Wazdakka Gutsmek

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An inspiration for Speed Freeks everywhere.

Wazdakka Gutsmek is the Ork version of Doomrider: an unkillable, drugged-up, insane, godlike biker that really, really likes to go fast.


See, Gutsmek was originally just some Mekboy in an Evil Sunz klan who suddenly became interested in the Kult of Speed and thought that being faster than all get-out was zoggin' awesome. Unfortunately for him, though, those other boyz thought that he was full of grot-dung and kicked him out of the Klan. Without a proper group, he became a solo biker.

Not much has changed for him since that time, as he just kept on biking day and night, going through countless waaghs and staying awake because of strange drug cocktails made by outlawed Painboyz who forgot to pay the insurance agency enough teef. It's said that he'll never leave his bike, even if his ass is practically nonexistent, unless he actually needs to fix said bike, called The Bike of the Aporkalypse.

Among his legendary feats was single-handedly totaling an Imperial Titan, destroying it and then taking the skulls of the Princeps (which were still on fire from the wreckage, by the way) and then sticking them on top of his bike because there's no way by Gork or Mork that could ever be repeated (see Ufthak Blackhawk)

One bit of lore had him trying to create a portal network that would be an interstellar highway, so he could ride his bike from one end of the galaxy to the other.


Wazdakka was an HQ special character from the 4th Edition Orks codex (who, sadly, does not return in 7th edition)(Or 8th. So far). He comes with a Big Mek statline and all of the gubbinz that come with it, as well as a Power Klaw. The major draw for taking him, however, is his Bike of the Aporkalypse, a badass bike indeed. The bike is capable of firing 4 S8 shots after turbo boosting (with the option of firing one S8 AP2 super shot), giving him an absolutely retarded amount of mobility and firepower. But that's not all! Wazdakka's insane reflexes allow him to allocate wounds to his unit on a 6, letting him pull stunts straight out of the Matrix. Finally, and perhaps his best ability, is that he can make all Ork Warbikerz in your army TROOPS instead of Fast Attack, enabling all-bike armies and living the Speed Freek dream.

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