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The cheese barrage is imminent.

The Warp Hunter, perhaps the rarest of Eldar tanks, sacrifices the transport capacity of the Falcon chassis to mount the terrifying firepower of a large D-Cannon, a weapon capable of tearing open the very fabric of reality and engulfing its target in the dark energies of the Warp. Considered to be an archaic design, it was an unusual sight on the battlefields of the 41st Millenium until the Betalis III incident, when whole squadrons engaged Imperial forces in battle.

The Warp Hunter is basically an Eldar Destroyer Tank Hunter in both function and design. As a dedicated tank hunter, it is a wonder why the Eldar have not yet made more of these things to combat the growing flood of steel and tank threads from either the Imperium, Orks or Chaos Cultists.

Like all Eldar weapons that start with the letter D, the Warp Hunter's D-Cannon absolutely rapes infantry and vehicles alike. Despite this, however, like most grav-tanks which use the Falcon's chassis, the Warp Hunter functions in much the same way. It is commanded by a crew of two, a pilot and gunner, and is constructed from a Wraithbone chassis like all Eldar materials. In terms of secondary weapons, it features an anti-infantry twin-linked shuriken catapult which can be replaced with a shuriken cannon, and the Warp Hunter can be modified to incorporate a Holo-field, Star Engines, Spirit Stones and Vectored Engines for extra power.

Despite its supposed rarity, Eldar Corsairs somehow have a large stock of these vehicles which they usually deploy during a battle, and it is thought Mymeara contains an atypically large number of them.

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