Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan

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The closest we are gonna get to an Emperor Battle Titan model and its not even on proper tabletop yet.

The second new big kid in town since the release of the Warbringer Nemesis Titan. The Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan is what happens when you really want an Emperor Battle Titan, but don't want to waste money and wait for the construction time period of a century to get things up and moving.

Yes, emphasis on Heavy Battle Titan, the Warmaster is essentially an Emperor Titan on a budget and is bigger than even the Warlord Battle Titan in size. It's based upon an old piece by Jes Goodwin from his 2001 sketchbook, 20 fucking years later. Talk about one hell of an obscure comeback.

The Warmaster is the first new Titan to be released for the Adeptus Titanicus tabletop game.

  • Height: 41m
  • Crew: 9-15 crew
  • Weight: 3-5 kilotonnes; approx


Size comparison.

This towering bad boy is meant to be used in the thickest of warzones where it is both large enough and cheap enough to be fielded in respectable numbers for Titan standards anyway (although at 850 points it still costs more than two Warlords and combined with its Auxillary Titan rule you're only going to be wielding this in the biggest tabletop engagements). It is meant to take on other Titan legions or siege well-defended Hive fortresses for long periods of engagement. Six servitor clades also mean that repairing damage is easier for the Warmaster’s princeps.

Apparently, it was a closely guarded secret by the Mechanicum until the Horus Heresy, with even the highest echelons of the Cult Mechanicus not openly speaking of its existence. Unfortunately for the Imperium, the first usage of these guys fell under the traitorous Legio Mortis during the Schism of Mars. A huge contingent of them was used as the final linebreaker for the battle of the Outer Palace. It was unknown if any of these guys are still used by either traitor or loyalist forces.

In order to suit up for the task, the Warmaster has got 7 void shields, an ancillary reactor with one of two optional backup systems (one gives faster movement at the cost of non-melee weapon accuracy when activated while the other vents the plasma to the arm guns faster), and six repair servitor clades to keep it in the fight. It is primarily armed with a huge Revelator Missile Battery that deal 3 dice worth of Damage at Strength 8 and a max range of 48" and is backed up by the dual Suzerain class Plasma Destructors on its arms. Those two arm-mounted monsters normally deal three dice worth of damage at Strength 11 at its max range of 30" but making them even more formidable is the fact they have weapon traits allowing that to rise to Strength 13 and roll a D10 for damage at a short range of 16" or less. Sure, using those traits will push your reactor to dangerous levels, but remember those servitor clades? There’s a good chance you can vent off that excess energy soon enough. Backing these monsters up are numerous carapace point defense weapons (Four anti-air batteries two anti-personal artillery systems at the side of its head, one or two anti-personal weapon systems on its knees, and two missile launching systems on its armpit joints). It also can equip two additional backup Titan weapons on its shoulders in the form of Turbo-Laser Destructors, Vulcan Mega-Bolters, Melta Cannons, Plasma Blastguns, or if you really feel like unleashing a Macross Missile type barrage you can go instead for Apocalypse Missile Arrays!

It also has the thiccest thighs out of any Titan that has been released so far. Damn Warmaster can't run due to its dummy-thicc thighs clapping its metallic ass cheeks.

Warmaster Iconoclast Titan[edit]

The mother of all RIP AND TEARS.

"Meet the Warmaster Iconoclast Heavy Battle Titan. At 100 tons of ruinous energy, the Iconoclast is all about barrelling into the enemy like a 40-metre mechanical bull, delivering devastating close-range attacks with a preposterous loadout of melee weaponry."

– Description via Warhammer Community. Not sure what it meant by a '100 tons of ruinous energy' however. Whatever the fuck that means.

The largest of all close-combat Titans short of the skullfucking Skull Reaper. The Iconoclast-class Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan or simply known as the Warmaster Iconoclast Titan is designed to benchpress fucking Warlord Battle Titans into submission, sporting the motherfuckest of big dick chainweapons called the appropriately named, Desolator Chainsword, as well as a giant FUCK OFF anal plug called the Krius Siege Drill.

Fortunately, the Iconoclast isn't completely gimped in the ranged department. It can swap out the Siege Drill with an equally ECKS BAWKS HUEG Krius Grav Imploder. The mother of all Grav-weapons. It also has a Cruciator Gatling Array as a secondary weapon attachment, along with a shoulder-mounted Apocalypse Missile Launchers, Plasma Blastguns, Melta Cannons, and other weapons as well.

Yes we know, the prospect of a close-ranged 40-meter tall brawler Titan is already stretching the limits of practicality, even by Imperial standards, but someone's got to deal with all that fucking Gargants rumbling around and come on, giant robots punching holes in citadels is awesome.


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