Warp Storm

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Daww, the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom had a baby! It stretches to the Hadex Anomaly actually.

A Warp Storm is one of the most potent psychic phenomena to ever grace the galaxy. They are caused by HUGE emotional outbursts, often resulting from massive Materium upheavals, such as war.


Warp Storms are a bleeding scar on the face of the material world. Their great size and nigh-endless supply of warp energy allows them to serve as bases for the Lost and the Damned and Chaos Space Marines, all the while transforming all in its proximity into mutants, as seen in the Great Beasts of Caliban. These massive, ceaseless EMP-analogues disrupt interstellar communication, lower visibility in the warp (much to the detriment of Navigators peering for the Astronomican), and in the most extreme situations toss entire fleets around, destroying them or making them arrive before they even set off, among other things.

Notable Warp Storms[edit]