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Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a miniatures-based tabletop space combat wargame made by Fantasy Flight Games and set in the Star Wars universe. The scale is focused on starfighter combat (which, in Star Wars, occurs at a scale more like WWII-era dogfights than the usual space-navy battles of other science fiction), although FFG showed off a Death Star-based gaming board at a gaming convention, leaving open the possibility that there may be ways for capital ships to play a part in the game.

An X-Wing is a starfighter from Star Wars. It is named because its wings (known in-universe as "strike foils" or "S-foils"), when deployed in attack position, look like an X when the fighter is viewed from the front. It is, along with the TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon, one of the most iconic ships from science fiction, so it has lent its name to several space combat games from 1990's flight simulators to tabletop games. Like this one.

If you want a tabletop wargame that's easy to get into, this game is a good choice. It doesn't require many models, and models come prepainted and only need to be mounted on bases with plastic pegs. There's also no need to pay for any army books, as the model sets contain cards that list all of the models' stats and abilities. Like a lot of FFG games, however, the game is dependent on overpriced custom d8s that are only useful for playing X-Wing; this can be annoying if you already have a ton of perfectly good d8s you could use instead. Also like a lot of FFG games, the lack of edition-based rules and army books means that any post-release balancing has to be done with new expansion cards which you then have to buy, the most obvious example being the "refit" upgrades that reduce the points cost of overcosted ships. The end result is power creep as some ships become a waste of time unless you buy certain expansions beforehand and upgrades required to make a $15 ship competitive in standard games are bundled with a $100 ship that can only be used in fuckhuge games. FFG has since released a second edition in September 2018, which at least paused the power creep as ships were rebalanced, but on the other hand you'll need to rebuy all your stat cards and maneuver dials.



Fantasy Flight Games actually included a tutorial for the game on their Youtube channel which you can view here, but if you're reading this than you're probably expecting some instructions on playing the game and the tactics on winning. Pre-game is typical of wargames, you have a set number of points you can spend on ships, or upgrades for them, and we'll get to the types of those later. The game is divided into phases, the Planning Phase, Systems Phase, Activation Phase, Combat Phase, and End Phase.

During the Planning Phase, you use a small dial that comes with each type of ship that dictates what moves it can make. You rotate the dial to the maneuver you desire, set it in face-down position, and wait for opponent to do the same. Each ship has its own dial to correspond with its maneuvers, and you cannot pre-measure your maneuvers, so be sure to clearly think on what moves you want your ships to make as a wrong move can easily cost you the game.

This guy has the right idea.

The Systems Phase isn't used in every game, but it's when bombs are dropped, TIE Phantoms get decloaked, and punks with Informant and Sense can peek at enemy maneuver dials.

For the Activation Phase, each player reveals their dial and their ships make their moves. The order is determined by the ship's initiative, the lower initiative going first and then movement order works its way up to the pilots with higher initiative. That may not seem to make sense initially, but it represents how better pilots would be able to maneuver more quickly in response to what is happening around them while every ship is moving at the same time. During this phase, ships can also perform Actions, usually one per phase, which can affect later Combat and Activation Phases. The most common one, which will be brought up here to explain due to its corresponding sides on the dice, is the Focus action, which grants a Focus Token to the ship using that action.

The Combat Phase is determined by initiative, with the highest value going first. Hence why pilots with lower skill moved first in the previous phase, doing both would imbalance the stat. All ships have their own firing arcs which are shown as colored lines on their base, which is generally limited to the area in front of them unless they have some kind of side guns or rotating turret. Attacking ships roll a number of Attack Dice equal to the number indicated for its Primary Weapon, though may instead choose to use a Secondary Weapon if they have one. Range is determined using the ruler provided for the game in the starter sets that is divided into three range areas (five for the capital ships in the game), range 1 provides a bonus attack die, range 2 does nothing, and range 3 causes the defender to gain an extra Defense Die. Attack Dice have blank sides, hits, critical hits, and Focus, where if the ship that has a Focus Token can use to change all Focus results to Hit results. The player whose ship is being fired on rolls a number of Defense Dice equal to their ship's Agility rating. Defense Die have blank and Evade results, the latter which negates of a Hit of the controlling player's choosing, and Focus, which if they have a Focus Token they can use to turn into Evade results. Regular Hits have to be negated before critical hits. Any Hits that aren't negated lead to the player drawing a Damage Card, and once a ship has a number of Damage Cards equal to or exceeding its Hull rating, it's destroyed. Critical hits, in addition to dealing damage, have the Damage Card placed face up and its effect applied to the ship for the rest of the game starting the following turn. Shields prevent Damage Cards from being drawn and are removed as a result at a 1:1 ratio until the ship has no more Shields.

The End Phase, ends the turn. All Focus Tokens are removed and if a player still has ships or hasn't met mission requirements, the game continues to another turn.

Building A Squadron[edit]

The nice thing about X-Wing is that the upgrade cards that come with each ship can be mixed and matched as you see fit, so even if the meta shits all over your favorite pilot suddenly, new potential combos can arise that don't need you to suddenly buy eighty bajillion new models. Want to give some Tie fighters shield upgrades? Go right ahead! Remember though that you still need to actually be able to kill things, so don't go too crazy on kitting your squad out or you'll wind up sorely lacking in the firepower department, but conversely many ships don't really shine until geared up so it all becomes a very delicate balancing act. Or you can just go nuts and slap every single possible upgrade on two fighters and see how long it takes to get utterly wrecked.

Second Edition[edit]

Here's what's different:


  • Points costs are missing from ship and upgrade cards; instead you have to rely on FFG's official squad builder app to feed you the points costs for your particular list, which can be updated like a vidya gayme as FFG sees fit. FFG claims that this will more easily allow for custom events, emergency balance patches at tournaments, etc., but it smells like an attempt to crack down on the online X-Wing community's use of fan-made squad builders that collate all the game rules to try out new ships without buying the models or borrowing from another player. On the other hand, it will probably do a lot to curb the power creep issues that plagued much of the first edition.
    • The core set will include a set of "quick build" cards that are balanced against each other for casual play. Each build has an associated "threat level" indicating how cheese it is; FFG claims that a threat level of 8 is roughly equivalent to a 200-point list.
    • Points updates will be released as downloadable PDFs that you can print out instead of having to rely entirely on the squad builder.
    • Points costs and limits have been approximately doubled to allow for better granularity when balancing costs; the standard 1v1 scrum list is now 200 points.
  • Disney has apparently leaned on FFG to make the game feel more "Star Wars"; this is expected to mean that things like promoting the use of named characters that Disney can sell toys of over taking lots of generic redshirts.
  • Some models will be re-issued with upgraded molds; one example given is a T-65 X-Wing mini with movable S-foils.
    • FFG has moved production from China to the USA, so many models are substantially more expensive: Cheap Small ships like X-Wings and TIEs are up to $20 from $15, the new Solo Falcon is $40 when the regular 1e Falcon is $30.
  • The Resistance and the First Order have been promoted to full faction status and will be receiving extra ships in the second wave.
  • Existing ships will require a conversion kit to be playable in the second edition. Rebel, Imperial, and Scum & Villany will each get a $50 kit at launch with a dead forest of cards and tokens for most of the ships released to date, plus medium bases for the ships that have been retconned to Medium class.
    • Each ship in an conversion kit will get a number of copies of its maneuver dials proportional to its points cost; elite ships and Large ships like B-Wings and the Falcon come with two copies, while swarms get four. Regulars will be keen to notice that may not be enough for players who play large games (like, say, the FFG-approved Epic format) or have gone all-in with swarm lists, thus forcing them to buy more ships and change their builds or buy a second conversion kit for a cool $100 just to keep playing. Just as planned.
    • The conversion kit doesn't include the new damage deck, meaning unless FFG sells damage decks separately you have to buy a $40 core set on top of the $50 conversion kit just to use the shit you already bought.
    • The Firespray/Slave I is no longer legal in Empire lists.
    • "Some" of the upgrade cards from the Aces series are included in the conversion kits, but the full expansions have been discontinued.
    • In the conversion kits, ships have at most three copies of the generic pilots, many of the cooler pilots (including Asoka Tano and a lot of X-Wing pilots) are missing. Supposedly, some of the missing pilots are going to be released in "Soft Expansions" that just have cards, and no model. These will largely be |proxied.


  • The Pilot Skill stat has been renamed Initiative, and is used for a ton of miscellaneous ordering steps beyond just shooting, including bomb explosions and deployment order. Initiative's soft cap is 6 as opposed to Pilot Skill's cap of 9, and ace pilots with high Initiative like Soontir Fel are substantially more expensive than they were before, though pilot abilities play a much more substantial role in cost than before.
  • Cleanup steps like bomb explosions now have their own "system" phase instead of piggybacking on another phase.
  • Medium ships have been introduced for ships like the K-Wing that are too small to be Large and too large to be Small.
  • Ion cannons have been reworked; you now have to apply additional tokens to larger ships (2 for Medium, 3 for Large) to give them the ionized condition, and the first uncanceled hit deals one damage instead of applying a token. Leftover hits result in additional ion tokens.
    • Ionized ships can focus (you still can't declare any other actions) after their ion move.
  • Force-sensitive pilots are a thing, and will have a supply of "Force charges" to activate abilities or convert a focus result into a hit or evade. Force abilities aren't limited by the action economy (unless the card says so) so you can blow your load and use them all in one turn, but they regenerate at a rate of one per turn so you'd better hope you won't need to do that again for a while. Unless you're Luke, who |recovers a Force point each time an attack is declared against him.
    • Examples of Force upgrades include cheating your way up the initiative ladder, ignoring the token cost of special weapons, or just straight up cheating and looking at an enemy ship's maneuver dial for free.
    • There are Dark Side specific Force Powers like Hatred.
  • Some upgrade cards begin play with a set number of energy counters that are spent to use their abilities; discard-on-use cards are a thing of the past.
    • Some upgrades (like R5-D8) let you spend charges to discard damage cards, effectively increasing your hull value.
    • There's a new "Gunner" slot separate from the Crew slot for attack-buff crew like Dengar and Bossk.
    • Modal abilities like the U-Wing's pivot and the X-Wing's S-foils now have their own Configuration slot instead of piggybacking on the Title or Modification slot.
  • Every ship has all four 90-degree fire arcs on its base, plus a special "bullseye" arc in the middle of the front arc; upgrades can interact with this to give you bonuses when attacking a target in your bullseye arc.
  • When you decloak with Small ships, your free barrel roll uses the 2-speed template.
  • Ships can now have red actions, which work exactly like red maneuvers.
  • Some ships have "linked" actions, which let the ship perform multiple actions in a turn if they're done in a specific order, like a Focus done immediately after a Barrel Roll. Almost all linked actions are red actions, but some exceptions exist, like with the Special Forces TIE.
  • Some effects can temporarily remove a ship from the field, returning to play after the effect is resolved. This is a generalization of the docking mechanic used by the Ghost.
  • Droids can have a "Calculate" action, which works exactly like focus except it changes one eye result instead of all of them. The tradeoff is that some droid fighters can share Calculate tokens. IG-88 can get two tokens at once, allowing him to split them between different results.
  • Tokens are now segregated by their shape and color; round tokens always disappear at the end of the turn, while square tokens are persistent and get flipped when you use them instead of being discarded. Calculate, focus and evade tokens are all green, and cards like the new Vader crew upgrade directly interact with all green tokens instead of having to list all the token types.
  • Barrel rolls now have strict rules for how you perform them based on the alignment of centerlines on the base and the maneuver template; this has been done explicitly to nerf arc dodging according to FFG staff.
  • The Lancer/Shadow Caster's unique quadrant-based turret mechanics have been backported to all turrets, and there was much rejoicing.


X-Wing has a wide variety of upgrades available for the various ships in your list. Depending on the type of list, upgrade selection can be more important than the ships you stick them on. At the very least, after you find a ship you want or like, and figure out how the fuck to fly that ship, you should try and find good upgrades for it - very few lists run anything "naked" (that is, with no upgrades). Upgrades are divided into two broad categories; ship upgrades and secondary weapons.

Ship Upgrades come in a wide variety, and the individual categories of them will be addressed below.

  • Modifications: Miscellaneous upgrades that don't fit anywhere else. They used to have one slot on every ship, but some have more and a few like the A-Wing don't have any.
  • Elite Pilot Talent: Elite slots are common, with most named pilots and higher skill generics able to take one. Elite slots are used to add extra abilities to your ship, and most often useful when they synchronize with a pilot ability.
  • Crew Upgrades: Crew slots add people to your ship. Like elite slots, they usually add bonus abilities, but crew slots are usually exclusive to bigger ships. Your average little fighter can't take one. Lots of named characters appear here, so along with the shared pool of generics, each faction has its unique crew upgrades. Rebels have the most unique crew, which vary in cost and use wildly. Imperials have few crew limited to them, many of which have a higher cost, but are very potent. Scum crew tends to be very cheap and good, but Scum ships usually only feature 1 crew slot so you must pick very carefully.
  • Gunner: This was a long time coming. Gunners offer buffs to weapons, particularly turrets and bombs.
  • Astromech: Unique to a handful of Rebel and Scum ships, astromech upgrades are for those lovely little tin cans that help you navigate around, repair damage, and analyze battle situations. Many have been vastly improved since 1st Edition.
  • Salvaged Astromech: Like astromechs, but unique to Scum. Tend to have weirder and more risky abilities, like one that lets you drop bombs after maneuvering. Which tends to leave you in the blast radius. Dumbass.
  • Illicit: Almost unique to Scum, with a few rebel dabbles. Illicit upgrades are usually illegal and risky, including turning your ship into a bomb when you die, or grant a one-turn chance to perform actions and red maneuvers while stressed. Sadly lacking in variety since 1st Edition. The Lancer's double slots are basically pointless at the present.
  • Titles: All titles are unique to their ships, and often add a unique ability, sometimes for free or even with a negative cost. Think of titles as X-Wing's way of giving an entire ship class specific bonuses along with pilot abilities. Other titles refer to signature, unique versions of that ship - like the Millenium Falcon
  • Sensor: System is an upgrade common on some large ships and on more "advanced" or sophisticated small ships - which in turn tend to be more expensive. Limited selection since 2nd Edition launched, but the options are pretty good, like Trajectory Simulator, which lets you lob bombs forward instead of dropping them an inch backward. Fire-Control System has had an interesting revamp that lets you reroll one die with a target lock without discarding the lock.
  • Tech: Tech upgrades are exclusive to TFA-era ships, and represent 30+ years of R&D. They tend to circumvent the normal rules of the game, like allowing certain actions while stressed or spending Focus on blank results.

Secondary Weapons[edit]

Secondary weapons are upgrades that add a new type of attack, usually with special abilities, to a ship. Unless stated otherwise, they're performed instead of a primary weapon attack. They have their own dice pool, range limitations, and ignore normal bonus dice for things like range. Unless otherwise specified, they must still be in your firing arc. In some cases, upgrades in other slots will act like a secondary weapon, such as "Snap Shot" EPT or "Hot-Shot Blaster" Illicit.

  • Torpedoes: Great shot, kid, that was one in a million! Unfortunately, Han is right about torpedoes. In general, torpedoes have more attack dice than a ship's standard attack, along with a different ability, but they almost always require a target lock to be spent to fire them and they're one use only. Torpedoes are primarily used by Rebels, with only occasional Imperial and Scum ships mounting them. The Torpedo Slot is important because it includes the upgrade "Extra Munitions", which gives all the ordnance type upgrades a second shot for way cheaper than using two of the same upgrade.
  • Missiles: Missiles are similar to torpedoes but tend to be less demanding; some require you to have a target lock but not spend it, while a few can be run with just a focus token, but like torpedoes, missiles are one use only. Missiles are more frequently used by Imperials, with only some Rebel and Scum having them. Unlike Torpedoes they don't tend to have a lot of special flair, just focus on getting additional hits or easier hits on.
  • Cannons: Unlike torpedoes and missiles, cannons can be used repeatedly, making them almost always the preferred choice. Often, a cannon can simply be thought of as replacing your primary. Cannons are evenly distributed among the factions. Most cannons have some secondary effect or rule to distinguish them from just using your primary.
  • Turrets: Like cannons but expensive as all hell, turrets can fire at targets outside your firing arc, especially useful for the slow, heavy ships they tend to be found on. Of special note is the Twin Laser Turret, found only in the K-Wing pack and TIE Aggressor pack, TLTs are a range 2-3 3 dice attack. When you use them, you attack twice, and if you get any hits or crits in your attack, the defender suffers one damage. This makes them the bane of aces and large ships alike. Lists of 4 Y-Wings with Twin Laser Turrets go in and out of fashion periodically. Only a single Imperial ship has a turret slot, the TIE Aggressor.
  • Bombs: Like missiles and torpedoes, bombs are expendable. Unlike them, bombs are dropped out the back of your ship. About half of all bombs are dropped just before you reveal your maneuver; these detonate at the end of the activation phase, inflicting their effects on anyone in range 1 of where you were a moment ago. The other half of all bombs are dropped as an action, and inflict their effects on anyone who hits them(if you drop them on an enemy ship's base, they inflict them immediately). Typically these are called "bombs" vs "mines" (in that order) but this is a player distinction, not a mechanical one.

Epic Upgrades[edit]

There are a handful of regular upgrades (mostly Crew) which can only be equipped on "Huge Ships" used in epic play, and Huge ships can only take Modifications which are Huge Ship Only. There are also three kinds of upgrades which (so far) only appear on these epic ships - and have a lot to do with Epic's "energy" mechanic.

  • Cargo: A bit like a big brother to System upgrades, Cargo upgrade represent big heavy-ass stuff you can haul on an Epic ship, and tend to give you new abilities to do with your energy, or enhance actions you can already take. Some of them also have similarities to the dirty tricks of Illicits.
  • Hardpoints: The Epic version of secondary weapons like turrets and cannons, these are powerful attacks which require Energy to be stockpiled on them to use but pack a lot more punch than the stuff smaller ships have. Some of them are turreted.
  • Teams: Teams are the big brother of crew (which Epic ships still usually have), a pack of people doing a task better. There are only four team upgrades currently, and they give you or an ally a bonus when doing something else (I/E "Sensor Team" lets you target lock up to Range 5 - a range normally only seen on Epic upgrades).

That's Great and All, but What Do I Actually Buy?[edit]

To start you want to go for a Core Set, like with any FFG drug habit. Core sets come in two varieties; the original, for the original trilogy, and the new edition, for the sequel trilogy.

Squadron core[edit]

  • The original core set damage deck is more forgiving, as many detriments don't apply to all ships and aren't as crippling. The ships contained within are also cheaper point-wise, allowing for more upgrades. The stock Rebel ship in this set, the T-65 X-Wing, requires an additional purchase to make work in competitive games however.
  • The new set damage deck is much harsher, greatly limiting the actions that ship can do for the rest of the game. Each ship is better, but costs more points.

Neither are truly better than the other, and purely come down to personal preference. The difference in Damage Deck just makes damage much more painful when you do get it, and isn't really any harder or easier than the other since both players will be equally affected.

Another thing is that each model that adds new rules to the game comes with a card that says what the rules are. The new starter rulebook has all of the rules, plus minor changes like how initiative is determined. However, since you don't really need special rules for ships you don't actually own anyway and the book is free on their website this is a moot point.

Once you get it into your system and decide you want more, you need to decide on a faction (Rebels, Empire, Scum & Villainy) because that will decide on what you do next (although if you just want more to play two or all three factions that will change. To get the most upgrades, most players will find themselves with two factions). S&V is a bit more complicated to get into, as seen in its own section below.

From there it will depend on what faction you want to play as well as what army archetype you favor. You can make an entire squadron out of just two Millennium Falcons or IG-2000's, or can run a swarm of eight TIE/eight Headhunters. Imperial pilots and skills generally are more focused on making individual ships really strong while rebel ships are more about playing off each other for combos to make them more than the sum of their parts. Both can run swarms, both can run low-model count elite lists. Epic games are games that use the much larger ships, allowing a Rebel player to field Leia's ship from A New Hope alongside six X-Wings for example. You have now taken your first step into a larger world.

In either Rebels or Empire, if you don't want to play the opposite faction you can just sell the ships from the starter set you don't want on eBay or even better can swap them with another person who is getting into the game or just needs more ships (Empire players may find themselves just swapping their one X-Wing for just one TIE if trying to swap ships with another new player who doesn't feel generous).

  • For Empire, a second Core Set. This nets you an extra set of dice and movement pieces (so you and your opponent don't need to keep sharing the same ones, lengthening game time), two TIE Fighters, and an X-Wing, combined for cheaper than buying all of those separately (and makes sure you only need to buy one of the expansions in order to get the other ships). Empire will want as many basic TIE as they can, up to five or six as a TIE swarm is the basic Empire strategy (although you can field a maximum of 8 in standard games) and more advanced ones are usually built around adding a few ships rather than a completely different build.
  • For Rebels, this depends on if you bought the new or old starter set. For the old, the advice used to be the same; buy another core set. However, thanks to a slight power creep (primarily the fact Rebels have both better ships and cheaper ships now) T-65 X-Wings are not as viable as they used to be. They doesn't mean they're horrible, their pilots are some of the best in the entire game actually. The problem is that the default redshirts you can take an infinite number of are too expensive point-wise for a swarm build and too weak to be your heavy hitter. That being said, the single X-Wing expansion and the Rebel Transport expansion both have the pilots you need (plus a second X-Wing) to get two awesome X-Wings ready to fly for your list. Even better, the newer version of the X-Wing that goes with the new Star Wars movie, the T-70 X-Wing, has an upgrade card you can use with the older X-Wings to make them even better making all three expansions worth considering as your second (and possibly third and fourth for a pure X-Wing list) purchase instead of another core. If you did buy the new starter, then the T-70 is ready to fly straight out of the box and you can feel free to buy another just like the Imperial player, or skip it (since X-Wing swarms aren't as common as TIE swarms) and go onto the next section.

Alternatively for both, buying one new and one old starter instead of both the same has an appeal.

Fleet Improvement[edit]

After you get the core of your force, you now should work on making them stronger.

  • Empire will want to purchase a TIE Fighter expansion set which contains a single TIE fighter and, more importantly, pilot and upgrade cards for your starter set TIE Fighters which will make your TIE Swarm fucking awesome. The old TIE/ln (original trilogy TIE) expansion contains upgrades that act as force-multipliers making your weak TIE work together for a greater effect while the new TIE expansion, the TIE/fo, makes individual TIEs stronger. After that, you should start looking at what sort of list you want to build. The Imperials have a wide array of options; a TIE Striker is a good buy provides you with a decent maneuverable and cheap hitter that can fit into just about any list.
  • For Rebel Players, the The Rebel Aces expansion is the next recommendation, as it comes with a fantastic A-Wing for maneuvering superiority and a great B-Wing for your heavy hitter along with the cards to make any further A-Wings or B-Wings you buy really shine, and as a result the Aces expansion is what you should get before any single A/B-Wing expansions for the better pilots and upgrades. Rebels should also consider the K-Wing, which can be a surprisingly fast bomber/munitions platform or an annoying as hell regenerating turret.

Large Ships[edit]

After that, there's the bigger iconic ships to consider as an alternative to swarms. Rebels will want the Millennium Falcon or Outrider, Imperials will want Slave-1 or Lambda Shuttle (its a heavily-armored gunship, not just a space Jeep). Possibly The Ghost or Decimator instead if you prefer newer canon. They're not only all great ships with useful upgrade cards, but are gorgeous to boot. Will easily help suck your friends into wanting to play.

All choices in this category are good, and simply fit into the core group you already have.


Here we get to the ships that really eat points or are made to support your main Squadron, but perform their specialized roles very well.

  • Empire will want to consider Imperial Veterans, which gives you a powerful advanced fighter in the TIE defender, a capable bomber with the TIE Bomber, and the ability to turn it into a support ship with the TIE Shuttle. After that, you'll definitely want to look at a large ship; the VT-49 Decimator is your option for a turret, good if there's lots of arc dodging in your meta. The Lambda shuttle is chiefly a support ship, while the Upsilon shuttle is its angrier, edgy cousin. The Firespray-31 is versatile, with two defense dice and a rear facing auxiliary arc. A good choice if you want an option much tougher than it seems. Once you have a decent collection built up, the Gozanti-class Cruiser is a good choice for a first epic ship. It's versatile, but more importantly, it comes with another two TIE Fighters with new pilots and upgrades to make your swarm even more devastating.
  • Z-95 Headhunters are cheap point-wise, and give Rebels access to a swarm ship that can deploy explosives that can wipe out enemy swarms very fast (even a single one can be plenty useful, as it has the cards needed to wipe out TIE swarms faster). Y-Wings are nice, although better used with upgrades from other sets making them a choice for after you have diversity in your force since the cards that really make them shine came in later expansions. A-Wings are also fantastic, assuming you own Rebel Aces first. HWK-290's (aka the Moldy Crow) are cheap support ships, which come with plenty of zany combos for extra fun with your elites. The Tantive IV set not only gives you an Epic game level ship but also the upgrades necessary for a Millennium Falcon-centric list using Han Solo called the "Fat Han" build (which you KNOW you want).

Scum & Villainy[edit]

Scum & Villainy does not yet have a true starter set. Instead, they rely on you having acquired the starter set dice and measurements plus manuals (hopefully you can get these from another player who bought more). Unfortunately X-Wings and TIE Fighters are useless to a S&V player, so if you bought a starter just for S&V those can be sold or traded.

