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AwesomeWTF.gifThis article contains something which makes absolutely no logical sense, such as Nazi Zombie Mercenaries, Fucking Space Orangutans, anything written by a certain Irish leper or Robin Crud-ace, Matt Ward creating (against all odds) a codex that isn't completely broken on every level. If you proceed, consider yourself warned.

"Known as the Wurrboyz, these unsavoury characters channel Waaagh! energy in its most primal, animalistic form, unleashing roiling storms of psychic energy through their foes that leave them as little more than shrivelled husks, or worse…"

– Description by Warhammer Community.

Wurrboyz are a new type of Ork Weirdboy and these guys are the most hilarious shit ever put onto the tabletop (More can be read in the crunch). Unlike Weirdboyz, Wurrboyz are considered 'wild', which is one hell of a feat given the already extreme eccentricities of a Weirdboy.


While Weirdboyz are treated more like a living psychic bomb than a unit, Wurrboyz are treated more like pseudo-shamans within the Beast Snagga tribes. As such, these guys are granted a level of respect far above that of a regular Ork psyker, seen as divine oracles rather than dangerous ticking time bombs like the Weirdboyz.

If a Pigdok is considered the Feral Orks' equivalent of a Painboy and the Boiler Boyz are their equivalent of a Mekboy, than a Wurrboy is the Feral Orks' version of a Weirdboy.


Crunchwise, here is where the juicy (And FUN!) rules come into play. Wurrboyz have the Eyez of Mork psychic attack which is your typical short-ranged (12") beam attack that is Assault 2, S6, AP-3 and deals D3 damage to a target. Pretty stock standard anti-MEQ and TEQ attack. What you want however, is their special and hilarious Squiggly Curse ability, which literally transforms your enemies into a bunch of Squigs. Yes, you can literally go hocus-fucking-pocus on a 40k tabletop now! This ability has a warp charge value of 7 and any targeted enemy within 12" must roll one D6 for each model in that unit (Max 6 dice). If the result is a 4+, the unit suffers 1 mortal wound. If a unit is destroyed by this power, every enemy unit within 6" suffers 1 additional mortal wound as the poor SOB transforms into a ball of mouths and legs. Unfortunately this does not mean you get to replace them with a Squig model.

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