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Xanag symbol.png
Circle with seven lines radiating from it
Alignment True Neutral (Lawful Neutral tendencies)
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Touv)
Portfolio Beauty, metals
Domains Creation, Domination, Earth, Fire
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Hepmonaland, Oerth)
Worshippers Touv jewelers, poets, smiths
Favoured Weapon Shortsword

Xanag is the Touv goddess of metals and beauty. She's the daughter of Nola and Uvot, and mother to Kundo.


When Meyanok sent his children to torment the other gods, he sent Berna after Xanag. When Berna saw her, she could not bring herself to hate her, and threw herself to her feet begging for death for what she had almost done. Xanag took pity on her and fashioned her a red gold heart, transforming her into the goddess she currently is.

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Xanag is depicted as Touv woman seemingly made of gold, with a radiant light around her. Personality-wise, she's very indifferent and often distracted by superficial things.


Xanag's clerics are, if not metalworkers and jewelers, then at least interested in the finer and beautiful objects made from them. They teach others how to work metal and make jewelry, as well as officiate weddings. They are recognized from their golden helms that cover their cheekbones but exposes their face.

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