Wee Jas

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Wee Jas
Wee Jas symbol.jpg
A red skull (sometimes in front of a fireball)
Aliases Death's Guardian, Ruby Sorceress, Stern Lady, the Witch Goddess
Alignment Lawful Neutral (Lawful Evil tendencies)
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Magic, Death, Vanity, Law
Domains 3E: Death, Law, Magic
5E: Arcana, Death, Grave, Knowledge, Order
Home Plane Cabal Macabre (Acheron)
Worshippers Wizards,
Favoured Weapon Dagger

The Greyhawk Witch Goddess with the grab-bag portfolio of Magic, Death, Vanity, and Law, Wee Jas (WEE jas) is portrayed as a stunning woman dressed in a beautiful gown, wearing some piece of jewelry with a skull motif. She promotes the utilization of spells and magic items (though many of her Suel followers insist she favors the creation of such things). She gained her death aspect when the survivors of the Rain of Colorless Fire looked to their goddess of magic for assurance that the dead were being escorted to the afterworld. Her allies are the lawful Suel gods while the chaotic ones are her enemies (except Norebo, who is her lover despite their philosophical differences). She respects Boccob, dislikes the beauty goddess Myhriss, and ignores most other deities.


Magic is the key to all things. Understanding, personal power, security, order, and control over fate come with the study of magic. Respect those who came before you, left their knowledge, and died to make room for you; there will come a time when your life is over and those who come after will honor your learning and your memory.


Clerics of Wee Jas arbitrate disputes, give advice on magic, investigate magical curiosities, create magic items, and administer funerals. The more powerful clerics use their magic to fortify their temple and city. Clerics of lower level are expected to defer to ones of higher level at all times. Her clerics must get her permission before restoring a weak or chaotic being to life. The few paladins she promotes generally wear red armor, especially ruby-colored deep crystal, and fight against evil undead. Her paladins are generally female, although it is not a requirement.

Tome of Battle gave her a unique prestige class, the Ruby Knight Vindicator, which advances both the book's new maneuver system with divine magic. It's probably the most broken complete thing in the book excluding Iron heart surge, but that has nothing to do with initiator part. It both advances (at all levels except 1 and 6) divine spellcasting and includes a way to get extra swift actions allowing for more spells a turn which is very powerful.

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