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This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.
The Primarchs of Universe 5-A

After the Primarchs were dispersed throughout the galaxy by the Ruinous Powers, the Emperor reunites them, and continues on with His Great Crusade. During the closing years of this two-hundred year galactic conquest, during the height of the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor would be fatally wounded by the Ork Warboss Urrlak Urruk, and be rushed to Terra to be interred in the Golden Throne. In the wake of His incapacitation His Regent, Malcador the Sigillite, chooses three Primarchs to form the Warmasters Triumvirate: Marduk Engur of the Leviathan Host; Je'She of the Sentinels; and Jon-Frederic Aristide of the Emperor's Dragoons. The Triumvirate would continue the prosecution of the Great Crusade in the Emperor's stead, each responsible for one of the fronts of the Crusade.

The administration of the Imperium would eventually taken over by mere mortals, infuriating some of the Primarchs, Jon-Frederic Aristide, 'firstborn' son of the Emperor, in particular. He makes is distaste for the state of the Imperium more and more known, decreeing that the Imperium should be governed by the most capable individuals, primarily the Astartes. Soon entire regions of the Imperium are engulfed in coflict as small-scale confrontations, skirmishes, political arguments and random planetary secessions take place, threatening to drive the Imperium into all-out civil war. To prevent the conflict's escalation, Malcador calls for a peace talk on a neutral planet, overseen by the 'neutral' Warmaster Marduk Engur. Both sides, pro-Mortal, lead by Je'She, and pro-Astartes, lead by Jon-Frederic, are tricked by the Primarch of the Soaring Host, Elsu Eyanosa, who kills Malcador on Marduk's order in such a manner that both sides think that the other is responsible for the Regent's death. The galaxy-wide conflict quickly escalates, and the 'Brotherwar' begins.

The Imperium is shattered into two, while the forces of Chaos grow like a cancer that threatens to swallow both. Eventually, Marduk reveals his true allegiance to the Ruinous Powers, and attacks Holy Terra. His main objective: to kill the Emperor of Mankind. Even after the defeat of the traitor forces during the Siege of Terra, the loyalist Imperium of Mankind and the separatist Union Astartes, engage in a never-ending war, and must both face the constant onslaught of the marauding forces Chaos and the Xenos empires.

And when the End Times finally come, will the Imperium and the Union be prepared for when Marduk Engur's warning proves true and the Leviathan returns to devour all?


The Legions of Universe 5-A



  • 750.M30: Start of the Primarch Project
  • 780.M30: First Founding
  • 798.M30: Start of the Great Crusade
  • 805.M30: Treaty of Mars
  • 805.M30: Discovery of Jon-Frederic Aristide
  • 807.M30: Discovery of Linares
  • 808.M30: Discovery of Deshain Kane
  • 810.M30: Discovery of Gyahdred
  • 812.M30: Discovery of Raj Vokar
  • 813.M30: Mezoa joins the Imperium
  • 833.M30: Discovery of Einchurt
  • 835.M30: Dsicovery of Je'She
  • 838.M30: Discovery of Isekho the Unseen
  • 840.M30: Discovery of Rahman Keita'mansa
  • 846.M30: Discovery of Ashur
  • 848.M30: Discovery of Mot Hadad
  • 849.M30: Discovery of Piter Karomonov
  • 850.M30: Discovery of Lambach Kropor
  • 851.M30: Discovery of Elsu Eyanosa
  • 853.M30: Discovery of Solomon Tyrus
  • 854.M30: Discovery of Pacha
  • 855.M30: Remembrancers are installed in the Legions. First Great Joust
  • 858.M30: Discovery of Calael Bishop
  • 860.M30: Rangdan Xenocides
  • 862.M30: Discovery of Valorn Adras
  • 867.M30: Discovery of Zelbezis Dyestes
  • 869.M30: Compliance of Molech
  • 873.M30: Discovery of Marduk Engur
  • 880.M30: Discovery of Kinnévail Kincaid
  • 890.M30: End of the Rangdan Xenocides
  • 940.M30: Defense of Necromunda
  • 947.M30: Barabash meets Marduk Engur
  • 984.M30: The Ghoul Star Campaign
  • 985.M30: Kincaid burns
  • 990.M30: Edict of Nikea
  • 999.M30: Start of the Ullanor Crusade
  • 000.M31: Warboss Urrlak Urruk defeats the Emperor. Raj is instated the "Praetorian of Terra". Elsu falls to Chaos.
  • 001.M31: Construction of the Imperial Ring begins. Tensions start to grow between the Warmasters
  • 003.M31: Gyahdred's Rebuke
  • 010.M31: Ullanor Crusade finishes
  • 012.M31: Malcador gives the power to the High Lords of Terra
  • 013.M31: Censure of Pacha
  • 015.M31: Censure of Lambach
  • 017.M31: Aristide joins the Separatist Movement
  • 019.M31: Elsu and Lambach join Marduk's Movement
  • 020.M31: New Hope events. Ashur gets collared. Battle of Grethor. The Hour of the Musth
  • 021.M31: Massacre at Elcoa. Battle of Kadir
  • 040.M31: Siege of Terra.
  • 045.M31: The Codex Astartes is proposed

Warmaster's Triumvirate Timeline

The Great Crusade[edit]

The Council of Nikea[edit]

The Ullanor Crusade[edit]

The Brotherwar[edit]

The Battle of New Hope[edit]

The Siege of Terra[edit]


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