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Warsphinxes are giant stone golems constructed in the shape of skeletal-faced lions by the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara to serve as guardians to the inner sanctums of their tombs or even to watch over their personal sarcophagi. The exact design varies from Warsphinx to Warsphinx, depending on the whims of both the Necrotect who built it and the Tomb King or Tomb Prince who commissioned it, and some sport venomous stinging tails and/or the ability to breathe fire, but all are outfitted with elaborate howdahs. In battle, the Tomb Kings and Princes may ride them into the fray, or may instead assign a squad of Tomb Guard that role.

As with most of the constructs of Nehekhara, warsphinxes were constructed before the great blight of Nagash, and very few new ones have been made since. The Tomb Kings tend to just drag the remains of fallen warsphinxes back to the necropoli and stick them back together, presumably with the Nehekharan equivalent of string and chewed bubblegum, before reanimating them and sending them back to the fray.

Tabletop Game[edit]

Like most of Nehekhara's cooler units, warsphinxes were invented for the 8th edition version of the Tomb Kings army. It's a Special Unit that costs 210 points and has Movement 6, Weapon Skill 4, Ballistic Skill 0, Strength 5, Toughness 8, Wounds 5, Initiative 1, Attacks 4, Leadership 8, and the following special rules, in addition to Large Target and Cause Terror:

Animated Construct: This unit is basically a Nehekharan Undead, but suffers -1 Wound from Instability (which stacks with being within 12" of your Battle Standard Bearer) and has a 5+ Armor save. You'd think being made of solid stone animated by fucking magic would be worth at least a 4+ save, but GW never was that smart.

Howdah Crew: A warsphinx that isn't being ridden by a Tomb King/Prince is instead ridden by 4 Tomb Guard, who basically give it 4 bonus WS3 I3 attacks with the Killing Blow special rule - they can't hop off the damn thing or be picked off by artillery fire, so they don't need to worry about wounds. It still gets treated as a monster, and when being used as a mount, functions as a regular monstrous steed.

Thundercrush Attack: After the warsphinx's riders have attacked, the warsphinx can choose to make a Thundercrush Attack at the expense of its regular attacks (but along with its Thunderstomps). This lets it place the small template in base contact; any infantry, war beast or swarm directly under the central hole takes a S9 D3 Wounds hit, whilst those under the rest of the template take a single S3 hit. This does hurt allies, by the way! Also, any model that is in the template but not of the aforementioned typing is impossible to be squished, so they take no damage.

It can also take either or both of two upgrades; Envenomed Sting (its 4 standard attacks become Poisoned Attacks) for +10 points, and Fiery Roar (S4 Flaming Breath Weapon) for +20 points.

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