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The Blob of armies clashing.

Warmaster was a specialist game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world. It played in a similar style to Epic but with Fantasy instead of 40k. First released in the year 2000 and faded away into the realms of obscurity in 2013. The armies first available were the High Elves, Empire, Dwarfs, Chaos (All of it), Tomb Kings and Orcs and Goblins. Rest of the armies from Fantasy in were added in 2006 along with the Hrud, Araby and Kislev armies.

Fan Creation[edit]

A fan-updated version called Warmaster Revolution is currently in an (almost) finalized form with some updated rules taken from that Biblical version. It cuts down on some of the more egregious problems from the original ruleset - like Heavy Cavalry being the equivalent to a tactical nuke in certain armies - while also helping to lift up some of the worst factions (looking at you, Orcs & Goblins. But not Ogre Kingdoms. They still suck) to a state of relative balance.

Not worth your pretty eyes[edit]

There were also spin-offs made set on The Hobbit (died because the true The Hobbit came to exist). Ancient-, Biblical-, Medieval times and WW2.

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