World of the Lost

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What is this?[edit]

World of the Lost is an adventure by Rafael Chandler for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The module itself is divided into various sections (information about the main city of the adventure, a hexcrawl chapter, information about the main dungeon, a bestiary as well as information on the inside covers and a large fold out map of said hexcrawl area) with some of the information presented being of fairly good quality (new factions, a spell generator, histories of the area, plot hooks for side quests and more).

The Story[edit]

Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.

The story, as much as it is, is that the city of Khirima (khurr-EE-mah) is an up-and-coming regional power somewhere in Africa with an odd penchant of dropping LOTS of silver and other treasures somewhere at the nearby massive plateau and, of course, the party wants some of that sweet loot that they are practically just abandoning! After arriving in the city (how they get there may, in fact, be an adventure in and of itself) the party may carouse and get to know the local customs and factions while learning some juicy rumors. The city itself has no proper map but the book outlines ways for the GM to randomly generate wards and such on the fly.

After learning where the local silver cavalcade is taking the silver, the game transitions to a hexcrawl scenario where even more adventures and such are had, such as a local town being overran by undead, plots to kill the king of Khirima, random run-ins with rival adventurers and African wildlife. One on the plateau it still is a hexcrawl but shift to a major Lost World style of play with obvious Lamentations flare - sentient slime monsters, rogue magic, pterodactyl mutant people, dinosaurs and robots.

After running around the plateau for a while the party eventually finds the main dungeon which is rather small (only 9 chambers) but it's name should hint at just how crazy it is: The Temple of Ages That Are Not. Expect more robots, time travelers and more in this incredibly dangerous and deadly dungeon.

If the party does get killed or kill itself, they should be able to make it back with backpacks full of silver and dangerous weapons. The downside is is that managing to get out is the hard part since the plateau is encased in a force field and dropping it will, of course, release all the monsters, mutants and robots on the nearby region.

But who cares? Party got the loot.