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Werebadgers are, as the name obviously suggests, a therianthrope strain in the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons who transform into the largest member of the mustelid family, the badger. They are most unique for being a therianthrope strain primarily associated with non-humans; most werebadgers are dwarves, and other races are much less likely to catch the disease. Fellow "burrowing" races such as gnomes, goblins and orcs are half as likely to catch the disease as dwarves, and surface-dwelling races like humans and elves only a quarter as likely. Which raises the question of if drow werebadgers are more or less common, since they do live their whole lives underground...

As a species, werebadgers are most known for being gruff, bad-tempered, and lazy. They have little interest in physical labor, especially when it comes to working stone or metal - in dwarven society, this pushes them to the fringes of society, assuming they don't renounce it entirely. Many gravitate to militaristic roles, mostly taking up the calling of scout, which gives them a way to avoid the explosions of violence that are common in this werebeast strain.

Werebadgers are vulnerable to silver, just like a werewolf, and also find poppy seed oil a deadly poison.


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