Wolfgang Baur

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Wolfgang Baur is an author and worldbuilder heavily involved with Dungeons & Dragons from late second edition on.

Herr Baur blasted onto the scene with "White Kingdom" (aka "Kingdom of the Ghouls"), widely acknowledged as a classic in Underdark epic, but given TSR's shaky state at the time had to be sold via Dungeon (although it did get cover billing in that issue #70). He returned to those pages, under Paizo management, for the penultimate chapter of the Savage Tide Adventure Path (issue #149).

Outside the TSR / WotC / Hasbro stable Baur did a Lizard Kingdom, which he couldn't sell to WotC, so it ended up (with thri-kreen reskinned as ankheg) in Malhavoc's Beyond Countless Doorways. Baur compiled some stuff for rogues also for Malhavoc, The Book of Roguish Luck. When Hasbro started mucking with the brand Baur got heavily into schismatic Pathfinder under Paizo. Then he split from the splitters and, for Kobold Press, released his homebrew Midgard setting which is pretty much Golarion done properly, especially its Southlands.

It all makes up for the dog breakfast which Woofie made of the 3.5 Cambion although we still rib him for that here.