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Battlesuits are powered combat exoskeletons used by the forces of the Tau Empire. The Tau have developed several different battlesuit models with greated varied roles in battle.

Each model's designation is usually preceded by the letters "XV", which derives from the Tau term "Her'Ex'Vre", meaning "Mantle of the Hero". Note that some sources place a hyphen between the "XV" and the numbers, and others don't. The first (or only) number in designation indicates a weight class of the suit, while the last indicates its purpose:

  1. Still in development model
  2. Undergoing field testing
  3. Custom-built model
  4. Command and control-compatible model
  5. Outfitted with stealth technology
  6. Suit, designed for a void operations
  7. Suit, designed for infiltration
  8. Suit, designed for long range fire support
  9. Suit, designed for shock assault and close range firefights

Sometimes there's a secondary numerical designation separated from the first with a hyphen. Those are just number assigned to a specific loadout for heavily customizable models. Sometimes they fit with a primary purpose designation (like XV-8-06 being designed for void operations or XV-46-4 being command and control model), and sometimes they don't (XV-8-05 is not even compatible with stealth technology, XV-9-01 is a finished mass-produced model). Perhaps the 0 before the digit means “opposite to” or something. Like 05 perhaps means “cannot be stealthed” and 01 means “no longer in development/in production”. Yet, as stated, there are those who have the 0 yet do fulfill the next digit’s purpose. Stupid writers not reading lore or lore written to retcon things without remembering to also retcon the suits themselves, perhaps. The largest variants use either KV or KX; what they stand for is currently unknown.

Role on the Battlefield[edit]

Tau battlesuits are a pretty broad descriptor as some battlesuits are barely larger or heavier than carapace armour while other suits serve as Titan-size weapon platforms. Generally speaking, what makes a Battlesuit seems to be that it is piloted by a single person through a direct neurolink. T'au commanders and officers in the field generally command their troops from a Battlesuit, usually an XV8 variant.

The Fire Caste generally consider piloting a battle suit to be a massive honour which they are hesistant to afford anyone but their own respected Elites. Fire Caste battlesuit pilots are veterans with at least four years of combat experience and who have passed a ritual "trial by fire". There are some exceptions to this though; some Fire Warriors prefer serve with the infantry and are given the special title of known as Shas'nel while others refuse to take the test at all in order to pilot tanks and speeders. There is also at least once case of a human commissar piloting a Crisis Suit in the T'au Empire and an Earth Caste pilot in the Farsight Enclaves.


XV02 Pilot Battlesuit[edit]

Trying to roleplay for Top Gun is often a recommendation.

An experimental model made for vehicle pilots (obviously) currently undergoing field testing; although it provides less protection than even Fire Warrior armor, it compensates by allowing pilots to interface more effectively with their vehicles, negating the need for multiple crew members. This works in tandem with the vehicle's A.I. by processing the cadre tactical network and incoming data quickly so that the pilot can react extremely rapidly (by Tau reflexes standards) to enemies attacking his vehicle or nearby units.

The only one known to exist is in the possession of Shas'la T'au Sha'ng (a.k.a. Longstrike), who was selected for his reputation as a peerless Hammerhead pilot. The battlesuit also features a multitude of specialised systems, plug sockets, vents, a wrist-mounted control panel and other technobabble shenanigans that allow Longstrike to pilot his personal tank without the need of those pesky annoyances called crewmates.

Tau scientists have been working on producing more after the success of the original, but all other candidate pilots thus far have either been incompatible with its neural interface or became brain-dead due to information overload frying their brains.

The battlesuit also incorporates a Blacksun Filter, but nobody cares about that.

The suit hasn't really actually done anything since 7th Edition except make Longstrike look different from any random Fire Warrior in a Hammerhead.

XV15 Stealthsuit[edit]

XV25's rented cousin.

Little more than modified Fire Warrior armor, the XV15 was outfitted with stealth systems allowing it to infiltrate, jetpacks for mobility, and burst cannons for firepower. It also carried markerlights. These older units are being phased out in favor of the XV25 series after the Imperium got their hands on an intact helmet from one, and the Tau fear it will be reverse-engineered and countered by the humans.

