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This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.

Timeline of the Great Crusade and following Brotherwar
750.M30 Primarch Project Terra The Emperor creates 21 Primarchs in his gene-lab underneath the Himalayan mountains. The Ruinous Powers of Chaos steal them away and scatter them among the stars.
780.M30 First Founding Terra Using the genetic templates of the Primarchs, the Emperor creates the Legiones Astartes.
798.M30 Start of the Great Crusade Terra After the successful Unification War the Emperor sets out on the Great Crusade
805.M30 Treaty of Mars Mars The Emperor, knowing he needs the tech-priests allows them to continue to worship the Omnissiah so long as they agree not to develop “Abominable Intelligence”.
805.M30 Discovery of Primarch Jon-Frederic Aristide Thiepval Prime
806.M30 Retuh’s Compliance Retuh The IVth Legion broughts to compliance the human world of Retuh, suffering casualties reaching 90%. It took 10 years to recover part of it’s fighting capability.
807.M30 Discovery of Primarch Linares Kadir Reunion with the shattered IVth Legion, and changes made by their Primarch to the Legion.
808.M30 Discovery of Primarch Deshain Kane Yuma Kane begins to reform the 3rd and hurries from battle to battle, exterminating one xenos civilisation after another
810.M30 Discovery of Primarch Gyahdred Rgyamtsho
812.M30 Discovery of Primarch Raj Vokar Manaan Raj Vokar is found by the Emperor in the aftermath of reuniting his homeworld. He immediately begins reforming the XVIIth legion into a support legion with strong ties to the Adeptus Titanicus.
813.M30 Mezoa joins the Imperium Mezoa An independent and powerful forge world is brought to compliance and becomes solely dedicated to the production of heavy arms and armour.
830.M30 Warpclaws, later renamed Chosen of Hecate take heavy losses on the front. VIII Legion The Warpclaws geneseed was exceptionally pure, it’s only defect being how long it would take to mature. Making it very hard to replace the massive casualties the Legion had sustained.
833.M30 Discovery of Primarch Einchurt Rheigmarkch
835.M30 Discovery of Primarch Je'She Harrdid Defeat of the Ork menace on Harrdid and the reunification of Je’She with the IXth legion
838.M30 Discovery of Primarch Isekho Mist
840.M30 Discovery of Primarch Rahman Keita'mansa Manden Rahman uses his connections as a Rogue Trader to speed up the rediscovery process
846.M30 Discovery of Primarch Ashur Babylon V Ashur discusses with the Emperor for a short time before reluctantly leaving his homeworld behind.
848.M30 Barabash enters the Warp for the first time Babylon V The Loxodontii venture into space after two years of preparation, reformation and taking in aspirants from Babylon V. Many Stargazers become overwhelmed, and Barabash falls to Chaos.
848.M30 Discovery of Primarch Mot Hadad Zharr-Hadad
849.M30 Discovery of Primarch Piter Karomonov Ussar
850.M30 Discovery of Primarch Lambach Kropor Miletus Due to Miletus being easily bought into the Imperial fold, Kropor never rising to a military power and the Emperor being on the other side of the Galaxy the Primarch was accidentally missed. Lambach begins the crusade working with Linares while he rebuilds the depleted Warpclaws Legion.
851.M30 Discovery of Primarch Elsu Eyanosa Thashunke
853.M30 Discovery of Primarch Solomon Tyrus Avalon
855.M30 Remembrancers are installed in the Legions Legions Astartes Je’She considers it important to record and preserve the grand tales of the Great Crusade for the future of humanity. The Emperor agrees with Je’She, earning his trust and respect.
855.M30 The First Great Joust Kadir In response to the Remembrancer programme being installed. Primarch Linares of the Silver Blades organises a tournament called the Great Joust. Radcliff Kaden of the Chosen of Hecate is the first winner. The joust is to repeated every 10 years and each winner is gifted with a customized left Shoulder Guard to signify their honor. Also the Winning Legion will host the next Joust on their own Homeworld.
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