  • The first purchase should be the actual Scum and Villainy set called Most Wanted (which functions as a starter to the faction) since it contains the Scum & Villainy version of the ships Scum can use which were released before it was added as a faction including the Y-Wings, the Z-95 Headhunters (as well as one Y and two Heads respectively in the Scum colors), the HWK-290s, and the Firespray-31. If you plan on sticking to the Y's and Heads a second set is good as well.
  • As an alternative to this you can technically just buy two or three IG-2000 since they can run as an entire Scum & Villainy faction by themselves.

Most builds use a Slave-1 set or components from it. A Y-Wing single pack expansion is also useful for its upgrades and damage potential. Headhunters and Moldy Crows also find their way into most lists, so having a few to experiment with different builds is also recommended. Another build many players use is obtaining three Moldy Crow sets and running all three pilots for a shenanigans-heavy build. Hound's Tooth sets provide you a heavy build, similar to a Decimator or Millennium Falcon.


Currently, buying new from stores tends to run pretty pricey for what is essentially a single Micro Machine ship (of better material and a better paint job, mind) on a stand with some cards. Buying from eBay is not much better, as (barring the very large ships that people buy for the powercreep upgrades that are required to stay competitive and then throw out) there's a trend towards it being just as expensive.

Currently, Miniature Market has the best prices at 25-50% off FLGS in many cases, more for pre-orders.

Amazon is another viable option as Fantasy Flight sells their wares there for roughly the same prices that Miniature Market does.

Or you could just suck it up and support your FLGS instead. Most have a decent discount on X-Wing anyway.


Presently, the game is divided among five factions: Rebellion, Empire, Resistance, First Order, and Scum & Villainy. Any ship with a named character piloting it has a unique ability.

If you played the X-Wing and Rogue Squadron games, you should know what to expect here. The Rebel fighters are more expensive, but also have stronger hulls, shields (basically extra hull points that are immune to crits) are a lot more common. They had a more distinct firepower edge in the early sets since they could equip torpedoes and the Empire couldn't, along with getting more upgrade slots per ship in general, but later ones let the Empire catch up to them with them when it started getting ships that could get more upgrades. Still, the Rebels retain the edge in dishing out and taking damage, but the Empire's ships are typically faster and more maneuverable, and focus on avoiding damage as opposed to tanking it. Scum and Villainy features elements from both Rebel and Empire ships, along with a talent for dirty tricks and access to unique upgrade options that let them really fuck with opponent ships' stats.

Also note upgrades listed, they only apply to the weakest versions, most named characters can take elite talents. All ships can use ship modifications.

Rebel Alliance[edit]

Rebel fleets are cobbled together out of mercenaries or outlaws who bring their own ships into the fight, leftover weapons and vehicles from the Clone Wars, and vehicles produced by companies or planets with a grudge against the Empire. As such there's a great deal of variation among the Rebel forces, matched equally by its mix of alien pilots compared to the Empire's strict Humanity Fuck Yeah policy.

Capital ships were hard to come by for the Rebels, with the largest and most powerful being donated by the Mon Calamari (goldfish-head people, the best known of which is the renowned Admiral "It's A Trap!" Ackbar), master shipbuilders who customize every ship as an almost organic work of art as their entire culture revolves around the freedom of space travel. Others came from Corellia, which was neither exceedingly friendly to the Empire nor particularly choosy in their buyers.

Since the Rebels are characterized by their actually giving a shit about the lives of the people fighting for them, Rebel ships are well-equipped, including shields, hyperdrive, and supply kits for when you invariably get shot down with only some creepy green guy to keep you company. This Protoss-esque philosophy also informs their ships' combat capabilities, with small squads of heavily-armed, well-equipped (but expensive) ships crewed by some of the best pilots in the galaxy. Furthermore, most fighters contain an Astromech droid which functions as a co-pilot and emergency technician.

Although early on in their history the Rebels were isolated and ragtag groups of free-thinkers and anarchists, they were unified and turned into a fighting machine by a handful of dissident senators from the old Republic like Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, as well as a string of Jedi heroes such as Echu Shen-jon and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In the Disney third trilogy canon, the Rebel Alliance united under Chancellor Mon Mothma to break what they thought was the last of the united Empire before reorganizing their military into small local cells on every Republic planet which as a whole are called the Resistance.

T-65 X-Wing Starfighter[edit]

X-Wing Mov.png

You know what it is, the Rebel ship so badass it's probably the one you'd want to be assigned to in-universe. Created for the Rebel Alliance when the Empire attempted to become a bunch of filthy Commie bastards and absorb the company that made the ARC-170 gunships for the Republic. Mostly replaced after Return of the Jedi by the T-70, the iPhone of X-Wings. The E-Wing was meant to replace the X-Wing entirely, but it was too expensive to produce and was plagued with design flaws that led it to be used by only a small handful of pilots.

All X-Wings can equip torpedoes, and astromech droids. Newer options have given it some tough competition in its role as a jack-of-all-trades, but it has some of the best pilots in the game. The bog standard Rookie Pilot build used to fill out a list with a need for some more bodies, but that role has been usurped by the Z-95.

In 1st Edition, they were overshadowed by the Z-95 for price and by the T-70 for effectiveness, but with the Resistance being made a separate faction from the Rebels the classic X-Wing may be able to make a comeback in 2nd Edition.


What really sells the X-wing is the sheer number of pilots with actually worthwhile skills.

  • Rookie Pilot: The most basic of pilots. Pilot skill 2, 21 points. Useful in that it is the cheapest way to get 3 red dice onto the field for the Rebels but still has decent survivability.
  • Red Squadron Pilot: Same as the Rookie, but with pilot skill 4 and costs 2 more points.
  • Tarn Mison: Coming in at Pilot Skill 3 for 23 points, Tarn's the lowest (and cheapest) named X-wing pilot in the Rebel Transport box. Can acquire a target lock on anything shooting at him. Pair with the R7 Astromech droid for an instant combo.
  • "Hobbie" Klivian: PS5, 25 points. One of Rogue Squadron's snowspeeder pilots on Hoth, he features here as an X-Wing pilot with the ability to shed a stress token after gaining or spending a target lock. As stress prevents taking the target lock action on the fly, he's hard to use without a way of generating a lock without using said action. (Hello, Targeting Astromech.)
  • Biggs Darklighter: Luke's wingman from A New Hope, with mustache. PS5, 25 points. Has the ability that friendly ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker could target Biggs instead, which basically makes him an MMO tank in wargame form. Very useful when paired with more expensive pilots to keep them alive longer(only T-65 pilot still taken in the competitive meta, unfortuately).
  • Garvin Dreis: Red Leader from A New Hope. PS6, 26 points. After he spends a focus, either in attack or defense, he can pass it on to another ship at range 1 or 2.
  • Jek Porkins From the rebel transport pack, you know him, you love him, it's the legendary fat fuck who died like a bitch at Yavin IV. Jek eats stress tokens like a fa/tg/uy goes through cheetos. But be careful when doing so as because every time you do this you roll an attack die, so you do run the risk of blowing yourself up in spectacular failure. Pair him with R5-D8 (Y-Wing expansion) to push him harder and keep him k-turning all game long. PS7, 26 points.
  • Luke Skywalker: If you don't know who this is, you probably shouldn't be playing this game. Pilot Skill 8, 28 points. Can change one focus result to an evade when defending. Pairs well with R2-D2 and/or a shield upgrade.
  • Wes Janson: Running at Pilot Skill 8 (for 29 points, 1 more than a Jedi!) makes Wes the highest skilled pilot in the Rebel Transport box. His card text strips the buff tokens from the defender after he attacks them. Same price as Wedge and will draw just as much fire. With a VI he's a Vader killer.
  • Wedge Antilles: Luke's other wingman in A New Hope, and co-founder of Rogue Squadron with Luke. The only pilot who survived both Death Star runs, and played a pivotal role in each one. One of the few Pilot Skill 9 pilots currently in the game, clocking in at 29 points with the other fatties. Reduces the enemy's evade dice by one. Super deadly, but everyone knows that so he can end up being a DISTRACTION X-WING minus the "distraction" part. If you are a newbie Rebel player and don't know what to use, the wrong answer is never Wedge.

BTL-S3/BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter[edit]

Y-Wing Mov.jpg

Produced during the lead-up to the Clone Wars, and used for a good century by almost literally everyone except the Empire. Called "wishbones", they are heavily armed and armored in order to get through a dogfight and deliver their payload before joining the engagement on behalf of their allies. It was especially notable for being equipped with Ion-based weaponry, making fighting one without eliminating their escort a risky endeavor. The fighter was full of design flaws and was very expensive and labor-extensive to maintain, with entire sections of the ship hull needing to be replaced between battles for maximum efficiency. Technically it isn't a real bomber in the sense that it carries bombs; instead it shoots torpedoes, because space is an ocean in Star Wars. The variety you field in this game is the BTL-S3 model which is a two-man fighter with the rear pilot as turret gunner. With an upgrade your ship becomes the BTL-A4 which only has one pilot and is faster with less shields. (Funny fluff note: the BTL-A4 was included in the expansion that introduced Scum & Villainy, yet in Star Wars stories the BTL-A3 is the one that all the pirates use.)

The Rebels' bomber and the workhorse of the Rebel fleet, though it couldn't equip bombs at first (since they hadn't been added to the game when it was released). It does however, have two slots for Torpedoes. It's slower than the X-Wing with a firepower of 2 and has below average defense at 1, but gets 3 shields and a much stronger Hull at 5. It can also equip Astromechs, and it can use Turrets. The BTL-A4 Title released with the Scum and Villainy faction can also be used by Rebel Y-Wings; it lets you double-tap by shooting your main guns and your Turret, although your Turret will only be able to shoot in your forward arc.

  • In fact, in order to make them useful, it better have an Ion Turret on it.
  • Pretend the Blaster Turret just does not exist, it is better this way.
  • Flechette Torpedoes are cheap as chips and the wishbone can take two. Use these in tandem with Ion shots to have a ton of control over how the other player will move.
  • The Twin Laser Turret (K-wing expansion) makes a Y-wing a slightly more fragile YT-1300 for "arc dodge this, you miserable shits" purposes.
  • Give it the Bomb Loadout upgrade from the Most Wanted set and it'll be able to use bombs (like it's supposed to in the fluff). It's free, and it makes the Y-Wing into a cheap yet resilient bomber.
  • Gold Squadron Pilot: Base Y-Wing pilot. Pilot skill 2, 18 points. Take these if you want cheap ion turrets on the field.
  • Grey Squadron Pilot: Same as the Gold but Pilot skill 4 and 2 more points.
  • "Dutch" Vander: Gold Leader from A New Hope. Pilot skill 6, 23 points. When he acquires a target lock someone else at range 1 or 2 can also get one. Makes a neat pair with Garvin.
  • Horton Salm: EU Y-Wing Ace and Rebel General. Pilot skill 8, 25 points. Re-rolls all blank attack dice at range 2 and 3. One of the few ships where proton torpedoes might be useful to take.

YT-1300 Light Freighter/Millennium Falcon[edit]

"What a piece of junk!"

The YT-1300 is the best known of the many ugly yet amazing ships built on Corellia. Created to be modular, you can buy it piece by piece (in-universe) to do as you want. Confused? The number thing on the left is for the "standard" version of the ship; the Millennium Falcon is simply a heavily customized version of one. A YT-1300 isn't considered the Millennium Falcon unless it takes the upgrade giving it that title (giving it the evade action), though character piloted one will be referred as the Falcon since it has better stats. The YT-1300 is, surprisingly, more mobile than the Y-Wing despite it's greater size, but its defense is just as bad, making up for it with stronger shields and hull. The Millennium Falcon has stronger shields and hull, more so than any other large ship in the game, and as much firepower as an X-Wing. Both ships can fire in any direction (its two gun turrets could fire at separate targets in the movie, and for obvious reasons it can't do that here), and can equip two crew members. The Falcon version can also equip missiles and an elite talent. Characters of this ship cost an arm and a leg (for a long time they were easily the most expensive in the game), but the ship is so durable that the only reliable way to kill it is if your enemy can focus all their ships on it at once, not an easy task. Neither can use astromechs despite being able to use crew, but that's probably thanks to he fact that having some that could restore shields would make it almost literally unkillable. The circular firing arc is a really big deal, the massive base size means that the YT-1300 can have a really big threat bubble that any TIE pilot worth their salt will approach with great caution. The Heroes of the Resistance box re-releases the Falcon with Resistance cards and a new mini. Fundamentally, the ship is the same, though the pilots have new abilities, and the cards have different back. It includes two new pilots, as well as new versions of Chewie and Han. This also comes with a new version of the Falcon title, which can't be taken with the other title in the same list. Instead of being able to evade, you can do a 3-bank maneuver, then, if you aren't stressed, take a stress token to flip 180 degrees, essentially having a Segnor's Loop

  • Outer Rim Smuggler: Pilot skill 2, 27 points. Has the downgraded version of the YT-1300. The upside to this is you could get 3 of them on the table, or 2 of them and 2 ion cannon Y-wings.
  • Resistance Sympathizer: The new generic, who packs PS3 and has the character statline, and retains the Missile slot. Costs 38 points.
  • Chewbacca: Han Solo's Wookiee co-pilot takes the helm. Pilot skill 5, 42 points. Does not take crits. Costing less than his domestic partner in the leather jacket and really helping the durability of the YT-1300 shine, Chewie is the shit. Give him Draw Their Fire and extend the life expectancy of the whole team greatly.
  • Chewbacca[TFA]: The new version of Chewie, who has the same stats and cost as the old one. His ability is different however, allowing you to perform an attack when a friendly ship in Range 1-3 is destroyed, making a great match for rebel swarm lists
  • Lando Calrissian: Han's good buddy who betrayed him and froze him in carbonite. Inventor of suave and space pimp extraordinaire. Pilot skill 7, 44 points. When he does a green maneuver, another ship at range 1 may perform a free action. Taking Nien Numb as a crew is almost mandatory to really capitalize on this.
  • Rey: You know who she is, and here she's a pilot for the Falcon. Rey has PS8 and an EPT, costing 45 points. Her ability allows you to reroll up to two blank dice when attacking or defending with the enemy in her firing arc, meaning she is a PWT ship which still cares about her facing and can be comboed with crew for some pretty hefty damage output. Best used with Finn, who gives you an extra blank result with your primary in your arc, essentially upping you to 4 dice base when the target is in arc. Since Rey really wants to take advantage of her ability, she's best run with Engine Upgrade so she can adjust her firing arc after her victims have moved - ideally with Veteran Instincts so that she can even do this to PS9 aces.
  • Han Solo: Pilot skill 9, so he should almost always be shooting first. For a long time he was the most expensive pilot in the game at a whopping 46 points. Allows you to re-roll all your attack dice once.
  • Han Solo[TFA]: Called "New Han" or "Old Han" depending on how much you want to confuse people, has the same PS and cost as the previous version. His new ability allows him to be placed anywhere on the board during setup, so long as he is outside Range 3 of an enemy ship - meaning he can really upset normal planning for a game by appearing in all kinds of unusual places. If only he could take a Hyperwave Comm Scanner.

RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor[edit]

A-Wing Art.png

The A-Wing is incredibly fast (one of the fastest ships in canon unmodified) and it turns on the dime. Anyone who played any of the video games knows this ship as the one that will fuck your shit up. Basically a more available version of the Jedi ships, it had very specific limits on pilot physical dimensions and requires absolute pros. Also one of the more liberal ships in the Rebel fleet for pilots painting the exterior (usually by squadron). It's has the highest defense of the rebel ships, but also the weakest hull in the game. Shields and firepower are average. Compare with the other Rebel fighters, it trades in torpedoes for missiles.

  • If you don't plan to give them a missile (and you somehow get your hands on a copy of rebel aces) the Chardaan Refit can let you get that little extra edge for squeezing the most out of your squad.
  • As the speediest little shit around you need to get around your opponents and avoid being in their line of fire if you want to avoid death from a stiff breeze. Boost around like a madman to get the upper hand. Hell, take a stealth device if you can.
  • Rebel Aces adds some interesting exclusives. A free title that can used by anybody with Pilot Skill over 1 (so anybody but the prototype pilot) add two Elite Traits, but no duplicate upgrades on the same ship. The other is modification called Chardaan Refit that actually lowers the ship cost by 2 in exchange for giving up the missile slot.
  • Prototype Pilot: Pilot Skill 1, 17 points. Nothing special, but pretty cheap.
  • Green Squadron Pilot: Pilot Skill 3, 19 points. Can take an Elite Pilot Talent.
  • Gemmer Sojan: Pilot Skill 5, 22 points. Gets +1 agility when in Range 1 of one or more enemy ships, but lacks a native EPT slot. Slippery, but A-Wings typically prefer not being shot at in the first place.
  • Arvel Crynyd: Guy who ran his ship into the Executor's bridge in Return of the Jedi. Pilot Skill 6, 23 points. Can still attack ships, even when their bases are touching (both fluffy and crunchy, a delightful combination).
  • Jake Farrell: Green Squadron pilot who flew at Endor, helped with the design of the A-wing and flew its predecessor craft at Yavin. "Jake the Snake" can be a slippery bastard, after being given a focus token or preforming the focus action he can do a barrel roll or boost action for free. Give him push the limit and he can do three actions in one round on his lonesome (focus, boost/barrel roll, and then push the limit to do a third action). If you have someone who can give focus tokens he can pull off some crazy shit. PS7, 24 points.
  • Tycho Celchu: Rogue Squadron pilot. Pilot skill 8. Can perform actions even when he is stressed. Giving him Push the Limit is a must, and then enjoy piling up six, seven, eight stress token on your ship in the game.

HWK-290 Light Freighter/Moldy Crow[edit]

"You've got to be joking. This isn't even a ship! Hey, I thought you said this thing would get off the ground!" "It will. But after that, I'm not making any promises."

Known mostly as Kyle Katarn's ship (piloted by his much better pilot, Jan Ors) from the Dark Forces video games. Known as a huge piece of shit in-universe too, except to pilots who can actually use it. Rebels used them as personnel and agent transports, similar to how the Imperials use the Lambda Shuttle.

It has average defense, the lowest Shields the Rebels can bring at a measly 1, below average firepower of 1, only two Defense Dice, and has a Hull of 4 (remember that Shields>Hull since Shields block Crits) with option of a Turret and one Crew. It's also slow, even more so than the Y-Wing, but it's also one of the Rebels cheapest ships at 16 points, so you get what you pay for in this case. The only reason to take a HWK-290 is if you're counting on a cheap Crew, the cheap Turret, or the special pilot abilities. The Moldy Crow Title is 3 points to not have to discard your unspent Focus Tokens. All HWK pilots get Focus and Target Lock.

  • Rebel Operative: A Rebel, who operates. Pilot Skill 2, 16 points. Cheap, in fact the cheapest Ion platform in game at 21pts. Also the only way to field 5 Blaster Turrets.
  • Roark Garnet: A smuggler, and the original owner of the Moldy Crow. One of the example characters from Star Wars D6. Had many adventures, a few of which were on behalf of the Rebels. Never worked with the Empire. Pilot Skill 4, 19 points. At the start of combat he makes a friendly in range 1-3 Pilot Skill 12. Can enable PS12 chains with Swarm Tactics, cheap enough to fit in a list with 3 E-Wings.
  • Kyle Katarn: A Stormtrooper cadet that defected to the Rebellion after learning about the Empire's involvement in his father's death, was one of the nine attempts by the Rebels at capturing the Death Star plans, shut down the Dark Trooper project one piece at a time, punched a Krayt Dragon to death while giving Jabba the Hutt the middle finger, and later became a Master in the New Jedi Order. Pilot Skill 6, 21 points. Can take an Elite upgrade. Lets you give a Focus Token to another friendly in range 1-3 at the start of combat. Like Garven Dreis for the X-wing, except he can build up a reservoir of Focus by keeping it across turns if you take the pretty much mandatory Moldy Crow Title.
  • Jan Ors: The woman who made Asians canon in Star Wars. An engineer/pilot/ballerina from Alderaan, was an agent and spy early on before she got her buddy Kyle into the Rebel Alliance by telling him the truth about his father (pottery). Played taxi driver to Kyle on his missions for awhile, then helping him out after the fall of the Empire as well. Pilot Skill 8 for 25 points, can take an Elite upgrade. If she has no Stress Tokens she can take one to give an ally one more Attack Dice. Say hello to the pseudo-Phantom. Works on Missiles too.

A/SF-01 B-Wing Starfighter[edit]

B-Wing Art.jpg

Designed by Admiral Trapmaster himself(Or by a Mon Calamari with a fish mustache in the New Canon), B-Wings were built when the Rebels realized that their fighters are fucking awesome and their capital ships fucking suck. The resulting solution is a really difficult to fly super-bomber. Since its cockpit rotates, the pilots can pull off batshit insane maneuvers.

You really want something dead when you first aim at it? This is your ship. It has as much firepower as an X-Wing and it's as durable as a Y-Wing though the shields and hull are flipped, meaning it is less susceptible to crits than the Y-Wing. For upgrades it can be given two torpedoes, a cannon, and system upgrade.

  • Be warned, it's slow on its own.
  • The B-wing really shines when given Advanced Sensors, with it the previously sluggish craft becomes surprisingly agile with a barrel roll and the ability to perform its actions BEFORE it moves.
    • Doing this lets you do Koiogran turns at very unexpected angles and positions, perfect for getting out of firing arcs while keeping the empire firmly in yours.
  • Rebel Aces adds a single point modification called B-Wing/E that allows the addition of a crew member.
  • Blue Squadron Pilot: Base B-Wing. Pilot skill 2, 22 points.
  • Dagger Squadron Pilot: Blue Squadron but add 2 for 2 points. You get the idea.
  • Nera Dantels: Pilot Skill 5. Her torpedoes have a 360-turret firing arc, and she gets an EPT for just two points more than a Dagger pilot. Load her up with flechettes and a failsafe, and give the gift of stress to those slippery arc dodgers.
  • Ibtisam: Pilot skill 6, 28 points. Female Mon Calamari (you know like Admiral Ackbar) Rogue Squadron pilot who died at Ciutric IV. Good fucking luck pronouncing her name. When she is stressed she can re-roll one die, both attack AND defense.
  • Keyan Farlander Pilot skill 7, 29 points. Released in Rebel Aces. When attacking, you can remove a stress token to flip ALL focus results to hits.
  • Ten Numb: Pilot Skill 8, 31 points. Opponent can't cancel one critical hit done by him with defense dice. Pair him with a Mangler Cannon and a crit is almost guaranteed. Mauls TIE fighters but is super points hungry.

GR-75 Medium Transport[edit]

Rebel Transport.jpg

One of those Rebel transports you saw in Empire Strikes Back and the first of the huge ships. Although technically used by everyone, starting as supply ships for the Republic during the Clone Wars, the Rebels used them the most as they were cheap, durable, and very easy to modify for assorted roles. If you're wondering how a ship that big is made to scale with the much smaller ones in this game without taking up the whole board, it isn't, it's considerably smaller that it should be for that very reason. Even with the scaled down size it still dwarfs anything released before and is so big that you have the option of using its base as a wreck marker. The ship is durable (not as much as it should probably be given its size), but also very sluggish, has a defense of zero, and no attack rating, instead coming with an energy rating that gives it a certain number of tokens each turn that it can spend on actions like recharging its shields, reinforcing other ships (give them an evade token essentially), jamming other ships within range one or two and giving them a stress token, giving a friendly ship within range one or two a free action, and some exclusive upgrades that also require energy to use. Being a bigger ship means it also has a different deck of cards for critical hits, and some crew members exclusive to it. It has three slots for cargo upgrades and two for crew members. Its starting cost is lower than you'd expect, but when you add on upgrades it can get really expensive. It has a base pilot skill of four with no extra pilots.

CR90 Corvette/Blockade Runner[edit]

Blockade Runner Art.jpeg

The Blockade Runner is the ship Princess Leia and the Rebels tried escaping from a Star Destroyer in at the start of the original movie. It didn't look too impressive there, but when not overshadowed by a Star Destroyer you see how big this thing really is compared to your tiny fighters. Also known as the Corellian Corvette and Alderaan Cruiser. Another ship used by everyone for every purpose as like the YT-1300 it is purchased in sections (again, in-universe). Early on they served as private ships for important personnel in the Republic, then the preferred ship of diplomats in the Imperial era (although the Rebels were able to acquire some as their only choice for capital ships early on). After the senate was dissolved and the only government VIP transport was Imperial military craft, quite a few found their way into Rebel hands.

Another huge ship, but it can actually attack. Because of that it has separate cards for its front and back, both of which take a ton of damage. The Fore possesses better Shields and is where the attack stat is, and the Aft is where the Energy comes from. Like the Transport, it can be upgraded to carry Crew members and Cargo, along with the new Teams and Hardpoints introduced in its expansion, and both ends of the ship have their own slots. It requires the use of an attachment to the usual measurement stick when shooting because it has range of 3-5, which is reason to add on some Quad Laser Cannons which don't have a minimum range to the Hardpoints in case anything gets that close, the Turbo Laser is only good when shooting big bulky ships with shit Evade since it doubles the defense of anything you fire at. But be warned, this whole package is expensive, even with no upgrades it costs more than Han Solo.

There aren't any other pilots for it right now, so you're stuck with basic Pilot Skill of four. Instead the ship stands out for have a few different titles it can take. Note all these apply to the Fore.