In a surprisingly unlikely move that somehow did not cause the AdMech to lobotomize everyone involved in the project with a siege drill for associating with xeno-tech, the Imperium did actually manage to reverse engineer the suits and learn about the technology, although the Tau were two steps ahead of them by rolling out the more advanced XV25 stealth suits as their new recon platform.

The meta reason both these and the XV25's exist is because these were metal kits, and were replaced by the later plastic kits and less like a Fire Warrior with some extra equipment. Presumably the upscaling was done to make it harder to kitbash Stealth Suits from plastic Fire Warriors, but that's not really stopped anyone from trying.

Crunchwise, they're the same unless you consider the crunch changes between editions to be the difference. Use the models you like and have access to. (Pull a Dawn of War and use XV25s for the squad leader and XV15s for the chumps)

If the Tau replaced the stealth with a shield, they’d have an extremely effective infantry assault suit.

XV22 Command Suit[edit]

0% blueberry edition.

Officially part of the stealthsuit line, this heavier unit is quite expensive to produce; as such, it is limited in use to commanders (like Commander Shadowsun, Shas'o Or'es'Ka, and Shas'o Kais, who as you can see above have different versions of the suit; Shadowsun's has a unique helmet that resemble the later XV95, while Kais' resembles a Crisis Suit). With the right equipment and abilities you can make it go three times faster than a normal stealthsuit. (Red paint optional).

This was originally built as a prototype design for a next-generation stealthsuit pattern but finding ways to mass-produce these suits proved more difficult than anticipated. After the Imperium managed to reverse-engineer some of the XV15 suits (which, for some reason, doesn't cause the Inquisition to foam at the mouth) recovered from the battlefield, the Tau had to compromise by moving forward with the less advanced but easier to manufacture XV25.

In the beginning 8th edition, it was the Suit Shadowsun wore and carries two fusion blasters, plus a -1 to hit modifier. It got updated in "The Greater Good" To get a new model having some new drone rules, along with a few extra weapons, including a Missile pod, Options for two different types of fusion blasters, and pistols. No really. It also kept the -1 to hit and infiltration rule.

XV25 Stealthsuit[edit]

The Windows 10 to the XV15's Windows Vista.

Main article: Stealthsuit Team

An improvement over the XV15 which is larger, heavier and better armored while still retaining the maneuverability and subtlety of the XV15 series. Development and deployment of the XV25 was largely due to the fact that the Imperium managed to acquire a functioning sample of the old XV15 stealth suit during the Damocles Crusade, compromising its use as a recon platform... A larger and more powerful reactor allows XV25 to be outfitted with a fusion blaster instead of it's basic burst cannon, and the suit also has one hard point on its back for an additional support system, although those are usually issued only to squad leaders.

The main wearers of these suits are of course the Stealthsuit Team, whose battleline roles include assassinations, sniping, sabotage and ambushes.

They operate like lite Primaris Intercessors with Jetpacks, worse BS, and shorter range dakka. Each suit can take a single support system, and you can take up to two drones per squad.

XV46 Vanguard Void Suit[edit]

Fan art of what the Void Suit would look like, courtesy from Tau Man and Tumblr of all things.

Basically a Tau version of Terminator armor, bigger than the XV2 series, smaller than the XV8 and as heavily armoured as XV88 while still light enough to have jetpacks. It is designed solely for operating in spaceborn situations at close quarters, which means boarding action and Space Hulk-type investigation missions.

The XV46 is highly effective against certain xenos species that are famous for slaughtering Terminators like they are nothing. With a fuckton of burst cannons, flamers and fusion guns on each of the suits, the little buggers would have a hard enough time getting close, but then there are electroshocks, grav-repulsors, and photon grenades to zap any fuckers lucky enough to break through the walls of fire, all triggered automatically.

