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Wednesdays suck at the same time as they don't. That's probably because people have realized how much the day in the middle of the week can suck, so we put a ton of interesting things to happen on this day to compensate.

Bad things that happen on Wednesdays[edit]

  • No relations.
  • Not a lot of promotions for you.
  • School, if you like staying ignorant.
  • Your boss becomes a massive testicle face.
  • Under-aged nerds complain 'cause they can't play some goddamned computer shit.
  • Crappy sitcoms (like iCarly).
  • You will fall out of bed.

Good things that happen on Wednesdays[edit]

  • If you live in Australia, Wednesday is Pubday. You go to the pub and get shitfaced to get rid of the hump day blues, and if that's not awesome I don't know what is.
  • Lots of poets will attempt (and succeed) to kill themselves.
  • New comics.
  • Rogal Dorn.
  • Was Warhammer Wednesday. Now it isn't. BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS WARHAMMER DAY.
  • Named for Woden/Odin, King and father of the Norse gods, who swapped his eye for knowledge of everything ever.
  • Band night! Beer, motherfucking drums, guitars, keyboards, girls singing.
  • Most reviews and Internet shows post their stuff on this day.
  • If you're a student in Finland or Sweden, Wednesday is mini-Saturday.
  • In Nordic Europe, the Donald Duck magazine comes on Wednesdays. Yes, Nordic Europe has a weekly Donald Duck magazine. Don't ask where they get the extra comics from. (Mostly from the Netherlands.)
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