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These are the games being run out of the #nwod channel @ It is here so we don't need to abuse the shit out of the topic, and so we can link other, more interesting things.

Old World of Darkness[edit]


New World of Darkness[edit]

World of Darkness / The God-Machine Chronicle[edit]

  • Rise - Oh dear god please not a crossover game.
  • Fortune Days - In which RAWK LAWBSTAR continues to do shenanigans.

Vampire: The Requiem / The Strix Chronicle[edit]

  • Draculas of Wealth and Taste - Daeren leads some chumps on vampire adventures in Cave Junction, OR.
  • Ready to Die - RAWK_LAWBSTAR invented a city for her vampires to play in.
  • Artificial Nocturne - Yue doesn't know when to give up. She's trying to run another game. May God have mercy on her players.

Werewolf: The Forsaken[edit]


Mage: The Awakening[edit]

Promethean: The Created[edit]


Changeling: The Lost[edit]


Changeling Homebrew[edit]

Hunter: The Vigil[edit]


Hunter Homebrew[edit]

Geist: The Sin-Eaters[edit]

  • Never Let Down - RAWK_LAWBSTAR's second Haida game. OH NO SPOOKY GHOSTS.

Mummy: The Curse[edit]


Demon: The Descent[edit]

Deviant: The Renegades[edit]




Trinity Continuum[edit]