The Fore can take one Crew, two Hardpoint, two Team, and one Cargo. It has Pilot Skill 4, no Evade, 8 Hull, 5 Shields, and a single 4 Attack Dice attack at 3-5 range (meaning without taking Secondary Weapons, you're screwed if anything gets too close) and can only attack in an arc to the sides of the Aft (for its primary attack) or Fore (for any equipped Secondary Attacks, otherwise the Aft has no attack at all), not straight ahead or back. It can Target Lock and Coordinate, which lets you give a friendly ship in range 1-2 a free action. It also lets you spend 1 Energy to give it one more Attack Dice on its stock attack. The Aft has Pilot Skill 4, no attacks, no Evade, 8 Hull, 3 Shields, and 5 Energy. It can take Crew, Hardpoint, Team, and Cargo upgrades. It can Recover which consumes all Energy (you have no choice in this) and gives one Shield to either Aft or Fore for each point of Energy used. It can also Reinforce, affecting either Aft or Fore giving it 1 extra Evade which lasts that entire turn instead of on just one attack.

The Fore costs 50 points, the Aft costs 40, although since you can't take them separate the whole ship costs 90 points.

  • Jania's Light: The only one of the three that looks different, with two red stripes on the sides of its hammer head instead of just one. 2 points, when defending and you don't like the critical result you get, you can discard it and draw another one.
  • Dodonna's Pride: 4 points, when you preform the coordinate action you can give two nearby ships a free action.
  • Tantive IV: 4 points, you get an extra Crew member and Team upgrade slot.

Z-95 Headhunter[edit]

Headhunter Art.jpg

The X-Wing's predecessor, a very small fighter invented before the first Star Wars prequel. First introduced in a novel which came out before even Empire Strikes back, later used as the tutorial ship in the X-Wing flight simulator vidya. A modified variant was used by the Republic in the Clone Wars, and later used by the Rebels prior to the X-Wing. They were always very popular with space pirates however. Basically the F-5E Tiger to the X-Wing's F/A-18C of the Star Wars universe: they could be easily retrofitted with any technology that came out so despite military versions being a very piss-poor ship, a single mercenary or bounty hunter can go toe to toe with the elite. They can even by equipped with the wings of an X-Wing while still technically being a Headhunter.

On the table it's a rather unimpressive ship, but it's cheap, costing as much as a TIE fighter at 12+ points with 2's across the board plus Focus and Target Lock, so you get what you pay for. Use it as a cheap missile platform since it has a Missile slot. Ironically, while in-universe the X-Wing replaced the Z-95 for all but pirates, in the game's meta the Z-95 for a time replaced the X-Wing for the Rebels and was glossed over by Scum & Villainy.

  • Bandit Squadron Pilot: Run of the mill pilot, Pilot Skill 2 for 12 points.
  • Tala Squadron Pilot: Nothing to see here, Pilot Skill 4 for 13 points.
  • Lieutenant Blount: Pilot Skill 6, 17 points. One of the guys seen in the cockpit of the Falcon during the Battle of Endor. His target always takes a hit, even if they take no damage. You want Ion, Assault, or Advanced Homing Missiles.
  • Airen Cracken: Pilot Skill 8, 19. The other guy in the cockpit of the Falcon, also piloting a Z-95 now. After attacking, a friendly ship at distance 1 gets a free action. Cheap and with a high enough PS that most ships will benefit, nice way to round out a squad that needs a little something something.

E-Wing Escort Starfighter[edit]


First seen in the Dark Empire comics and was popular enough reappear in lots of other EU material, this is the ship the Rebels intended to replace the iconic X-Wing for the New Republic. It ended up getting assigned alongside upgraded X-Wings instead. It had a special (VERY expensive) astromech droid that was protected within the ship and also more durable than its older kin.

Aside from having a weaker hull (though it has an extra shield), it's superior to its cousin in every respect aside from attack (which is the same). So it's faster (around the same as a TIE fighter), more survivable, can add system upgrade, in addition to being able to take any upgrades that the X-Wing can. Downside it's a step up in price as well, and it only has a few pilots for it, so don't expect to replace the X-Wing in this game.

  • Knave Squadron Pilot: Living up to their name, they only have Pilot Skill 1 for 27 points.
  • Black Moon Squadron Pilot: Two points over the Knave Squadron for a name that doesn't encourage mockery and an extra 2 points in Pilot Skill.
  • Etahn A'Baht: Pricy, costing 32 points with Pilot Skill 5, but his ability means a friendly attacker, provided their shooting at an enemy that inside Etahn's firing arc, can change a hit result to a critical hit.
  • Corran Horn: 35 points for Pilot Skill 8, and he gets a risky ability that lets him preform an extra attack at the start of the End Phase. Why is this risky? Because it means he can't attack next round, so make sure you know what you're doing (not actually risky at all because you will only have targets in arc every other turn anyway of you play the game correctly).

YT-2400 Light Freighter/Outrider[edit]

YT-2400 Art.jpg

One of the most popular ships in the Star Wars universe for independents like pirates or mercenaries in the fringes, essentially it's a smaller (and much newer) YT-1300 from the same manufacturers on Corellia. Mostly known as the ship model of Dash Rendar's Outrider, which the Rebel-friendly mercenary used on missions.

It's best compared to the YT-1300, with the basic version with no special characters superior in most respects aside from Hull, which it has one less, but compensates with an extra Shield and being the only large ship in the game with a built-in Barrel Roll action. The character pilot YT-1300 however boasts more firepower, a stronger Hull, and the YT-2400 has one less Crew slot. Aside from that, the main thing separating them is that the YT-2400 has slots for Cannons rather than Elite, and can equip a free title, "Outrider", which means that ship can't make attacks with Primary Weapons but instead can preform attacks with a Cannon at targets outside its firing arc.

  • Wild Space Fringer The basic, Pilot Skill 2 version for 30 points.
  • Eaden Vrill A martial artist Nautolan (Kit Fisto's race) and one of the last masters of Teräs Käsi (anti-Force) discipline who was one of Dash Rendar's companions. Killed by an Imperial assassin. A slight upgrade at Pilot Skill 3 for 32 points, and when you attack a stressed ship with your Primary Weapon he gets an extra Attack Die. Not bad, but entirely useless if you run the Outrider title.
  • "Leebo" Dash Rendar's droid copilot, actually called LE-BO2D9, is a smartass repair droid from a series designed work as both an Astromech Droid and a Protocol Droid (that's right, C-3PO+R2-D2=Leebo). Leebo comes in at Pilot Skill 5 for 34 points. His ability is defensive, letting you draw two Crit Damage Cards when you take a Crit hit and pick the one you want to resolve, discarding the other. Really useful for avoiding the Crit Damage Card that takes out your Secondary Weapon, but doesn't see as much playtime as...
  • Dash Rendar Protagonist of the Shadows of the Empire series, a Corellian mercenary who was thrown out of the Imperial Academy after Prince Xizor sabotaged one of their freighters when his family refused to be bought out by his Black Sun syndicate; the resulting crash killed Dash's brother and destroyed a major museum. At PS7 for 36 points, Rendar lets you ignore obstacles during the Activation phase and when performing actions. Remember that bumping into other ships will still deny you the action, and you are still not allowed to deliberately Barrel Roll onto or Boost through an obstacle, because boost and barrel roll are actions. Part of the infamous "Donut Dash" build, since it's really hard to get into Range 1 of a ship that can Boost and Barrel Roll while giving no fucks about asteroids.

BTL-S8 K-wing Assault Starfighter[edit]

K-Wing Art.jpg

First appearing in a supplement for West End's Star Wars RPG, the K-Wing is the successor to the Y-Wing by the same manufacturer in the age of the New Republic. As such it can carry a fuckload of interchangeable weapons and double as a heavy bomber to destroy capital ships and bomb in the atmosphere or pull duty as a heavy escort and recon fighter. It has a primary pilot and a bombardier. While it's slow as shit, it gets around this with a unique action called a SLAM (SubLight Acceleration Motor). Yes, like the one from TIE Fighter. This allows the K-Wing to perform two maneuvers in one turn as long as the second maneuver is at the same speed as the first by diverting power from the laser cannons; this means that you can't attack normally for the rest of the turn after SLAMming. But with the Advanced SLAM modification, it can perform a free action afterwards if it isn't overlapping anything, which means it can be very effective at setting up bombing runs against seemingly unreachable targets.

There's nothing stopping you from performing a maneuver, dropping a bomb, and then using the SLAM to get your ass out of there before your intended target can retaliate. Unlike the Y-Wing, it doesn't need need an Ion Turret- it has access to Ion Bombs and Conner Nets which can also deliver ion tokens, and as an added bonus the latter also deals direct damage and stops its target from performing actions. Five Hull points and four Shields mean it can take a beating, and as the icing on the cake it has Extra Munitions, so you can bring along even MORE bombs and torpedoes.

  • Warden Squadron Pilot:At 23 points and Pilot Skill 2, the generic pilot actually opens up a few less conventional strategies. See, since low PS means you move earlier in the turn, you can use a SLAM to force an enemy ship into base-to-base contact with you, and since at that distance you can't shoot anyway the weapon disabling effect of the SLAM is made irrelevant. You might not necessarily survive, but it can stall for time just long enough for your other ships to reach their intended targets.
  • Esege Tuketu: A long-limbed alien pilot killed in a suicide attack when bombing a Yevetha (Always Chaotic Evil race of genocidal imperialists) shipyard. Pilot Skill 6, 28 points. When another friendly ship at Range 1-2 is attacking, that ship can use Tuketu's Focus Tokens instead of its own. Remember that SLAMming keeps you from firing your weapons, and with only one Defense Die a Focus token won't do you much good- or at least, not for the K-wing. But for anyone else, it could be a lifesaver. Consider pairing him with Garvin Dreis if you really want to make that one token go the distance, both figuratively and literally.
  • Miranda Doni: Commander of one of the earliest deployed squadrons of K-Wings, killed when the Yevetha fleet they were supposed to be obliterating used false broadcasts of dying captured civilians to make them hesitate and fall into a trap. Pilot Skill 8, 29 points. Once per round when attacking, you may either spend 1 Shield to roll 1 additional Attack Die or roll 1 fewer Attack Die to recover 1 Shield. That attack boost can apply to your Secondary Weapons too, and if you add a Twin Laser turret you won't miss the extra die if you take it from one of the turret's attacks because it only does one damage per shot anyway.

Aggressive Reconnaissance-170 starfighter[edit]


The first Starfighter to come from the prequel trilogy. A clone Starfighter that is one of the parents of the famous X Wing. Its a multirole fighter that was famous for being armed enough to damage capital ships, well protected, and slow as hell for a fighter. Basically, it's like a Stuka ,Il-2, US Navy Dive Bombers in space. Compared to a standard X Wing, the ARC 170 has more armor and shields. Technically it does lack in firepower, but the free title alliance overhaul adds an extra attack to the main weapons. This is not taking into account the ARC 170's rear gun. The ARC has the unique combination of Crew and Astromech slots, giving it great utility for the Rebels. The ARC 170 does lack in agility, so be aware of this. Also, the ARC 170 only has unique pilots ( and even then none of them actually piloted this thing during the civil war). The fighter can become expensive, so be warned. Turning wise, it has more green then the X wing, but has problems making U turns.

While preferring Hull to Shields (which protects it better from Plasma Torps and Kylo Ren) the ARC is still fragile because of it's low defense - and is best flown with the ability to regen or with an escort like Biggs.

  • Braylen Stramm: PS3 pilot, 25 points. Braylen's ability gives him a 50/50 shot to shed stress when he moves. This can free him up a little, but also thanks to the unique combination of Crew+Astro means he can be built as a "Stressmule" by taking Tactician and R3-A2 to double-stress enemies when he attacks and have the opportunity to shed the stress even on a white maneuver. Braylen is a B-Wing pilot for Blade Squadron normally.
  • Thane Kyrell: PS4 for 26 points. Thane is an imperial defector starring in the novel Lost Stars, who eventually flies X-Wings after ditching the Empire because the Death Star was bad news (despite his girlfriend staying imperial). Thane's ability lets him perform a free action when an enemy ship in his arc at range 1-3 attacks an ally.
  • Shara Bey: PS6 pilot for 28 points, with an EPT. Shara is Poe's mom and flew an A-Wing at Endor among other things. Her ability lets allies at 1-2 treat her blue target lock as their own when attacking - an ability probably completely outclassed by the new Targeting Synchronizer tech upgrade.
  • Norra Wexley: PS7, EPT, 29 points. Norra flew a Y-Wing at Endor and is mother of "Snap" Wexley, a T-70 pilot. She also is one of many dull characters to appear in the Aftermath trilogy of books. In X-Wing she's actually useful, her ability lets you spend a Target Lock when attacking or defending to add a focus result. When combined with any number of possible upgrades, this means Norra is the Rebels answer to some of the crazy high dice Scum and Imperials are throwing in a "Yamato Cannon Norra" attack, but without something like Push The Limit or Expertise, her ability falls through.

VCX-100 Light Freighter and VCX-series Attack Shuttle/The Ghost and The Phantom[edit]

The Ghost Art.png

The main ship from the animated "Rebels" series put out by Disney, inspired by the real life B-17 Flying Fortress. Another Corellian modular model (model as in "type of ship", not "you have to buy this mini in parts"), The Ghost has powerful stealth technology and extremely powerful armaments, but that's not its main draw. That would be the VCX-series Attack Shuttle that comes with it; it's a small but fast and surprisingly hard-hitting given its size. The shuttle can dock with the VCX-100 at will, effectively acting as a secondary turret when things are too dangerous for it to be deployed on its own.

The VCX-100 can be deployed with it's free title, the Ghost. Doing so will allow the Attack Shuttle to equip the Phantom title (also for free), and allow the Ghost to deploy the Phantom from its rear guides after executing a maneuver. The Phantom's title allows it to perform primary weapon attacks and torpedo attacks from its special firing arc while docked with the Ghost and grants it a bonus Turret attack at the end of the Combat Phase. However, using that extra attack keeps it from attacking again that round.

The VCX is a hefty platform being Rebels first 4 attack die ship, 10 Hull and 6 shields, but no Agility. It can focus, target lock and evade, and has an impressive upgrade bar for System, Turret and two torpedo and crew slots, along with an exceptionally agile dial for a ship so huge it needs a unique type of peg to stand on it's base. The attack shuttle is fragile with 2 and 2 health and only 2 agility, but has 3 attack still and can barrel roll and evade in addition to Focus - and can equip a single crew and turret upgrade.

VCX-100 Pilots[edit]
  • Lothal Rebel: The generic VCX pilot, with a Pilot skill rating of 3 and a starting cost of 35. This means you can comfortably fit 2 Lothal Rebels in a list along with another filler ship and some upgrades.
  • "Chopper": The first unique pilot, Chopper is the Ghost crew's angry, sociopathic astromech droid. He has PS4 and costs 37 points. His ability causes enemy ships he's touching to become stressed in the Combat phase, making him nasty with builds focused on bumping.
  • Kanan Jarrus: An ex-Jedi Padawan turned Rebel, Kanan is a major character in Rebels and often leads them in the field on an op. His Pilot Skill is 5 and he costs 38 points. His ability allows you to spend a focus token to cause any enemy ship attacking at range 1-2 to roll one less die. Great for certain tanking builds.
  • Hera Syndulla: A female twi'lek and captain of the Ghost. Hera has PS7 and costs 40 points. Her ability lets you reveal a green or red maneuver, and switch to any other maneuver of the same difficulty (i/e color), giving her a lot of flexibility in the Ghost.
Attack Shuttle Pilots[edit]
  • "Zeb" Orrelios: A male Lasat, and muscle on the Ghost crew. Zeb costs 18 points in the shuttle for Pilot Skill 3, and his ability lets you cancel crits before hits when defending - allowing you to minimize nasty surprises
  • Ezra Bridger: A force-sensitive street rat picked up by Kanan to train, he's skilled but inexperienced. His pilot skill is 4 and he has an EPT which brings his cost up to 20. His ability is when stressed he can automatically flip two eye results to evades while defending, which makes him better at self-stress builds, like Rage.
  • Sabine Wren: A female mando who loves bombs and art (and sometimes art that is bombs) who is one of the best represented characters in X-Wing right now. She costs 21 points for PS5 and an EPT. Her ability allows you to boost or barrel roll free action before you reveal your maneuver which makes her very flexible.
  • Hera Syndulla: Hera can also fly the Shuttle, where she keeps her PS and adds an EPT, and costs only 22 points. Her ability remains the same as in the VCX.

UT-60D "U-Wing" Support Craft[edit]

U-wing-SW Battlefront.png

Featured in the new Rogue One anthology film, this swing-wing equipped craft is made by the same corporation who designed the X-Wing as a multi-purpose support ship with a lot of possible configuration. The film shows it used as basically a space helo - being a transport, gunship or recon craft depending on who is flying and how it's interior is configured. In the game, it is hailed as the "Rebel Lambda", having 3 attack, 1 Agility and 4 hull and 4 shields, making it a little fragile for a large-base ship. But, it's dial is a vast improvement over the Lambda, having only 1 red maneuver (the Stop), and actually having white 2-turns, so it can turn around. Speaking of turning around, the U-Wing features a 0-pt title which is uniquely a dual card; which has two sides and different effect depending on which side you use. The Pivot Wing (Attack) side increases your Agility by 1, meaning it has more defense than it seems. The Pivot Wing (Landing) side means when you reveal that stop maneuver, you can flip the ship 180 degrees, basically giving you a zero speed K-Turn. You can flip the card over when you perform a maneuver with the ship

The U-Wing can focus and target lock, and has the System, Torpedo and two Crew upgrades. Without a rebel equivalent to Palpatine the jury is still out on if as a platform to carry crew it works, but for it's availability of upgrades, dial and stats it's a fairly well rounded and useful ship rebel players are still trying to crack.

  • Blue Squadron Pathfinder: PS2 Generic, coming in at 23 points, so you can run four of these with FCS and have a decently efficient list. Good choice if you just want the stats and upgrade options.
  • Heff Tobler: Pilot Skill 3, 24 points. Was actually an X-Wing pilot in the film, but FFG needs names from somewhere. His ability lets him perform a free action when an enemy ship bumps him, making him an excellent choice for a blocker, and combo with crew cards which require Actions, like Jyn Erso (also in the U-Wing box)
  • Bodhi Rook: PS4, 25 Points. An imperial cargo pilot who defected with a message from Jyn's dad, Bodhi has the ability to allow all ships in your squad to target lock any ship so long as it's in range 1-3 of any friendly ship, meaning he could be flown to buddy up with Rebel ordnance carriers if such a thing existed
  • Cassian Andor: PS6, 27 points, the only U-Wing pilot with an EPT. A rebel intel agent and discount Kyle Katarn - Cassian has the ability to pull stress off another friendly ship at range 1-2 at the start of the turn. He can be used as a support ship in this way, or just exist because you want to fly a U with the EPT.

Sabine's TIE Fighter[edit]

Swx59 preview.jpg

Want to fly a TIE Fighter, but want to do it for freedom, liberty, expression and garish paintjobs? Now you can, with Sabine-Wing's Sabine's Sabine TIE Fighter!

While ships being shared across factions isn't a new concept, some Imperial players are butthurt that the "Rebel Scum" get access to their iconic ship, or that FFG's design is lazy to release this ship, but fundamentally the two factions' versions of the ship are very different. While the stats and actions, dial and general cost scale are the same, Imperial TIEs tend toward swarm lists, or pocket aces for low costs, and the Rebel version functions more as a support ship. It has several unique elements (prepare for the word "unique" to lose all meaning). The first is that all four of it's pilots are uniques, meaning the maximum number you can field is half that of Imperials (protip: if you have a red core set and two Sabine's TIE expansions, you can field all four at once). Secondly, it adds a new unique title Sabine's Masterpiece, which represents the gadgeteer's tinkering with the ship and adds the Crew and Illicit upgrade options, and can only be equipped to the Rebel version. The last is a unique modification called "Captured TIE", which prevents ships with a lower PS skill from shooting at you, so long as you're not the last rebel ship on the board and don't attack yourself - and leads to hilarious imagery of Imperial and Scum grunts unsure if this brightly painted TIE is one of theirs or not. The concentration of "unique" pilots and upgrades means it's unlikely to see more than one or maybe two Rebel TIEs in a list, and that it makes an ideal single filler ship like a Z-95 if you want some options.

  • The Rebel TIE is based on a plot thread from the first season of Rebels, where the team steals a TIE fighter and Sabine modifies it a little, then it returns to be used as a decoy to sneak into an Imperial ship. In the new Canon, TIEs have very basic life support systems - but the safety suits keep pilots alive in case of a breach or failure (likely without shields) so the Lothal rebels really took their lives into their hands to cram 4 or 5 of them into a single eyeball.
  • "Zeb" Orrelios: Same PS and ability as in the Attack Shuttle, for a cost of 13 points. He was actually the one who originally stole and flew the fighter, before Sabine went all "college art major" on it. Zeb's ability is actually more useful in a TIE which has no shields to absorb crits.
  • Captain Rex: A clone commander under Anakin Skywalker, like most clones he was retired after the war due to accelerated aging, but he's not too old to kick ass. His PS is 4 and he costs 14 points. His ability assigns a special condition called "Suppressive Fire" to the enemy when he attacks, which makes them roll 1 less die when they shoot anybody other than Rex meaning he can do some real tanky stuff. The condition goes away when you shoot Rex, Rex is destroyed, or Rex doesn't shoot for a turn. This condition is unique, so it can only assigned to one enemy ship at a time. Rex never had an opportunity to fly the TIE, appearing in the show after it was used.
  • Sabine Wren: Sabine's third pilot card, her repositioning ability working wonders in the agile TIE, coming in at 15 points. She also retains her EPT and PS of 5.
  • Ahsoka Tano: Anakin's former padawan, who left the Jedi Order before the war ended and acted as an agent for the early rebels. Ahsoka has a PS of 7 and an EPT, making her an ideal pairing with VI so only the tippy-toppest of Pilot Skills can shoot at her with Captured TIE. Her ability lets her spend her focus to give an ally at Range 1 a free action at the start of the Combat Phase. At only 17 points this means there are a number of cheap combinations of upgrades Ahsoka can take to make her a useful support ship. Like Rex, she didn't have time to fly the Rebel TIE when originally introduced, but she has been known to pilot an A-Wing.

The Resistance[edit]

A Force Awakens faction, basically the Rebel Alliance several decades later. General Organa leads the Resistance in their fight against the First Order, fighting against tyranny for the past three decades. However, in a surprising stroke of realism, most of the senate isn't behind the Resistance fully, and the Resistance technically isn't an arm of the New Republic's military; rather, it's under Leia's personal command as she wages her one woman war on the First Order, funded and clandestinely supported by her allies within the Senate. This is why the Resistance focuses on fighters rather than capital ships, and why they're using the somewhat long in the tooth T-70 X-Wing rather than the flashy new T-85(which we still haven't seen)

T-70 X-Wing[edit]

T-70 X-Wing.jpg

If the original X-Wing is a P-51 Mustang, the T-70 is an F-86 Saber(and the T-85 is an F-100 Super Saber) Unlike the T-65 X-Wing, the T-70 wings do not overlap and when the S-Foils are closed they lay side by side rather than pressed together. The engines themselves are smaller in size while the nose of the ship is more streamlined. They can accept the new BB series of astromech droids in addition to standard models, which are smaller than traditional astromechs and look like a soccer ball with an R-series head floating on the top.

In general the T-70/T-65 differences are a single additional point of Shields, the Boost Action, and the option for a Tech upgrade. It also has the straight 3 distance maneuver green, and has a totally new option; the T-roll (Talon Roll technically, although some have compared it to Tokyo Drifting) which combines K-turn with a hard turn at 3 distance with a Barrel Roll, since there's nowhere to line-up on the ships side allowing you to slide up or down the move.

The ace box Heroes of the Resistance includes a new mini in Poe's Black One colors, several new pilots, and the Black One title - which can only be equipped by PS7 or better pilots, but allows the ship to clear target locks from friendly ships(including itself) at close range when you boost or barrel roll.

  • Blue Squadron Novice: The Rookie Squadron Pilot of the T-70, at 24 points for a Pilot Skill 2.
  • Jess Pava: The cute female T-70 pilot, apparently associated with Tierfon Yellow Aces. Only PS 3 and costs 25 points - no EPT. Her ability, however, rewards formation flying, allowing you to reroll an attack or defense die for each other allied ship at range 1 of you.
  • Red Squadron Veteran: Red Squadron Pilot equivalent, 26 points for Skill 4. Can take an Elite upgrade.
  • "Blue Ace:" Pilot Skill 5 for 27 points. When Boosting it can use a hard 1 turn in either direction instead of just a straight 1 or soft 1 bank. Can't take an Elite upgrade, oddly enough.
  • "Red Ace": PS6 for 29 points - also lacks an EPT. When they first lose a shield each round, they gain an evade token. Alternate card art seems to indicate Red Ace is a woman.
  • "Snap" Wexley: A PS6 for 28 points and has an Elite upgrade slot - wrap your head around that one. One of Poe's buddies, son of Norra Wexley, he flies recon and likes to go fast. His ability allows you to boost for free after you perform a speed 2-, 3- or 4- maneuver and aren't touching another ship, which means he loves the Tech upgrade "Primed Thrusters" which lets you boost or barrel roll even with a small number of stress tokens.
  • Ello Atsy: An alien pilot who bites it in the run on Starkiller base. PS7 for 30 points, with an EPT. His ability allows him to treat his T-roll maneuvers as white so long as he isn't already stressed, so he can drift with the best of them.
  • Nien Nunb: Everybody's favorite Falcon co-pilot and resident Sullustan, Nien is back as a T-70 pilot. 29 Points, Pilot Skill 7, with an EPT. His ability allows him to instantly shed stress so long as there is an enemy in his firing arc at Range 1 when he gets the token, thus making him ideal for any kind of build which might self-stress.
  • Poe Dameron: The new leader of the elite X-Wing forces (although his fighter is black and orange) and their top ace, laying waste to a dozen ties in a single battle and destroying Starkiller base (the First Order's Death Star, made from a planet). 31 points for a PS8 pilot who can take Elite. On attack or defense he can use a Focus Token to change a Focus result to a Hit or Evade. This does not spend the Token, letting you stock those puppies up when it's only one hit you need to negate. Can get an upgrade combo for three actions per turn. Considered by many to be the new Wedge. Heroes of the Resistance furthers that comparison with a second version of Poe who costs 2 more points and is PS9, because apparently FFG didn't know how cool he was.


