Wolfram Hertwig

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Wolfram Hertwig is a Chancellor of the League of Ostermark and Prince of Bechafen. He rose to infamy when in his late teens he refused to yield command to much older and wiser Grand Master Kessler, resulting in the Knights' departure and a bloodbath which is the Battle of Black Road. Although Hertwig still managed to drove out Orcs, Ostermark was so devastated, that for thirty years it became dependent on the armies of Talabecland and Ostland. Initially voted for Boris Todbringer in 2502 elections, but in a fortnight before second round Karl Franz managed to convince him into vote change by promises of much bigger taxations in rival province Talabecland. Has a pretty cool Runefang called Troll Cleaver, that can block Trolls' regenerative abilities. Also has a griffon mount.