Welcome to your life: the blood rpg

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This is the rpg based on the Blood series of retro vidya games it was created by the savagereaper, /tg's/ latest source of GETTING SHIT DONE Development will be slow because he is currently working on hr giger's dark world and warhammer 40,000 for pokemon tabletop united but if he cant think of anyhing better to do he will work on this. If you want to work on this talk to savagereaper on his talk page. located here: User talk:Savagereaper

introduction: This is a rpg based on Blood i bet you have already figured that out. (If you arent stupid) (lulz) Anyways because im a huge fan fanatic of blood I naturally wanted to capture the amazing art design, atmosphere, black humor, and story of blood for a rpg.

concept: Because we are creating a rpg based on a fps we will need to have a fairily robust combat system. But we will also focus on there atmosphere side of things storytelling will be just as important as combat. This game will be best played in dim light. We recommend knowing a thing or two about blood before we start.

the pc's: The player characters can be anyone they choose.They can be aligned with the cabal or they can be deserters or random people. The pc's can even play as the chosen. The system for the game will be put into place later probbaly when wamnebu can be bothered to do some more homebrew.