Warlords of the Accordlands

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Warlords of the Accordlands is AEG's role-playing system for the setting of Larisnar, in the Lands of the Accord. Its Tracy Hickman-esque "line developers" were Todd Rowland and Erik Yaple. Although they had help, especially from Andrew Getting, and one Allison Medwin (Alli Steele, now; a Magic: The Gathering developer) seems to be the head writer even more so than Rowland.

This is a Dragonlance-style epic fantasy system, with a focus: in saving the place from a sinister plot of baddies. The baddies are hidden scheming assassins like the Scarlet Brotherhood. Also like Dragonlance, especially Taladas, some tropes are maintained (like the Dwarves, and the Nothrog to be honest) and others are Subverted, particularly the Elves here.

How To Play It (no, seriously; how?)[edit]

This was first designed for cards, like MTG; but we haven't ever played that system, so we'll be concentrating on the d20 translation here. If anyone's played it, feel free to replace this paragraph and dump the following ugly "stub" tag.

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d20 Version[edit]

In 2003, AEG promised to convert the Accordlands content into the d20 System. In 2006, this promise was kept - we got four books, all at once! Not soon enough for some of the RAGErs on (e.g.) goodreads, sadly.

The three books which aren't The Campaign Adventure Book credit Mark Jelfo as "creative director". jim pinto (lower case) did the art direction for all of them; Rowland chipped in for the three non-TCAB books. Editors: Dale Donovan and DJ Trindle; and there's a CEO and a couple of project-managers who we guess made sure the writing-room had donuts.

The Master Codex is Allison Medwin's Player's Handbook, with help from Rowland and Getting and others. This provides the races, classes, prestige classes, spells, and equipment. Some settings consider prestige classes, at least, to belong to the Gazetteer, to be doled out by the DM; but AEG put them in this book. Races are Deverenians (hominid nephilim who are better than you), Humans (standard), Elves (short-lived and scaly here), Nimbics (even shorter, and shorter-lived too), Dwarves (standard), Nothrog (green militant Orks, Warhammer-style). Halfbreeds exist but are uncommon in Larisnar.

The World Atlas would be that Gazetteer, for the Accordlands proper. Andrew Getting compiled this one, here aided by Medwin, Rowland, et al.. It starts with 24 pages of borelore. Then, in order: the Empire of Deverenia, the Dwarves, the Elves, the Free Kingdoms (i.e. us), the Nothrog, and the Unaligned Lands. These chapters all follow the same template which helps in finding the lore we need. Then Religion and Cosmos. Then Magic Items, and Personalities = NPCs. Think, the Time of the Lance box; doing its best to make a sandbox out of a linear plot.

Monsters and Lairs is the Medwin-directed Creature Collection of the setting with, helpfully, sample dungeons and lairs to get you started. This is a nice touch borrowed from / shared with the Legacy of the Dragon supplement for Arcana Unearthed.

And the Campaign Adventure Book is - so far as we've gathered - the same epic story which played out in the card game. Medwin, once more, was the senior director and editor here although - once more - the usual suspects did many of the setpieces before her. The Line Editors are lower down in this book's credits, we don't know why. WotA:TCAB may end up with its own page when and if we can be bothered to do it.

Errata exist, and when word got out the mistakes didn't help sales. We're unsure where to find their corrections.