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Warhammer 40.000 Conquest is a collectible magazine which is released weekly on England, Spain, France, Australia and Italy, but it may be released on other countries as well in the future.

The main premise is slowly getting initiated in the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40.000 and includes articles that details the fluff of the setting, instructions of the models that the majority of the issues include, paint guides and tutorials for the models and paints of the collection and game tutorials, missions and even mini-campaigns to play with the models. It also includes models of two factions: Death Guard and Space Marines (technically Ultramarines, but not required save in one model), varied scenery, paints in the truckload and brushes, depending of the issue.

In truth it’s a really awesome initiative, allowing any newbie getting used to the game in a reasonable if slow pace and getting not one but two armies at a discount that ranges from “barely noticeable” to “OMG, 66%?!” and also scenery enough to fill a regular 40k game. It also includes the exclusive (for now) model of Ultramarines Primaris Lieutenant Calsius.

The Collectible[edit]

The 12th issue, as sample. With info of, and containing a Foul Blightspawn

Conquest is divided in two pieces: the magazine and the models/paints/scenery/brushes included. While obviously any neckbeard wishing to get their icky fingers on models at discount will pass the magazine like it’s not even there, it contains material rather interesting for both newbies and older gamers alike:

  • Background: This details fluff of all kinds. General background material, factions, battles (Not only Ultramarines’ but also other chapters’ and Death Guard’s) and also heroes, units and equipment of both the Space Marines and Death Guard, including the ones not in the collection like Possessed, Terminators and Guilliman.
  • Assemble: the assembly instructions of the models included, when there are models included. That’s it.
  • Paint: paint guides and tutorials of the models of the collection using the paints of the collection. They expand each time a new paint is included, like Shades, layers or a useable new color on the model.
  • Game: this is the good stuff. Here you can find tutorials of the rules and missions to practice them under a narrative campaign between Utramarines and Death Guard over the planet Korvos III. Past a certain issue it starts to bring missions and small campaigns to play on your own, with tutorial only when a never-seen-before rule is required, like Transports.

Freebies (a.k.a. The real reason you’re buying it)[edit]

Fun fact: this isn't ALL that the collection includes...

“Freebie” is the publishing jargon on the things that are included with every collection, and in Conquest they are the ACTUAL reason you’re buying this. Since every issue has a fixed price of 7,99$/9,99€/19,99Aus$ ALL ISSUES HAVE A DISCOUNT OVER THE STORE PRICE which can range from mere cents in some paints to 50-66% on characters and the bigger models (In the first issue, the discount is almost 90%). Some of the bigger models come in multiple issues due to how goddamn big they are (or just to don’t make the discount too big) but that’s okay.

All freebies comes in colored plastic depending of what they are: blue for Space Marines, green for Death Guard and brown for scenery.

Note that the collection is ongoing in all countries, so this list may change, specially the paints.

Space Marines (Ultramarines)[edit]

Death Guard[edit]

Scenery & game material[edit]

  • Munitorum Containers, crates and barrels (trice, full set)
  • Battlefield Accesories (MOAR crates and barrels, plus some tank traps)
  • Ryza pattern ruins (twice, full set)
  • Plasma Conduits (half set)
  • Plasma Regulators (full set)
  • Haemothropic Generators (twice, full set)
  • Galvanic Servohaulers (twice, a full set)
  • Urban Conquest Stratagems (full set)
  • Galvanic Magnavent (full set)
  • 3 thin cardboard Playmats (Hangar, Urban, Mechanicum)
  • 12 dice (really shitty, better off buying in bulk, but they're free)
  • Transparent plastic 12" ruler

Paints & brushes[edit]

  • Starter brush
  • M Base brush
  • L Drybrush
  • M Layer brush
  • Macragge Blue (at least twice)
  • Retributor Armor
  • Abbadon Black (at least twice)
  • Death Guard Green (at least twice)
  • Leadbelcher
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Bugman's Glow
  • Mephiston Red
  • Celestra Gray
  • Nuln Oil
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Reikland Fleshade
  • Athonian Camoshade
  • Nihilakh Oxide
  • Steel Legion's Drab
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Gehenna's Gold
  • Wild Rider Red
  • Ogryjn Camo
  • Calgar Blue
  • Dawnstone
  • Temple Guard Blue
  • Baneblade Brown
  • Runefang Steel
  • Screamer Pink
  • Astrogranite (twice)

Pros and Cons[edit]

Plase note that these comes from a spainard perspective. They may not apply to other countries' versions.

Things that ROCK[edit]

  • First off, the HUGE discount that you're getting the models. This begs noticing, as you're getting many of the characters and units at 50 or 33% of their original prices.
  • Being weekly means that you can assemble and paint the models of the collection at your leisure and still have time to, you know, have a life. (unless you are a VERY slow painter)
  • If you want to, the editors (Salvat and Hachette at least) let you order certain issues either by their pages or from FLGS/FLNS when avaliable. Those Ebay speculators can suck your dick.
  • The collection is ideal for the uninitiated. It contains everything Warhammer, from models, scenery, paints to stories, background, tutorials... Even if you're collecting them for yourself, you can use the collection to initiate another guy/gal you know.

Things that SUCK[edit]

  • Even with the discount, the full collection is EXPENSIVE. Sure, a few dollars/euros a week are not much, but if you add it gets really high for what are essentially starter armies. And remember that the collection is at least 80 issues...
  • Following the former, they're at least 80 weekly issues. It means that completing the collection will take around TWO YEARS. 9th Edition may have come by then! And it did!
  • The moment the collection went out, many neckbeards started buying numbers like CRAZY which led to a severe shortage in many places. True, 3 intercessors and 3 paints for pocket change IS atractive, but damn...
  • Some heretical pieces of shit had started selling the freebies of the collection... as they were their original, store-bought ones! It's really jarring and sad seeing someone selling a blue-plastic Primaris Librarian which OBVIOUSLY comes from Conquest at almost store price (2 times and half of what he paid for it). It's sadder that there's people that buys it, specially with the possibility of selling them to the editors themselves... (Even sadder? That was a TRUE STORY)
  • Some of the paints, mainly the Base ones are intentionaly doubled because they expect you to do the priming with the collection's paints. So be prepared to have several pots of Macragge Blue, Death Guard Green and so on...
  • The packaging is obviously not meant for miniatures, so there's a (admittedly small) chance that a model comes damaged or twisted, specially with the "fatter" sprues, like the Rhino's.
  • Some kits require parts from more than one kit, for example poxwalkers from 60 which require parts from two separate issues (33 and 46) in order to complete the kit, but those two issues come with excess parts so to complete those excess parts you need an extra issue (60)...

External Links[edit]

  • The English & Australian edition, in Hachette Partworks: here
  • The Spanish edition, in Ediciones Salvat: here
  • The Italian edition, in Hachette Fascicoli: here
  • Now coming also for Age of Sigmar! (Alas, for now only in UK & Spain) link