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Gigantic void capable xenos warp artefacts of the Yu'Vath, Whisperers are seemingly autonomous and some have survived the alleged destruction of the Yu'vath. In appearance, they are a massive ball of dark, reflective energy several kilometres across. Around it orbits a collection of monolithic rounded crystals, power constantly arcing between them. They are known to have downed imperial cruisers with their direct attacks but their true danger lies in their system wide mind controlling abilities. Given how the Warp works, faith is quite literally humanity’s only way of fighting this sort of abomination. Don't listen to him, he and the rest of them are clearly mind controlled by the whisperer. The real trick is to stop mumbling nonsense and to start firing those macrocannons

Notable Species of Warhammer 40,000
Major: Eldar, including Dark Eldar Humans, including Abhumans Necrons Orks Tau Tyranids
Minor: Ambull Araklionid Barghesi Banelings Bale Childers Drahendra Caradochians Cimmeriac
Cryptos Cythor Fiends Demiurg Donarathi Drugh Dracoliths Drax Enoulian
Enslavers Fra'al Galg Gykon Hrud Jokaero Jorgall K'nib
Kathaps Khrave Kinebrach Kroot L'Huraxi Lacrymole Laer Lelith
Loxatl Medusae Megarachnids Nekulli Nicassar Old Ones Q'Orl Rak'gol
Rangda Reek Reptos Saharduin Saruthi Scythian Simulacra Slann
Slaugth Sslyth Stryxis Tarellian Thexian Thraxian Thyrrus Tushepta
Umbra Ur-Ghul Vespid Watchers in the Dark Whisperers Xenarch Yu'Vath Zoats