Warhammer Characters Based On Real People

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  • Ursarkar E. Creed: Winston Churchill
  • Jaghatai Khan: The laziest of the lot, an alternate transliteration of Genghis Khan's son Chagatai, who was a great warlord in his own right, but also outclassed by his dad, the guy you think of when you hear the word "warlord."
  • Lion El'Jonson: Named after a homosexual poet who wrote a poem called "The Dark Angel" and might've dated Oscar Wilde.
  • Sly Marbo: Rip-Off of Rambo, Chuck Norris/Sylvester Stallone made grimdark.

IG Regiments[edit]


Catachan: Australia


  • Rhino: M113 APC
  • Land Raider: British landships in WW1, any mark (except, facing backwards).