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"Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!"

Tim the Enchanterer

Werebunnies (not to be confused with the dreaded wererabbit)are a species of fanmade therianthrope created by fans of the Planescape setting in the late 1990s for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition, alongside the Peganthrope, Werestag and Werefox: Kitsune variant. It can still be found in the netbook "Planescape Creature Compendium".

Native to Amoria, the first layer of Elysium, these Neutral Good therianthropes may be tied to the guardinals, and possibly be manifest spirits of fertility and motherhood. Why is this a theory? Well, for starters, all werebunnies are female, able to assume the form of a hot woman with a, quote, "highly developed body" (Charisma 19), a rabbit, or a hybrid form, which is described in the "official" lore as adding a rabbit's tail, rabbit ears, and a full-body pelt to the human form. Secondly, any kid around the age of 6 or younger will find a werebunny absolutely fascinating. Finally, they are obsessed with making and then rearing babies; whilst they often find work as waitresses or wet nurses, really what every werebunny wants is to be a stay-at-home barefoot 'n' preggers mom. If you doubt us, read the entirety of their official Habitat/Society writeup:

It is thought that werebunnies exist for motherhood, they live to bear and raise children; their character is totally structured around family and being nurturing and supportive. The only communities known to include significant numbers of Bunnies are on the first layer of Elysium; elsewhere, they are very rare at best.

Truth be told, werebunnies aren't much good outside of being eye-candy and baby factories. The average Intelligence score of a werebunny is a jaw-dropping 5-7 - for those of you only familiar with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, this was even worse back in 2nd edition. In comparison, their Wisdom is better than average, averaging about 13-14. So they're great at caring for things and being empathic, but otherwise dumb as a stump.

To reproduce, werebunnies turn to the aid of humanoid males - usually humans, always giving birth to twins; a female werebunny and a male of the father's race. Of course, if you wanted to make them more rabbit-like, you could have them produce litters that consist of 1 son of the father's race and 2d8 werebunny daughters (rabbits average 7 kits in a litter, and can have over 15). A werebunny is born in its hybrid form and doesn't gain the ability to change shapes until the age of 7 years old.

You're unlikely to get into a fight with a werebunny. They're not aggressive, preferring to run and hide rather than fight, and attacking one is formally considered an Evil Act by the rules. If they do get into a scrap, they are considered to have 20 Constitution, which makes them immune to nonmagical diseases and lets them regenerate 1 hit point per hour, and have the standard therianthrope immunity of being impossible to hurt without using silver or +1-or-better magic weapons. But before you think about bullying the bunny, keep in mind that they can bite, and they can spread a form of werebunny therianthropy with their bites. Infected werebunnies turn into sex-crazed bunnygirls on the nights of the full moon and are compelled to find a hot guy to shag senseless for the duration of the night, typically gravitating towards a guy that the infectee already has strong emotional bonds with, whether this is attraction or loathing. The infectee will snap back to normal in the morning, with only hazy memories of what they did.

...Don't snicker, guys; men can become infected werebunnies too, and yes, that includes the whole "turn into a horny bunnygirl and find a dude to shag" thing.

The werebunny's official lore doesn't describe what happens if an infected werebunny's escapades leave her pregnant. Presumably she gives birth to true werebunnies. Whether a guy infected with the werebunny curse can get pregnant depends on your DM's Magical Realm.

They showed up again in 5e via Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, in the form of Alti the Werehare, a trouper at the traveling realm known as the Carnival. Don't get too excited; she uses the statblock of a wererat, since it wouldn't make sense to write out a whole unique statblock for someone who only has a single sentence devoted to her in the whole book.

A final thing to consider is that the idea of a wererabbit is a very interesting one, especially if you're familiar with the idea of the Moon Rabbit. See, unlike people in the Western world who usually see a face when they look at the moon, most people in the East instead see a rabbit working a mortar and pestle to make dumplings. There's even a Chinese myth about this, in which the rabbit is the pet of a woman who took an immortality potion and thus had to live on the moon (don't ask). In short, the idea of a rabbit-like creature being prone to a form of lunacy has some merit to it.

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