Empire ships are dominated by the general mentality of "numbers over quality, and HUGE FUCKING CAPITAL SHIPS". Most non-LN non-SA non-IN TIE Fighters are prototypes or limited runs created in response to the general fighter superiority and hit/run tactics of the Rebel Alliance, with each being rejected by Moffs in favor of just building a bigger capital ship or superweapon or were shut down and destroyed/captured by Rebels with only a small number surviving. The combination of cheap low rank soldiers and fighters with powerful heavy weapons and vehicles allowed the Empire to control the bulk of the galaxy with a tighter grip than any government had previously had and expand extremely quickly whenever possible.

According to the Empire's military philosophy, ships are cheap, and life is cheaper. TIE Fighters have solar panels for wings which reduce the energy requirements to maintain the already cheap Twin Ion Engine that gives the ship its name. Generally armed only with semi-powerful laser cannons, decent sensors, absolutely no life-support systems, no shields, and no hyperdrive capacity as well as a minimum number of any moving parts in the ship, the TIE Fighter is reliable but an absolute death trap in combat with extreme maneuverability as its only real defense. Each pilot's suit is entirely self-contained and is their only protection from the vacuum of space, and pilots can't go anywhere or function for long before dying of suffocation or dehydration without a ship such as a Star Destroyer or Gozanti Cruiser to pick them up and ferry them. This was intended to prevent pilots from going rogue, since if some hotshot decided to go off the reservation it was only a matter of time before he had to dock with an Imperial ship and face justice for his actions.

In general, customization of craft in the Empire is very rare as ships are constantly replaced and military discipline prevents ideas of individuality. The exception is any Imperial who gets 10-20 confirmed kills (different requirement by squadron) earns the right to have red stripes (called "blood stripes") put on their assigned ships before launch, and members of elite groups (such as the Imperial Guard) have special markings as well. As a result of this for the longest time Imperial ships in-game had little in the way of upgrade slots compared to the Rebels, though later expansions have closed the gap somewhat. After the death of Emperor "Can't Peeve The Sheev" Palpatine, the Empire split into multiple "Imperial Remnant" factions which initially fought the New Republic, then each other for dominance. Innovation ceased and few new designs were seen, and factions began customizing their armor and vehicles as replacements became rare or nonexistent.

In 1970's-1990's canon, only late Imperial Remnants had women or non-humans due to desperation and shifting policies as they became less evil and more Lawful Neutral. Vader's own 501st remained purely Jango Fett clones while the rest of the Empire was recruits and conscriptions. Admiral Daala and Admiral Thrawn were notable for being exceptions as a woman and alien respectively. This Empire became the Empire of the Hand after the Remnant wars.

In newer canon, the Empire mostly recruit humans with some aliens mixed in, no clones at all after a certain point, and women are seen among the men in all ranks and corps. This Empire becomes the First Order after the Remnant wars.

TIE/LN Fighter[edit]

TIE ln Art.png

The Empire's main ship, literally designated the "TIE Line Fighter". Extraordinarily cheap in-universe, with the few pilots lucky enough to survive a fight being given entirely new fighters rather than repaired ones.

Its defense and turning are on par with the A-Wings though it isn't as fast, falling short on speed in a straight line. Firepower is average. As this ship is cannon fodder, it can't equip any ship upgrades beside modifications.

  • As the least expensive ship in the game and with a lot of pilots that emphasize sticking together, it is no wonder the TIE swarm was once the most infuriating thing you can unleash on someone. Since then a lot of anti-swarm options have made their way into the game, but the TIE swarm is still the stock Empire build.
  • Academy Pilot: Cheapest pilot in the game at only 12 points a pop. Pilot Skill 1. This is most of what you are taking if you run a maximum numbers TIE swarm.
  • Obsidian Squadron Pilot: An elite group of TIE Fighters which chased the Millennium Falcon through the asteroid field then out of Cloud City, and survived the Battle of Endor. Academy Pilot but Pilot skill 3 for 1 more point.
  • "Chaser": When a friendly ship at Range 1 burns a Focus Token, he gets a Focus Token in return. Pilot Skill 3, 14 points.
  • Black Squadron Pilot: Vader's own TIE Squadron, were looking pretty good until they all died horribly when the Death Star blew up. Pilot skill 4, 14 points. Can take Elite Pilot Talents.
  • "Wampa": A stupid name with a neat ability. Can cancel all his Attack Dice results when attacking, and if there's a Critical in the results he inflicts an automatic facedown card to whoever he's shooting at. Good for opening up units so that "Scourge" gets his bonus die. Pilot Skill 4, 14 points.
  • Night Beast: Actual name Dodson Makraven, second in command of Obsidian Squadron and known for epic hangovers on leave. Pilot skill 5, 15 points. After executing a green maneuver, you may perform a free Focus action.
  • Winged Gundark: Seventh in rank in Obsidian Squadron. Pilot skill 5, 15 points. When attacking at Range 1, you may change 1 of your Hit results to a Crit result.
  • Backstabber: One of Vader's wingmen during A New Hope. Pilot Skill 6, 16 points. When shooting from outside and opponent's arc, you can roll an extra Attack Die.
  • "Youngster": The other big swarm enhancer along with Howlrunner. Every friendly TIE Fighter within Range 1-3 (a.k.a all of them, if you're flying right) can use his Elite Pilot Skill, provided it's an Action Card. Give him Expose to make your TIEs even more of a glass cannon unit, Marksmanship to ensure no-one in your squad ever misses again, or Expert Handling to render your opponent's targeting computers useless. That or Squad Leader to pass Actions around like it's no-one's business. Pilot Skill 6, 16 points (forgetting rage, it's like you want to waste peoples time).
  • Dark Curse: A pilot during the Battle of Yavin, this is the guy Wedge fucked up before he could shoot down Luke. Pilot Skill 6, 16 points. When attacking your opponents can't re-roll dice or spend Focus Tokens. Is known to make Rebel players rage. A 16 point ship that completely nulls Han Solo's pilot ability.
  • Mauler Mithel: Vader's other wingman. Utters the phrase "Look out" before he is shot by the Millennium Falcon and runs into Vader. Pilot Skill 7, 17 points. Rolls an additional Attack Die at Range 1, so at that distance he has the same attack power as an X-Wing.
  • "Scourge": A filler character with no backstory. Pilot Skill 7, 17 points. Gain a bonus Attack Die when attacking a defender with one or more Damage Cards.
  • Howlrunner: A woman named Civé Rashon, and leader of Obsidian Squadron. Pilot leading the group that chases the Millennium Falcon out Cloud City at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Pilot Skill 8, 18 points. Allows all ships within range 1 or her to re-roll one Attack Die. If you play a swarm TAKE HER. She makes the standard TIE a lot more potent. A Stealth Device or a Shield upgrade isn't a bad idea for her as it will allow her to live longer and keep buffing the rest of your fleet.

TIE Advanced 1x/2x[edit]

"I have you now..."

The Empire was constantly attempting to replace the TIE/ln fighter, mostly through the TIE Advanced project which pioneered tech used to create almost every TIE variant although no Advanced ever made it out of the prototype phase. The 1x is actually the second model of the fighter, with the very first incarnation simply called the v1. The 1x is Darth Vader's personal fighter, which he basically refused to give up after the Battle of Yavin. Juno Eclipse also piloted one before him despite the fact it was first created as a project to replace his old Jedi fighter. Despite its success the Imperial Navy refused to make more than a small number of elite Squadrons worth so they could make more Star Destroyers for the Rebels to blow up. The 2x was visually similar, better than the TIE/ln but cheaper than the 1x and is most likely the model that any Advanced model you put on the tabletop that doesn't have the 1x title is (since the other models are significantly different-looking and would require a totally different mini).

The Advanced has shields and can use missiles with more actions it can take although it's a big step in cost above the standard TIE. Its Achilles' heel is still its low attack values though and the ship was sorely in need of a boost when it was introduced. Luckily, Imperial Raider made all of them worth taking again. The expansion came with the TIE/x1 title which lets one Advanced take a Systems upgrade which also will cost 4 points less (although it can't go negative, it can only be free). Without that title however, its not a great choice; about on-par as the X-Wings since like them it's a bit higher cost than what it delivers when you have better choices available. Advanced Targeting Computer is a good choice, which lets it get one free Crit when attacking something it has a Target Lock on which doesn't consume the lock, although it can't spend that lock that turn either, as is Fire Control System if you want to grab a Target Lock to use your Missiles without spending one of your actions.

  • Tempest Squadron Pilot: Pilot Skill 2, 21 points. Give it the X1 title and an Accuracy Corrector and you have one of the most durable ships in the game that laughs at Attack Dice for 21 points. Give it Cluster Missiles and it wrecks fat turrets for only 25.
  • Storm Squadron Pilot: A super-elite group of pilots, not only given the Advanced but also upgraded versions. Pilot Skill 4, 23 points. The same strategy for Tempests work for Storms as well but 2 more points for only 2 more pilot skill means there's just not much reason to use Storms.
  • Lieutenant Colzet: A member of Storm Squadron who was promoted for his competency at dealing with pirates. Pilot Skill 3, 23 points, can spend a Target Lock he has on a ship to flip one of its damage cards face up and resolve the Crit. Take an Accuracy Corrector and the x1 title and he's an absolute bargain. Combine with Wampa for some hilarious results.
  • Commander Alozen: Commander of Storm Squadron. Pilot Skill 5, 25 points, he can acquire a Target Lock on a ship at range 1 at the start of combat. Pair him with the Advanced Targeting Computer, it was made for him.
  • Zertik Strom: Commanded a Star Destroyer, plotted to bring a very popular casino space station under Imperial control. Killed by the station's owner after his plot was made public and he failed to capture the main cast of the Star Wars movies. Pilot Skill 6, 26 points, enemy ships at range 1 of him don't get range bonuses when attacking ships.
  • Maarek Stele: Protagonist of the old TIE Fighter video games. Notable because in all of his EU stories, he never "converted" to the Rebel cause, instead working with Imperial Remnants well into the New Republic era. Rough punk who got sucked into the Imperial Navy by Palpatine's charisma and turned out to be the best damned TIE pilot the Empire ever had. Also Force-sensitive, for some reason. Pilot Skill 7, 27 points. When he deals a Crit, you can draw three and pick which one you give. Once considered the most worthless pilot in the game, which is no longer true thanks to later expansions. (fans of TIE Fighter rejoice!) Give him an Advanced Targeting Computer, Advanced Homing Missiles, and Predator to pile on the guaranteed crits so you can drink those delicious tears.
  • Juno Eclipse: Protagonist's love interest in a skubtacular video game called Force Unleashed where she was assigned to ferry Darth Vader's secret apprentice (the aforementioned protagonist) around, later nearly killed as part of the Emperor's giant plan to unite all opposition against him under the Rebel Alliance (with the Apprentice as the fall guy) so he could eliminate them all at once, which was about as smart as his plan of using the second Death Star's brief window of vulnerability to bait in the Rebels. All that aside, she's a maneuvering monster. When she reveals a maneuver she can crank it up or down the dial by 1 giving you a faster Advanced than any other. Pilot Skill 8, 28 points.
  • Darth Vader: A man who fell in love with an angel and really doesn't like sand. Pilot Skill 9, 29 points. Can perform two actions in one turn, arguably the best pilot in the game based on his abilities (was held back a long time by ship's limitations till the x1 title came along). Take engine upgrades to be more maneuverable and survivable than an Interceptor. The x1 title paired with just about anything makes him amazing.

Firespray-31/Slave 1[edit]


Created by a subsidiary of the company that built most of the non-TIE Imperial ships, it was designed essentially as a space police car to patrol and bring prisoners to the main prison of the Republic. Jango Fett stole one of the prototypes and blew up the others then named the last surviving model the Slave 1. Boba Fett later reclaimed it, and between the two the ship gained galaxy-wide reputation. The company then produced a fair number more identical to the original prototype, which were popular both among independent pirates and mercenaries. The ship lies on its back when landed, and becomes vertical when flying making atmospheric travel... interesting.

This was the Empire's counterpart to the YT-1300. It's just as durable as the non-character version, and has the defense, firepower, and maneuvering of an X-Wing. Option-wise, it's one of the most flexible ships in the game. It has slots for a bombs, cannons, crew, missiles, and if it takes the Slave 1 title, which is free, it can use torpedoes. Oh, and it also has a back arc that it can shoot out of at full power (but not with Secondary Weapons). As of 2nd Edition, it is now exclusive to Scum and Villainy.

Any of the 3 bounty hunter pilots with no frills are tough to kill and not lacking in good old fashioned killing power themselves.

  • Bounty Hunter: Cheapest variety of Firespray. The generic art has a green bottom, and a light gray body that is flaking and revealing the white underneath. Pilot Skill 3, 33 points. Take three of these in a list (or two and a shuttle) and you sir are now a connoisseur of fine cheese.
  • Krassis Trelix: An ex-Imperial who got butthurt he was never promoted to pilot and became a slaver in the Outer Rim before he was killed by a warrior monk woman named Shada D'ukal for being an asshole. His Firespray-31 had a rust orange bottom and olive drab connectors to the wings, with the rest white. Pilot Skill 5, 36 points. Can re-roll one attack die when using a secondary weapon.
  • Kath Scarlet: Lady pirate, in command of a band of outlaws which hit any target regardless of affiliation that strayed near their asteroid field. Her Firespray-31 is painted with a checkered white and red. Pilot Skill 7, 38 points. More useful than Boba Fett in every way, when your opponent cancels out a Crit result they get a Stress Token. Pair her with Mercenary Co-pilot or Rebel Captive (and now Tactician as well) and watch as half the opponent's fleet can't perform actions or has to move really slow... and right into your back arc.
  • Boba Fett: The most over-rated of over-rated characters in the history of fandom and edgelord extraordinaire. Asshole psychopathic clone of an asshole psychopathic race-traitor. His Firespray-31, the original, has a burgundy bottom with a very chipped away olive green revealing white. Pilot Skill 8, 39 points. When doing a soft turn maneuver, you can change it to go the other direction. Pair him with Navigator and you can move whatever way you want.
Recommended Build[edit]

Krassis Trelix with Heavy Laser Cannon and Recon Specialist

TIE/in Interceptor[edit]

TIE in Art.jpg
Royal TIE in Art.jpg

An adaptation of a few pieces of tech created for the TIE Advanced 1x to the basic TIE/ln; Rebels called them "squints" because of their curved wings. Features a second pair of more advanced cannons were installed on the wings themselves, a stronger engine, and better sensor/targeting systems. Although the usual variant is just as much of a death trap as a Fighter due to sharing an identical cockpit, some rare ones were given life-support, shields, missiles, sensor jamming tech, hyperspace engines, and whatever else was called for. Intended to fully replace the Fighter, but didn't until the age of the Imperial Remnant because the Empire likes their TIE swarms just as much as you do. A completely red variant with small pairs of wings on the sides of the larger wings (which aren't on the miniature, sadly) were also built, mostly assigned to Palpatine's Imperial Guard although some extra elite pilots were also assigned them. These red Interceptors were upgraded in almost every way at any expense. TIE Interceptor pilots were notably much more skilled as they were initially a promotion from Fighters, with many already having blood stripes when they first flew it.

The Empire's counterpart to the A-Wing. It has the same dial minus the green five forward, with 3's across the board giving it more firepower and Hull, but has no Shields so it's still less durable. Can Focus, Barrel Roll, Boost, and Evade. The squint wants to slip around and be a bastard to hit, so a stealth device pairs with the crafts already great agility to make one annoying target. Use the Boost action to get through to get the critical slip you need if you sense danger or opportunity knocking. The Imperial Ace expansion added a free title that lets an Interceptor pilot with a Pilot Skill of four or higher take two modifications. Unless you are taking Alpha Squadron Pilots to run as part of a swarm (note: nobody swarms Interceptors), then taking any Interceptor pilots without the Elite upgrade option to give them Push The Limit is a bad idea. As such "Fel's Wrath," Lorrir, and Kanos are almost worthless in most lists.

  • Alpha Squadron Pilot: A group initially stationed on the first Death Star, then later put under the leadership of the Imperial agent turned Sith assassin Lumiya. Pilot Skill 1, 18 points.
  • Avenger Squadron Pilot: A special forces squadron with two vertical white stripes on their wings, given temporary upgrades as needed to complete their missions. Pilot Skill 3, 20 points.
  • Saber Squadron Pilot: Part of the elite 181st. Participated in, and survived, the Battle of Endor, virtually all had the blood stripes and were known for it. Pilot Skill 4, 21 points. Can take an Elite upgrade.
  • Royal Guard Pilot: The group that protects the Emperor when he flies. Pilot Skill 6, 22 points. From here on up can equip the title of "Royal Guard Pilot" and get two modifications. PS6 for 22 is a bit steep so unless you actually do use the Royal Guard Pilot upgrade or need those two extra Pilot Skill then you should take Sabre Squadron instead.
  • "Fel's Wrath": A nameless man who is Soontir Fel's wingmate in Saber Squadron. When the number of Damage Cards assigned to you equals or exceeds your Hull value, you are not destroyed until the end of the round. AKA, if Wedge kills you, you still get to shoot. Pilot Skill 5, 23 points.
  • Lieutenant Lorrir": A member of the 181st who survived the Battle of Endor, got married, joined an independent Imperial Remnant, then survived the battle that destroyed it as well. Pilot Skill 5, 23 points. Can take a stress token to use the 1 hard turns instead of the 1 forward template during a Barrel Roll.
  • Kir Kanos: Last of the Imperial Guard, planned to kill the leaders of the Imperial Remnant for failing Palpatine. Became a bounty hunter when somebody beat him to the punch before killing the leader of the last surviving group loyal to the actual Imperial Doctrine and retiring to civilian life. Lets you spend an Evade Token when shooting at Range 2-3 to add a Hit to your results. Doesn't get any upgrades unless you add the Royal Guard TIE. Pilot Skill 6, 24 points.
  • Tetran Cowall: An odd character from the X-Wing series of novels. Never actually part of the Empire, simply an actor who impersonated Soontir Fel after the Battle of Endor to attempt to draw Rogue Squadron into an ambush alongside a fake Sabre Squadron pilot by droids. If you preform a K-turn, you can treat the move as a speed 1, 3, or 5 rather than using the usual distance. Pilot Skill 7, 24 points.
  • Turr Phennir: A 181st pilot who REALLY hated the Alliance, but kept getting his ass kicked until he took the hint and retired to leadership of a small planet in a confederation that later tried to secede from the Alliance leadership, at which point he got is ass kicked again and finally gave up. After attacking, you can do a free Boost or Barrel Roll. Pilot Skill 7, 25 points.
  • Carnor Jax: A member of the Royal Guard who served Lumiya and became her Sith Apprentice. Wiped out the rest of the Guard survivors, then killed the last of Palpatine's clones to declare himself Emperor. Got killed for making the mistake of torturing Kir Kanos' love interest for information. If an enemy is within range 1, they can't preform a Focus or Evade action, nor do they get to spend tokens gained from those actions. Pilot Skill 8, 26 points.
  • Baron Soontir Fel: The top Imperial Ace, basically Maarek Stele with a MUCH more clusterfucky EU backstory (and looked up to Stele as an inspiration). Son of a Corellian farmer, given a recommendation to the Imperial Academy so he couldn't testify in the attempted rape case against a wealthy businessman's son. His high skill and dedication to the Empire made him one of Grand Moff Tarkin's favorites. You can look up the rest on his Wookieepedia article, the long and short of it is that he got himself into a ton of bullshit, singlehandedly turned the 181st into the most elite squad in the Empire, double-crossed the New Republic to join up with Admiral Thrawn and become a Chiss-weeaboo before finally having his son become the head of a reborn, less evil Empire. Wedge is his brother-in-law. One of the rare pilots with a Pilot Skill of 9. When he receives a Stress Token, he gets a free focus token. Combine with push the limit to get extra focus. Costs 27 points.
Recommended Build[edit]

Soontir Fel or Carnor Jax with Push The Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Stealth Device, and Autothrusters. Fel is more defensive thanks to the extra focus token, Jax is more offensive because he shuts down your opponents' evasive options in range 1.

Lambda-class Shuttle[edit]

Lambda Shuttle 1.jpg

Designed by some of the best engineers in the universe, who were promised their hearts desire (plus a yacht each!) for designing it. A combination troop transport for up to twenty, a cargo freighter, a heavy gunship, and a VIP escort with simple modification. Comes equipped with a very thick hull, powerful armaments, extremely advanced communication and sensor systems, hyperdrive, shields, and even a degree of luxury for transporting personnel. Its a complete departure from the entire Imperial fleet design! Durable enough to be sent without escort on missions, and secure enough to ferry the Emperor himself. Considered a symbol of Imperial ideals, although that didn't stop the New Republic from reusing them with a different paint job. The only downside is AWFUL maneuverability and being somewhat slow. It has a number of sister models for different roles, and can be modified as the need demands.

This is another one of those ships with below average defense rolls at only one Defense Die and an extra strong Hull and Shields at 5 each, plus it packs above average firepower with three Attack Dice. What makes the Shuttle stand out is its low point cost at only 21 points for the generic pilot, making it one of the cheapest Large ships. For upgrades it can use Cannons, two Crew, a System upgrade, and the ST-321 title for 3 points that lets it Target Lock anything anywhere in play. When considering one of these, look to the upgrades you can potentially take to define what this ship is.

  • Of note: the shuttle was the first ship to feature the "Stop" maneuver. That's right, zero movement. If you can pilot yourself correctly (anyone that manages to flank nimble fighters in a lumbering shuttle deserves a pat on the back, although mines like the good old Cluster along with asteroid placement really help) you can really use this to your advantage and keep an important target firmly in your firing arc. Pair with a Heavy Laser Canon and become an unrelenting buzzsaw that rips and tears with the best of them.
  • The shuttle is quite arguably under-costed for just how damn tanky it is. A "Doom Shuttle" list of consisting of just Lambda shuttles with upgrades is thus theoretically possible, just not advisable in the current state of the game.
  • It is possible, with use of Advance Sensors and Captain Yorr, to after a turn or two just have all of your shuttles sitting in a large square not moving all the while being able to perform actions.
  • Two crew slots means it's one of the few ships that can bring along Emperor Palpatine himself. He's pricey at 8 points, but the sheer power in his ability to change any friendly ship's die result to any other result once per round cannot be understated.
  • Omnicron Group Pilot: The group of Lambda pilots from the old TIE Fighter vidya. Basic unamed pilot with a skill of 2, 21 points.
  • Captain Yorr: One of Darth Vader's shuttle pilots. Pilot Skill 4, 24 points. Skilled veteran of Onyx Squadron, and before the Lambda assignment tested prototype TIE. If a friendly ship in range 1-2 would gain a Stress Token, and this ship has less than two, he can take it instead.
  • Colonel Jendon: Vader's other pilot. Also Onyx veteran, also a test pilot, although he has claim as the first to fly the TIE Defender. Pilot Skill 6, 26 points. Lets you give a blue target lock icon to friendly ship at range 1. If you take him, take the ST-321 title too.
  • Captain Kagi: A clone from the Clone Wars, Palpatine's personal pilot. Ferried the deep fried wingless legless Annie from Mustafar. If an enemy would a target lock, it needs to lock onto this ship. Pilot Skill 8, 27 points.

TIE/sa Bomber[edit]

TIE Bomber 1.png

The TIE Bomber, also known as TIE Surface Assault, is the primary bomber of the Empire. TIE Bombers have a second pod which contains all of their cargo with the back of the cockpit pod containing a miniaturized version of the same type of reactor that powers a Star Destroyer. They are (slightly) more heavily armored than TIE/ln although they still lack shields and hyperdrive. It did however have life support systems and even an ejection system to protect pilots, although standard pilot gear was used regardless. It was still considered an easy kill by Rebel fighters despite this as the maneuverability of ordinary variants was abysmal despite more upgraded versions existing for elite squadrons. The TIE Bomber was never replaced in the Empire fleets, although heavier versions like the TIE Punisher were produced. Modified versions included the bomb pod being converted into a small shuttle (the original role of the Bomber model in the Star Wars movies was actually to be a troop transport for the Empire in A New Hope, although the scenes were never filmed and the props were used to bomb asteroids in Empire Strikes Back instead), and the bomb pod can carry damn near any kind of armament including propaganda pamphlets. Multiple ammunition types were switched internally via robotic arms. The TIE Bomber marks the beginning of the Imperial trend of just adding more pods to make a TIE stronger.

The TIE Bomber has a Hull as strong as the Firespray, but it still no Shields so it'll die only somewhat more slowly than the standard TIEs. It can obviously use Bombs, but this game made it into a counterpart to the B-Wing so it can also be loaded with two Torpedoes, two Missiles, and a Bomb! Wonderful Bombs! Bombers are much cheaper than their Rebel counterparts, and have a better movement dial than the Y-Wing with more of the Y's white maneuvers being green maneuvers. If you take them, you probably want to take multiples and try to plan combos as a single Bomber is too much of an easy target.

