Wizard battle

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A simple strategy game crafted by /tg/ back in April 2010.



The game board is a 5x5 grid with random numbers from 1-3 on each space (see right for an example). Two players each have a wizard pawn, which start the game on opposite corners of the board.

Players alternate turns. On a player's turn, the player's wizard moves, then casts a spell.

  • a wizard moves as many spaces as the number it is on when it starts the turn. Wizards may move only orthogonally, and must move the full amount in a straight line.
  • a wizard casts a spell at any space on the board except these three: the one the wizard started the turn on, or the two spaces currently occupied by wizard pawns. A spell can add one or subtract one the number on a space, so long as the resulting number is no less than 0.

A wizard loses the battle if:

  • a wizard lands on a space with a number greater than the distance to the furthest edge (fire magic)
  • a wizard lands on a space with a zero (ice magic)
  • a wizard's only safe moves are to repeat moving between two spaces (wind magic)
  • a wizard pawn tries to occupy the same space as the other wizard pawn (earth magic)