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Webcomics are comics on the Internet.

Well, that was easy. Why does /tg/ care, then?

Because a whole host of webcomics are inspired by, written for, or are loved by the vast majority of /tg/. Below is a list of /tg/-related and -approved webcomics.

Directly Related[edit]

  • Bok the Neutral: A webcomic about a True Neutral half-orc bard adventuring with a man who thinks that he is a fallen paladin and a dryad in a fantasy world created by one of our own drawfags, Mr.Culexus.
  • By The Book: D&D starter monsters decide to become Adventurers. The premise is similar to Goblins but BTB has a much lighter tone. The latest updates also include stats to use the characters in your campaign.
  • Da Real Wurld 40k: Da Real Wurld 40k was a webcomic that mixed a variety of sitcoms and reality TV shows with Warhammer 40,000. Hasn't updated in a long time.
  • Darths And Droids: In this webcomic, Star Wars doesn't exist as a movie franchise but is an RPG. Each comic is a series of screen caps from the DVDs, starting first with the prequels then moving on to the original trilogy, with a variety of tips and tricks for beginning GMs . Beware, legions of /tg/: hilarity will ensue.
  • Delve One Elf, One Dungeon, Even Odds. NSFW but nice plot twists and likeable characters.
  • DM of the Rings: The inspiration for Darths and Droids, this webcomic depicts the Fellowship of the Ring as a D&D party, using stills from the movie adaptations of the three films as a backdrop for the story. The ending was resolved some years ago, though it is very much worth the read regardless.
  • Eagle Ordinary: A webcomic about a ragtag squad of guardsmen and their squeamish (junior) commissar as they battle Tau, heretical tech-priests, and the nefarious plans of a Rogue Trader. Uses an Only War campaign the creators once played as the script.
  • EATATAU!: Popular on the Advanced Tau Tactica forums, EATATAU is a finished webcomic about the Tau Empire, although the dialogue is frequently incomprehensible, due to a poor translation from Spanish to English. Depending on your thoughts on the Tau, it's either awesome or terrible, but in either case, it's very weeaboo.
  • Exterminatus Now: Combines Warhammer 40K with Furries in the art style of Sonic the Hedgehog. Way better than it sounds. Concluded.
  • Goblins: A D&D setting but where the main party is a bunch of genre-savvy goblins instead of the typical humans-and-similar. Has a lotta people being dramatically sad. Though the comic has some enjoyable parts it also has some serious problems. It is still worth giving a try but be warned that it is major Skub.
  • Irregular Webcomic: Whether this is worth recommending is an open question; but there's no question but that the "Fantasy" and "Science Fiction" storylines are both joke tabletop RPG campaigns, making this fairly "directly related". On the more positive side, this aspect led into the author, with his friends, starting up "Darths and Droids".
  • Love Can Bloom: Not a full webcomic but rather the one-off product of a drawfag, the single strip Love Can Bloom spawned one of the most well-known pieces of writefaggotry on /tg/.
  • Monsters Can Be Heroes Too!: The misadventures of a party of adorable monsters, lead by Coal, the world's cutest Kobold. Currently on hiatus due to the artist having financial difficulty.
  • Order of the Stick: started as a gag-a-day D&D satire, its turned into something epic. The artwork is deceptively simple vectored stick-figures. It's also one of the most popular webcomics of any genre, so mentioning it on /tg/ might get a reaction.
  • Regular Marine: - Brought to you by the guys who gave you Kaldor Draigo's warp dust addiction and the Space Hulk trainwrecks. Focuses on the last two marines from one of the missing Primarchs' chapters as they try to stay alive in a messed-up universe. They also manage to drag an under-appreciated Night Lord with a Tyranid fetish along for the ride as well. Currently on hold.
  • Roll Models: An Age of Sigmar webcomic on Warhammer Community site about two hopelessly inept Sigmarines, their random humie friend...and the things that happen behind the scenes (read: on the tabletop). Pretty much like Turn Signals on a Land Raider (see below) but without the blatantly meta nature to the parodic elements.
  • Slut Patrol: A short-lived but nonetheless well-loved webcomic, Slut Patrol was (yet another) Warhammer 40k comic (albeit with a notably more realistic art style).
  • Starcrossed: A webcomic set in Ravenloft. Follows the adventures of a souragnien cleric of Ezra who is forced escape to Dementlieu. Dead.
  • Table Titans: Webcomic by the creator of PVP (that also originated as a spinoff of it) about the titular party of gamers and their game. It's Wizards-endorsed, though, so be forewarned.
  • Turn Signals on a Land Raider (the new version): Considered by many to be the definitive Warhammer 40,000 webcomic, TSoaLR is a series of vignettes related to the game. Fortunately, after a long hiatus, the comic appears to be back on track...and then it ended. And now it's coming back again! This time with the support of GW itself and a place on the Warhammer Community website.
  • Verloren Hoop: chronicling a Dark Hersey game where survivors from a Valkyrie crash go on to investigate a mysterious drug in a hive for the inquisition. Coolexus again.
  • Wolf And Sister: Space Corgi and SoB adventures. Concluded. Webarch is a but finicky, if something doesn't work, run from index. Everything IS there and operational.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: b/w uninked, where most of the main characters are the monsters in a dungeon-romp dungeon. It updates quite regularly and has been around for years, so its pretty long. It is clearly based off dungeons and dragons. Contains some nudity.
  • Vhane Glorious: Heroism Gone Rogue: A webcomic by the people of the Warhammer Community website, written by the authors of the Regimental Standard and illustrated by the same artist behind Eagle Ordinary. Follows the adventures of Buck Vhane, the dashing yet useless brother/cousin/nephew (nobody's entirely certain) of Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane.
  • 1HP CLUB: Daily life of dungeon boys. A webcomic based on a real dnd campaign. Beware the anime.


  • Axe-Cop: A webcomic written by a kid, drawn by a pro. Exceptionally awesome!
  • El Goonish Shive: You want to run an Urban Fantasy campaign using high-schoolers? Here's a pretty good model, if you can ignore the low quality of the art for the first few years and the tendency to meander in such a way that a party happening over a single night can take a year worth of strips to get through. On the plus side, a later arc is about a I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Magic-The-Gathering Tournament, making it more directly relevant.
  • Oglaf: A comical NSFW fantasy comic. High-larious. Updates Sundays. Unlike other successful webcomics, this one won't start a fight because sometimes it has hardcore fucking and nobody doesn't like fucking.
  • Poppy O'Possum: Originally started as a plot to a beat-em-up game, before eventually becoming a webcomic. Follows the life of an anthropomorphic possum starting a new life in a new land.
  • Prequel Adventure: Mainly known as Making a Cat Cry: The Webcomic, Prequel focuses on a Khajiit girl in the Elder Scrolls universe. It is a forum-driven adventure in the MSPA style, but incorporates a lot from Oblivion, and genre-savvy roleplayers keep the comic more /tg/-related than Obli/v/ion related.
  • Unsounded: 19th century-like fantasy setting, top-tier art, grim, but not grimderp story and sticks to a regular update schedule.
  • Schlock Mercenary: Schlock Mercenary can be be called "Xeelee Sequence but noblebright". Notable Schlock had a VERY rough art style at first, hence the link to the middle of the comic's run the creator him self recommends.


Shunned (if not outright hated)[edit]

  • Drowtales: Skub. Read the page for more info.