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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

"Ever seen a Webcrawler? You start finding 'em near middle ring of the net... build big hives out of defunct webpages. They fuckin' love old movie pages, though."

"Seems a little weird."

"Yep. Here's a trick though: If you ever see one just spam .jpegs of 'Dr. Strangelove at them - they fucking go crazy for Peter Sellers."

"Yeah? I bet they go over fuckwell with IMDB."

"Ha, yeah. The deebees hate these goddamn things because they keep trying to get in and steal shit. I swear the fuckers never get a goddamn break."

"Wasn't there a bounty out for them or something?"

"Yeah. Pay's not very good for the hazard, though."

“Huh. What do they look like?"

"About the size of a large dog. Look kinda like some sort of squidscorpion thing... tentacles in some places where legs should be, no tail, blah blah, lotta eyes."