  • If you want to make use of their extensive ordinance capacity, you absolutely have to run Guidance Chips. It's a free Modification that turns a blank result into a hit, which means your missiles will be significantly better overall.
  • Fly several in formation and drop their bombs all at once for a devastating do-or-die tactic when you can get those rebel scum to bunch up properly. You either laugh all the way back home or miss entirely and drop like flies.
  • Strangely, the Bomber becomes a better choice as the game gets larger. With more and more threats to distract your opponent from your bombers, he'll be focusing on the stuff that makes harder kills, while you'll be able to field multiple redundant bombers. Proton Bombs are also terrifying for Huge ships, since you can hit both halves of the Raider or Corvette at once, and said Proton Bombs bypass shields, Reinforce, and every other way Huge ships defend themselves, and their damage decks cause them serious problems.
  • After falling behind for a long time, the TIE Bomber has received a nice boost to its usefulness in the Imperial Veterans pack, which includes the TIE Shuttle title. This lets you swap out all your missile, bomb, and torpedo slots for a pair of crew slots, but you can't equip any crew cards that cost more than 4 points. This turns the Bomber from a munitions dispenser into a small support ship.
  • Scimitar Squadron Pilot The Bombers that accompanied Obsidian Squadron, chasing the Millennium Falcon as well as participating in Endor where at the end of the battle they helped evacuate the second Death Star. Bog standard no frills Pilot Skill 2, 16 point guy to take when you want to litter the field with 'splosions.
  • Deathfire: Real name "McDibs", this was an LT and Bomber pilot from the SWG MMO. He starts a more recent trend of low PS uniques who lack EPTs, having only PS3 and a cost of 17 points. But, his ability allows him to perform bomb actions for free when he performs another action (such as Barrel Roll) or reveals his maneuver, making his used of the tech much more flexible.
  • Gamma Squadron Pilot An elite group with upgraded maneuverability and horizontal white stripes on their wings. Fought under Maarek Stele and Admiral Zaarin. The typical "slightly higher Pilot Skill (4) generic grunt that costs a little more (18)" nothing special here, move along.
  • Gamma Squadron Veteran For one point more than a Gamma pilot, a Gamma Squadron Veteran has one more point of Pilot Skill, but more importantly, an Elite slot. This lets you take Deadeye and bypass the biggest issue with depending on missiles and torpedoes; the need for a target lock.
  • Captain Jonus Scimitar 2, who was both almost eaten by the space slug prior to the Falcon landing in it and managed to hit an asteroid. He survived, and was given a new ship for Endor. He makes the magic happen with Skill 6 at 22 points. If you want to run a Bomber squadron, he is the go-to guy. Gives two Attack Die rerolls on Secondary Weapons to ships within range 1 of him, which is a pretty sweet deal although you pay for it in his cost. Hell, he is also good for buffing Firesprays or a Shuttle's Heavy Laser Cannon to make one-volley kills very feasible. If you do consider a single Bomber, make it Jonus and give him a friend. Gets an Elite upgrade too. Jonus is excellent for leading teams of Gamma Squadron Veterans. Solid option for TIE Shuttle with additional support crew.
  • Major Rhymer The leader of Scimitar Squadron, who was promoted to Major prior to the Battle of Endor and lead his squadron in rescuing the stranded personnel of the second Death Star before it blew up. Drops fat rhymes like he drops rebel scum (citation not required, fact-checkers get expired). The obligatory pricey and high Pilot Skill character at 7 for 26 points. When attacking with a Secondary Weapon you can increase or decrease the range by 1, but it can't go lower than 1 or higher than 3. If you have some plan that is dependent on pulling off a killing shot with Advanced Proton Torpedoes or keeping out of a range that activates an opponent special ability, he's okay. Beyond that however, his talent just is not all that great for what you pay (especially considering he is 10 full points above a level 2 pilot and Wedge is only 8).
  • Tomax Bren Fought alongside Admiral Thrawn and went into hiding when things went to shit. Tomax Bren was the leader of Scimitar Squadron, and managed not to do much notable with it. He makes much more of a splash in X-Wing, at 24 points and with Pilot Skill 8, Tomax has the ability to flip back up any Elite card he flips face down, once per turn. Pair him with Crack Shot and he's surprisingly good with his primary weapon. Pair him with Cool Hand and Fleet Officer and he becomes surprisingly hard to hit while passing out focus tokens to his team. Either way, he should be your go-to choice when you run a TIE Shuttle.
Recommended Build[edit]

Standard bomber: Gamma Squadron Veteran with Deadeye, Cluster Missiles, Extra Munitions, and Guidance Chips OR Shuttle: Tomax Bren with Cool Hand, Lightweight Frame, TIE Shuttle, Fleet Officer, and Tactician

TIE/D Defender[edit]

TIE Defender 1.jpg

Also called "Trips" by both Imperial and Rebel alike. Introduced in the TIE Fighter vidya, where it was infamous for being one of the absolute fuckingest ships in the game, second only to the Missile Boat. The pinnacle in TIE design, the result of the TIE/Ad x7 and TIE Avenger research. More maneuverable than an A-Wing and faster than any other ship. More powerful cannons than anything in the Rebel or Imperial fleets that isn't attached to a capital ship. The problem? Super fucking expensive, the same as five TIE Fighters, and EVERYBODY wanted one. The Rebels kept stealing them and blowing up factories so the Empire was only able to produce a small number and very late in their history. The Defender went into active Imperial service not long before Endor, and the Imperial Remnant slowly lost the ability to produce them. This baby came stock with pretty much anything the Empire could stick on it including four powerful laser cannons and two ion cannons, torpedoes, missiles, complex targeting computers, bombs, and quite possibly a kitchen sink launcher. It even had optional tractor beams for harassment and towing. Regardless of what role was needed, the Defender could cover it allowing it to replace anything from Bombers to Gunboats in any given force.

It eventually got re-introduced in "Rebels", ironically its development being headed by Grand Admiral Thrawn, the guy who in the old universe designed the Missile Boat to counter it. Unlike the typically easy to deal fighters in the show, just one TIE Defender almost wrecked an entire rebel squadron which included the Ghost. Its shields were too strong for the laser cannons on rebel ships and even luring it close to a star that destroyed Interceptors didn't stop it. It was only defeated by hits from ion cannons. This depiction however lacked the ion cannons it had in the old continuity and had more laser cannons its place.

Now forget all of that shit, because unlike the developers of TIE Fighter FFG realized that a ship capable of doing everything every other ship can better isn't the most balanced thing in the world. It's still got impressive stats, with 3s in attack, defense, Hull, and Shields. In terms of straight line movements, it's as fast the A-Wing, and it has better selection of short turns than either it or the Interceptor, but it's not as good at sharp turns. One of its most impressive and unique feats however is that the TIE Defender is the only ship in the game that can preform a U-turn which isn't red. It can't equip Torpedoes like in the video game, but it can use Missiles and Cannons. The pack includes an Ion Cannon for so it can at least do that like it did in the game. As you might expect, however, these things aren't cheap, even the basic pilots cost more than Darth Vader in an Advanced. With Focus, Target Lock, and Barrel Roll it comes in as the X-Wing of the Empire (in a good way).

FFG has recognized that the Defender was long overcosted for what it actually did, and rectified this with Imperial Veterans, which added two new titles. TIE/D is free and allows you to fire your cannon first, then take a primary shot, excellent for sucking a target in with tractor beam before slamming them with four dice at range 1, but it only works on cannons that cost 1, 2, or 3 points. TIE/x7 strips out the cannon and missile slots and gives you a free Evade token every time you perform a speed 3, 4, or 5 maneuver. Since the Defender doesn't have a native Evade action, this goes a long way towards keeping you alive, and even better, it REDUCES your cost by 2 points. Since this card has a negative cost and the /D is free, you should never run a Defender without a title again.

  • Delta Squad Pilot: A squadron of loyal TIE Defender pilots who fought against turncoat TIE Defenders when the man responsible for the creation of the Defender betrayed and attacked the Empire. Pilot Skill of 1, at a whopping 30 points.
  • Onyx Squadron Pilot: The first official TIE Defender squadron, deployed at Endor. Technically consists of Bombers and Defenders mixed. Pilot Skill 3 and 32 points.
  • Glaive Squadron Pilot: Pilot Skill 6 with an elite slot at 34 points. Still nothing special.
  • Countess Ryad: 34 points, Pilot Skill 5, an Elite slot, and when you reveal a Straight maneuver, you can treat it as a K-Turn, building on the Defender's unique strength of a white K-turn by giving you green K-turns at speeds 2-5. Pair with TIE/X7 and Juke for hard hits at unusual angles.
  • Colonel Vessery: A member of the Imperial Remnants who had command of the Stranger and Interloper squadrons. Fought alongside the New Republic Rogue Squadron, and trained them in Imperial tactics. Pilot Skill 6, 33 points. After he attacks an enemy, if they are being Target Locked by someone else he also obtains one. Recent FAQ confirmed that you can use this Target Lock for rerolls for the same attack that gave you the Target Lock. Can also take an Elite upgrade.
  • Maarek Stele: Oh, yeah, the boys are back in town. Maarek Stele, protagonist of the TIE Fighter games, uses the ship he was absolutely overpowered in. He has the same ability here as he does in his Advanced; when you deal a faceup damage card, you draw three and choose which to apply to your target. Good for getting double damage with Direct hits or picking exactly the card to worst ruin someone's day. Pilot Skill 7 with an Elite slot at 35 points. Probably the best option.
  • Rexlar Brath: Leader of Onyx Squadron. Now we're bringing the hurt, after he deals damage to an enemy he can spend a Focus to flip all Damage Cards the enemy draws because of his attack face-up. However, most players claim that the circumstance where his ability is useful is rather rare, and players shouldn't be expecting to be making much use of it. Rexlar is mainly fielded solely because of his 8 pilot skill, rather than his special ability. Still, there's quite a bit of potential using his Missiles or Cannons to deal guaranteed Crits. Mainly useful for knocking out other Imperials. He's gonna cost you a whopping 37 points though. Could be run with Push The Limit to get a focus token for his ability and a target lock to make sure you have a chance to use it; if you do, run him with TIE Mark II so you can clear stress more easily.
Recommended Build[edit]

Countess Ryad with TIE/x7, Juke, and Stealth Device OR Colonel Vessery w/ Trick Shot, Tractor Beam, TIE/D, and TIE Mk. II

TIE/ph Phantom[edit]

TIE Phantom 1.png

Introduced in the old old Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire video game and based on concept art for the Lambda Shuttle. Having origins in the V38 Assault Fighter, an early Imperial vehicle, it was the product of Palpatine's favored Moff who was tasked with creating a superior stealth fighter in response to the destruction of the first Death Star. Possessing shields, hyperdrive, and a resurrection of cloaking technology using the rare Stygium crystals. Unlike basically every other Imperial ship, the cockpit has life support systems allowing pilots to use a headset rather than the complete suit. It had one of the most advanced cloaking devices ever created although it required many of the systems onboard the ship to be shut down to function. It was extremely expensive, even more so than a Defender although the higher survivability and smaller numbers required to be an effective force made it a more attractive investment. Its production lines were short-lived however, as a single fighter stolen by a pair of Rebel lovers managed to destroy an ENTIRE FUCKING SUPER STAR DESTROYER and the only production facility, and as a result succeeding production lines were kept top secret and in limited numbers to prevent similar fuckups and to prevent the technology from falling into Rebel hands.

The TIE phantom takes slippery bastardy to an whole new level. With 4 Attack Dice (firepower equal to the CR90 Corvette) and stats that otherwise seem lackluster at 2 in defense, Hull, and Shields, the real power of the Phantom is in its Cloaking Device. For quite awhile they had almost destroyed the Rebel meta, making X-wings and B-wings rather dated in the fact that those ships just have an incredibly hard time getting the Phantom into arc while the Phantom can dance around and shred them like no other. Although its unprecedented firepower and maneuverability have some players crying power creep, it has a tendency to fold under focus fire (even 4 defense dice will come up blank more often than not) and is temporarily crippled by the effects of Stress and Ion Tokens. It also received a slight nerf via FAQ later making it more balanced along with a buff in that ships can't prevent it from Decloaking. It can take Crew and System upgrades. While its cheaper than the Defender and you can put a lot less points into it at only 25 for the cheapest raw, the Phantom is still an investment since you now have to factor in how you're going to protect it. Target mitigation is very important here. If you're feeling exceptionally cruel, start taking Debris fields instead of Asteroids and give it Collision Detector. You can decloak onto the Debris, ignore any damage potential (since you only take damage on a Crit and Collision Detectors allow you to ignore Crits from Obstacles) take your Stress token, and then do a green maneuver to take off your stress.

Stealth in space[edit]
  • When Cloaked, the Phantom becomes a bitch to hit with a +2 boost to agility.
  • Upon Decloaking (which happens before anyone reveals their move) you boost straight forward at speed two or Barrel Roll with the speed 2 template. Since this happens before anyone reveals their movement, and does not count as an action, you can slip out of danger or into a prime firing position to let forth with 4 attacks.
  • Cloaking again is a further action, so you can't normally Cloak and Decloak in the same turn unless you somehow combo yourself a free action.

This is further augmented with some Modifications

  • Stygium Particle Accelerator lets you get an Evade Token upon Cloaking or Decloaking, if you don't want the Phantom to eat all your precious points this is an alright option.
  • The Advanced Cloaking Device is where the real shit is at though. After shooting you can be all stealthy again as a free action. For the low skill pilots this isn't all that helpful as you are likely to get blown out of the sky before you can strike back. This upgrade is pretty much you declaring a desire to build the list around the Phantom.
  • Sigma Squadron Pilot: A small squadron that was deployed against Rebel patrols as a test to Darth Vader of the effectiveness of the Phantom, which while successful lead directly to the loss of the facility that produced them. Bog standard Pilot Skill 3 guy, costing 25 points. You can fit 4 unmodified ones in a list if you feel like it.
  • Shadow Squadron Pilot: One of the (many) squadrons to use the name in Star Wars. An ultra elite group which continued using the Phantoms after the destruction of the main facility. Pilot Skill 5 generic pilot at 27 points. If you would rather do 3 generic Phantoms in a list, you might as well make them these guys for the marginal points difference and the better chance to take your shots before getting knocked out by a turret.
  • Echo: A character with no backstory, confirmed in an FAQ to be female. Pilot Skill 6 for 30 points, and makes the Phantom. When doing the fancy Decloaking maneuver, Echo uses the 2 banking template instead of the straight one giving her a much better choice of movement options. Holds the title for slipperiest ship in the game. Also can take an Elite upgrade.
  • Whisper: Pilot Skill 7, after performing an attack that hits, get assigned a Focus Token. Great for increasing survivability as it allows a Focus to be used for attack and then another one to be used later for defense. The ability to be buffed up to PS9 with Veteran Instincts to move last and shoot first should also not be overlooked.
Recommended Build[edit]

Whisper with Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device, Collision Detector, and Agent Kallus.

VT-49 Decimator[edit]

Decimator 1.jpg

Created as a mid-sized Imperial ship for the Star Wars Galaxies (the first Star Wars MMO) expansion that added ships to the game. It was designed as an "evil Millennium Falcon" and borrowed aesthetics from TIE Fighters and a Star Destroyer (many have noted it closely resembles a TX-130T Hovertank, the primary Republic and Empire ground vehicle from Star Wars Battlefront 2). Essentially a heavy recon vessel, a picket ship (a ship that sits at the edges of large fleets to detect traps and inbound hostiles before they reach more expensive craft), and if needed a heavily armored troop transport functioning like a space AT-AT. To be assigned to one is a good sign since its a step below capital ships, and who doesn't dream if being captain of a Star Destroyer? Besides those who are prone to mistakes anyway.

The Decimator is a very popular ship in Imperial meta for a number of reasons. While the Shuttle is like a TIE Fighter in that it gets the job done cheap with its ample upgrade slots for combo synergy, the Decimator does it while packing a punch at double the price. Despite being a lot smaller than the CR90 it has a much stronger Hull of 12 (strongest in the game at the moment), but one less Shield. That lack of Shields (because those eat Crits) along with not having ass-saving choices like Chewbacca as a pilot or C-3PO as Crew make it much squishier than the YT-1300, but still more durable than anything else. While it has a defense of 0, it thankfully has a lot more turning moves than the Rebel Large ships in keeping with the Imperial theme. But while it's strong, it's still not armed well enough to enough to get into any head to head gun fights with other Large ships at only 3 Attack Dice on a turret (the first the Empire got) and being limited to a single Bomb and/or Torpedo for secondary weapons. Most of its upgrade slots are taken up by options for the 3 Crew and having room for an Elite on all but the generic pilot, plus a title called Dauntless where if the ship does a maneuver that ends with it overlapping another ship it can preform a free action in exchange for a Stress Token. All Decimators have Target Lock and Focus.

  • Patrol Leader: Run of the mill pilot costing 40 points for a Pilot Skill of 3. Feel free to consider any Crew, including Darth Vader to take advantage of all those hit points to obliterate something you want dead.
  • Captain Oicunn: Named Barrow Oicunn, he was in the army on his home planet of Humbarine during the Clone Wars when Grievous devastated the undefended planet, saw the Empire as being able to prevent the same thing from happening to somebody else. Like Batman. At some point he had an interesting adventure relating to the Kessel Run which has never been elaborated on, but is what gives him his unique ability in the game (so it's not hard to figure out what happened). He was promoted to Admiral eventually, and a small group of elite clone Stormtroopers use his DNA as a template. Two more points for an extra point of Pilot Skill, and after it does a maneuver any enemy ships it touches take 1 damage with the FAQ stating the damage only comes when he hits someone rather than the other way around. Combine with the Intimidation elite talent to take a point off their agility and Anti Pursuit Laser to deal extra damage if you run him. Combining Intelligence Agent with Navigator can also be handy so you can see where your mark is going then go the same way or head them off. Mara Jade is also recommended, giving every enemy in range 1 a Stress Token so you are even more sure where they're going to go and what they can do when they get there. Ion anything will help you greatly. Combine with Daredevil and Engine Upgrade plus Dauntless to ram someone twice in one turn. Keep Epsilon Leader in the TIE/fo nearby to eat your stress as well.
  • Commander Kenkirk: Introduced in Star Wars Galaxies. Lieutenant of the Decimator "Blackguard", his Commanding Officer planned to betray the Empire and sell their ship to the Black Sun mafia. He was promoted to Commander after foiling a rebellion attempt by the Chief Engineer, and killed by players hired as mercs not long after. Another 2 points for a Pilot Skill of 6. If you lose your Shields and have a Damage Card, this ship's agility increases to 1. Not exceedingly useful really, but not terrible especially if you're putting a lot of points into your Decimator. If you take Modification card, consider Hull Upgrade to give him the extra hit points needed to get hurt and start evading.
  • Rear Admiral Chiraneau: A TIE ace who had specialized in deep space comm. Promoted by the newly "promoted" Admiral Piett to Rear Admiral and was his adviser on the Super Star Destroyer "Executor". At some point after that he commanded a Decimator. When Palpatine arrived at the second Death Star he was among the Stormtroopers and officers standing at attention, then for the battle was on the bridge of the Executor. Killed when A-Wing pilot Arvel Crynyd suicide-bombed the bridge of the ship, resulting in the destruction of the Executor when it... crashed straight into the Death Star. Maybe putting the only controls of the ship in the exposed bridge was a bad idea. Chiraneau is the most expensive pilot for this ship at 46 points and a Pilot Skill of 8. If shooting at range 1 or 2, you can change one Focus result to a Crit. Take with Gunner so your first volley knocks off any defenses and burns any tokens your opponent has, then let him tear into the fucker on the second barrage. Combined with Hotshot Copilot and the new Kylo Ren to really give your opponent a bad day.

Raider-Class Corvette[edit]

Imperial Raider 3.jpg

An entirely new creation for X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games, and since it was created in cooperation with Lucasfilm after the Disney wiped the EU it's completely canon! The Raider class corvette was designed by Lira Wessex, the same woman who created the Star Destroyers among other Imperial wonders you love (which makes her canon again too) 6 years before the Battle of Yavin with the destruction of the first Death Star seeing it put straight into production. Created as the mid point between a Star Destroyer and Decimator and as an Imperial ship equal in size to the CR90 (which didn't exist in the canon prior), the Raider has the speed for Rebel-like hit and run attacks or patrols and is designed primarily as a heavy anti-fighter ship. Its powerful lasers are more accurate than those found on a Star Destroyer and comes with plenty of anti-fighter tricks like small Ion cannons, along with great durability and a centralized command bridge. When a Star Destroyer deploys a squadron of TIEs the Raider is what is deployed to accompany and support them. Because it was hyperdrive-capable, the Raider was usually deployed along other hyperdrive Imperial ships including the TIE Advanced 1x prototypes that didn't wind up in Vader's garage.

The Empire's first Huge ship. It's 10 points more expensive than the CR90 at 50 for the Fore and 50 for the Aft for 100 total, with its base stats being slightly better possessing one extra Shield at 4 on both ends and, generating an extra point of Energy at 6 while retaining the Hull of 8. Its main guns however, have a lower max range but also a lower minimum range at 2-4 for its 4 Attack Dice, so it won't be as good at hitting other ships from outside their range but it can fire at them when they're a bit closer. The main edge the CR90 has over it is more slots for upgrades. Cargo, Crew, Hardpoint for the Fore. Two Crew, one Cargo, two Team, two Hardpoint for the Aft. Note that while it has three firing arcs, its primary only fires from the front. This means that unless you spend at least 6 points for a Secondary Weapon in the rear slot, you'll have a derp ship flailing like an epileptic whale while fighters take advantage of the huge gap and lack of maneuverability to strike you repeatedly while the Lambda Shuttle lols at what a horrible dogfighter you are. Unlike the CR90 the Raider has Coordinate at the Aft action while Recover is in the Fore. Like the CR90, both sections are Pilot Skill 4.

The Raider Fore special ability lets you spend 2 Energy to make another Primary Attack.

Of note is the fact that the primary firing arc actually overlaps with the auxiliary firing arc in the back allowing the Raider to throw an astounding amount of dice at the unfortunate bastard to get caught in its sweet spot (eleven dice from its two primary attacks and the quad laser cannon in the front and two ion cannon attacks from its rear). Line up your shot then laugh in the face of your opponent's Fat Han.

The Raider has a choice of three Titles:

  • Assailer: 2 points. If the defending section of the ship has a Reinforce Token, you can change a Focus result to an Evade result.
  • Instigator: 4 points. Recover actions restore one extra Shield when used.
  • Impetuous: 3 points. Gain a Target Lock any time the ship performs an attack that destroys an enemy ship.

Most players buy Raiders for the 1x TIE Advanced Titles and the Advanced Targeting Computer upgrades plus the pilots which make the Advanced not only worth taking but also very good. As a result, seeing Raiders which are 100% intact minus the missing Advanced and relevant upgrades on the secondary market is common.

TIE/IT Interdictor/Punisher[edit]

TIE Punisher 1.jpg

The appearance of this ship is something of a Skub topic. Some say it looks like a TIE Bomber got cancer and exaggerates the lazy stupidity of many TIE designs. Some say it looks fucking amazing, and more/larger bomb bays only makes sense for a fighter that can deploy firepower on par with a fucking Star Destroyer. Either way, it was originally designed for the RTS Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds as a fully upgraded TIE Bomber so you can't blame FFG for this one. It has the same basic design and cockpit as a Bomber, plus shields and a stronger hull with the ability to take almost any kind of weapon the Empire had in the extra munition pods. They were put into service after the destruction of the first Death Star, and bombed Yavin IV during the Rebel evacuation. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the Interdictors still in service to the Remnant were further upgraded and renamed Punishers.

It's a worthy counterpart to the K-wing, with a whopping three Shields and six Hull on top of its slots for Missiles, Bombs, and Torpedoes- two of each, and a Systems upgrade slot on top of that. Has two Attack Dice and one Defense Die, which isn't terrible. Its maneuver dial leaves a lot to be desired, but it compensates with an inherent Boost action on top of the Focus and Target Lock. The maneuvering geats easier if you sacrifice potential damage for a MK II engine which will allow it to be a functioning member of a swarm. Using Advanced Sensors with the Systems slot will let it accomplish quite a few bombing shenanigans. Like the K-wing, it too has access to Extra Munitions along with Ion Bombs and Conner Nets, which means you can reliably unleash one of your many forms of ordnance every turn. With Munitions Failsafe on top of that you could keep a kitted-out Punisher unleashing hell for most of the combat turns in a game. You take a Punisher, you're looking to put major hurt into the field. Combine Accuracy Corrector with Cluster Missiles to possibly destroy any model in the game in one turn.

It's easy to overestimate how much use you'll get out of the TIE Punisher. It's often a priority target; it has only one Evasion, making it fairly easy to hit compared to your dodgy fighters, and its maneuver dial is nothing spectacular, so its three shields and six hull are nowhere near as tough as you might expect them to be. The important thing to worry about is not loading up on too much points worth of ordinance. A single bomb, torpedo, or missile, plus Extra Munitions, is probably your best bet.

As a quick side note, while the base size is the same as any other fighter, the Punisher miniature itself is much bigger than any other Small ship other than the K-Wing and is basically a Large ship on a Small base.