To make the Tau version of Space Hulk even less grimdark, these suits are even equipped with smart ejection systems which are programmed to deliver the pilot back on board his ship if his suit gets wrecked. How this works without warp based tech is a crapshoot. Being both niche equipment and difficult to manufacture critical parts for, XV46s are rarely seen outside of Space Hulk missions. Even rarer is the XV-46-4 Commander variant.

The XV46 doesn't appear in the tabletop wargame; Fantasy Flight Games made it up for the Deathwatch RPG. As a result, there's no images of it. It however is used in Battlefleet Gothic Armada, in which the Tau load them up in the cargo bay of their Mantas before letting them get dropped along with the payload onto enemy ships through their shields.

Which suggests that the Tau in some extent would have capabilities to play a serious game of blue gremlin on the wing with other species, this combination is also particularly enraging for Eldar who have little to no defense against such an unusually bold action from the Tau. Since GW took forever to get the Deathwatch 7E Codex out. It would be a miracle for other FFG IP to get official rules and a model at all.

There is also the XV46-04 Vanguard Commander Battlesuit which is a variant of the XV46 intended for Tau Commanders. These suits are equipped with an EMP Blaster and an Airbursting Fragmentation Projector. Normally meant for wiping out squads with indirect shrapnel. Now imagine in a narrow corridor on a ship.

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit[edit]

The most ubiquitous of mini-Gundams.

Main Article: XV-8 Crisis Battlesuit

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits are the Tau Empire's general-purpose combat battlesuits. Check the main article for more information, since there's too much to cover here.

However if you're the lazy type and want the Tl;dr, well, these things are the 'standard'-issue Battlesuit and pretty damned iconic too, as iconic as the Mark 7 Aquilla Power Armour of the Space Marines.

Because they are so ubiquitous, they are also extremely modular, which means that they come in so many god damned flavours. You thought the Leman Russ Battle Tank and Land Raider have way too many variations? Seriously, this Battlesuit gives them a run for their money. It is absolutely fucking ridiculous with the amount of sub-variants they have, each suited for a different role.

Anyways, the suit itself is armoured in a nanocrystaline alloy which covers the entire suit save for joints, giving the suit superior protection while keeping weight at a minimum. Although the armour provides superior protection against most small arms, it is less effective against heavier weapons such as Assault Cannons and anti-vehicle weapons like Lascannons which penetrate it with little difficulty. As a result Crisis battlesuits may decide to install a shield generator to provide some protection against such weapons.

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit[edit]

The newschool heavy support Battlesuit.

Main article: XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits are fire support platforms outfitted with either a large Heavy Rail Rifle or a massive array of missiles to lay waste to the enemies of the Greater Good from afar.

Originally it was just an experiment - to combine the most successful Tau vehicle weapon – the railgun – with the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit. Early Broadside prototypes were cumbersome, their shoulder-mounted weapons unwieldy. However, Earth caste made adaptations, one iteration at a time, until at last the XV88 emerged. Like the XV8, the XV-88 has a large number of variants, although not to the same extant as the former.

The repulsor jets of the XV8, which output insufficient to lift such a heavyweight, were substituted by additional layers of armour plating, allowing battlesuit to weather rather than evade incoming fire. The additional recoil dampers and ballistic anchors provide increased accuracy and an extended arsenal of heavy weaponry, which means Broadsides can be equipped to engage massed infantry or armoured targets with equal success.

They are basically the Tau's quintessential Heavy unit choice. Heavy Rail Rifle suit works well with Sa'cea Sept to snipe larger enemies, while Bork'an Missile Suits can devastate enemies from a distance. In 8th Edition up until present, they were primarily remembered as being centerpieces in T'au sept gunlines, since 5+ Overwatch combined with Missile Spam made the T'au Gunline a nightmare to charge.

XV9 Hazard Battlesuit[edit]

I'll tell you what's a hazard: being hostile and near this motherfucker.

Main Article: XV9 Hazard Battlesuit

Another Forgeworld blessing. Unlike most Tau battlesuits, the XV9 Hazard model is a dedicated spear-tip suit for fast and hard close-range engagements which is quite a deviation from traditional Tau combat doctrine. Its frame being more agile than other suits and it has photon grenades and retro-thrusters to halt enemy charges and then jump out of meat grinder respectively.

