Way of the Resplendent Crane

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Following Heaven's Mandate

The Way of the Resplendent Crane is a Dharmic path in the Vampire: The Masquerade campaign supplement Kindred of the East. Resplendent Cranes believe that there are rules for doing things properly for everything, particularly regarding virtuous behavior, and if such laws were followed faithfully, then the World would be a much better place. Their chosen Virtue is Hun.

Resplendent Cranes are idealistic to a fault. They honestly believe that, by serving as an example of righteous living as well as being a proactive opponent of wickedness, they can stop the Sixth Age before it arrives. Unfortunately they have a bad habit of assumming that because they know of the laws of the world and good behavior, it means that people would follow what their lead, because why shouldn't they?

This rather pushy and holier-than-thou behavior doesn't win Resplendent Cranes a lot of friends in other Dharmas. Indeed, their fixation on the various laws of good behavior and leadership usually causes arguments to erupt between members of the Dharma on which is the more "correct" interpretation of these laws. It's no surprise then that Resplendent Cranes make excellent Court bureaucrats and officials.

That being said, regardless of their faults, Resplendent Cranes are among the most passionate opponents of the Yama Kings and the coming Sixth Age.

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