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Along with Sandy Mitchell, William King is one of the oldest of BL's stable of writers. Seriously, he wrote fluff for Rogue Trader.

He wrote the original Gotrek & Felix novels, which aren't as good as you remember them to be are even better than you remember them to be, and anyone who doesn't think they are is a wazzok. Also wrote four and a half Space Wolf novels then quit in a huff for reasons unexplained. (Probably because they told him to quit comparing everything to the size of barrels)

He has since returned to the Black Library and penned a trilogy about Tyrion and Teclis. How he feels about having his two prior series that made his name being taken away from him is unknown however.

He recently finished his Macharian Crusade series of novels. He changes some of the fluff, but it seems to be in a good way. And is anyone surprised that there are Space Wolves in it?

Unfortunately, being one of BL’s oldest writers also means a lot of King's books were written when Warhammer was young and undeveloped, and as a result they…haven’t exactly aged well. The Space Wolf series is a prime example of this, as while the stories themselves are solid enough, they just don't mesh at all with today's fluff. When you read them now and see stuff like the Imperial Guard using Predators and Rhinos instead of Leman Russes and Chimeras, the Thousand Sons effectively negating the Rubric (during the climax of Grey Hunter) in a way that would have Ahriman screaming bullshit at the top of his sorcerous lungs, and a host of other issues and inconsistencies, you can’t help but feel like the books could really do with some modern rewriting.

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