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Who said open border was a good idea?

Also known as Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. A now-dead muhmorepigger, based on the Warhammer Fantasy universe that rode the "me too!" wave of massive multiplayer RPGs started by WOW, but pulling it off with a higher degree of success than its fellow knockoffs *FWIP* TOTALLY INSPIRED AND INNOVATIVE GAMES, NONE MORE SO THAN WARHAMMER ONLINE!. The launch box came with exclusive models for O&G players, and the launch party featured a cake of a giant Squig with a goblin in its mouth that was made by an annoying bunch of douchebags with their own show on the Food Network (/tg/ is tsundere for /ck/ in this case).

As a game Warhammer Online was decent, but two things damned it from the start. Firstly, it was entirely non-canon to the Warhammer Fantasy universe and backpedaled from the current place in the fluff to before any of the current story arcs began, then diverged into a "all the evul factions unite and all the good factions unite" plot (yep, another two sided MMO). The plot was fairly contrived, from High Elves bringing humans and Dwarfs to Ulthuan to roam wherever the fuck they wanted because Dark Elves had already gotten in, to Malekith handing out pimp magical items that Lord level Dark Elves would drool over to Orcs & Goblins, to those aforementioned Orcs and Goblins actually working as one group and not fighting amongst each other before turning on their allies. OH SHIT, WE CAN GO TO NEHEKHARA NOW? PACK UP GUYS, WE'RE GONNA INVADE THE NEW ZONE AND STEAL ALL THE SHIT! The second problem with the game was it was terribly balanced, even by MMO standards. Even the tabletop game has better balance. Hell, 40k has better balance. Dawn of War had better balance. There were classes that were flat out useless and should never be taken except on the carry of others, and classes that were mandatory in PvP and PvE. Few games were a greater victim of "correct way to play" style progression than WHO.

As of 2011 the novelty of the game had faded, and it started to dissolve from fail to epic fail. The realms became vacant worlds populated only by NPCs, attempts to bring new content made balance issues even worse, bugs survived from day one without a fix, and while references to things fans had clamored for like Bretonnians and Skaven were dropped in the form of cosmetic items and names of gear, nothing materialized. The Capital cities for the other races were never made accessible, and there were only a few live servers left online. It is a complete disgrace to Warhammer. A COMPLETE DISGRACE !. While the developers are partly to blame, EA is truly the engineer of its destruction.

Warhammer Fantasy deserves better, damn it! We only get one game to every five for 40-fucking-k!

The last gasp before the death rattle made it free to play UP TO LEVEL 10 which was one quarter of the game anyway and it continued to have a dedicated core player base to the end.

Warhammer Online officially shut down on December 18th, 2013. Ye shall be missed, despite your failings.

Private servers[edit]

There is a private server by the name of Return of Reckoning which looks to be moderately interesting now that the Old World was squatted. At the very least, it allows us a persistent world through which to enjoy the now departed Old World. Or to tide you over until Total War Warhammer. Unfortunately, they haven't figured out how to bring back the other 40 renown ranks. Nevermind, they raised the RR to 80, but they did so in the most retarded way possible. Good luck playing the game with the constant fucking DDOS attacks. I swear to Khorne, if I ever find the turd-sucking cunt who's behind that... Server doesn't get DDOS'd anymore. However, the server is run in questionable ways.