  • Cutlass Squadron Pilot: A squadron that has no lore, other than it is Imperial and contains plural TIE Punishers. The obligatory Pilot Skill 2 generic choice for 21 points.
  • Black 8 Squadron Pilot: Vader's ultra elite hit squad of fighter and bomber pilots. Initially composed of the best and brightest lead by Juno Eclipse. After Vader realized the best pilots tend to actually have scruples, he transferred out the better pilots and kept the elite bloodthirsty mental cases under the command of Redline. Eventually he began recruiting directly from the most dangerous criminals in the Empire and put a former Separatist pirate in command. Pilot Skill 4, 23 points.
  • Deathrain: Like Howlrunner he was created as a pilot name for Star Wars Galaxies. Unlike Howlrunner, he has absolutely no other lore. Pilot Skill 6, 26 points. This guy can drop bombs from his front guide instead of his rear, and can perform a Barrel Roll after dropping a bomb as a free action. Give him Advanced Sensors and Cluster Mines, and he'll blow apart large ships like the Millennium Falcon before they can even attempt to move out of the way.
  • Redline: An absolute psychopath who complained when they had to stop bombing civilian targets on a rebelling planet even after it became a lifeless wasteland, succeeded Juno Eclipse as head of Black Eight Squadron. Pilot Skill 7 for 27 points. Can have two Target Locks on a single ship at the same time whenever you get a lock. With a Fire Control System and a bunch of missiles and torpedoes, he'll be able to sit back and unleash massive amounts of firepower with impunity.
Recommended Build[edit]

The TIE Punisher is currently overcosted and outclassed in almost every way by other, more efficient options. It is not recommended.

Gozanti Cruiser/Imperial Assault Carrier/Imperial Freighter[edit]

Imperial Assault Carrier.png

The Gozanti was not exclusively used by the Empire (and in fact, one showed up briefly in The Phantom Menace in the Mos Espa spaceport). It was designed as an anti-pirate heavy freighter and escort ship with advanced sensors, powerful engines, an armored hull, with multiple kinds of powerful armaments. In order to make it unattractive for pirates to use it was given built-in limits on its speed so it could not be a hit and run vessel. It's an older ship design, popular in the trade conflicts that lead to the Trade Federation's blockade shenanigans. Although the Rebel Alliance used them, the Empire claimed the bulk of the Gozantis in the galaxy when they were brought into service as rapid-deployment transport ships for AT walkers or as small patrol ships which could use their hyperdrive to reach a location and deploy four carried TIE Fighters. The Imperial Freighters were also used as transport for everything from VIP personnel to troops to cargo, including slaves.

The Imperial equivalent to the Rebel Transport. After any maneuver it performs, it can choose to deploy up to 2 of its docked TIEs.

TIE Advanced v1/Inquisitor's TIE[edit]

TIE Advanced V1.png

Designed for the unnamed Pau'an Inquisitor (called "Inky" by many fans) villain from the first season of Rebels. An offshoot of the TIE Advanced 1x, combined with Darth Maul's ship "Scimitar". Very few were made as the first produced was blown up by Rebels during the unveiling on Empire Day. With hyperdrive, life support, and folding S-coils it was a very powerful craft although it traded half of its solar panels for extremely thick armor which forced it to rely on burning fuel. It was equipped with technology suited for the mission of the operative, including advanced tracking missiles. With 2 attack, 3 agility and 2 each of shields and hull the TIE Advanced Prototype has fairly average stats at a reasonable price. Also has a missile slot, and barrel roll and boost icons.

  • Sienar Test Pilot: Generic Pilot Skill 2 pilot for 16 points.
  • Baron of the Empire: Baron being a title given to ace starfighter pilots in the Empire, this guy has Pilot skill 4 and an elite pilot talent. 19 points.
  • Valen Rudor: The Imperial test pilot/ace who keeps getting his ship stolen or shot down by the crew of the Ghost on the Rebels TV show. Elite pilot talent, Pilot Skill 6, 22 points and after defending you may perform a free action.
  • The Inquisitor The nemesis of the Ghost crew throughout season 1, the Inquisitor is a beast in starship combat. His ability says that when attacking with your primary weapon at range 2-3, treat the range of the attack as 1. Give yourself the bonus attack dice for range, deny your opponent the evade dice for range, cancel autothrusters and generally make people have a bad day. Has an elite pilot talent and Pilot skill 8. 25 points.

TIE Striker[edit]

Officially the TIE/sk x1 Experimental Air Superiority Fighter, the TIE Striker lives up to its name with large wings designed for use in atmosphere(which are actually articulated on the model). Introduced in Rogue One and apparently not particularly good, because it was never seen throughout the rest of the series. According to supplementary materials, it's got a bomb dropping system, but apparently no one told FFG, because they took "Air Superiority" and ran with it. The TIE Striker is slow as far as Imperial ships go, but still maneuverable, with 2 speed S-loops and a 2 speed K turn. It's extra maneuverable thanks to its title, which essentially grants you a Boost action right before performing your maneuver, but you have to take the boost if you equip the card. Comes with Focus, Barrel Roll, and Evade actions. 3 attack, 2 agility, 4 hull, no shields. They're probably one of the squirrelist fighters the Empire can field with their pre-maneuver boost and flexible dial, making them ideal flankers, but its low speed, lack of upgrades and actions (being stressed denies you your free boost so forget Push the Limit) and general low dodging/hitting power means that it can flank, but can't do much when it gets there, and it will get shredded by any and all turrets.

  • Imperial Trainee: 17 points and pilot skill 1, your generic option. Is making a surprising splash as a viable swarm unit.
  • Scarif Defender: 18 points for pilot skill 3. Don't tell me you expect something special.
  • Black Squadron Scout: 20 points for pilot skill 4 and an Elite slot.
  • Countdown: 20 points, pilot skill 5, no elite slot, but when you're defending, you can take a stress token and a damage to cancel all your opponent's dice results. Lets you avoid that nasty 4 hit roll. Might be useful given you only have two dodge dice.
  • Pure Sabacc: PS6, an elite slot, 22 points. When you have 0 or 1 damage cards, you roll an extra attack die. Good for early game punch.
  • Duchess: She's beauty, she's grace, she's miss step on my face. 23 points, pilot skill 8, an elite slot, and you can ignore your Title's ability if it's convenient, like to keep her out of a bomb's blast radius.
Recommended Build[edit]

Pure Sabacc with Lightweight Frame, Adaptive Alerions, and Juke.

Alpha-class Star Wing[edit]

The Alpha-class Star Wing aka Assault Gunboat comes installed with a nifty SLAM device to improve maneuverabilty and can be upgraded to be a flying gun platform (XG1 configuration) or upgraded to carry even more missiles and torpedoes (OS-1 Arsenal) like having both of them and a reload action for infinite ammo still is not enough. The SLAM can be upgraded as well which makes it feel like the Missile Boat from the glorious TIE-Fighter game from before the internet times: use the energy of your puny main cannon to fly closer to the enemy and greet them with your rockets (high skilled pilots ensure that the ship can still fire while having a weapons disabled token) or fly away and reload.

  • Nu Squadron Pilot:18 points and pilot skill 2. Being cheap is his best and most popular feature.
  • Rho Squadron Veteran: 21 points and pilot skill 4 whenever skill 2 is too low.
  • Lieutenant Karsabi: 24 points for pilot skill 5 and the ability to replace a weapons disabled token with a stress token which allows SLAM + Fire in the same turn.
  • Major Vynder: 26 points for pilot skill 7 and the ability to use an additional defense die while having a weapons disabled token
Recommended Build[edit]

Don't use the primary weapon (having two dice) unless you really need to and don't go and fight ships like the Millenium Falcon alone or you lose the ship. The Gunboat performs alright against lighter craft.

Using the weapon upgrades should not be necessary most of the times but the advanced SLAM is always a very good option because it gives you a free action after SLAMming: Use advanced SLAM and Karsabi for an aggressive playstile allowing to push fast forward, target and fire but don't forget to add other targets like simple TIE fighters (or whatever gives better synergy) because 4 shields and 3 hull don't guarantee endless life and getting critical damage that disables actions makes you wish you used two simple TIEs instead. To mitigate that risk of becoming a high point easy target, use a Nu Squadron pilot instead and fly more careful or in formation. Add Veteran Instincts to shoot first if necessary.

TIE Aggressor[edit]

Now the Empire has turrets, too! In a large departure from the (mostly) high agility/un-shielded TIE series, the aggresor comes at you with the agility of an X-wing and 1 shield - making the play style of each faction less pronounced. It looks like a poor-man's TIE Advanced with slightly cut-out solar panels and a gun on its tail for good measure. The pack comes with the beloved Twin Laser Turret and useful Lightweight frame cards.

The First Order[edit]

The Force Awakens Empire, also fielded as Empire. Described by JJ Abrams as "Nazis who escaped to Argentina and formed a new Nazi movement", they reformed after the huge clusterfuck post-Return Of The Jedi where "every idiot with a Star Destroyer decided he was the new Emperor". They fight The Resistance for control of the former Empire. Lead by Kylo Ren (Han Solo and Leia's crazy son) and his cult which holds Darth Vader as a martyr, and Captain Phasma who has the military branch of The New Order in her control. General Hux is the new Grand Moff Tarkin. Their supreme leader is an unknown Force-wielder named "Snoke".

TIE/fo Fighter[edit]

Swx36 preview4.jpg

A more advanced TIE Fighter, the TIE/Fo is essentially a hardware and electronics upgrade of the original TIE/ln, the TIE/fo is the frontline fighter of the First Order as of Force Awakens, though the ship Finn and Poe stole is a different version, the TIE/sf.

TIE/fos are definitely interesting. Compared to the standard TIE, they get a Shield Upgrade and a Targeting Computer, 6 points worth of modifications, for only 3. They also get a better maneuver dial, a tech upgrade slot, and have room for yet another modification. They also have access to the S-loop maneuver first seen from Scum. From that point of view, the TIE/Fo is almost strictly better than the regular TIE, but swarming point of view, you can fit eight standard TIEs or six TIE/fos in a 100 point list, though you'll obviously want to take special pilots.

That said, TIEs are so dodgy that the extra shield doesn't always matter, making replacing your TIEs with /fos a matter of diminishing returns. In a standard 100 point list, two TIE/Fos will almost always pull their weight, and can compliment any 70 points worth of list well.

It should be noted: The TIE/fo Fighter does count as a TIE Fighter in game rules, meaning that it can be carried by the Gozanti and can benefit from TIE Fighter specific bonuses such as Youngster's ability.

  • Epsilon Squadron Pilot: The cheapest TIE/fo at 15 points. Barring the differences between the TIE and the TIE/fo, its just the Academy Pilot with Pilot Skill 1.
  • Zeta Squadron Pilot: An Obsidian Squadron Pilot, as above. Pilot Skill 3, 16 points.
  • Omega Squadron Pilot: As Black Squadron Pilot, as above. First of the pilots who can take the Elite upgrades. Pilot Skill 4, 17 points.
  • Epsilon Ace: Pilot Skill 4 and 17 points, no elite upgrade. Unremarkable, right? Pilot ability: "When you do not have any damage cards, treat your Pilot Skill as 12". Keeping in mind that the /fo has a native shield, you're essentially pilot skill 12 until you take two damage. Great for bothering aces and stripping evade tokens before your own aces have to do their jobs. Also good for hunting down Sabine's TIE, regardless of circumstance.
  • Zeta Ace: Winged Gundark, with a totally different ability. Can Barrel Roll at 2 distance instead of 1. Pilot Skill 5, 17 points.
  • Epsilon Leader: The Ultimate Wingman at PS6 for 19 points, can remove 1 Stress Token from friendlies in range 1 in the combat phase. Useful when acting as an escort for bombers to keep them up with the group. Note that the Stress Token removal includes him, which can be useful for multiple red maneuvers in a row when you're trying to outflank an enemy.
  • Zeta Leader: 20 points, pilot skill 7. If you aren't stressed, you can take a stress token to roll a bonus die. Pair with Wired for a reroll with your bonus die. Not flashy, but efficient.
  • Omega Ace: Scourge, 20 points, Pilot Skill 7. By spending a Focus Token and a Target Lock, you can change all your dice to crits. Situational, but devastating in the right situation. Push The Limit lets you set this up in a single turn, but you should definitely consider Swarm Leader, which lets you spend two evade tokens off your wingmen to roll two extra dice. This requires the target lock and focus to either be set up over two turns or granted by a support ship. Omega Ace with Swarm Leader, two Epsilon pilots, and a TIE Shuttle with Fleet Officer gives you a solid chance at setting this up. Finnicky, but amazing if you can pull it off.
  • Omega Leader:The PS 8 TIE/fo for 21 points, and bane to all 2 ship lists. Essentially Dark Curse on crack, he has the ability that any enemy ship he target locks cannot modify dice while defending against him or attacking him. No rerolls, no focus, no adding results (fuck you accuracy corrector) etc.
Recommended Build[edit]

Omega Leader with Juke and Comm. Relay.

TIE/sf Fighter[edit]

TIE fo 1.png

The aforementioned upgrade to the TIE/FO, the /sf is the "Special Forces" variant of the First Order's TIE, roughly their equivalent to an Advanced but mass produced. It has better shields, more advanced systems, and packs more firepower which is controlled by a back-seat gunner who can operates additional weapon systems. In the game, this is represented by the TIE/sf possessing a rear-facing auxiliary arc so it can fire fore and back like a Firespray or ARC and it has a 0-point Title it should probably always be equipped with called "Special Ops Training". This allows the TIE/sf to have 3 attack dice on the front or if you do not use this bonus, fire twice - once each from the two firing arcs. Despite Poe's comments "it can really move", the /SF is quite sluggish for a TIE, having lower speed and some more red maneuvers. It has 2 Agility instead of 3, but two more Shields over the /fo. In general, combined with the fact that it has an ordnance slot (missiles), and Systems and Tech upgrades it acts a lot more like a rebel heavy fighter than a TIE, which put off some Imperial players.

With the addition of "Lightweight Frame", a mod from the TIE Striker set, /SFs are getting more popular, as the modification allows them to roll one additional defense die if the attacker rolls more attack dice than you do and can only go on Agility 2 or less TIEs. This means that the SF is a bit like a pocket Defender, able to get 3/3/3/3 in some situations, but not always, but they cost less. This means they can be flown both as aces and list filler. Like the FO, the SF technically counts as a "TIE Fighter".

  • Zeta Specialist: First generic, a PS3 pilot for 23 points.
  • Omega Specialist: The second generic, a PS5 pilot who has an EPT and has a cost of 25 points.
  • "Backdraft": The first of two unique pilots, Backdraft costs 27 points for PS7 and an EPT. Their ability adds a critical result to any attacks made from the rear, making them a very nasty customer with some unusual flying style
  • "Quickdraw": Some kind of SF ace, a top-tier PS9 pilot for 29 points. Was confirmed to be a woman in several preview articles. Her ability means once per round when she looses a shield, she can perform a primary weapon attack. While this ability can only trigger at most 3-4 times (with Shield Upgrade) it can be a pretty potent double-tap with the right upgrades.
Recommended Build[edit]

Quickdraw with Special Ops Training, Trick Shot, Fire Control System, Lightweight Frame, and Pattern Analyzer.

Upsilon Class Shuttle[edit]

Also known as the Emomobile or the Bat-Ren, Kylo Ren's Shuttle is the latest addition to the "Big triangle ship" collection. A close relative of the Lambda, the Upsilon has an upgrade in its statline, with four attack dice base, still one agility, and six each of shields and hull, making it tougher than the Lambda. The maneuver dial is slightly better, with white speed 3 banks and red speed 3 hard turns, at the cost of your speed 1 banks being white. Since the Upsilon has four attack dice base, it doesn't have much need for a cannon, and swaps the Lambda's cannon slot for a pair of Tech slots. It also has a marginally better title, passing out stress to an enemy ship at range 1-2. Actions are Focus, Target Lock, and, interestingly, Coordinate, which picks a friendly ship within range 1-2 and let it immediately perform a free action.

  • Starkiller Base Pilot: 30 points for no ability and pilot skill 2. If you want barebones, there's your option.
  • Lieutenant Dormitz: 31 points, pilot skill 3. During setup, friendly ships can be placed anywhere in the play area in range 1-2 of you. Has some potential for combo with Hyperwave Comm Scanner, which comes packaged with the Upsilon. Might be good for a turn 1 sucker punch list?
  • Major Stridan: 32 points, PS4. Friendly ships at range 1-3 count at range 1 for the purpose of your upgrade cards and actions. Makes the Upsilon into the ultimate support ship. Run with Systems Officer and Fleet Officer/General Hux to pass out target locks and focus like nobody's business. Also lets you coordinate at range 3.
  • Kylo Ren: My Chemical Romance's biggest fan, Kylo Ren passes out a negative condition card to the first enemy to shoot at him each turn that essentially lets you pick a crit with the Pilot trait; next time that ship takes a crit, it's that crit instead of a random one (the way the ability is worded it goes through shields as well). Pilot Skill 6 at 34 points, and the only Upsilon pilot who can take an Elite talent.
Recommended Build[edit]

Major Stridan with Systems Officer, Fleet Officer, and Collision Detector.

Scum & Villainy[edit]

The various independent agents of the Star Wars galaxy, ranging from bounty hunters to criminal syndicates. Third party organizations have always factored in heavily in Star Wars, notably the Jabba the Hutt subplot in the original trilogy as well as most of the dicking around worldbuilding of the prequel trilogy. This goes further in novels, comics, and video games as the various mercenary and pirate factions (and mostly just bounty hunters) get as much importance in plots as the Rebels and Empire/Republic and CIS do. Whether this is because they're easy plot hook fodder or because they're just so damn awesome (see:1980's-1990's XTREME fiction) is up for debate.

Scum & Villainy started with a combination of ships "borrowed" from the Rebels and Imperials and as such can mix and match strengths and weaknesses to a greater degree. Further waves have given them a collection of potent ships and a highly competitive market in low cost crew. The general "theme" of Scum can be said that they are very versatile, able to play in ways similar to both Rebels and Empire previous focuses, but also susceptible to those weaknesses as well - with a slight focus on nasty tricks and dirty surprise moves in their pilots and Illicit upgrade. One form this trick is consistently taking between the Mist Hunter, Shadow Caster and Quadjumper is the debuff of enemy ships with Tractor Beam tokens. Oh, and with Glitterstim you can make almost anyone in the Scum & Villainy faction into a meth addict at the controls. In a good way.

S&V ships tend to come with some very nice upgrade cards designed to add more firepower, and as such tend to become the second army of the player who bought barely any of the other faction to go with their Starter Set ships.

M3A "Scyk" Interceptor/"Heavy Scyk"/"Light Scyk" Interceptor[edit]

Scyk 1.jpg

Created as the welfare starter ship given to players in Star Wars Galaxies. A Mandalorian-made fighter, as fragile as a TIE/ln but with life support and weak shields plus a weapon system that can accept almost any conceivable upgrade. It had no hyperdrive and required large ships to carry it if not deployed from a planet or space station. Although the early Empire forbade independent armies or weapons development, the Mandos greased enough palms to make entire fleets before the rise of the Rebels caused a crackdown on them. It was one of the cheapest ships on the market, and buyers like Hutts and pirates could own a personal airforce easily. A second version that is better in performance was also produced called the "Heavy Scyk".

Very maneuverable, but it's almost as fragile as a TIE Fighter and has almost the same statline at 2 Attack Dice, 3 Defense Dice, only just winning out by having 1 Shield and 2 Hull instead of 3 Hull. Has a title card called the "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor for 2 points that gives you a Cannon, Missile, or Torpedo slot, turning the ship into something of a glass cannon (literally, if you take the cannon). Without this it has none. Heavy Scyk was also errataed to provide +1 Hull, making them slightly tankier. To compare, the upcoming C-ROC expansion will add "Light Scyk" as a title, which reduces the cost by 2 to bring them in line with swarm ships like imperial TIEs and the scum Z-95 and make all banks green - but at the cost of no Modification type upgrade, and all damage dealt to Hull becomes a Crit - so after that 1 shield is gone any hit could be your last with "Direct Hit".

Gets good action options with Focus, Target Lock, Barrel Roll, and Evade.

Play like an Imp and take these in a cheap swarm with Serissu, or play like a Reb and take Heavies with ammunition. Just remember these do NOT survive straight gunfights.

  • Sunny Bounder: Quite the oddity, a unique pilot with a whopping PS1. Probably because she's actually a swoop racer and legbreaker, not a pilot. Same cost as the Cartel Spacer, 14. Has a very gambling ability, once per round after rolling or rerolling, if all your dice have the same result showing, you add one. This lets you pull some crazy moves out of your ass if your dice are hot, or can be combined sneakily with rerolls to give you an extra die if you blank out. She's cheap enough you might consider it over a generic just to get lucky sometimes.
  • Cartel Spacer: Your basic, Pilot Skill 2 version, clocking in at a reasonable 14 points.
  • Inaldra: The Tansarii Point commander, who is somehow not as good as her other pilots. PS3 for 15 points, with the cheapest EPT option in the game with the Light Title, but not necessarily advised - her ability is to spend 1 shield when attacking or defending to reroll any number of your dice. Paired with new "Pulsed Ray Shield" mod which lets you ionize yourself to get back one shield, this can be a great pinch tactic.
  • Tansarii Point Veteran: Members of the Car'das smuggling cartel who defeated Black Sun at Tansarii Point Station. Their Scyks are silver with a brick-red front. A jump to Pilot Skill 5 for 17 points, noteworthy for also having an Elite upgrade slot.
  • Laetin A'shera: An NPC in Galaxies, just a pilot for the Car'das. His Scyk is mostly silver with flaking green on the wings and orange lines on the front. For one point more than the Tansarii generic you get Pilot Skill 6 (no Elite slot though) and gain a defensive-oriented ability where you get a free Evade Token after you successfully defend against an attack without taking a Hit.
  • Quinn Jast: A relative unknown pilot, other than they are a lady. PS6 with an EPT for 18 points - but not really 18 points because you'll want to slap on the Heavy Title and some upgrades. Dr. Quinn Missile Woman can receive a Weapons Disabled token at the start of the combat phase to recover a discarded missile or torpedo upgrade, being one of the first instances of unlimited ordnance attacks. This means substantial points investment, but might be worth it for say, a build of unlimited Proton Rockets with Mindlink.
  • Genesis Red: Another Galaxies NPC, a male crimeboss on Tansarii of an unknown species, PS7 for 19 points. His ability grants him a number of evade and focus tokens equal to the ship he target locks when he locks them, making him a great hunter for token stackers.
  • Serissu: A female Bothan who died to bring you this information gave players learning to fly in Star Wars Galaxies a tutorial before giving them a Scyk on Tansarii. Hers is silver with a burgundy front. For 20 points, you get a reversed version of the Howlrunner TIE Fighter pilot. Also Pilot Skill 8, Serissu lets every friendly ship at Range 1 reroll a Defense Die. Also gets the Elite Talent slot back that Laetin lost somewhere.

Z-95 Headhunter[edit]

Headhunter 2.jpg

Another ship that came before the prequel trilogy, it was the beginning of what would later be the most popular line of fighters in the galaxy. Incredibly small and armed with a trio of laser cannons on its wings, it was the cheapest fighter on the market for long period of time and even after variants like the Scyk and the T-65 X-Wing which represented either a cheaper or better alternative the Headhunter remained popular due to how damn customizable it was. Against the T-65, it was worse in almost every respect from attack to defenses to maneuverability although compared to the rest of the competition on the open market it was the best for the cost. The base Headhunter can be modified until it no longer looks like a small fighter, can look identical to an X-Wing, and can be outfitted with almost any equipment conceivable and even has upgrades available to turn it into a small shuttle craft. It stayed alive and kicking until well after the era of the New Republic.

Yes, Scum get access to the Z-95 as well. Thanks to a FAQ from Fantasy Flight, you can use your Rebel-painted Z-95s and maneuver dials in the Scum faction, so long as you have the correct pilot cards and base tiles (tl;dr - as long as you bought the Most Wanted pack). Everything said about the Rebel Z-95 applies here, except all Scum Z-95s get access to a new upgrade slot called Illicit Upgrades. This lets you take such fun goodies as a once-per-game ability to perform a dead-stop maneuver, packing your ship with explosives so that when it dies you do 1 damage to all ships in range 1, and a once-per-game card that lets you make a 3-dice attack outside your firing arc.

  • Binayre Pirate: Kath Scarlett's gang. Use double-cockpit fighters painted in red checker patterns. 12 points gives you only Pilot Skill 1 instead of the Pilot Skill 2 Rebel version. Basically you trade 1 Pilot Skill for an upgrade slot.
  • Black Sun Soldier: The spacers of the Black Sun mafia organization. White with some black markings, plus the Black Sun symbol on the wings. Pilot Skill 3, for 13 points. Same deal as the Binayre, -1 Pilot Skill in exchange for the upgrade slot.
  • Kaa'To Leeachos: A Nikto bounty hunter who was once an enforcer to a Hutt slaver, then a killer of Jedi on behalf of the Empire. Killed when he betrayed the Pyke Syndicate. His Headhunter is decorated in orange on white. Pilot Skill 5, for 15 points with an Elite slot available, he gets the ability to pull Focus or Evade Tokens from other friendly ships at Range 1-2 and assign them to himself instead. Combine with Palob Godalhi, who can pull Tokens from the enemy. You can also give him Bodyguard to use a Focus Token and boost someone else's Pilot Skill before borrowing a Focus from someone who doesn't need it as much.
  • N'Dru Suhlak: An ex-Rebel who was trained by Wes and Porkins, became a bounty saboteur (basically a bounty hunter hunter hired by people with a bounty on their head). His Headhunter was painted a dark gray, with flames and a sharp-toothed face painted on the nose plus yellow-orange paint on the front exhaust. The most expensive Scum Z-95 at a whopping 17 points for Pilot Skill 7. If there are no friendly ships within Range 1-2 of him, he gets an extra attack die making him the ultimate Lone Wolf. For extra fun, equip him with Lone Wolf for a single blank result being rerolled on attack and defense if no friendlies are within range 1-2. Give him Cluster Missiles, Hot Shot, and a Shield Upgrade to make a glass cannon fighter you can use to wipe out or get wiped out as he can knock out ships like Interceptors or A-Wings that come at lower Pilot Skill without much difficulty.


