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The Wychsuit (AKA battle bikinis, war-thongs, BDSM-latex leotards, stripperific gimpsuits, /tg/'s number 1 fap material, jiggle physics) are the (in)famous 'combat attire' of the Hekatarii Wych Cults. As such, they possibly have the worst 'armour' in the entire setting.


In Dark Eldar society, Wyches wear little (If any) clothing to best show off their skin and...assets to the bloodthirsty and horny-as-fuck crowds in the gladiatorix.

However, in an actual raid or battle, they obviously don't apply to anything other than making the loins of weak-willed men quiver in confused arousal. While this literal DISTRACTION CARNIFEX of a 'warsuit' may work wonders against the dregs of the Imperium, it becomes increasingly worthless to the more...celibate and/or sexually impotent forces in the galaxy.

Rather, to somehow get around this, these flexible bodygloves has been designed to particularly protect one side of the wearers body (usually the side they most often expose to their opponents) whilst the other side has sections cut away, baring naked flesh. While the light weight makes Wyches scary fast and agile, the whole design kind of falls flat on its face when they have to eat a face full of artillery barrages.

At the very least, they make some great snuff-grade porno for all your /d/eviant needs.


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