Warp Ghosts

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Warp Ghosts
Warp Ghosts Livery.jpg
Battle Cry "We bear the souls of the damned through the depths."
Origin Lost to the warp
Warband Leader Saranos (future Ashur-Kai)
Base of Operations The warp
Strength You speak irrelevancies
Specialty Warp navigation
Allegiance To whoever can meet their price
Colours Ghostly verdigris with soft black trim

The closest thing that Chaos has to the Legion of the Damned. The Warp Ghosts are a warband of undead time traveling chaos space marines with a curse that causes their bodies to rot over time forcing them to replace them by possessing other bodies. Other Chaos warbands often hire the Warp Ghosts to help transport them safely though the Eye of Terror, but at a high price.

Abaddon himself encountered The Warp Ghosts before the First Black Crusade. The Warp Ghosts escorted Abaddon and his troops out of the Eye of Terror after agreeing to give away his sorcerers and psyker children as payment. They would soon become Warp Ghosts members. Somehow, by some warp fuckery and time travel, Saronos, the leader of the Ghosts, is Ashur-Kai of the Black Legion.

The Warp Ghosts operate a heavily armored contigent dubbed the Stygian Vanguard which is known to operate a Typhon Heavy Siege Tank, and is heralded by all sorts of freaky and ominous signals such as the sky darkening and the sounds of a clarion coming from no discernible source. This formation has clashed three times against the Grey Knights, and the Revilers and Exorcists an unspecified number of times.

Some rumors say that The Bleak Brotherhood is a faction of those creepy ass marines.

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