Scum Y-Wing 2.jpg

Originally designed for the Republic in the Clone Wars, the Y-Wing series began as a simple assault craft was used to disable the capital ships of the CIS and provide cover for other Republic fighters although it was fielded somewhat rarely. When the Empire discontinued it to focus exclusively TIE models the Y-Wings ended up on the open market. Most buyers were pirates looking to intimidate their foes, although the Rebel Alliance also got into the action to directly take on Imperials rather than perform hit and runs forever. They can also be found quite often in planetary defense forces. Although an absolute bitch to maintain and expensive as hell, Y-Wings never fell out of favor until long after the New Republic was no longer new. Aces swear by them, and as time went on they were seen as a kind of classic that could never be replaced or truly improved on where it counts.

Again, the scum steal ships from the Rebels. Scum Y-Wings do not have a standard Astromech slot, instead getting a "Salvaged Astromech" slot, which basically restricts all Scum astros to Scum only. The BTL-A4 title however works on the criminal Y-wings just as well as the Rebel ones, locking your turret to the front arc, but letting you fire with the turret and your primary weapon in the same turn. The same tactics for the Rebel Y-Wings also apply for Scum, as they are identical barring the Astromech difference.

  • Syndicate Thug: Just a thug, with a red and white paintjob plus target marks on the engine tips. The Pilot Skill 2, 18-point version. If you're conservative with your upgrades, you can take 4 of these in a damn effective squadron.
  • Hired Gun: A bit braver thug who isn't afraid of knocking over an Imperial convoy for credits. Has a green camo design over the white. Your requisite slightly-better generic pilot, coming in at 20 points for Pilot Skill 4.
  • Drea Renthal: A matronly pirate captain who tried to reduce casualties whenever possible, and had a soft spot for Lando despite the age difference. She utilized Y-Wings with other heavy craft and capital ships to destroy a large chunk of the Imperial fleet when they opted to wage war with the Hutts by destroying Nar Shadaa, even capturing a disabled Carrack Light Cruiser to be her flag ship. Her Y-Wing is white with simple yellow around the cockpit. The first named pilot here, coming in at Pilot Skill 5 for 22 points. Lets you immediately acquire a Target Lock after spending a Target Lock. Pair with the Blaster Turret and the R4 Aggromech for hilarious combos that FFG fully sanctions. There is no limit to this, meaning she will never lose her Target Lock once she has it.
  • Kavil: Leader of the Kavil's Corsairs pirates, he was a badly scarred man who became a privateer for the Imperial Remnant before Moff Leonia Tavira (yep, a female Moff) took direct leadership of his men and gave Kavil the boot. His Y-Wing has a metallic lilac paintjob around the cockpit with white everywhere else. Kavil is the Pilot Skill 7 Y-Wing, coming in at 24 points. You will never want to take the BTL-A4 title with him, as Kavil gets an extra Attack Die when firing outside his arc (so with the Turret). The only Scum Y-Wing who can take an Elite upgrade. Use Autoblaster Turret, Unhinged Astromech, Veteran Instincts, and Engine Upgrade to zip around the board dealing almost certain damage to anything he wants.

HWK-290/Moldy Crow[edit]

HWK-290 1.jpg

A Corellian craft made as the more personal and luxurious alternative to the bulky and blue collar YT series, it was introduced during the many trade fiascoes that characterized the pre-Clone Wars Republic. It never quite caught on, although like all Corellian ships it was beloved by smugglers and pirates. It was released again during the Galactic Civil War and remained in production until the end of the New Republic.

Rounding out the trend of Scum reusing ships from the Rebels, we have the HWK making a reappearance. Everything said about the Rebel version holds true, except that instead of being based around buffing your ships, criminal HWK-290s inflict debuffs on your opponent. Comes with an Illicit upgrade slot in addition to the Turret and Crew slots that the Rebels get. Despite Roark Garnet not being available to the S&V faction, the Moldy Crow Title can be taken by them as well. It did belong to a Hutt for a while...

  • Spice Runner: Just your general low class smuggler. Pilot Skill 1, for 16 points. A pretty cheap ship, but you lose out on the fun abilities of the named pilots which means unless you're just running a cheap Turret/Crew platform you should be taking a Headhunter.
  • Torkil Mux: An employee of Jabba the Hutt's that skimmed a bit off the top, used a species of sentient plant as slave labor mining gems. When Han Solo and Chewbacca delivered a shipment of plants in exchange for gems he shorted them the payment Jabba promised, so they stole his ship where he had stashed his stolen goods and took it as an opportunity to give it to the plant people while proving to Jabba he'd been cheated all these years. 19 points buys you this entertaining, Pilot Skill 3 ship. At the end of the Activation Phase, you get to choose one enemy ship at Range 1-2, and knock it down to Pilot Skill ZERO until the end of the Combat Phase. Hilarious for the look on your opponent's face when PS 1 swarms get to shoot first.
  • Palob Godalhi: Another Moldy Crow owner, helped his father with the anti-Empire resistance on the planet Teth and gave his ship to the Rebels, who gave it to Kyle Katarn. Wrote the history books about the Galactic Civil War during the New Republic era. For just 1 point over Torkil this guy clocks in at Pilot Skill 5 and can steal a Focus or Evade Token from an enemy ship at Range 1-2. Plus he gets an Elite upgrade. Give him Opportunist so you hit with one Attack Die harder after taking your opponent's Focus.
  • Dace Bonearm: A bounty hunter, and companion of the assassin droid IG-72. At 23 points, the Pilot Skill 7 Dace Bonearm has a more direct-offense ability. Whenever an enemy ship at range 1-3 receives at least one Ion Token, Dace can take a Stress Token to cause the ship to take 1 damage. Neat, but does limit your options for next turn. Obviously you'll want an Ion Turret, and combine him with Greedo (the first Damage Card you take and deal is face up) and Determination (ignore Pilot Damage Cards) for maximum effect.


Firespray-31 2.png

The Firespray series was essentially police cars, designed to work with the primary Republic prison. Only six were originally made, and when Jango Fett (wanted for a great deal of torture and property damage he had caused on civilized planets when pursuing bounties) broke out of the facility he stole one and blew the others up. Renamed the Slave-1, Jango used it for several years in his bounty hunting. When Jango was killed, the Slave-1 passed in and out of his clone/son Boba Fett's hands during Boba's childhood, until eventually Boba reached manhood and had killed enough Mandalorians to make a suit of ill-gotten Mandalorian armor of his own. Boba used the Slave-1 to build a reputation as a hired gun and bounty hunter for the most ruthless entities in the universe, from Darth Vader (who as a Jedi had once repaired the Slave-1 for young Boba) to Jabba the Hutt. With the legacy Boba had created around the ship, the original manufacturer of the Firespray had brought them back into production and they instantly became a huge hit among the seedier elements of the galaxy. After escaping from the Sarlacc, Boba had to reclaim his ship from a New Republic scrapyard, and used it along with the others he had acquired in the meantime. It was blown up again, and repaired. Boba used the thrice-salvaged Slave-1 until the end of his life. Eventually, Firespray-31's became favored ships both with actual Mandalorians and those it was originally designed for; planetary law enforcement.

See, the criminals can steal from the Imperials too! To make up for the fact the Scum steal more ships from Rebels than Empire, the Scum steal pilots from Empire as well by reusing Kath and Fett; an inevitable addition to the Scum and Villainy faction, as Boba Fett doesn't really fly Imperial colors unless the money's right. Both of them have brand-new (and arguably better) abilities. All Scum Firesprays have Illicit upgrade slots. The stats of the Scum Firesprays are the same, but the pilots have some considerable changes. Scum get the Andrasta Title for free, which gives two Bomb upgrade slots. They also get access to the Slave-1 Title which adds a Torpedo, and is also free.

  • Mandalorian Mercenary: The few Mandalorian Crusaders who are left after the Sith baited them into fighting the Jedi have no actual ties to Mandalore or the Mandalorian people, and are split evenly between those who champion the cause of good in a way they believe the Jedi can't/won't and those who simply sell their skills to the highest bidder. The Mandalorian Mercenary Firespray-31 is painted brick-red, which is fading around the separations in metal with a few marigold lines on the front while the nose is an olive green in the same fading way. 35 points buys you the generic, Pilot Skill 5 option. They are higher skilled than the Imperial equivalent, the Bounty Hunter, by two points and get an Elite upgrade in exchange for three points higher cost. Perfectly decent take if you can't afford one of the big names, or want to load them up with upgrages.
  • Emon Azzameen: Fans of the old X-Wing Alliance PC game will recognize this name. One of the Azzameen family which owned the Twin Suns trading company, which handled everything from the legitimate to the seedy (although they kept their hands clean of slavery). Most of his adventures were alongside his family, and by the time he drops from the canon he is the oldest member of the family. Emon's Firespray-31 was named the Andrasta and was decorated in a complex design of gray and hickory, and bronze wings. It also had a painting of a dancing green Twi'lek woman on it. Pilot Skill 6 for 36 points, can't take an Elite upgrade unlike the Mando. Emon has the option to use either the 3 distance straight, 3 distance hard turns, or standard 1 distance straight templates when he drops Bombs. Unsurprisingly, this pairs very well with the free Andrasta Title. Couple with the FAQ from Fantasy Flight that Proximity Mines will immediately detonate if dropped on another ship's base, and you have a recipe for superbomber nonsense.
  • Kath Scarlet: Making a reappearance in Scum at the same Pilot Skill and point cost, Kath is probably the most effective of the Firespray pilots for Scum. Pilot Skill 7, 38 points. She gets an extra Attack Die when attacking a ship inside her rear-facing firing arc. Gets an Elite upgrade, unlike Emon. Give her Expose to reduce her Agility by 1, and boost her Attack Dice by one more giving her a whopping FIVE Attack Dice when shooting from behind. (Insert FATAL joke here.) Use Kath as a blocker who can obliterate anything dumb enough to rear-end (hehe) her.
  • Boba Fett: Same statline as the Imperials, but with the possibly more useful ability that he gets to reroll 1 Attack or Defense Die for every enemy ship at Range 1. Damn deadly against swarms, although if you are facing a "fat" list then he's going to be considerably less useful. You still want to be the slow guy in the fast lane with him.


StarViper 2.jpg

The StarViper, technically the "StarViper-class Attack Platform", is another Mandalorian-made ship. The head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, Prince Xizor, paid for them to design a new class of ship incorporating many new technologies like a complex system of microthrusters on wingtips, folding S-coil wings which continually moved while flying like an alien bird or insect of some kind, multiple independent energy systems, and a super complicated targeting system so absolutely anything installed on the ship could be used quickly and effectively beyond what would ever be possible (for a non-Force user anyway) otherwise. Unlike most ships which spread out horizontally, the Virago was tall and thus was an entirely different thing than what most pilots were capable of dogfighting. It hybridized the role of weapons platform with a heavy fighter and also agility that outmatched A-Wings or TIE Interceptors. Once it was completed Xizor then purchased the rights to distribution of the craft so no other would ever be made other than his own, the prototype which he dubbed "Virago", although later several much cheaper variants were made for those in the Black Sun as rewards for service. If you're wondering why the Star Wars version of the mafia would want a unique ship that nobody else can use, the answer is "because their boss is an egomaniac with money to burn". When Xizor and the Virago were blown up by the Executor, the Mandalorians took advantage of their agreement being void and promptly began making as many as possible. They sold to absolutely anyone who wanted one, although their primary buyer was the Zann Consortium, 1/3 of the galactic mob organizations which controlled the galactic underworld (with the Black Suns and the Hutts being their rivals). The Mandalorians also constructed an entire fleet of StarVipers just for themselves to use against their Imperial oppressors towards the end of the Galactic Civil War.

Coming back around to unique Scum-only ships, the StarViper is a ship from the Shadows of the Empire series of toys, comics, an N64 game, and novels that dominated Star Wars media in the 1990's. Comes with a solid statline of 3 attack, 3 defense, but only has 1 Shield to its 4 Hull making you more vulnerable to Crits than most fighters of similar cost, though it has an excellent set of maneuvers and built-in Boost and Barrel Roll on top of Focus and Target Lock. The ace up this little ship's sleeve is that instead of a K-turn, the StarViper has access to the Segnor's Loop (called the "S-loop" or "Sloop" by the community) maneuver and was in fact the first ship to have it. The Sloop is essentially "K-turn using the 3-bank template." You must choose the direction of the S-Loop when you pick your maneuver, but it does allow for some more unpredictable movement. Combo with Advanced Sensors (see below) to Boost or Barrel Roll first, and you can wind up in some good flanking positions. By default, the StarViper only has an upgrade slot for a Torpedo but it has access to the Unique Virago title for 1 point. This adds a System and Illicit upgrade slot, and can't be equipped if the ship's pilot skill is 3 or less. This discounted all the generics until the Assassin was released.

Guns For Hire adds a new title, StarViper Mk II. It drops the cost by -3 (so apply that in your head to all SV pilots from now on), allows the equipping of the previous Virago title, and "forces" you to perform curved barrel rolls, which may or may not actually be a negative. This means SVs get a lot cheaper, more on par with the similarly healthed Kihraxz fighters.

  • Black Sun Enforcer: A Black Sun grunt, in a StarViper painted in white with black Black Sun designs and green highlights. The first generic pilot, coming in at Pilot Skill 1 for 25 points. For the amount you'll spend on upgrades, the generics don't pull much weight unless you're playing the kind of game where getting those sweet sweet Sloop is what you think will win the day. Your mileage may vary.
  • Black Sun Vigo: A Black Sun boss, roughly on par with an Imperial Moff in terms of rank. Their StarVipers are white with magenta Black Sun designs. An upgrade to Pilot Skill 3 for 27 points.
  • Black Sun Assassin: An interstellar hitman for Black Sun, this guy is actually good at killing people and it shows. A typical "elite" generic, it gets an EPT and PS 5 for a normal cost of 28 points, so he can take the Virago title.
  • Thweek: A Kubaz spy who works for Teemo the Hutt in one of the introductory EotE adventures. His ability is to assign the "Shadowed" (steal Pilot Skill) or "Mimicked" (steal Pilot Ability) from one enemy ship. This means he can become a PS 9-10 ship for basically free, or steal some real nasty abilities to put on an SV. He's 28 points and no EPT.
  • Guri: Essentially a Replicant from Blade Runner, a tech first attempted by the Rebel Alliance which was then successfully done by two Imperial researchers who sold their results to Xizor who had Guri constructed as his perfect human waifu. Guri ran the Black Suns on behalf of Xizor (to the point she was believed to be the Princess of the Black Sun) so he didn't have to risk assassination, combined with her programming as an assassin to eliminate his rivals in Villainy, in business, and even nosy Imperials. Sought out her creators after Xizor kicked it and later became a mercenary for the New Republic, teaming up with Dash Rendar and Kyle Katarn (making a nice happy Expanded Universe family for a short time). Eventually she allowed the Republic to copy her and create a small force of Guris to act as the agents of the Republic against the Imperial Remnant and the criminal underworld. Her StarViper is unpainted. Guri gains an Elite Talent slot and an upgrade to Pilot Skill 5 for 30 points. She gets a free Focus Token if there's at least 1 enemy ship at Range 1 at the start of the Combat phase, which can let you trigger a lot of fun combos or weapons without having to worry about saving the focus for defense.
  • Dalan Oberos: A human bounty hunter from Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. His ability is, if you aren't stressed, you can turn a turn, bank or Sloop into a Tallon Roll (of the same face) for a stress, making him very squirrely. PS6 and an EPT for 30 points.
  • Prince Xizor: A Falleen (chameleon people with pheromone powers) who was head of the Black Sun mob which controlled 1/3 of all criminal activities in the universe. Xizor is the most expensive of the StarVipers, with Pilot Skill 7 for 31 points and gets an Elite upgrade. His ability basically turns all of your ships into his bodyguards, giving you the option of putting all uncancelled Hit or Crit Damage Cards onto friendly ships at Range 1 as he takes them. Especially handy if your Shields go down and you eat a Crit, but that 12-point Z-95 nearby still has Shields although Y-Wings make the perfect escort to take the hits since they are cheap and somewhat durable.


IG-2000 1.jpg

The IG series of assassin droids was created during the early years of the Empire, when the program for the IG-88 prototype was uploaded it became self-aware to a degree most droids only achieve after decades without a mindwipe and managed to expand its consciousness by replicating its own memory. This IG-88, which has since been known as IG-88A, immediately killed its creators then activated four other IG models. Three were uploaded with IG-88A's own programming to become IG-88B, IG-88C, and IG-88D with the same mind in different bodies. (The final IG, IG-72, mostly did his own thing after helping the other IGs escape; he rejected the IG-88 programming.) The IG-88s became bounty hunters, cooperating as well as working against the other primary bounty hunters in the Galactic Civil War era. The IG-88s' long term goal was a revolution where droids would kill all organics and all droids would share a group mind thanks to the IG-88 programming. The IG-88s spent the war alternating between hunting down other bounty hunters and taking over droid factories to upload the IG-88 programming into them. IG-88A primarily hid and communicated with the others, IG-88B was the primary bounty hunter, IG-88C and IG-88D were the bodyguards of A and decoys if needed. After taking over a probe droid factory he encountered Darth Vader, after which he developed some weird kind of murder-crush on him and altered his voice to be similar to the James Earl Jones one Vader had. Most of the IG-88s were destroyed at Cloud City, with B and C getting blown up by Boba Fett and D trying (and failing) to 1v1 Dash Rendar. IG-88A, on the other hand, sat on his ass like the fucking coward he was and spent most of his time hacking into Imperial systems and placing bounties on anyone who he thought could threaten him. Towards the end of the war he actually managed to upload his mind into THE FUCKING DEATH STAR II and took control of an entire fleet of droid-piloted ships and even droid Stormtroopers. He then had a jolly old time killing filthy meatbags and slamming doors in Palpatine's face until some black dude in a stolen ship blew up his Death Star, destroying the last of the IG-88s but leaving his personality extant in the God knows how many droids he reprogrammed across the galaxy... which were never brought up again. The IG-2000, the ship of the IG-88s, was built as a heavily modified Aggressor fighter (as they were popular ships for bounty hunters) in a factory where IG-88 had started a small droid revolution and contains the engine of a Nebulon Frigate. It was full of backup and redundant systems, and had maneuverability capacity only a droid who had nothing to fear from gravity or vertigo could achieve. It had two tractor beams and a small boarding party of droid probes, a prisoner hold with a medical bay staffed by a captive medical droid, and the communications software needed to enable IG-88 to take remote control of enemy ships or disable their systems.

The first Scum Large Ship, the Aggressor is better known by its name, IG-2000. Don't let the fact that it's a Large ship fool you, the Aggressor has a loaded maneuver dial including a 3-speed Segnor's Loop and a 4-speed K-Turn. On top of that, it's got 3 attack, 3 defense, 4 Shields, 4 Hull, with Boost and Evade on its action bar alongside Target Lock and Focus. All of the IGs have Pilot Skill 6 and can take Elite, System, Bomb, Illicit (don't ask how IG-88 does Glitterstim, he just does), and two Cannon slots. The big drawback is price, with all 4 pilots costing 36 points base while encouraging you to take a whole mess of upgrades. The big seller here is the free IG-2000 title, which gives you the pilot ability of all friendly ships in play that also have the IG-2000 title. Combined with the price of the base ship, this is basically FFG printing a unique one-ship faction that flies lists exclusively with two pilots. In summary, great ship, but you pay for what you get.

  • IG-88A: IG-88A, being the droid equivalent of a /b/tard, probably has the least-useful ability of the four, giving you a Shield back after you make an attack that kills a ship. Great against swarms, not so hot against three or four ships, terrible against 2 ships. Netlist him against those TIE/Headhunters, but otherwise leave him to keep on peeving the Sheev.
  • IG-88B: A staple in all IG-88 lists (and the version of IG-88 that showed up in the movies), B lets you immediately make a Cannon attack after you perform an attack that does not hit. Mind you, the initial attack could also be with a Cannon which goes great with options like Heavy Laser Cannon.
  • IG-88C: C gives you a free Evade Token every time you perform a Boost action, and you'll probably be boosting a lot with this ship. Great for making you that much more survivable.
  • IG-88D: This slippery bastard lets you choose to use either the 3-bank or 3-turn template when you execute a S-Loop. Has amusing iterations with Boost from Advanced Sensors.



Yet another Corellian ship. Despite being a large-sized ship, the YV-666 is highly maneuverable and is capable of rapid vertical acceleration. Unlike the YT and HWK series ships, which were designed primarily as freighters, the YV is more of a traditional multipurpose ship on a fairly large scale with expansive decks. The bottom deck contains most of the ship systems including weapons and engines. Bossk's own, the Hound's Tooth, was mainly modified to have a hangar for his personal Headhunter as well as contain the facilities for his various hobbies which include slavery, skinning and eating rare and sometimes sapient beings, and collecting trophies.

Scum may not have actually stolen the Lambda Shuttle from the Empire, but the YV-666 is the Scum equivalent although it rings in 8 points higher for one more point of Hull and Shields (to 6 each) plus one more Crew slot, an Illicit, and a Missile. It does however lack the System slot. Like the Shuttle, its main draw is its relative cheapness compared to the other heavy hitters available to the Scum along with the fact it takes more firepower to bring it down than its price suggests. Its ability to bring up to 3 Crew is also a boon for customization potential, which you should really be considering if you plan on taking one. Also like the Shuttle, there's quite a bit of potential for Target Lock shenanigans. If you take anyone but the generic pilot, consider getting the Hound's Tooth title. When it's active it automatically deploys a special Z-95 Headhunter called the Nashtah Pup (which has an awesome brown paintjob like the daddy ship plus a red nose and a tooth paintjob on the top of the nose) upon being destroyed; on its own, it's a generic Z-95 (not included for some strange reason, so you need to already own one), but it retains the Pilot Skill and unique ability of the pilot of the Hound's Tooth so you can wring out just a little more use from them. Like the Shuttle it has a red 0 movement maneuver, and has an interesting Firing Arc setup where everything within 180 degrees of its front can be a target for your primary weapon, although Missiles can still only be fired out of the Primary Arc.

  • Trandoshan Slaver: Trandoshans are a reptilian species known for regenerating entire limbs and being complete assholes. They absolutely HATE Wookies. The Slaver's YV-666 retains the brown metal although the front of the top decks is painted yellow and there are lines of green on the wings. The Slaver is your boring old 29 point Pilot Skill 2 choice.
  • Latts Razzi: A Theelin woman who was introduced in the Clone Wars cartoon. She worked with various criminal types during the Clone Wars era including Bossk, Dengar, Aurra Sing, the young Boba Fett, and Assajj Ventress. She's last seen in canon as one of Jabba the Hutt's favorite bounty hunters. Pilot Skill 5, 33 points. When a friendly ship declares an attack, you can spend a Target Lock to lower the defender's Agility by 1 for that attack. Combine her with K4 Security Droid, who lets her get a Target Lock as a Free Action when she makes a green maneuver, and Weapons Engineer to have two Target Locks. She's useful to anyone wanting to take on anything, although characters like Talonbane Cobra who have offensive abilities and against low Agility ships like almost any Large ship and you have a winning combo. Not bad for the Hound's Tooth Title, since nothing prevents her from continuing her escapades from inside the Headhunter.
  • Moralo Eval: Another new character from the Clone Wars cartoon. A Phindian (olive-green, long-limbed aliens) sociopathic saboteur. Worked with Cad Bane in an attempt to kidnap Palpatine, and was sent to prison after the mission failed. Moralo's YV-666 is painted brick red. For 34 points, he has a Pilot Skill of 6 and lets your cannons work in the 180 degree Firing Arc. Considered by many to be the best pilot, partially because of the fact you can really be a pirate by firing cannons out the sides of your ship. Give him Engine Upgrade to use Boost and make it damn near impossible for things to get out of your Firing Arc. Don't bother with Hound's Tooth, his ability doesn't affect the Headhunter.
  • Bossk: The posterboy Trandoshan, appearing as one of the bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back. His YV-666 is the Houndstooth, which is brown with red lines and a tooth design on the top. Pilot Skill 7, 35 points. Bossk is the only YV-666 pilot who can take Elite upgrades. When you perform an attack that hits, you can cancel a Crit result to add two extra Hit results. Pair him with Greedo and you can convert a Hit to a Crit, and with the Hound's Tooth title he can keep on eating through Shields even if the ship gets blown up. Note that the procedure for this ability is 1) you roll Attack Dice 2) your opponent rolls Defense Dice 3) you can turn an UNCANCELLED Crit into two Hits. On one hand this doesn't pair with things like Autoblaster, but it does however have the fucking awesome effect of ignoring Chewbacca's (fittingly) and Leebo's abilities as well as Determination. The FAQ indicates you can swap the Crit before Draw Their Fire or Xizor's ability count, letting you fuck up the shit of VIP's very quickly.

Kihraxz Fighter[edit]

Khiraxz Art.jpg

Another ship from Star Wars Galaxies. Produced by a company technically aligned with the Empire, who did more planetary management of a highly xenophobic primitive human planet for them than shipbuilding. Took the fuselage from the X-Wing series as inspiration while adding an additional engine plus stabilizers under the nose to give it enhanced maneuverability. Otherwise, almost every ship was different due to the customization features available to the owners. Like the StarViper, it too was made exclusively for the Black Sun syndicate although unlike the StarViper a lot more made it into the open market prior to Xizor's fall. Kihraxz were purchased for aces who proved themselves in the Syndicate, to their specifications.

