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Aliases The Coinmaiden, the Golden Lady, Liberty's Maiden, Merchant's Friend, Our Lady of Gold
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Trade, money, wealth
Domains 3E: Balance, Knowledge, Protection, Travel, Trade
4E: Civilization, Knowledge
5E: Knowledge, Trickery
Home Plane Great Wheel: Marketplace Eternal (Outlands)
World Tree: Marketplace Eternal (Brightwater)
World Axis: Marketplace Eternal (Eternal Sun)
Worshippers Traders, merchants, moneylenders, smugglers, rogues
Favoured Weapon Cloud of coins (Nunchaku)

Waukeen is the goddess of commerce and trade in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons fame. She would have been good friend with the money lending Philistines of biblical times.


Waukeen was among the many gods who made their influence on Toril made after the Fall of Netheril, her faith spreading with the expansion of trade and the thriving merchant class.

During the Time of Troubles, Waukeen, like most other deities, wished to return to her realm and take advantage of the situation as soon as possible. She eventually met with Lliira, and two started to make their way to the celestial stairway, with Waukeen planning on bribing Helm to get back to her realm. The plan failed, with Waukeen eventually realizing there was nothing she could entice the Lawful Stupid god with.

After that, the two goddesses retreated to form a new plan. Waukeen eventually concocted a scheme to smuggle herself back her realm through the Astral Plane and the Lower Planes, by dealing with their denizens, calling in favors, and bribery. Through a long and twisted chain of contacts, the Oeridian god Celestian promised to help the goddess in exchange for paying off the debt he owed, but was unwilling to help Lliira, in fear of the added risk. Ao had anticipated of the gods attempting to something like this, however, and bound them to Toril itself. Waukeen, believing it was her divinity that was binding her to Toril, eventually asked for Lliira to take her divinity until she had returned to her realm.

After succesfully being transported to the Astral plane, she begun her long trek through the Lower planes. Once she reached the Abyss, the minions of Graz'zt abducted her, with the Demon Prince seeking to transfer her portfolio to his daughter Thraxxia.

As the Time of Troubles ended, Waukeenar's priests were distraught that they were unable to gain proper access to their powers, or speak to their goddess, with Lliira eventually sending a prophet of hers to the many temples of Waukeen, telling them of what happened to the goddess. Eventually Waukeen was located by a priest of hers, and a group of adventurers climbed the celestial staircase to the Abyss, and saved her from Graz'zt. With Waukeen's return to her realm in the Outlands, Lliira gave her portfolio back to her as promised, and Waukeen begun the work on recovering her church.


The Harlot's Coin Heresy is an evil splinter-sect of Waukeen's worship that has originated due to cross-pollination with Graz'zt-worshipping demon cultists, and her dissappearance. In a nutshell, the members of this heretical sect believe that Waukeen was imprisoned by Graz'zt due to failing to pay back debts she owed him, and ultimately was only freed from his layer of the Abyss by selling off her divine portfolios (and her sexual favors), making Graz'zt the true god of commerce and trade.

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