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Wolfweres are often confused with werewolves due to the fact that they are identical in both appearance and function.

Wolfweres are one of the sillier monsters in Dungeons & Dragons to have nonetheless persisted throughout the editions. As their name implies, they are "reverse werewolves", a therianthrope breed which in its native form is a wolf with regeneration and a human-like level of intelligence, and which can freely adopt human or half-human forms. They are particularly common in Ravenloft, as the Darklord of Kartakass is a wolfwere.

By contrast with their better-known counterparts, their weakness is to cold iron rather than silver and they do not form packs. They despise werewolves, and the feeling is mutual; they do get along with regular wolves and worgs, though.

The most dangerous part of facing a wolfwere is its song. Wolfweres have a talent for music and often disguise themselves as wandering minstrels or bards, and their songs have an innate ability to make anyone who hears them sluggish and lethargic. Thus slowed, they become easy prey for the wolfwere.