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Werecrocodiles, as their name suggests, are a therianthrope species with the ability to partially or wholly assume the form of crocodiles. Well, with a name like that, were you expecting them to turn into busty bunnygirls?


In Dungeons & Dragons, werecrocodiles originated in the Forgotten Realms setting, appearing in the splatbook "Old Empires" (all about Mulhorand and Unther, the Egypt regions of Faerun) for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition, before being reprinted in a more general D&D direction in 1993's Monstrous Manual. They are also known to inhabit the setting of Ravenloft, with fans also adding the Werealligator to the setting as well. Their last appearance was in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, with appearances in Monsters of Faerun for 3.0 and Lost Empires of Faerun for 3.5.

On Faerun, werecrocodiles were created as a servitor race by the minor Mulhorandi deity Sebek, although they were eventually chased out of their birthlands by humans - at the time where "Old Empires" was set, they had been driven away for over 500 years, and were most commonly found in the Adderswamp of Chessenta, with this info being repeated in their 3e appearances.

In human form, werecrocodiles are tall and slender, with thin, sharp-featured faces characterized by long noses, long chins, and pronounced overbites. For most of their history, they only had two forms; human or a huge crocodile, but in 3.5, they gained the ability to assume a hybrid form. Werecrocs typically live alone, or in small family units typically ruled over by their mother, spending most of their days hunting in crocodile form before retiring to sleep at night in simple mud huts crafted within swamps or on the banks of rivers - as you'd expect, werecrocs hang out in places where normal crocs like to live. Aside from being territorial, they also relish the taste of human flesh, and are quick to pick off human victims when they can; they are expert trap-makers, and typically use the guise of a weeping, grief-stricken human to lead human prey into their traps. However, they're not idiots and realize that humans are too dangerous to tackle in large numbers, so they only pick on individuals and small groups.

For some reason, werecrocs are even more crazy about eating wererats than they are about eating people.


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Werecrocs are amongst the various werebeasts that inhabit Golarion. The werecroc debuted in the Pathfinder Bestiary 4, with the following information:

Werecrocodiles merge the ruthless determination of a crocodile with the intelligence and adaptability of a humanoid. This fusion creates a maliciously cunning creature with no doubt of its own martial superiority.

This was then expanded upon slightly in "Pathfinder Player's Companion: Blood of the Moon", which is the Pathfinder sourcebook on their version of the shifter race, which had this to say:

Werecrocodiles are known to be calculating and lecherous; they are notorious for an obsession with violence and with terrorizing anyone who dares enter their territory. They decorate their territories with skulls and other warnings that they enjoy showing to human interlopers to inspire dread. Indeed, many werecrocodiles assume human form to lure unsuspecting humans into following them far beyond any hope of help before terrorizing them and slowly hunting them down and tearing them to pieces. In general, werecrocodiles regard werecrocodile-kin as pale shadows of a werecrocodile’s true might. As such, werecrocodiles think little of imposing their will on scalehearts unless the latter have demonstrated exceptional strength and brutality.
Werecrocodiles usually prefer to stick to their own territory, but those who manage to keep in touch with human curiosity sometimes take easily to a life of adventure, at least temporarily. These psychopathic but patient travelers often range many miles from their territory in pursuit of new and more challenging prey to make their reputation more intimidating.


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