XV-9 have have the equivalent of seven Crisis Suit hardpoints, thanks to its twin-linked weapons and hard built support systems. Hard points:

Twin-linked burst cannons are for mulching down infantry with enough dakka to make Orks jealous.
Fusion cascades, which are melta miniguns, less powerful than basic fusion blasters and more short-ranged but with a higher rate of fire, so they're more effective against light/medium vehicles, monsters and terminators rather than heavy tanks.
Phased ion guns which were supposed to be "assault cannons-lite", and are more "well rounded" choice, being decent against both light and heavy infantry or light vehicles, though heavily outclassed by the previous two gun options.
Pulse Submunition Rifles, commonly referred by a player base as "shotguns", these are the most long ranged and expensive guns available to Hazard. They cover a huge area with a cover-ignoring blasts to root out heavy cover campers.

It should be noted that the number 9 is a significant number to the Tau given that they count in an octal numeral system (there is no 8 or 9; 10 comes immediately after 7), as opposed to humanity's decimal system. This means that to the Tau, the XV9 is literally cranked up to 11.

Shas'o R'alai has his own XV9 equipped with a shield and experimental next-gen PSR that fires in bursts and is loaded with a wide range extra-powerful (but unstable) experimental ammo.

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit[edit]

Striking hard and fast.

Main Article: XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit

The Ghostkeel is a really big and powerful stealth suit which you could swear was designed by a certain tactical genius. It's the same weight class and size as Hazard, but has extensive armour plating for nearly double the survivability. Unlike the XV15 and XV25, the XV95 doesn't have full stealth system on itself, but rather its parts are spread between the battlesuit and its stealth drones, meaning only with a combination of both can the team becomes nigh-invisible, while separately they appear to be only slightly camouflaged, which, combined with an exceptional tankiness of the Ghostkeel, and mediocre survivability of his drones makes the XV-95 one of the few battlesuits that would take hits for its drones instead of drones shielding him with their cold, expendable, mechanical bodies. But being nigh-invisible is not enough for XV-95 - it carries an electronic warfare equipment in its left hand like a gun, and use it to fuck up enemy targeting systems even more, unless they are at point-blank range, and can overcharge it to shock-and-awe any opponent trying to gun them down, ensuring it can't hit shit, although it's a one-use trick, as the suit needs to recharge for a while to deliver this sensory shock again.

On the offense, the Ghostkeel has a set of twin-linked standard battlesuit guns on its back (sadly, only limited to flamers, burst cannons and fusion blasters), and a single BFG in its right hand, which could be a fusion collider, which is an extra bigger fusion blaster with extra barrel that shoots small blasts, or an ion raker, which looks and fires like bigger badder cyclic ion blaster with double the normal mode firing rate (for SIX autocannon-grade shots per burst), double overcharge blast size and slightly higher range. On top of that, Ghostkeel also have two extra hard points for supporting systems (meaning up to five hard points total) for extra customization options.

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit[edit]

The most spammable and rage inducing walker that the T'au have to offer.
"So this is the power of the Nova Reactor... Not bad, not bad at all..."

Main article:XV104 Riptide Battlesuit

A new, extra-large battlesuit (at twice the size of the XV8) that made its first appearance in the 6th edition codex, the Riptide is presumably what would happen if Octacon tried to build a Gundam (specifically the ZZ Gundam, what with its XBAWKS HUEG build, optional missile system and destructive but stupidly risky energy weapon). The Riptide's primary weapon can be either a heavy burst cannon or an ion accelerator (with twin smart missile systems, fusion blasters or plasma rifles as backup weapons), while its defensive prowess is supplemented by a portable shield generator. All of these can be made significantly more powerful if the prototype Nova reactor built into the suit is used to charge the weapon or shield; however, doing so runs the risk of overloading the generator, releasing deadly radiation that can injure or kill the pilot.

