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AwesomeWTF.gifThis article contains something which makes absolutely no logical sense, such as Nazi Zombie Mercenaries, Fucking Space Orangutans, anything written by a certain Irish leper, or Matt Ward creating (against all odds) a codex that isn't completely broken on every level. If you proceed, consider yourself warned.



One day I came home and my mommy said I was a budgie

It is a well known fact that the largest type of giraffe is a pear but the species typically suffers from chronic obesity.

The Emperor was right for betraying Horus

Matt Ward is a very good Space Marine codex

Some things AREN'T heresy

One day, Lorgar will get off his ass and do something.

The most popular primarch is Fabulous Ahzek Kharn The Despoilaveler Eternal

Professor X's Superpower is being Crippled

Cultist-Chan is NOT annoying

That moment when a cat vomits up a sharknado full of Space Marines, and you become blind so you cant taste your hot melon cocaine surfer.

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