XV107 R'varna Battlesuit

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Looking like a Code Geass Nightmare reject.

A Battlesuit designed to assfuck Tyranids into submission. A development of the XV104 Riptide, it sacrifices mobility for heavier armor and firepower in the form of two Pulse Submunitions Cannons. The XV107 R'varna Battlesuit is a heavy-duty anti-armor Battlesuit designed to hunt tanks and their equivalent from a safe distance away.


The Earth Caste researchers of Ke'lshan were almost forced to abandon development of the R'varna due to its monumental cost. Instead, Fio'O Ke'lshan Sho'Aun turned to the Ethereal Council's demand for improved stealth and infiltration units, appropriating resources intended for the creation of a new Stealth Suit to the R'varna project. Renewed Tyranid attacks against the Ke'lshan Sept eventually revealed O'Sho'aun's deception to the Council, as the trio of R'varna prototypes held back the Tyranid horde at Ke'lshan's primary city.


In 7e, the R'varna was considered to be horribly broken by non-Tau players, and by many Tau players to be the most deliciously cheddar thing since Fish of Fury.

When it came to 8th Edition, the R'varna was a considerably more specialized TEQ/Monster/Light Vehicle killer than it used to be: it's lost its ability to scale its strength and inflict multiple hits on larger units, but deals 3 damage for every successful wound. The removal of blast weapons has made it less viable as an anti-horde unit, but it does crank out 6d3 S6 AP-2 shots. Its Nova Reactor abilities have been retooled as well: it's kept the electromagnetic shockwave (Which now deals mortal wounds!), but can now choose to either boost its invulnerable save to 3++ or re-roll any dice rolled to determine the number of shots it fires.

On 9th Edition, these are your quintessential heavy support version of the Riptides, a long-range TEQ and light vehicle killer. Like the Broadside, it gives up FLY in exchange for its heavier weaponry and increased durability. Use the nova reactor to turn those 3d3 shots into 9, get the godlike 4++ or blast some MW into the units tying you up.

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