Warlock (Eldar)

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An Eldar Warlock, here seen channeling the Space Wolf aesthetic in his choice of cloak.

Warlocks are Eldar psykers. Unlike Farseers, who specialize in divination and typically follow the Path of the Seer for their entire lives, Warlocks were formerly on the Path of the Warrior, then switched to the Path of the Seer. Warlocks are the most aggressive and warlike of the Eldar; their previous experience as Aspect Warriors allows them to harness their more destructive impulses when using their psychic powers in combat. The ornate helmets worn by Warlocks in the field are kept in the shrines of the Warrior Aspects as a sign of the close link between Warlocks and their former status as Warriors; by convention a seer returns to their former Aspect Temple to receive their warlock armor. Due to this mixing of psychic potential and warrior backgrounds, Warlocks apply their psychic powers more towards direct combat, rather than the supporting style application used by Farseers.

A Warlock not only learns the use of the psychic Runes of War but also how to wield the Witch Blade, a powerful Eldar force weapon. Witch Blades writhe and twist with living runes of the Eldar Lexicon that focus the inherent power of the Warlock's mind into destructive psychic energy, using a helical psychic matrix that runs through the core of the blade. In the hands of a Warlock, a Witchblade strikes with a devastating burst of psychic force that can incinerate an enemy where he stands.

They are often seen accompanying Eldar Guardians as squad leaders and may even lead parts of a warhost like a field officer. Some specialize in leading Wraithkind; these are called Spiritseers, and are typically found accompanying Wraithguard. The Warlocks' psychic influence allows them to act more quickly (as Wraithguards are souls of Eldar dead in wraithbone constructs, they aren't very fast to interact with the world of the living). They can also make up a Seer Council, which is basically a 10-elf squad of Warlocks that serve as a Farseer's retinue, where their duties range from keeping the Farseer safe while in combat to assisting the Seer in casting certain spells.


Warlocks generally wield a Witch Blade and a Shuriken Pistol. In addition to their helmets, they wear Rune Armour, which is a Wraithbone breastplate shaped into runic forms that can more effectively shrug off both physical and psychic enemy attacks. Warlocks also sometimes make use of a force weapon known as a Singing Spear. The Singing Spear is a psychically-charged weapon simiar to the Witchblade, but it can also be thrown at opponents and is more effective against heavily armoured vehicles than a Witchblade.


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