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Look at me! I am a Custodes now!

Watch Masters are the senior officers of the Deathwatch. They are akin to Chapter Masters, although this position in power is shared by the Watch Captain, Chaplain or Chief Librarian.

The foremost xenos hunters in the galaxy, they tested their mettle against hundreds of species of aliens over centuries of conflict. So respected is their knowledge on all things alien that they are known to brief the High Lords of Terra on xenos. Though most members of the Deathwatch eventually return to their original Chapter, Watch Masters are so vital that they are usually never allowed to leave their post. All too often, they shoulder their duties alone, seeking solace of pure throughout in long periods of introspection and solitude.


With their innate understanding of tactics and strategy, they assess the inhuman, ugly-as-fuck alien near instantaneously, picking out weaknesses and directing their Kill Teams with clipped, precise orders. Not content to merely lead from the back, the Watch Master is a true member of the Deathwatch, going in nice and close for a good RIP AND TEAR with his Guardian Spear till nothing but a bloodied smear is left.

The process by which an individual is elevated to the rank of Watch Master varies from case to case, but most have first served in the capacity of Watch Captain. The promotion may come about by default, as the previous incumbent is killed in the line of duty and the most senior Watch Captain under his command simply takes over. Sometimes the process is driven by the Watch Captains electing one of their number to take overall command, while on other occasions an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos may make the appointment, which must be ratified by the Watch Captains of the Watch Fortress at issue and other Watch Commanders.

In a handful of cases, a Watch Master has actually joined the ranks of the Inquisition, appointing his replacement before he leaves the Watch Fortress. Watch Masters hold a position of great authority and responsibility, for they have access to records and archives otherwise only available to the senior members of the Inquisition. They have full knowledge of the various xenos threats they guard against, knowledge that in most cases is only ever imparted to those whom the highest echelons of the Inquisition hold in great trust. They have the ear of the Inquisition and the Adeptus Astartes both, and on their authority entire sectors may burn.

On the field of battle, Watch Masters wield xenos artifacts and a Guardian Spear, famed weapon of the Adeptus Custodes. Meaning they are the only non-Custodes capable of wielding Custodes equipment (But what about the Blood Ravens? *BLAM* We do not talk about the bloody magpies...) Additional wargear includes a Clavis and Artificer Armour. They are allowed such semi-heretical toys because of Astartes privilege and because they are the Deathwatch and they can do whatever the fuck they want.

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