While incredibly powerful, the Riptide's primary drawback (fluff-wise) is that the materials used to manufacture it are rare. Thus, their numbers remain fairly small within the Tau Empire's forces. Not that you'd know since every goddamn Tau list has them flying out of their asses. Then again, there's only supposed to be about 1,000,000 Space Marines in the Imperium.

An extremely cheesetastic tactic on the tabletop with this fella is to model it to be as low as possible (like crouching forward) and then put it behind a piece of very big cover, like a bastion. It moves out during the movement phase, revs the Nova reactor, blasts nearby enemies into oblivion, then jet boosts back behind the bastion during the assault phase to block enemy LoS.

XV107 R'varna Battlesuit[edit]

When you gotta take care of those 'Nids. Accept no substitudes. It even looks kind of Tyranid-like. Especially the legs.

Main Article: XV107 R'varna Battlesuit

Essentially a Riptide (made by Forge World of all folks) that threw mobility away for more armour and two exceedingly huge pulse submunition cannons (think plasma cluster bomb) for the purpose of fucking up your opponent's entire day. Its Nova Reactor also grants some unusual properties like a turn with Fleet, an electromagnetic shockwave that hits everyone around it, or double-firing weapons, but is no less risky to use. The fluff behind this involves an Earth Caste engineer from Sept Ke'lshan, called Sho'Aun, who managed to go behind the Ethereals' backs by building something so huge, expensive (even in in-universe terms), and lethal while he was supposed to make more stealthsuits. One Tyranid swarm later, however, he revealed this behemoth and with it helped dumpster all of the 'Nids and save the Sept.

One interesting note of mention is that in the early days of the R'varna's conception, before it was officially announced, there was indeed a rumor floating around that Forgeworld was actually designing a new stealthsuit. Given the fluff behind the R'varna, it's almost as though Forgeworld chuckled at the rumors and used those as a basis for their fluff, going so far as to craft the rumors of a stealthsuit into the XV107's fundamental history. The more you know! The X7 designation this suit has means it's supposed to be an infiltration unit (even though every other stealthsuit has been an X5 of some sort), which is the exact opposite of what R'Varna actually does - this is likely the result of it being developed as a part of Stealth Suit program.

XV109 Y'Vahra Battlesuit[edit]

Bringing the Greater Good close and personal

Main Article: XV109 Y'Vahra Battlesuit

Hi, it's Sho'Aun with the Y'vahra, you'll be saying "wow" everytime you use this T'au. A regular Riptide doesn't do well too close to an enemy, this one does well at close or medium range. This is for the blobs, the Deathwing, the Armoured Ceramite'd AV14. Made in Ke'lshan Sept by Sho'Aun, you know that guy always makes good stuff.

This is a Riptide that embraces its mobility and gets a super-flamer, a mega-haywire gun and has super-jetpacks able to turn it into a flying monstrous creature once each two turns. This one was made with the opposite goal of a Riptide: to jump in close and take the fight to the enemy, fling a burst of flechettes as it lands and then jump back out before it can be overwhelmed.

As a trade off, however, it is more fragile than Riptide and its Nova Reactor options are also weaker. It is more focused on extra mobility and surviving/escaping close combat rather than blasting shit to death or keeping up that delicious 3++ against everything. Combined with extremely uncomfortable range of all of it's weapons Y'Vahra tends to go down much quicker than the Riptide.

In a nutshell, it is the only unit from the Tau that goes all fire and glory, and naturally Farsight and company love these things.

KV128 Stormsurge Ballistic Suit[edit]

Teaching certain spiky gue-la how to be cool despite the lack of arms
Teaching the Imperial Guard that they too can utilise missile spam.

Main Article: KV128 Stormsurge Ballistic Suit

A WEAPON TO SURPASS METAL GEAR Literally just a walking giant laser cannon.The new and improved chicken walkers!

One day one Earth Caste T'au got bitten by a radioactive Ork and realized that the Riptide wasn't big enough to fit all the dakka it needed. That day, the dream of the Stormsurge was born.

