Warlock Titan

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When GeeDubs finally re-release me on tabletop, you can kiss your $2,000 Warlord Titan's ass goodbye.

A Warlock Titan is a super rare variant of the Eldar Titans. Why is this so special? Well because its Wraithbone core house the spirits of Seers and Warlocks who have fallen in battle. As you can imagine, combining the souls of extremely powerful Eldar psykers into a fucking Titan that not only merges with their souls but amplifies it a dozen times over is going to be rapetastic on the battlefield. But alas, we have never seen a Warlock Titan since the old days of Epic and is forever shoehorned into the corner like most non-Space Marine factions.

  • Height: 36-38m; approx
  • Mass: 500-700 tonnes; approx


As stated, the Warlock Titan has its Wraithbone core fused with the spirits of mighty psykers of the Eldar craftworlds. The psychic abilities of a Warlock Titan are quite frankly.....ridiculous. Its witch sight allows the Titan to see the 'ebb and flow of time', which means that not only is this a psychic Titan, but a Titan that can predict your every move and mistakes and exploits the living hell out of it.

It can also twist together those timey-whimy threads so that death and destruction are more readily able find its enemy, resulting in cannon shots and even laser beams changing course to strike them. The psychic energy running through the Warlock Titan's body which has already been enhanced like Psychic Cocaine can tank severe blows and instantly destroy Greater Daemons in close combat. It is also protected by reinforced armoring and a Holo-field emitted from projectors mounted on its wings which turns it into a psychic demon raping Titan that gives the middle finger to anti-Titan weaponry as Volcano Cannons struggle to even get a hit. And that is without going into its actual Titan weaponry. On second thought, maybe it is a good idea that the Warlock Titan is pulled on hold as balancing this thing without turning it into a one-man wrecking ball that has the power to fuck a Warlord Titan in the ass (Mind you the Warlord is already the most overpowered thing on tabletop) would be a insane feat. The only answer would be severe nerfing.

Like all Titans, the best way to handle it would be to blast it from space (considering the Imperial Navy is famously stingy with their fighter squadrons, and Eldar fighter-jets outmatch Imperial ones). Presumably the Eldar, not being complete morons, only field these babies as weapons of last resort - doing otherwise would risk all the souls of the Eldar "piloting" it, which would be bad enough even before you factor in how they're all powerful psykers.


Aside from its psychic powers. The Warlock's primary Titan weaponry includes the Psychic Lance.

Secondary armaments includes twin missile launchers and either a Pulsar or Titan-class Power Fist. God help us all if Forgeworld decides to release this model and its rules of laser-bending bullshit.

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