In a lot of ways, it's the Scum counterpart to the X-wing, albeit with a Missile and Illicit upgrade instead of a Torpedo and Astromech slot, as well as differently distributed Shield and Hull point values (four Hull points and one Shield- so Crits will be an issue). It also has a slightly different maneuver dial that gives it an extra Koiogran turn at speed 5, plus white hard 1 turns, plus anything other than hard maneuvers at 2 speed being green, at the expense of a straight speed 1 maneuver. Don't bother with staying in formation with them, they're better suited for flanking and pincer strikes. Not very surprising, given that criminals and pirates are not team players in any sense of the word.

The Guns for Hire pack, in addition to some new pilots, introduces a new title for the Kihraxz allowing them to become their fully hot-rodded Vaksai models. The Vaksai title decreases the cost of all upgrades by 1 and allows you to equip 3 Modifications. This means Kihraxz of all stripes are eminently usable for janky builds taking advantage of the fact that all 1 point upgrades now cost 0, and specific Kihraxz with Vaksai applied can actually get around the fact that they desperately need Modifications, such as Vectored Thrusters or Engine Upgrade.

  • Cartel Marauder: They maraud, for a cartel. Red front over metal paint job. Pilot Skill 2. Bare-bones as they are, 20 points still means you can whip up a squad of five of them, which is more than enough to get the job done.
  • Black Sun Ace: The guys this ship was designed for. Same paintjob as the Marauder, but with Black Sun symbols on the wings. Only 3 points more than the Marauder, and gains Pilot Skill 5 and an Elite Pilot talent. Cheap for what it brings to the table.
  • Captain Jostero: A Pirate captain possibly originally from SWG, who was mentioned in the RPG book Suns of Fortune. He flies a Tiger-Stripe Kihraxz. For 24 points and an EPT, his ability is to attack a ship once per round, when they suffer damage from a source that isn't an attack - such as bombs, deadman switch, asteroids, etc. Pilot Skill 4.
  • Graz the Hunter: A generic NPC character from the FFG RPG. Same paintjob as the others, fittingly. Pilot Skill 6, 25 points. While defending, you can roll an extra Defense Die if the attacker is inside your Firing Arc. At range 3, that brings you up to 4 Defense Dice, meaning he survives that much longer. Pitch a Cloaking Device on him so you can do it from behind.
  • Viktor Hel: Sounding like an 80s or 90s comic book character, Viktor Hel is a Corellian bounty hunter mentioned in the opening fiction for No Disintegrations. His ability is that if you defend and don't roll exactly 2 dice, the enemy becomes stressed. This means you can engage at R3, use Cloaking or Stealth Devices, give him Trick Shot and fight through obstacles or do something dumb and try to make Expose work. He's PS7 with an EPT, for 25 points - meaning there is almost no reason to fly Graz.
  • Talonbane Cobra: Unpainted fighter bar the Black Sun logos. Scrublord maximus who was shot down by the player in their first space battle in Star Wars Galaxies, although the equivalent would probably be the Tansarii Point Veteran at only PS5. Yet is somehow Talonbane is PS9 like Wedge and Vader, at 28 points as a Unique. He can double all range bonuses when attacking or defending. Essentially, he's a better version of Graz that works as well on offense as he does on defense. Give him Glitterstim, and his attacks will be utterly devastating at close range.

JumpMaster 5000 (JMP-5K)/Punishing One[edit]

JumpMaster 5000.png

Hey, look, it's the toilet-seat ship! The JumpMaster 5000 was a Corellian ship produced for the Old Republic prior to the Clone Wars, designed to boldly go where no man has gone before and explore the fringes of the galaxy in search of new systems, planets, and hyperspace lanes. The interior was designed to be exceedingly comfortable despite its size and the long voyage times, and contained only a single pilot and a crew member. The only fault with the design was an unreliable hyperdrive engine. When the peaceful efforts of the Republic gradually transitioned to the internal control of the Empire, they were decommissioned and wound up in the hands of civilians. Like all Corellian craft they were highly customizable, and ironically ended up fulfilling the same roles originally meant for the HWK series. The Punishing One was the ship of the famous bounty hunter Dengar, and was a highly modified JMP-5K. Although still possessing the slow and somewhat unreliable hyperdrive of the standard craft, his advanced engines plus Ion Cannons and various other armaments made it a capable dogfighter. Unlike most bounty hunters he didn't keep any cages in his ship, as he only took dead bounties or operated with other bounty hunters on the lucrative bounties worth the trouble of taking a foe alive. A portion of the craft was kept as the standard comforts, and the rest dedicated to maintaining Dengar's cybernetic parts.

The JMP-5K is a Large ship with a turret, two Torpedo slots, a Crew slot, the default Illicit upgrade, and a Salvaged Astromech! Even beyond that you have a Maneuver Dial with two white S-Loops. With Focus, Target Lock, and Barrel Roll plus 2 for attack and defense, five Hull, and four Shields the JMP-5K is the YT for the Scum faction. For a whopping 12 points, you can add the Punishing One Title to add an extra Attack Dice to your Primary Weapon although that's a lot of eggs to put in one basket when you consider the other upgrades you can have. Take the Unhinged Astromech with the K4 Security Droid for free Target Locks most of the game, and going even beyond that put Push The Limit and Engine Upgrade to go full Rendar.

Jumpmasters were massively nerfed in a recent FAQ, now removing both Torpedo icons and the Salvaged Mech icon from all ships.

  • Contracted Scout: A generic ps3 that has an elite pilot talent. The ability to fly three of them with deadeye, an astro unit and a full loadout of torpedoes put them at pre-nerf phantom levels of overpowered - which is why Deadeye was nerfed to "Small Ship Only". You can still attempt to run x3 "U-Boats" lists, they just no longer are alpha strike monsters who eat rebel fighters for breakfast.
  • Manaroo: An Aruzan, a race of blue-skinned black-haired human variants with the ability to share their emotions telepathically with other beings, Dengar's waifu. Pilot Skill 4, 27 points. At the start of combat, you can assign all your focus, evade and target lock tokens to another friendly ship at Range 1. She's basically Scum's Palpatine, included along with the EPT Attani Mindlink (named after her species) for more synergy whenever possible. Manaroo was nerfed to have a much more limited range than originally, and is still highly effective, but less "safe" and building a list you really need to consider if she's worth it over a Scout with Mindlink.
  • Tel Trevura: A minor criminal of some kind of an unknown race who shipjacked a JumpMaster 5000 at gunpoint, then crashed it on an asteroid to fake his death. Fett discovered he was still alive and brought him in, sharing 40% with the informant who tipped him off. This was early in Fett's career, back before anything short of 200% of a bounty was something he could accept without going on an omnicidal rampage. Pilot Skill 7, 30 points. When he dies for the first time, you can cancel all remaining damage, remove all damage cards and slap 4 facedown cards on him. Fun, even if it won't save you for that long.
  • Dengar: The cybernetic bounty hunter in Empire Strikes Back with toilet paper on his head. Never kept cages on his ship, since he only ever took dead bounties or operated with other bounty hunters on the few bounties worth capturing alive. Somehow Pilot Skill 9 (with some people rationalizing it that he was a swoop racer in the old canon) for 33 points, gets an Elite upgrade. Once per round after you get attacked, you can make an immediate attack back on your foe in your Firing Arc. DAMN good, but situational. Best if taken with upgrades that'll let you duck and weave to always have some punk in your face.

G-1A/Mist Hunter[edit]

The G1-A Starfighter was built by Byblos Drive Yards, an old manufacturer mostly known for making heavy-duty transports, freighters, and industrial mining and construction ships. The company used technology from one of its subsidiaries, Byblos RepulsorDrive, to make the otherwise bulky and clumsy G1-A capable of some surprising maneuvers. This, combined with its firepower, heavy shielding, room for eight passengers and metric ton of cargo, made the starfighter an attractive option for freelance pilots and bounty hunters. The only G1-A of note, the Mist Hunter, was owned by the Gand bounty hunter Zuckuss, who piloted the ship alongside his protocol droid partner 4-LOM. The Mist Hunter included modified repulsorlifts and a tractor beam projector. Zuckuss commonly kept the ship filled with ammonia so that he did not have to wear his breathing apparatus. The three prisoner cells in the ship were each individually airlocked so Zuckuss could control the atmosphere in each, mostly to keep oxygen-breathing bounties alive.

The G1-A is a small ship with Crew, System and Illicit upgrades, and the Focus, Target Lock and Evade actions. Much like how the Kihraxz is the Scum counterpart to the X-Wing, the G1-A is the Scum counterpart to the B-Wing, with 3 Attack, 1 Defense and 8 Hull/Shield (distributed 4 and 4, so it's slightly more prone to taking crits). The dial is, again, comparable to the B-Wing's, trading the 2-K turn for a 3-K and 4-K, and turning the 3 straight green and the 4 straight white. The Mist Hunter title gives you the barrel roll action for free, but it also forces you to buy a tractor beam for one point. Try giving your G1-A a Fire Control System and the Outlaw Tech crew in order to get full use of the many red maneuvers on your dial while still having very well-modified attack dice.

  • Ruthless Freelancer: Just some unscrupulous jerk who managed to scrape together enough credits to buy a ship. Pilot Skill 3, 23 points.
  • Gand Findsman: The Gand are from the planet Gand, which features an ammonia-gas atmosphere. Because of this, all Gand who travel off-world are invariably seen wearing a specialized breathing apparatus, without which they would quickly suffocate in the nitrogen-oxygen atmospheres common to inhabited worlds throughout the galaxy. The Findsmen are shamanistic bounty hunters who track their quarry through diving omens via rituals based around the religious worship of the ammonia mists on their homeworld. All this arcane mumbo-jumbo pays off in the form of Pilot Skill 5 and an EPT for 25 points.
  • 4-LOM: A protocol droid who overwrote his own programming to embark on a life of stealing and bounty hunting, mostly because that's much more exciting than translating the inane demands of rich people aboard a luxury liner. Pilot Skill 6, 27 points, EPT. May assign one of his stress tokens to another ship at Range 1 during the End Phase. The FCS + Outlaw tech combo works great for 4-LOM, but you could also try giving him Rage and Advanced Sensors. Use Rage before taking a green maneuver to remove one of the stress tokens, use the focus token and 3 re-rolls to dish out some pain, and then give the second stress token to some enemy ship at Range 1.
  • Zuckuss: A Gand Findsman Bounty Hunter known as the 'Uncanny One' who combined his Findsman training with his innate Force Sensitivity to find even the most well-hidden quarry. Partnered up with 4-LOM and worked for both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, eventually joined the Alliance and finished his career hunting down whoever the New Republic needed found. One of the few Gand who could use first-person pronouns, since Gand only use those if they're so renowned that they can presume everyone already knows their name. Pilot Skill 7, EPT, 28 points. Can choose to roll 1 additional attack die, but the defender gets to roll an additional defense die. Red dice are a bit stronger than green dice, so this is usually a good deal.

Lancer-Class Pursuit Ship/Shadow Caster[edit]

Shadowport Hunter XWM.png

A bounty hunter ship introduced in Rebels, and recycled from unused concept art for the earlier Clone Wars series. The ship's design maybe looks like it belongs more in Star Trek than Star Wars, but some people love it for harkening back to the old pancake ships. The Lancer-class brings a new mechanic to the table which is so far unique, the Mobile Firing Arc and "Rotate Arc" action. This gives it a special marker and action to move a firing arc (which counts as a Primary for purposes of special abilities) around the four quadrants of the ship, giving it flexibility in firing not equal to a turret, but avoiding some disadvantages of it. Some "old" players of XWM insist this is how all turrets should have been from the start.

Otherwise, the Lancer is a decently tough large ship, with a stat-line of 3/2/7/3 and having focus, target lock, evade and rotate arc, as well as a dial with an amazing array of green high-speed moves. It can equip one crew and two illicit upgrades, which gives it some flexibility in terms of nasty tricks. It also has some unique upgrades;

  • The Shadow Caster title allows you to assign a Tractor token to an enemy ship at range 1-2 if you hit them with an attack in your mobile arc.
  • The "Gyroscopic Targeting" mod lets you move your Mobile Arc for free at the end of combat if you did a 3-, 4- or 5- speed maneuver that turn.
  • Shadowport Hunter: A ruthless contract killer for some criminal outfit, a generic with PS 2 and costing 33 points.
  • Sabine Wren: Sabine's second pilot card, representing her bounty hunting days when she was like 13. Sabine is PS5 still, but no EPT, and costs 35 points. Her ability is different, however, adding 1 focus result to defense rolls when an enemy ship at range 1-2 is inside your mobile firing arc.
  • Asajj Ventress: Despite being dead for like 15 years when these other pilots were flying around, the dark disciple returns as a Lancer pilot, who costs 37 points to give a PS of 6 and an EPT. Asajj has a very nasty ability, assigning a stress token to a ship at range 1-2 in her mobile arc at the start of Combat. Combos well with the crew card Latts Razzi, which can heal an enemy's stress to give you an evade result when they attack.
  • Ketsu Onyo: Captain of the Shadow Caster, and a bounty hunter for Black Sun who decided to help her sister-in-arms Sabine out in the Rebellion. Kestu is a PS7 pilot, with EPT, and a cost of 38 points. Her ability gives an enemy ship at Range 1 a Tractor Beam token (which reduces agility) at the start of combat if they are in both the normal and mobile arcs.

Protectorate Starfighter[edit]

Swx55 preview.jpg

Also called the "Fang Fighter", this is another mandalorian fighter design primarily used by a branch group known as the Journeyman Protectors. The Protectors generally seem to spend their time avoiding dealing with the core mandalorians and telling people who enter their space "fuck off, we're full!", but some of them trained Clone pilots in the Clone Wars. The Protectorate fighter features pivoting wings, a narrow attack profile and a hidden torpedo launcher - meaning they're ideal at getting into close range and destroying the enemy, and they have potent maneuverability to do so.

In terms of role, the Protectorate is similar to Interceptors or A-Wings, with 3 attack, 3 agility, 4 hull, no shields and focus, target lock, boost and barrel roll actions, and only the Torpedo upgrade. But, it operates slightly differently due to it's 1 point title, "Concord Dawn Protector" which adds an Evade result when you defend if you're at Range 1 and both ships are in arc. Combined with some of the pilot abilities and the Scum Only EPT "Fearlessness" (which operates like the Title, but for attacking), Protectorate fighters don't necessarily arc dodge, but rush right up into the teeth of the enemy shouting "WITNESS ME!". They do often equip Autothrusters, however, to help keep the ship alive at long range or against turrets. The Protectorate dial is full of speed, also has access to a pair of 2-speed T-rolls and a K-turn for some good turning around. Or you can just take a 1 turn "white" or 2 turn "green".

  • Zealous Recruit:The PS1 generic, coming in at 20 points. Think of them like warboys from Mad Max, just ready to rush in there and ride eternal, shiny and beskar. Their point cost means you can run five of them naked, but you'd lose the title
  • Concord Dawn Veteran: The standard upgrade, PS3 for 22 points. This allows for 4+Title+Autothrusters for a 100 point list.
  • Concord Dawn Ace: An "elite" generic, they cost only 23 points for PS5 and an EPT, making them a very efficient platform if you want access to the Fang and it's upgrades.
  • Kad Solus: PS6 unique, with an EPT and cost of 25 points. Kad is a mandalorian mercenary and pilot appearing in one of FFG's RPG adventures. His ability gives him 2 focus tokens when he performs a red maneuver (so when he turns around).
  • Old Teroch: This old Mando is a pit fighter and mercenary who also appears in the same adventure as Kad. PS7 for 26 points. Teroch appears to be the Protectorate's answer to Carnor Jax, as his ability discards all focus and evade tokens of an enemy ship in range 1 that has you in arc at the start of the combat phase. Sometimes called "Sweet-T", probably for all the tears he will cause.
  • Fenn Rau: A real fight the power guy, Fenn leads the Protectors, flying in Skull Squadron in the Clone War and smoking A-Wings in the GCW before he was captured by the Rebels as a hostage. He's a flashy PS9 for 28 points, a real ace for Scum - but not necessarily stapled to PTL like Soontir. His ability lets him roll 1 more die when attacking or defending at Range 1, which can combine with the title and any number of upgrades to turn him into a deadly fighter who just rolls up to range 1 of an enemy and blows them out of the water.

Quadjumper/Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug[edit]


The Quadjumper is a ship from the TFA era, basically a space tugboat. However, it also has some design flexibility and is low cost, meaning criminal types (eg., S&V) like to take them and give them illegal modifications to act as pirate ships, scavengers and smuggling vessels. The ship has a fairly unique design with four large engines, and very briefly appeared on film before it was toasted by TIE/fos. While it doesn't pack weapons normally, it can be modified with them by unscrupulous types.

As a ship in the game, the Quad is pure troll. It has a humble 2 attack and 2 agility, and 5 hull with no shields. It features only the focus and barrel roll actions, and by default has crew, bomb, illicit and the tech upgrade - the first scum ship to field tech. While not fast, it has a wide variety of low-speed maneuvers which make it good up close. It also is unique in that it is the first ship with "Reverse" maneuvers, which work just like they sound, measuring from the back guides of a ship and moving it away - perfect to keep an enemy right in front of you. The Quadjumper has 1 straight and 1 bank reverses. It also has a set of 2 sloops if you need to keep the enemy close that way. For two points it can field a special modification which can only be applied to it "Spacetug Tractor Array" - which assign Tractor Beam tokens as an Action to a ship in arc at range 1 (including your own ships) and bounce them around. This begins the quad's ability to fuck with people.

  • Jakku Gunrunner: Your basic, PS1 pilot, costs 15 points. A gun smuggler who uses the Quad to haul their loot.
  • Unkar Plutt: That cockney fat-fuck alien who has stolen the Falcon. He's PS3 and costs 17 points. His ability forces all ships he is touching to be assigned a Tractor Beam token at the end of the activation phase.
  • Sarco Plank: An alien scavenger who is a bit of a jerkface. PS5 and has an EPT, for a cost of 18 points. His ability allows you to roll a number of defense dice equal to the speed to moved this turn instead of your agility - which can be used to situationally get a boost when you go 3, or possibly ignore agility-reducing abilities. Mainly you play him for the EPT
  • Constable Zuvio: 19 points, PS7, EPT. Local lawman on Jakku. His ability allows you to deploy a bomb (Including Action: bombs) from your front guides when you reveal a reverse maneuver, perfect for dropping some nasty mines right in somebody's face.

Modified TIE/ln Fighter[edit]

Due to its close connections to Sienar Fleet Systems, the Mining Guild was able to get its hands on the TIE fighter design for its personal use. The Mining Guild modified their TIEs to be better at defending their operations: by removing two of the solar panels on each wing, the fighter's engines would be weakened somewhat but the pilot would have better peripheral vision. This allowed the modified TIEs to function more effectively in the asteroid fields the Guild operated out of.

The Modified TIE/ln Fighters can perform all of the maneuvers their Imperial counterparts can use, but they have reduced speed due to the modifications made to them. However, they compensate with their inherent ability to ignore asteroids while moving, which allows them to pull off movement tricks that would get a standard TIE destroyed.

YT-1300 Light Freighter/Millennium Falcon and Escape Craft[edit]

The good old (new?) Millennium Falcon again, this time representing its depiction in Solo: A Star Wars Story while it was still owned by Lando Calrissian. This version of the YT-1300 replaces its primary weapon with a double turret that lets it cover its firing arcs more effectively. Unlike Han, Lando made considerable use of the escape craft built into the front of the ship, which is reflected in the "Lando's Millennium Falcon" title; this allows the escape craft to dock with the Falcon and grant it the use of its shields and any pilot ability it might have. The Escape Craft can also operate as an independent craft much like the Ghost and the Phantom.

YT-1300 Pilots[edit]
  • L3-37: A self-made droid, Lando's co-pilot, and an aspiring revolutionary, she was integrated into the Millennium Falcon's navigation system after being irreversibly damaged. PS2. Any time her ship isn't shielded, she reduces the difficulty of bank maneuvers by 1.
  • Lando Calrissian (Solo): PS4. Ever the gambler, if Lando isn't stressed he can take a stress token in exchange for rerolling any dice that come up blank. Consider pairing him with a co-pilot that can get rid of the stress tokens in order to let him get more re-rolls.
  • Han Solo (Solo): With PS6, Han isn't quite as skillful as he will be in the future but he's still a force to be reckoned with. Any time he defends or performs a primary attack, he gets an extra die if there's an obstacle in the way of the attack. The more asteroids and debris fields you have to exploit, the better. Consider bringing along Qi'ra as a crew member as well, as her ability has good synergy with Han's.
Escape Craft Pilots[edit]
  • Autopilot Drone: PS1, though it's more of a suicide bomb than a pilot. It loses a shield every round it's not docked, and when its shields drop to 0 (i.e. three rounds if not shot at first), it self-destructs to deal 1 hull damage to all ships at ranges 0-1. Don't forget the Rigged Energy Cells for a bigger boom!
  • L3-37: Same ability as her Falcon profile, and with Co-Pilot allowing her to share her skill with the Falcon PS2 isn't as much of an issue.
  • Outer Rim Pioneer: Generic dude with PS3. He can allow friendly ships at 0-1 range perform attacks at range 0 of obstacles.


General Advice[edit]

  • "Fly casual" has become the motto of the community and Fantasy Flight Games in regards to tournaments. There are discrepancies in the game and ships can easily be accidentally bumped here and there as moving. Sometimes the closeness of the ships and the distance between the two means a quarter centimeter difference between range 2 and range 3. As a result much of the game requires a casual attitude and willingness to approximate, shrug off an opponent's mistake that gives you an advantage in the name of fairness, or decide a dispute on a roll of the dice or a coin toss and move on. Win by virtue of skill, not if your opponent forgets they have a Focus Token.
  • Everything you take should have a serious purpose in your list. If someone asks you "why is this on your ship" and you can't immediately come up with a good reason, then it's not a good choice.
  • ASSUME NOTHING. Just because your pal Joe ALWAYS falls for your cutesy little combo with a couple of Interceptors scissoring in the center doesn't mean tourney players will. If your plan relies on the opponent making mistakes, you're fucked. You should be calling the shots and deciding how the game goes, not reacting. This rule holds true for real life dogfighting as well. If you aren't the one calling the shots, the odds are very much against you. NOTE: Just because some players have studied the game long enough they can learn how to play the opponent doesn't mean you can. That takes a lot of learning.
  • Every ship has some sort of use in the game. People like to bitch that some ships are useless, but clever players will consistently figure out ways to bring something new to the table. For example, Rebel Operative HWK-290's (widely considered one of the most useless combos around) are now popping up with TLT's and Recon Operatives and are fucking terrifying. If you're at a tournament and someone plops some sort of odd choice like Mangler Scyks or a TIE Bomber swarm or something crazy like 6 Z95's all packing missiles, DO NOT assume the guy is a moron. If he's bringing something to a tourney, odds are he has a reason.
  • The Maneuvering Phase is the most important step in the game. You can take one of Paul Heaver's world winning lists and then someone with more experience can take nothing but the named TIE pilots, and the more skilled player will still absolutely crush the other. They will know what you're doing before you even do it, and abuse the fuck out of it as much as possible. They'll chuck a cheap blocker into the best places for you to move to screw up your positioning and deny actions. They'll set up their TIE's so you have to shoot at them through rocks and at range 3 while they move into range 1 when they're ready to make their kill shots. Some more skilled players will purposefully take sub-par lists for casual gaming since a good list in a master player's hands would mean absolutely CRUSHING people who are still new to the game.
  • Fly everything at least once. Nothing teaches you the game like running a wide variety of builds and ships. Movement dials and ship stats can be found online, allowing you to try out the TIE Phantom using an ordinary TIE Fighter miniature if you feel like it and none of your friends have one you can borrow. Swarms have a steep learning curve, but go a long way towards teaching you the importance of formation flying and thinking ahead. Playing arc dodging aces like Soontir Fel teach you the importance of action economy and being flexible, as well as showing just how punishing a well-planned block is and how predictable the aces can be once you learn their habits (Soontier will almost always pull speed 2 turns to clear Stress, Corran Horn will usually do a double tap pass then blast off to a corner to regain Shields, etc). Play big ships and you'll learn how insanely good Engine Upgrade is on them, and the importance they place on crew and other upgrades. Learning how to shut down these abilities is also key, as well as tricking them into flying through asteroid fields or too close to the edge.
  • Learn placement and how ships can turn. If you keep at least the range of a horizontal template in between your ships you can bank with them and have them not bump. It'll go from being a square formation to a diamond if you've done it right. A good guide on this can be found here.
  • In current "high-level" X-Wing, Efficiency and Economy are the most powerful factors. You want to spend the least amount of points to achieve the effect you desire, and want to try and get lists which allow you to get more out of your limited action pool, either in tokens, repositioning or other dice modifications. Just rolling the dice and seeing how they land can be fun in casual play but is not a place you want to be in a serious game.
  • Epic play (that is, using Huge Ships, higher points and larger play area) is almost a completely different game in balance terms. While they take much longer to set up and play - the larger point pool and play area means ships which do not do well in a 100 pt scrum can flourish, like taking enough generic Interceptors to matter, or using X-Wings to Torpedo Volley an enemy huge ship. This means Epic is often go-to for more "thematic" players.

See also[edit]

  • Star Wars: Armada, another game by FFG featuring larger-scale battles and capital ships

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