The Stormsurge is armed with one of two giant pulse cannon. The first is the Pulse Blastcannon, which can use three separate profiles; either leaning into anti-infantry with 6 shots of S10, 0AP and 2D or wreck any vehicles that come up close with 2 shots at 10 that are S14, -4AP and 6D. Meanwhile, the pulse driver cannon gives you a more variable number of shots with about a mid-range profile from as far as 72. It also comes with a pair of hilariously large missile pods, an SMS on its back and a pair of airbursting frag projectors, which will have you tossing enough dice to make an Ork player blush. Entire armies of GEQs can melt the moment this thing opens fire, and even terminators or monstrous creatures would be hard pressed to survive once they start failing their saves under that hail of wounds. It also houses four Destroyer missiles, which just deal out D3 mortal wounds for each hit.

Be careful, however, as the Stormsurge is squishy for its size and firepower. It's pretty much a heavy artillery piece that needs to stay way back and be protected in order to take its points back and is the one more geared for anti-infantry, so if you're looking for something to deal with Knights and Titans, look below for a proper front line Tau titan. Its squishiness probably has something to do with it being the only Battlesuit so far that has its crew sitting without any cover over their heads.

Fun fact: In 7e, if tank shock is used against an anchored Stormsurge, the Stormsurge is destroyed.

KX139 Ta'Unar Supremacy Armour[edit]

Main Article: KX139 Ta'Unar Supremacy Armour

A new super-heavy Overcompensator Class battlesuit, massive enough to claim the title of Tau Titan. After multiple run-ins with Imperial Knights and Tyranid bio-titans, the Ethereals were forced to admit the necessity of Titan-sized static defenses to deal with counter-expansion attempts into their own territory and asked the same Earth Caste nutter who made the R'varna and the Y'varha, Sho'Aun, to make something capable of fending off super-heavy assault forces too strong for their bombers to deal with. A bunker on legs in other words?

He did not disappoint.

Yes, it lacks jet packs (much like its brother the R'varna), but you won't need one, you gave it to your enemy so they can RUN. FAR. AWAY. Which, would not work because with its long legs Ta'Unar is actually about as fast as jet and jump infantry. The Ta'Unar is armed to the teeth and damn hard to kill with T:9 and 10 wounds. Although it's a Gargantuan Creature like the Wraithknight, it can fire Overwatch at BS2 with its two smart missile systems and two twin-linked burst cannons. Its main guns are no less effective- for arm weapons, it can equip either a Heavy 5 multimelta or an ion cannon that can fire either 6 shots at S7 AP3 or 3 shots at S9 AP2. The back-mounted Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver can fire either a Strength D Massive Blast with 72" range or a S8 AP3 Apocalyptic Barrage (3) with Pinning and Ignores Cover with a range of 12-120". Defensively, it has a 2+/5++ save that improves to 4++ against shooting attacks, and it can sacrifice the invulnerable save for a turn to cut the number of wounds suffered from a "Deathblow" result on the Destroyer table in half. Its only real flaws are that it's expensive as all hell to field (both points-wise and in real-world costs, being a Forge World exclusive and all).

In the place of the Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver, it can instead take a Nexus Meteor Missile System or a Heavy Rail Cannon Array for free. The Nexus Meteor Missile System is a Blinding Apocalyptic Mega-Blast with 24-120" range with S 10/7/5 and AP 1/4/5, for when you want to just nuke the otherside of the table. The latter on the other hand is technically two weapons, which can be fired simultaneously. It incorporates a Cluster Shell Launcher (a 36" range Apocalyptic Barrage (4) weapon with S6 AP4 and pinning meant to lock down anyone in relatively close range) and the Heavy Rail Cannon itself, a 120" ranged monster with the almighty D, AP1, a 3" blast, and the nasty rule "Mass Induction Targeting"- when using it to attack any superheavy or GMC, you roll twice on the Destroyer table and pick the higher result, therefore doubling your chances of getting that 6. Perfect for ruining any Titan's day!

In 8th Edition, this had the Battlesuit keyword, so there are and were 'some' who would take this, an army of shield drones, and an ethereal, and nothing else. Which is almost worse than Triptide Shield Drone spam.

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