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Kobold wraith is best wraith.

Wraiths are a variant of ghost found in various myths, religions and assorted /tg/ media. The general difference is that whilst ghosts may be pitiable, wraiths tend to be actively malevolent, or at least so homicidally insane that you really can't spare the time to pity them before they suck out your life with a touch.

For an RPG game in which the player can play a wraith character, see Wraith: The Oblivion.

In Dungeons & Dragons it developed from the "Nazgul" in those halcyon days before came The Lawyers. Over the late 1970s they were split out: the Wraith for low-level play, and the Spectre carrying on the pterodactyl-riding Wraith-dominating tradition. Their stats were those of incorporeal Wights, with the same energy-drain.

White Dwarf's Fiend Factory thought it amusing to nilbog the wraith as the "Withra", which everyone hated, although that didn't stop them.

Also Judges Guild in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor printed a "Wright". Your guess is as good as ours.