroy Magic Scroll and Dispell Scroll for exactly the same price as a naked level 3. Both options give you four spells total. The level 3 will channel an extra die, but your whole magic phase goes to tits on a bad miscast.
  • On the subject of miscast, with the modified miscast table, rolling less dice is advantageous, level 1's (assuming no ultimate power) can only suffer a calamitous detonation. While a level 4 can potentially get sucked into the warp if they 6 dice a spell.
  • Higher level Wizards are riskier than in 8e for less reward. Thankfully, they are no longer auto-includes.
  • Life, Death and to a lesser extent Shadow do best with a level 3/4 because both of their 5/6 slot spells are super powerful.

Lore Pairings[edit]

  • Fire and Metal Two level ones, each can potentially have a 24" augment and 24" magic missile. Allowing them to handle hordes with Fireball and armoured elites with Searing Doom. On the same token, they can cast Flaming Sword and Enchanted Blade on the same unit for a +1 to hit, +1 to wound, Armour Piercing (1), Flaming and Magical Attacks. Or swap glittering robe for some Armour.
  • Beast and Shadow A level two of Shadow and Level 1 of Beast, with Penumbral Pendulum/Steed of Shadows and The Amber Spear, can form a mobile hit squad launching a bolt thrower and cannonball into flanks of high point targets.

Play and Placement[edit]

  • Champions can no longer take challenges, so your wizard is going to be called to battle often. On that same token, Characters and Command Groups CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE be placed anywhere but the front rank (unless you're in a Bretonnian Lance/Slann in Temple Guard). So there is no way to hid your character behind a meat shield. This makes wizards even more vulnerable in close combat. Thankfully with Magic Resistance and automatic "Look Out Sir" they are safer than ever from shooting and spells.

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